Sunday, November 24

A Story that needs to be told

I just read a story of a father who was arrested for walking up to his childrens school to pick them up instead of in a car. I don't know about you but sitting in a line of cars 30 minutes after your child gets out of school to pick them up in the car loop is insane! When we used to live in Michigan I had to pick my son up when he was in 1st grade after I had my second son. I had a c-section and it was extremely hard on my back to pick up the car seat to go pick up him up.That's the only time I use the car loop. After two weeks I couldn't take it my wonderful hubby took over to get him from school. I'm hearing more and more about how situations are stopping good parents from being a parent. 

To make things worse click on the link below that tells about a mother who lost custody of her 15-year-old daughter after she took her into the hospital. The mother refused to give her daughter some medicine  that the hospital wanted her to give consent to. When she refused then they kick the mother out. I know there are always two sides to every story.

Reading the comments after the story I was already sick to my stomach and confused about the whole story. I thought in America you have the right to choose or not choose medical treatment. Which includes taking medicine or not taking it. I came across a comment that will break your heart. So I posted here to share it along with my question. Do your children belong to you or the state?  In this sense I mention above. Children are not property as many scorn men and women use them in a custody case.  As the two stories I'm referring to.  What do you think?

Grieving Mom • 2 days ago−

THANK YOU Glen Beck for reporting this story and please keep reporting these. Exactly the same thing happened to me and my 14 year old daughter at one the the "best hospitals in the world." My daughter did have cancer, a very rare cancer and had an unannounced visit to her hospital room right after chemo and in serious pain and ill, a visit from a STUDENT in the psychiatry program who we had never met before and had no history with my daughter. This person decided my daughter needed to be on a couple anti depressants and demanded that I sign the consent forms to start her immediately on these other drugs (on top of her many cancer drugs). I told this person she just saw her regular psychologist and medical team and they said she is ready to go home and no one else has said anything about clinical depression. She just had chemo and was feeling sick and had other side effects and was on morphine for the pain. I demanded a second opinion and to meet with her medical team and regular psychologist before signing and putting her on some other drugs and of this type. I was first lied to by this student that said she had called them all and we were to meet the next morning. The next morning she admitted she had not actually called any of them and refused me that right.My daughter did not have a clinical depression requiring these drugs. She had cancer and was handling it all quite well with all her support of her psychologist, friends and teachers and medical team and mom. She was responding to treatment "phenomenally well" as put by her medical team and top researcher on her case. This student person got her way though by calling child protective services and hospital security and the city police. She insisted my daughter be put on the LOCKED psychiatric ward. My daughter was terrified. She and I both knew it would be her demise.I was escorted out and told not to return or to try and communicate with my daughter. My daughter was taken from her hospital and medical team and her stem cell transplant she was to have just 2 weeks from the time they locked her up. They took her entire support system from her - her friends, mom, her dog, her home, teachers and school, her life. She died of complications, not the cancer, 2 1/2 months later. It doesnt matter what you take your child in for, it can happen to ANY parent ANY child in ANY situation when you take them to a hospital, clinic, school. I would love to get my story out there and want desperately to start a huge movement bringing parents together to fight against this. It IS happening and more than people realize. Thank you thank you thank you Glen Beck for telling about this.

Please post your comments here or on my fb page to have a general dialogue about these issues.  Thank you for reading have a wonderful Sunday. 

Friday, November 22

My Cat

Okay, I truly think my cat is worse then my boys.
She freaks me out like peeking  her head out of the bathroom when I walk by. In her mind we are playing tag or something. 

I walk into the kitchen she is meowing like she has never ate anything in her life.

She bugs me when I workout at home. 

She walks on me when I'm trying to work on my abs.

 She likes to roll on my hair eat it.
 I have no ideal why.

I hate when she jumps as tall as me all puffed out to where she has no eyes. 

 She is beyond weird for a cat. 

I had to use her to carry a lizard out of the house. She kept dropping it.

Our cat loves french fries thanks to Christopher.

I still don't  understand her attacking Justin out of nowhere.

 She will sit and wait for him. It's funny but so disturbing.

She tries to climb up my windows.
She loves to climb under the covers with the boys to sleep. 

She is scared of our turtles.  Maybe because Christopher tried to feed her to them.

She dislikes me making my bed.  She will pull the blankets off like a dog would. 

She is insane meet Mickey the cat.

Sunday, November 17

Write a letter to Santa

Macy's - the magic of givingBeginning in November, kids of all ages can drop their stamped letters, addressed to Santa At The North Pole, in the Santa Mail letterbox at their local Macy’s. For each letter received through Dec. 24, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to $1 million. Visit Macy’s Believe website at for more  information.

How many of you still believe in the magic of Christmas? I love this season it's one of my second favorites following Halloween. The issues of believing in the big man in the red suit came up at one of my parents meetings. I was surprise how many parents have told their children that he is not the one that comes on Christmas Eve. I have a ten year old who very much believes in Santa Claus. We are sending our letter out sometime this week and dropping them off at Macy's to help the make a wish foundation. I have made writing a letter to Santa a part of our Christmas traditions since my son Justin was four. I have always told him with the many religions people have  America has a large variety of people who don't believe.  That's okay that is the reason Santa can visit everyone who believes in him in one night. His Uncle Adam is a Jehovah Witness who doesn't believe. My good friend Sandy is a Muslim who also doesn't believe.  They understand he is a child they don't tell him it's wrong that he thinks Santa is coming in a few weeks. These are just a few examples of people  who don't celebrate the the holiday. I have always made sure my son understands that people are different and it's okay that is what makes them BEAUTIFUL. He is to embrace everyone as the same.  It's a person Character that makes them who they are. I have made sure he knows now that he is getting older he will get only a few items from Santa. The rest will be from his father and I. I want him to be a child for as long as he can be. There is no rush on growing up. Of course telling him the Santa at the mall along with Santa at the tree lighting as well as why is that Santa white and the other is black questions I have taken care of when he was in first grade. They are all helpers who have been given a job by Santa himself to help out during the BIG Christmas season. Santa and Mrs. Clause have a lot of work to do at the North Pole before Christmas Eve. They have to help keep everyone on task to get the toys ready packed and to be shipped off. The addresses need to be updated with the reindeer gps. I think I have covered all the basics with my son. If he does ask the famous question "Is Santa Claus Real?" 

My reponse will be " No your father and I help him out to keep the spirit alive. Seeing is not Believing, Believing is seeing.  People have to believe in something it's a little piece of hope that there may be a Big guy in a red suit who spreads Christmas cheer. Parents take part in helping their children believe in something a little more around the holidays. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends." 

There is also a cute website where you can write a letter online. Have fun make a wish come true today.

Monday, November 11

Veterans Day

I would like to thank all the men and women past present and the future who fight for our freedom. They teach you how to put the uniform on but they don't show you how to take it off and come home. Hang in there we will always be grateful for the LIFE we have. God Bless you all!

Sunday, November 10

My Toddler

Having to take care of a three year old is a task especially when I think my son just went crazy this past week.

"Don't lick your brother."

 "Why Mom?"

 "People don't lick people you can't act like the cat."

 While he is licking his arm like the cat and running it over his head. Then he comes to lick me.

 "You can't lick me if I can't lick you back!"

 Now, I'm running after him pretending to want to lick him as he runs and hide behind his big brother. He is screaming and laughing.

"No mom don't lick me that's gross. Jay stop her!"

If that was bad enough he jumps off the bed I catch him in mid air.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm Iron Man mom I just got my flight power back!"

"Well you just scared me to death don't jump off the bed."

"Why Mom?"

Okay we are now in the "WHY" stage where now I have to come up with a reason why people can't fly.

"People can't fly in the house."

"Okay, Mom sorry Jay mom said we can't fly in the house let's go outside."

I seen that one coming!

"Put the turtles down they can't fight like the Ninja turtles."

He walks away only to find him talking to the turtles asking them what swords and guns they want to use to fight.

"No, Christopher Mickey doesn't want to play with the turtles!"

As he trying to put the cat in the pool with the turtles.
He has been non stop all day everyday for the past week. No naps it's like his batteries won't die out. Yup, He is crazy I don't know what else to call it when he is outside running around jumping off the lawn furniture tackling his brother and putting him in a head lock. I guess mommy and daddy can't watch MMA fighting anymore. He dressed up the cat in his Iron Man costume.  That didn't go over very well with Mickey the cat she was just a little mad. Tonight he was just running back and forth in the house for no apparent reason but to do it. He has discover his penis like a boy he walked outside with it hanging out.

"Put your penis away Christopher!"

"Why Mom?"

There is that WHY again.

"You can't be outside with your body parts hanging out."

"It's mind mom."

"Yes, I know just go get in the pool."

Okay, I think that was it nope he is now skinny dippin in the pool. I get him dressed to feed my boys dinner now he is sitting on the floor sharing his tacos with the cat. I don't know what is wrong with him. All I can do is laugh because this is not even half of my week. I still love being a mom. He makes me laugh for sure. There is not a dull day in The Needham Household.

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