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Wednesday, June 17

Traveling with my kids & cats

It's never a dull moment traveling in this family.  We seen a battleship coming through Alabama that the boys were absolutely amazed by. The cats were fine hiding in the back until the last two hours when they roamed the car. They had the boys laughing on top of meowing.  It was time to stop. Justin and I had a wonderful conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up.  I enjoyed our talk very much. He wants to join the military and become a scientist /astronaut. He would like to go to outer space.  He has a set of goals with a backup plan in sports or vice versa. We ended up stopping in Mississippi. I was having a hard time parking because the cars were not in the right spot I actually had a guy come out and fix his car. That was really nice there are still nice people in the world. We get inside our hotel room Christopher sets his backpack down throws his hands up in the air like he's going to lay back on the bed. Which is way too tall for him by the way. He falls flat on the ground at the same time
Justin turns around and says "What are you doing?"

Christopher's laying on the floor I'm waiting for a cry instead he answered Justin.
"I was trying to lay on the bed."

Justin says "It's too big!"

Christopher "Well it works at home!"

Justin helps him up off the floor. We all start laughing.  I love these mommy moment's. It's been a long day driving all I want to do is go to sleep.  Godzilla and Mickey think it's time to talk. I mean they were having a pretty heavy conversation until like 3 a.m. Thank God I brought my BCAAS from Shredz to give me that little extra boost today while driving I'm going to need it. I see many rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  First day down wish me luck on our trip. Summer has just started.

Saturday, December 28

Mickey's Christmas

Do you have a cat? What about dressing them up like a kid? I have been dressing my cat up since Halloween. I know it sounds silly but it's funny and cute. No, I'm not doing it to be mean I will take it off if she starts to go crazy.
Christmas 2013

Let me share some pictures from Instagram

Who else dresses up their cat or am I alone in this? I almost purchase a Buzz lightyear outfit while we were at Disney world but I passed I thought it was a little much.
Halloween 2013

 Today it was on sale.

Mickey's Christmas was great she has already fallen off her cat tower twice good news she landed on her feet. I guess that saying a cat will land on their feet is true after all. Hubby is in the process of putting down the rubber mats to put under her tower so she doesn't get a concussion! It may have been part my fault I did put catnip on the top. She was eating it big chucks of it. Hubby had to rub it in. She was high as a kite. I guess if we don't talk to our cat about catnip who will?

Friday, November 22

My Cat

Okay, I truly think my cat is worse then my boys.
She freaks me out like peeking  her head out of the bathroom when I walk by. In her mind we are playing tag or something. 

I walk into the kitchen she is meowing like she has never ate anything in her life.

She bugs me when I workout at home. 

She walks on me when I'm trying to work on my abs.

 She likes to roll on my hair eat it.
 I have no ideal why.

I hate when she jumps as tall as me all puffed out to where she has no eyes. 

 She is beyond weird for a cat. 

I had to use her to carry a lizard out of the house. She kept dropping it.

Our cat loves french fries thanks to Christopher.

I still don't  understand her attacking Justin out of nowhere.

 She will sit and wait for him. It's funny but so disturbing.

She tries to climb up my windows.
She loves to climb under the covers with the boys to sleep. 

She is scared of our turtles.  Maybe because Christopher tried to feed her to them.

She dislikes me making my bed.  She will pull the blankets off like a dog would. 

She is insane meet Mickey the cat.

Thursday, August 8


Meet my cat her name is Mickey she is almost a year old. She likes coffee and will follow me until I leave my cup. I will find a cat's head in my cup on return. She follows me around everywhere like the bathroom just to see what I'm doing. I can't pee in private without her sitting on the sink next to me. She has a habit of licking my face to wake me up. I think she is a dog in a cat's body. She likes to play hide and seek with my boys. I have never seen a cat jump ten feet in the air like she can nor a cat that will let a bug walk right by her without moving. She will sit and lick your arm,head,hair, toe and face out of nowhere. Like now as I write she is licking my arm sitting on my lap non-stop. Strange is not the word. She sits and waits between the shower curtain while I take a shower. She has a bad habit of sitting on the tub when Christopher is taking a bath. It never fails he pulls her in every time. You think she would learn but still goes back. She likes to scare the living hell out of us by hiding and jumping out of nowhere. On top of her weirdness she likes to come up to us to take a little nibble. Why I'm not so sure. She hates it when the boys and I play around she will take your arm off in a second if one of us screams like we are in pain. It doesn't matter if we are or not she goes in protect mode like a dog would. She hates it when it rains.
 She loves the fan and thinks Christopher's bed was made just for her. 

She sleeps like a toddler and takes up all the room. 
Yes, We co-sleep as you can see I was kicked out of the bed. 

She loves to be involved in everything we do. Maybe she is a kid in a fur coat.

She loves to travel.

She like the web.

Her name is Mickey the cat.

Wednesday, January 30

My cat might be a dog

Mickey is the most lovable cat I have ever known. She likes to cuddle. She will climb under the covers and lay her head on my pillow. It's like having another kid in the house. If you drop something on the floor you can be sure she will take it and run. I find my hubby's socks all over the house. I yelled at him to put his stuff up come to find out it was Mickey who was stealing them. She plays hide and seek with the boys. If the kids run she will chase them. She is the only cat I know who will run in a circle after her tail. Before Mickey lays down she will walk in a circle three times beforehand. Turkey is one of her new favorites. She likes to steal your food right when your fork hits your mouth making you think it really wasn't there. (Laughing) If you try to fold clothes she will play tug of war with you growling. I don't think that is to funny when I try to put away the clothes I just spent ten minutes fighting her for are now on the floor. She waits by the door for us to come home. When I try and leave Justin and I have to fight her to get out of the stroller. She thinks she is going. Another dog trait she has to show how much she loves us is by licking our face or hand. My cat I have come to realize is a dog in a cat suit. She has a mind all her own.

Wednesday, October 17


Hello, My name is Mickey. I have a wonderful family who rescue  me from under a house. They gave me a flea bath which I didn't care for. I'm not sure if I like the little kid they call Christopher. He runs after me. I sleep at the end of Justin's bed. I can now climb on the couch and chairs.I'm about seven weeks old. They are really nice to me and play with me all the time. My favorite game is chasing my humans. They call me the Saber-toothed because of my sharp teeth. I love to drive in my car.
I eat catnip which I find to settle my belly after I have stolen a noodle from Justin's plate. Mac and cheese is my favorite along with turkey but I pay for it later in my office. My advice to other Gato's don't try this at home.

Here is my play house. As you can see my favorite color is purple. I enjoy sitting on the couch next to the kids to watch Mickey Mouse Club House. I only have one complaint that mouse stole my name.

Life is good!

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