Monday, August 2

Look out 29 weeks

My family and I just got back from taken a great trip to see family. My baby boy went fishing with daddy and caught eight fish. Grandpa killed one the poor fish swallowed the hook. This past weekend has been great. Hoping we can do it again before the little one comes. I'm getting so fat but my loving hubby is always telling me that he adores me. He gets so happy when he looks at me and then he tells me that I'm the best thing that has happen to him besides our kids. My baby boy is growing up so much. It's so hard to picture that I will have a seven year old and a new born in just a few months. I can't wait I'm so excited to see him. We have already started to go shopping but we are going to wait for some stuff until after the baby shower. The baby keeps me up a lot so of course daddy stays up talking to our little boy. He rubs my belly that keeps on growing. He tells him all the things him and his big brother will teach him. The places we will go and most of all how much we all love him! I love my life!

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