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Saturday, May 24

Universal Studios

It was hot,fun,and very entertaining.There is a lot to do as you can tell from my picture above my kids have a sick sense of humor. They are screaming and pretending their guts are coming out. They are too funny.  A spur of the moment trip out of nowhere my hubby says let's go. Before I could ask he was printing off the tickets. Not that I don't like his plans I just wish he would give me a ten minutes heads up or something. With my hubby that's impossible part of the reason I fell in love with him. His sense of adventure is off the chart. Our boys are the same way like let's go climb a wall. Why not it seems like the only logic choice to do after we filled our tummy's with ice cream. Maybe ride a roller coaster with Mom but don't tell her that is what it is. Yes, That was me on the Mummy Roller coaster.

Yes, Pure fear I'm screaming my head off. I'm not a roller coaster person this has all the proof. I thought I was going to die. I didn't feel that bad when I seen the picture Justin's my son was hiding. 
In this picture with Daddy he is straight down praying. He wanted to sit on the side to see the tracks only thing this coaster is in the dark. I was scared but I loved it. 

Hubby tried for Fear Factor in spandex which was a little sexy on him. He didn't win it was set up for one person to win the bragging rights. Our boys were excited and scared which in turn had poor Popsicle in tears when Daddy was hanging in the air. 

A random trip turned into a great day. Make sure you measure your little one before Popsicle was a little short at 38 inches. Most if not all rides kids have to be at 40 inches. We were turned away when it came to the Transformers ride which Popsicle really wanted to ride. They have a room off to the side for parents to switch. We were a little mad that we waited in line for an hour to be turned away. Justin and I had a hard time enjoying the ride because we all couldn't go. It was fun maybe next year we will have to do this again. Popsicle did get to take a picture with Optimus Prime outside the show. They cut his body off. It was pointless to buy the picture I just took one. 

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted my camera with the bag is a little heavy to carry. The pictures I did get are awesome. It's about $96.00  dollars a ticket even for our boys it was $90.00 a ticket just for the day. It's a little expensive unless you rush with the park passes. It takes a whole day to see everything and still I think we missed a lot. Take your time travel light and have fun. I did get a heads up from a friend on the Jurassic Park ride at Adventure Island is a huge roller coaster just in case my family try to pull a fast one on me. I think I will do my homework before hand.

Thursday, May 15

Sea World Trip

My Popsicle has been bugging me for two months to go see a dolphin. Here comes in at # 2 on my bucket list going to Sea World. I was a little hesitate about going because of all the drama surrounding this place with Black Fish. Now, I still feel a little guilty going because all the animals are in small cages. I don't agree with it but they still have to make money. Sea World does help animals it's not cheap to do it. It's like a catch 22 you in order to help with anything there is always a downside to it. We had a really great time however I don't think we will go back until Popsicle is much older. The workers seemed to rush us when we were deciding on what pictures to buy from the dolphin, sting rays, and shark feeding. They seemed to be unhappy too maybe it was the heat!

This picture above I'm using in my portfolio for Patricia Photography Company I'm starting. Something new I'm taking on.

It was a great chance to see what my camera lens can actually do.

It was extremely hot here last Sunday it was nice to cool off in the aquarium. Our boys loved sitting there watching the fish. 

Just an F.Y.I to avoid make sure you don't try to eat the fish you are feeding to the dolphins like my little one tried. It's really gross taking it out of his mouth. He did this all day long sometimes I wonder about my child. I think he does it just to see me react with a disgusting face. Each time he would laugh,smile and reply "I'm just joking Mom!" 

The only downside to this place is even after you wash your hands you still smell like fish all day. Thanks to Popsicle in the hot blazing sun after he wiped his hands on me the smell gets a little strong. In Justin's case his little brother thought it was a great ideal to play catch with one of the dead fish then afterwards toss it down his brother's shirt. He tends to be the jokester in the family with NO help from Dad while he is on the ground laughing. At least he didn't try to make me kiss the fish that was Dad's job. We had a blast when it came time for the Shamu Show.

I was able to get this picture after taking 30 of them. It was a little loud for us as well as Popsicle he hates loud stuff. A pair of earplugs is necessary for little ones! The animals seemed fine and performed great! 

Keep in mind if you take a trip to Sea world!
1. Take a change of clothes there are water rides.
2. Don't bring a purse get a backpack. It will be easier to carry.
3. Wait to you leave before you buy anything. Just so you don't have to carry it. 
4. When you sit in the seats at any shows. Look for the signs that say "Soak area" that means you will get wet!
5. We also learn that if you buy any photos from the feedings or the first picture they take of you when you walk in. Save the receipt instead of paying $20.00 for each picture it becomes $10.00 with the proof you already paid for one earlier. That would have helped eight pictures in. They don't tell you we were lucky. 
6. There is a kids playground but water everywhere. Bring a swim suit. 
7. Have fun!!! 

Sunday, April 13

Indian river Festival

Florida isn't really that bad once the season of really hot decides to show up. You have to find things to do like this art fair/ whatever festival shows up. It had a little bit of everything there. It was great bounce houses, games, food trucks a gator guy named gator bill. He talked about snakes which made my skin crawl but had a few good points about snakes that I didn't know. Sometimes I have no ideal where my kids get their sense of adventure at for example.

This picture above was a big giant octopus kite that Justin wanted to climb on and then slide down the legs. It was a kite and insisted that he could do it no problem it wasn't even a ride. He just wanted my okay before in the future he wanted to try it. We had a twenty minute conversation about it which made me laugh he sounded just like his daddy. He weighed out the pro and cons with me then finally said "Life isn't worth living unless you take chances Mom!"
He couldn't make a mother more proud then when he uses my own words against me. He is an amazing kid. I'm so happy I get to be his mother.  I tried to go donate blood and he sound like his father again. 
"Mom, Only a few people have your blood you need to keep it!" 
I have AB- blood the red cross calls me all the time to donate. Then we had another talk about blood types my boys are B positive and hubby is O positive explaining all that lead into a baby talk thank god we ran into someone who we knew which cut that talk in half. 

I love when my son has his mind set to something he doesn't give up at all. Determination is the key for whatever you set your mind to. It was a blast my son had an amazing time. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out including Coach Mike who helped watch Justin while he tried the wall a dozen times. Justin completed the kids one but got really mad when they refused to let him finish the adult course and be timed.


He didn't fall I guess his pull ups at home have worked out. 



My son is AWESOME!!!

We will go back next year. 

Thursday, August 29

The Life in the Sun!

I love the picture above. Our little one keeps us all on our feet even at the Beach as he thinks he can catch a bird and take him home. One of us is always running down the Beach chasing him. My wonderful hubby was surfing with our oldest playing catch digging to China like the GREAT Father he is. He did get stung by a jellyfish. I have to admit after I was stung in the eye I'm a little worried about the Jelly's but not enough to keep me out of the water. It was the worst pain I ever felt in my life my face hurt for 48 hours. I was not letting anyone pee on me. Which is a myth the best thing for a jellyfish sting is vinegar. That is a must need item now when we travel to the beach. 

 I love The beach it's nice to go and relax in the sun. Here are some pictures of last weekend at the beach I can't wait for this coming up weekend we are going to watch the Surfing contest at Cocoa Beach. The hubby and I agree we want our son Justin to watch it before we start him in classes since he already has a full plate with Hip Hop dance class, Soccer and Choir class this year already.  

It amazes us how well he learns new things like surfing. He is a pro he just started this year. His surf board is huge he takes it out with daddy. 

He has been a dancer since he was born. He sings all the time but now has taken a huge interest in it. I love being a mom. I'm very proud of Justin school already started three weeks ago he has good grades tons of friends. I couldn't ask for a better kid. He is a huge influence on his little brother. Christopher wants to do everything his big brother does. They have a wonderful relationship as brothers it makes my heart happy to see how they interact with each other. 

However his idea of bringing home this sea turtle shell was not going to happen it would have never fit in our car nor on top. He wanted to bleach it and make a slide out of it. I love your idea's kid just not this one it still had dead meat in it. 

Until next time have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 29

This is why I wake up

Playalinda Beach, Titusville Florida
The smell of salt in the air the sand between my toes I think my kids were born to swim.  They are fish with legs. They would swim all day long if I let them. Justin has taking up surfing now that he has a real surfboard not a fake one as he says. He is really good 9 out of 10 ten times he gets a wave and rides it in. I'm in aww on how good he really is. With the help of daddy taking him out for hours teaching him how to surf is amazing. My hubby has been working a lot of hours for a few months now that doesn't stop him from taking his boys to the beach.  My boys are the reason I wake up everyday. I love hearing them laugh when we play hide and seek. I love being called Mommy! It's the highlight of my day. This past weekend was packed full of stuff.
Cocoa Beach,Florida

Friday we made homemade pizza and cookies. We veggie out with a dozen movies the boys wanted to watch. Christopher cried through the whole movie of Flipper not once but twice. It was horrible he wanted the dolphin to go home with the humans. He made me cry the way he was crying making cookies made up for it. Justin loves to help in the kitchen. I find it relaxing when we cook together. It also a great learning tool to have him read off the recipe list. We made some pictures to hang up for our Art Wall.  We have made it a part of our day to have story time at 7pm every night in our house. Are you my mother? Is a big hit with the boys.
Saturday we spent all day at the beach that's Cocoa Beach. The boys are in the top picture playing in sand. Christopher waits patiently for his big brother to bury him so he can jump up out to be a sand monster. We were all sand monsters that day. I love the beach! This beach is fun if you are in the middle of it. If not you will be surrounded by people on each side. It's a very crowed beach. You have to walk forever to even get to the water. If you park by the pier you have to pay ten dollars. If you park on one of the side entrances there are parking meters so bring lots of change depending on how long you plan to be there. We are always there four or five hours at the most.  

Sunday we decide to take our boys to another beach Playalinda Beach which is a great place to watch sea turtles hatch. It's a beautiful beach to go to. I like it better than Cocoa less people and I have found my nudist beach I have been looking for. The hubby and I have to get a babysitter to come back so I can tan my ass cheeks. It's a new goal I have added to my bucket list. A few times going nude should help my cheeks out. The sand is white here filled with sea shells. Bring a bucket if you have kids.The boys and I always bring back a ton of shells. This beach has less litter like cigarette butts and is very clean unlike Cocoa. I think this will be the beach we go to for now on. The water is also very clean compare to Cocoa. The boys and I were sand monsters once again. We meet a few nice people with children at the beach another stay at home mommy. It's nice to have someone to talk to who also stays at home with their kids. Of course we shared ideals that we seen on Pinterest. That site is a hit. I have done 70% of the stuff I have seen on that site.Check me out 
 Word of advice park in the front lots not the back ones or you might just see some naked people walk your way. Bring lots of water to drink and pack a few snacks. There are not showers at either beach so jugs of water works well one for each person to rinse the sand off of you. A sandy butt doesn't go well on a 30 minutes drive home. 

This is what I wake up to do spend every moment I have with my children. We all have a sunburn so maybe a movie day is in the near future. However we will not be watching Flipper. I can't take my Popsicle crying again. He is too emotional when it comes to that dolphin. 

Tuesday, June 18

Father's Day

With our conflicting work schedules I wasn't sure if we would see the love of my life on Father's Day. I was already sad missing my dad back in Michigan. I talked to him all morning which made me feel better.  This is one of my favorite pictures with my Daddy. He is the one in the black coat. He is awesome! He welcome my hubby with open arms and talks to him more then I do. Steve adores him I think it hurt him more then me on Father's day not being able to drive to see my dad. If we move back to Michigan it would be for my dad. My hubby is still trying to talk him in to moving to Florida or maybe Arizona so we can all be together.

                               We took our boys to the Cocoa Zoo. Here are some pictures from our trip. We walked into the bird exhibit with a cup of food and six birds landed on my hubby. It was too funny while Christopher tried to grab or to him pet the birds. He got upset when they wouldn't come back to him. He did after all try to strangle the birds.  Justin had a blast as you can tell in the picture now he wants one for his birthday next month along with a small creature of some sort. His words not mind. Thinking maybe a lizard or some fish to go with our Michigan turtles we still have.  I think this was the best part of the zoo with the monkey at the bottom who is sleeping like a human. It was too hot to see the other animals. The boys however did get to pet a white tail deer. Seeing the boys pet the deer made us think about the deer back home who kept stealing our food from our garden. We could go out and water it while they stood a arm length away.

It was about 95 degrees outside when we left to the beach. Justin is getting better at surfing we have taken him out every weekend since his daddy bought it for him. Christopher likes to try and copy his brother. It's too cute!
I love going to the beach hearing the waves. I love watching my hubby teach his son how to surf. He gets slammed by waves trying to help Jay get up on the surfboard. He really is a great father! He hates the feel of sand but goes to the beach for his family. I have never been happier then I am now our life is perfect for us. He makes me laugh all the time. He is a riot sometimes. By the end of the day my cheeks hurt from laughing all day. Christopher wore himself out by running around. I think by the time we left the beach it was almost 8'o clock at night. We were their all day.
This is the second time they have dug a hole to China in theory. They dig and Christopher fills it back up. This is the time I get my tan on. It's peaceful to lay on the beach. I like the feel of sand between my toes I just wish it would fall off before we get in the car. I tried to surf myself which was a bad ideal. Talk about one thing I can't do right now but maybe in the future I can take a wave. It was amazing day I hope your Father's day was as good as mine.

Thanks for reading come back again.

Saturday, June 8

My Household

Today has been a busy day for us. Justin cut the grass for seven dollars it would have been ten if he did all the front, back and sides.  He didn't do one side of the house then  negotiated his price. I said"yes to his offer."
He was too cute not to say yes.  We made slime today after lunch. Then showers are  a must.

We went to the park for some fun in the sun afterwards Ice Cream at McDonalds. They turned out not eating it instead played in the playground. I think we were there for awhile waiting for the storm to pass. It happen to be either McDonalds or a bar to get out of the storm. I thought the kids would like it better at the kids zone of fat. As you can see they had fun making all kinds of new friends. It never amazes me how quick my children make friends anywhere. It's great they have that gift. I still hate climbing inside those dame tubes.  A little shopping for projects at the house.Now my hubby and I will have a small movie night after our boys fall asleep. It has been a fun filled day. How was your Saturday?

Thursday, April 11

The moments that last forever

The moments that last forever are the ones you remember it could be small insufficient time that put the most impact on your life. This is one of those moments for me. Wednesday my adorable hubby changed my brakes it only took 20 minutes to do it but just watching him work makes me appreciate him more. He is my handyman! Then it was time to wash  our vehicle's. Our boys love it as you can see my Popsicle is elbow high in soap on the left. Our truck is huge but you know men and their toys. My hubby is so easy to please it made his day when our boys said they would help. Then again anything to be with Daddy our boys don't care as long as they are with him. 

I love this picture the most!
This  makes me laugh my hubby had to get a ladder to wash the top. He thought it was funny to soak me with the hose. Christopher then took over for him. It was a lot of fun to just have family time it didn't even seem like it was work.

Now they are both nice clean and shinny! They smell vanilla fresh!
We made a cake for daddy. He has a sweet tooth for cake. It was a great day ending the night watching the stars. These little moments mean a lot not just to our boys but to us. They are growing up so fast I never know what the next day will hold. I think it's great my hubby spends as much time as he can to make sure he is here for our boys.  Living in a neighborhood I don't see any parents with their kids. Most are left home alone on our block or they have found my place where Justin befriends anyone.  I have a house full of at least 20 kids if not more on school days. I don't seem to mind it's always an adventure during the day. Take the time out to just be still like broccoli take a second to take a deep breath and smile. This is the life enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 4

St. George Island

What a great day to celebrate Labor Day then going to the beach all day. I mean all day to from 10am -5pm. We all look like a lobster. We ate lunch went shopping and back to swimming. We had a blast. There is no way to describe what kind of day we had.

The BEACH is intoxicating . The smell of the ocean.The wind in your hair. The laughter of children will bring a smile to any ones face. The ocean is a place I feel at home. Steve and I are consume by the effect it has on us. It's like the ocean calls for us. So much that we are looking for a beach house to call home.

The boys love the water. I think they were meant to be fish. Christopher was learning how to swim. Justin was jumping off Daddy and Uncle Adam's shoulder's. We played football till our arms were jello. It was a clam day until the waves picked up but nothing like what they were the day of Issac.

                                                      The sand between my toes.
                                                         The sun hitting my face.
                                                        Hunting for seashells.
                                                            Getting a tan.
                                                         Wearing my shades.
                                                          Losing my shades.
                                                          Making sand castles.
                                                     Laughing and smiling all day long.
                                                           Makes a day at the Beach.

Tuesday, May 29

 Steve is such a sweetheart he took the boys and I to Panama City Beach this weekend with our good friend Adam. I had no idea he had this plan. I hate to be surprised by anything. He told me to pack a bag for the day.
I knew he had something up his sleeve when we showed up to drop Levi off at the dog kennel which was the size of Justin's room with a TV. I mean why does a dog need a TV? Who knows but he did get to play with other dogs. Steve is always doing something that makes me smile. We rented Jet Ski's on Saturday. I have never been on one. I thought I was going to fly off and be eaten by a shark or something. Steve was wiping that thing around like a pro. I don't know why I agree to half the things I do with Steve. He is an adrenaline junkie I swear. When he took Justin out on the water I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack right there in the water. They were gone for what it seems like forever. When he told me he let Justin drive I just shook my head. Justin had a blast on the water. When Steve and Adam went out on the water they were racing each other. As I watched them almost crash a dozen times. I just thought well at least they are happy if they get eaten by a great white. As you can tell I have watched Jaws way too many times. They both came back smiling! 
Justin and Daddy

We spent half the day at the beach just swimming till our belly's told us it was lunch time. We ate and off we went to a water park. This place was huge. They had about nine different slides the men went on with Jay. I took the lazy river which was a challenge to get Christopher to sit down to relax with me for a change. We went around a few times stop to watch the men zip line into the water off a pirate ship. Christopher was intrigued by the elephant that was a water slide. We went over there and played until we all met up again. All of  us were exhausted I mean all the adults were. The boys were still on over drive. We left there straight to the dune buggies and zip line. Again my heart sank to the ground when Justin came pass my head.

It was hard to get a good picture of him because he is so small it gives no room to move his head.
After all that fun we headed back to our hotel room for a fire dance. The video above is not my best but the best for trying to hold Christopher until Steve took him. It was hilarious it only got better after what you see above with a man dance some drunk old people and Justin went on stage for his first hula lesson. We had drinks by the pool. Later Steve and Jay went swimming and a movie to end the fantastic night we had. (Note to self don't eat sea food after a long day in the sun) We all felt sick at the end. We made it to Sunday morning for my Jet Ski ride with my amazing hubby.
Being on the open ocean was breathtaking. I love the water. I could spend all day out on the sea. Steve and I had the best time ever. We came up on a mantaray that was the size of my truck. We seen some dolphins. I was a little nervous seeing them that close up. Steve jump right in took some pictures. I wanted to drive when he got back up. He put his arms around me and said.

 "I know I can't get down on one knee right now,but will you be my wife again and marry me?"

I didn't know what to say I just started brawling my eyes out. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out. He put my beautiful ring on my finger that sparkle in the sun. He kissed me with his soft salty lips. (lol) It was the best moment of my life. This past weekend was so much fun. I had a blast! Steve surprised me with the best gift ever. I love my ring but even better I love that he took the time to plan this all out the way he did. He is such a romantic at heart. I couldn't have asked for a better second proposal. I mean it was on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean. What else could a girl ask for?  He took my breath away once again.  I love you Steve! You are amazing man. I love you more and more with each passing  day. Yes, I will marry you again.
This is my ring


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