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Sunday, October 16

Having a Birthday Party after a Hurricane

Last week we left on Wednesday to avoid the storm. We stayed in a little town named Ozark Alabama. The second town we stayed at was in Tory it's about two hours outside of Florida. It has the busiest traffic I have ever seen.  The good side I found a coffee shop I absolute love. I don't know what they put in the coffee but it's delicious!
When you order a drink they give you a chocolate covered expresso bean. It's because of them I have been drinking coffee all week. I haven't had coffee since May. I would move there just for coffee it's that good.  Once we were able to see our house had no damage it was clean up time. Clean up the branches from the yard plan Popsicle's 6th Birthday party which by the way isn't the best thing to do after a Hurricane. There was No School on Monday we handed out invites Tuesday then I dropped my phone so there was no way I could get calls or text.  I had so much anxiety about no one showing up. It turned out well we had twenty kids show up.
Christopher was having a blast!

It was a Mario Party at the last minute. I swear  he changes his mind like his underwear. I was so happy and excited when I saw the cupcakes the baker now thinks I love him. It might have something to do with the fact that I said it. Publix did an awesome job on short notice. 

 Thor wanted to go on the slide too so he had to stay in the kitchen. He looks sad! I gave him two bacon treats inside. It kept him busy for a minute.

        You never know when Life can change make it great every day you can. Sending lots of prayers for all that were affected by the storm.

Friday, October 7

Hurricane Matthew, Friends and Family

My heart hurts for all my friends and family who decided to stay and wait out the storm. Hubby had to convince me to leave. We talked on Monday about leaving. I wanted to leave then what I didn't want to do was wait till the last minute. He didn't seem to think it was a big thing until Mr. Weather Man said we were looking at a direct hit. We left last night drove all the way to Alabama. Taking turns on driving while our boys slept. With two kids two cats and a dog I think we did pretty good. I have always made a hurricane kit every year with our boys. I think because we planned ahead we weren't the last minute shoppers. It helped on our pocket book considering that we may not be back home for a few weeks. I have never seen the rest stops as packed as they where last night. Parking was a mess we slept in the car for an hour at the rest stop. Going on two days boarding up our house and helping our neighbor and getting ready to stay took a toll on us. My anxiety was hitting the roof. We are now safe  just wishing more people would have left as well. Please pray this storm isn't as bad as it seems to be. Tonight will be a long night.

Stay Safe my friends!!

Monday, March 14

The air show and Cajun Feastival

I love living in Florida. Especially when I can spend the morning with my boys laying on the trampoline taking pictures watching the air show. We spent over an hour just chit chatting with each other I even took a nap. It was just a beautiful day yesterday. We ended up at the park to finish out the show which is just amazing to watch. It's loud as can be which the kids don't mind at all.
A few years ago we went to the museum to look at the old planes up close. They even have a few planes the kids can get into. Then you walk out to the airfield to watch the air show. We live right on the strip the planes use to go to the airport. Next year I want to try to sit on our roof to watch it.

Summer is here it's time to put the jeans away bring out the shorts and tank tops till November. We went for a run my Popsicle made good time even after he was told he has asthma two weeks ago. He ran a mile with us in 16:10 instead of our 12 minutes flat which is still really good. My oldest Justin has it too but since our move to Florida he has seem to have grown out of it. I hope the same will be for Christopher. I don't want him to think this will minimize anything he wants to do. It will just change the way he does things only a little. I won't let him use it as a crutch.

I wish I had pictures to show of the planes but my battery died on me. That's what I get for not charging it the night before. 

We had a busy day on Saturday Justin was a hit with the ladies at the Cajun Festival. He was a walking magician. He has to volunteer two hours in order to stay in his magic club. He is doing really great. I love how he can just walk up and start a conversation with anyone. The feedback was amazing from the people he showed magic tricks to. I even had one guy ask if Justin did parties. He definitely takes that from his Father. Hubby could sell you anything even if you didn't need it. 

So the idea of eating crawfish was a hit until my boys seen it. I have to confess I have never eaten it. They both made a comment that they didn't want to eat anything that had eyes looking at them. I did however get them to try Jambalaya which was not an easy task to do since it has pork in it. We don't eat red meat at all. They put a brave face on to taste a spoonful. 

We tried to wash it down with  a cupcake that was just gross. I never thought it was possible to make a gross cupcake. Well now I have seen everything. Overall when talking later at home when I asked what was the best part of the day my boys said meeting new people. When asked what they didn't like the response was wasting money. I had to laugh at this which Christopher told me it wasn't funny to waste money. Yes, I have been on this life teaching skills with them this month along with being Irish (#12monthstolearn) on my fb page. I'm glad they are picking up on it. Six dollars for the Jambalaya and three dollars for the cup cake besides that it smelled of sea food which we probably never eat again. We still had a great time. I love these moments in time. 

Wednesday, June 10

Justin and Rain

He started his bucket list. Only a week out of school and he's bored. It started raining cats and dogs today its Florida it's going to every day now. Justin thought it would be a good idea to go wash the car in the pouring rain. The mom in me started to say no. Then I realize I have to take advantage of the situation he's wanting to watch the car and it's one less thing I have to do before our trip. I let him took pictures and videos. He was laughing the whole time. He was a little bummed out because he still had to go get the hose to rinse off the car because it stopped raining so hard. Christopher opt out of it he didn't find it to be funny or exciting. The things we do to stay entertained in the time of boredom. After Justin wash the car and rinsed it. I pulled into the garage dried it then did the interior. I even vacuumed it I just have to keep it that way over the weekend.

I love these moments because we might not have them again. I love being a mommy!  

Wednesday, May 27

Hurricane Survival Guide

This past weekend we went through our survival tote just in case to make sure we are prepared for a hurricane. Since the newscasters keep talking about the ten year storm we might get. Makes my skin crawl. Thank God we have not been in a bad storm yet. I hope we never have one. There is way too much stuff you need to have. You have to have a at home kit which includes:
  1. flashlight
  2.  battery operated radio
  3. 6 extra sets of batteries( Which is well over a hundred dollars just in this)
  4.  Gel freezer packs to keep food cold
  5.  cooler
  6. matches and a lighter
  7. camping stove and grill with fuel tank/charcoal with a fire starter
  8. fire extinguisher (box of baking soda to extinguish a fire)
  9.  medicine if anybody's taking medicine
  10.  supply for at least two weeks of diapers formula bottles pacifier(if you have a baby)
  11.  medicine kit that has aspirin, stomach acid, anti diarrhea medicine, iodide, hydrogen peroxide, bacterial ointment, bandages and tape.
You also have to have an evacuation kit that includes
  1.  map/ compass
  2.  tire sealer in your trunk
  3.  sleeping bags or blankets for each member
  4.  air or foam mattress
  5.  identification for the whole family
  6.  important documents
  7.  extra clothes and shoes
  8.  books, games, playing cards
  9. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels and cash.
It is now hurricane season we have completed a first aid kit.

Don't mind my thumb it was a one second slicer accident that almost took part of my thumb off. A Mother's Day gift. Don't worry I didn't bleed in my cucumbers. I was able to save them.  Little by little our tote is almost complete. Our plan is to stay put to wait out the storm. I'm not looking to be stuck on the highway with two kids and two cats. Unless we have time to leave I guess we will need to buy another boat.

Monday, October 20

I Matter

I Matter.

Domestic violence does not discriminate. It occurs in our neighborhoods and in our families. Anyone can be a victim, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status. Abusers control and terrorize our daughters, bosses, sisters, friends, and even our SONS – who are most often abused by their male partners and sometimes their female partners. Join the Empowered Women of Purpose at "I Matter," an event devoted to bringing awareness and healing to the domestic violence epidemic. There will be a candlelight vigil to bring people together to remember those who lost their lives, fought to save their lives and honor anyone who is affected by domestic violence.

Event date 
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 - 6:00pm
There are ton of events in your state Please click on the link above and help Stop Domestic Violence Remember it starts with you. Only you can stop the cycle from repeating in your household. You have options to leave now. Don't think you are stuck in world where no one cares. I care My name is Patricia I Matter You Matter I use to think it was my fault I couldn't of been more wrong. Real Men Don't Hit. It was his fault it was his actions that made me scared. I feared for my life and the life of my family. He was the cause of my pain not any more he doesn't matter. I have lived a violent free life for the last 11 years. Still going strong in my marriage. I 'm loved by a wonderful man who treats me like his Queen. I fear No More of coming home to yelling and making up lies to my co-workers about the night before. There is help if you are reading this there are people who will help you get away. A house can be replaced you and your children can not!
SAFETY ALERT: If you are in danger call 911. Or reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224.
I Matter My Name is Patricia You Matter What's your name? It's time to leave!

Saturday, May 24

Universal Studios

It was hot,fun,and very entertaining.There is a lot to do as you can tell from my picture above my kids have a sick sense of humor. They are screaming and pretending their guts are coming out. They are too funny.  A spur of the moment trip out of nowhere my hubby says let's go. Before I could ask he was printing off the tickets. Not that I don't like his plans I just wish he would give me a ten minutes heads up or something. With my hubby that's impossible part of the reason I fell in love with him. His sense of adventure is off the chart. Our boys are the same way like let's go climb a wall. Why not it seems like the only logic choice to do after we filled our tummy's with ice cream. Maybe ride a roller coaster with Mom but don't tell her that is what it is. Yes, That was me on the Mummy Roller coaster.

Yes, Pure fear I'm screaming my head off. I'm not a roller coaster person this has all the proof. I thought I was going to die. I didn't feel that bad when I seen the picture Justin's my son was hiding. 
In this picture with Daddy he is straight down praying. He wanted to sit on the side to see the tracks only thing this coaster is in the dark. I was scared but I loved it. 

Hubby tried for Fear Factor in spandex which was a little sexy on him. He didn't win it was set up for one person to win the bragging rights. Our boys were excited and scared which in turn had poor Popsicle in tears when Daddy was hanging in the air. 

A random trip turned into a great day. Make sure you measure your little one before Popsicle was a little short at 38 inches. Most if not all rides kids have to be at 40 inches. We were turned away when it came to the Transformers ride which Popsicle really wanted to ride. They have a room off to the side for parents to switch. We were a little mad that we waited in line for an hour to be turned away. Justin and I had a hard time enjoying the ride because we all couldn't go. It was fun maybe next year we will have to do this again. Popsicle did get to take a picture with Optimus Prime outside the show. They cut his body off. It was pointless to buy the picture I just took one. 

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted my camera with the bag is a little heavy to carry. The pictures I did get are awesome. It's about $96.00  dollars a ticket even for our boys it was $90.00 a ticket just for the day. It's a little expensive unless you rush with the park passes. It takes a whole day to see everything and still I think we missed a lot. Take your time travel light and have fun. I did get a heads up from a friend on the Jurassic Park ride at Adventure Island is a huge roller coaster just in case my family try to pull a fast one on me. I think I will do my homework before hand.

Thursday, May 15

Sea World Trip

My Popsicle has been bugging me for two months to go see a dolphin. Here comes in at # 2 on my bucket list going to Sea World. I was a little hesitate about going because of all the drama surrounding this place with Black Fish. Now, I still feel a little guilty going because all the animals are in small cages. I don't agree with it but they still have to make money. Sea World does help animals it's not cheap to do it. It's like a catch 22 you in order to help with anything there is always a downside to it. We had a really great time however I don't think we will go back until Popsicle is much older. The workers seemed to rush us when we were deciding on what pictures to buy from the dolphin, sting rays, and shark feeding. They seemed to be unhappy too maybe it was the heat!

This picture above I'm using in my portfolio for Patricia Photography Company I'm starting. Something new I'm taking on.

It was a great chance to see what my camera lens can actually do.

It was extremely hot here last Sunday it was nice to cool off in the aquarium. Our boys loved sitting there watching the fish. 

Just an F.Y.I to avoid make sure you don't try to eat the fish you are feeding to the dolphins like my little one tried. It's really gross taking it out of his mouth. He did this all day long sometimes I wonder about my child. I think he does it just to see me react with a disgusting face. Each time he would laugh,smile and reply "I'm just joking Mom!" 

The only downside to this place is even after you wash your hands you still smell like fish all day. Thanks to Popsicle in the hot blazing sun after he wiped his hands on me the smell gets a little strong. In Justin's case his little brother thought it was a great ideal to play catch with one of the dead fish then afterwards toss it down his brother's shirt. He tends to be the jokester in the family with NO help from Dad while he is on the ground laughing. At least he didn't try to make me kiss the fish that was Dad's job. We had a blast when it came time for the Shamu Show.

I was able to get this picture after taking 30 of them. It was a little loud for us as well as Popsicle he hates loud stuff. A pair of earplugs is necessary for little ones! The animals seemed fine and performed great! 

Keep in mind if you take a trip to Sea world!
1. Take a change of clothes there are water rides.
2. Don't bring a purse get a backpack. It will be easier to carry.
3. Wait to you leave before you buy anything. Just so you don't have to carry it. 
4. When you sit in the seats at any shows. Look for the signs that say "Soak area" that means you will get wet!
5. We also learn that if you buy any photos from the feedings or the first picture they take of you when you walk in. Save the receipt instead of paying $20.00 for each picture it becomes $10.00 with the proof you already paid for one earlier. That would have helped eight pictures in. They don't tell you we were lucky. 
6. There is a kids playground but water everywhere. Bring a swim suit. 
7. Have fun!!! 

Sunday, February 16

FL Law Enforcement Sex Offender Advisory


This is what my email reads in the subject line.  I signed up for the Florida Sex Offender List. Now I'm starting to freak out! It's official there are freaks near by keep your kids inside at all time.

Sex offenders in Florida now have no place left to hide.
Cops in Bradford County are posting huge signs outside the homes of convicted rapists and child molesters in a bid to warn children and parents about their potential danger.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about letting people know. Before you question me let me just say I would move A.S.A.P but think about the neighborhood going to shit if you see these signs everywhere. This could break a city in two. There should be a city of just these people in a small town to deal with each other daily.  As a mother this just makes me sick anyone who takes advantage of a child and hurts should be killed. I have no pity or mercy for anyone who can rape a child. Let's just say with the help of these signs in front of a house will make a family walk much easier to know what street not to go down. These people should never be let out of jail. Just my thoughts I'm physical feeling ill right now I have received one everyday this week. Thank God there are none here near my house. They can still drive and walk it should be tattoo on there forehead that reads I'm a sicko. If you would like to learn more click on the link and sign up.

It will show you a map of where you live and all the sex offender's in the area with name, address and the crime they were charged with. Please be careful and never go looking for anyone let the police handle something if you have a question or concern. As always be safe!

Friday, January 3

Disney World Christmas Eve

                                                 Bucket List markdown here we go.

                                      37. Take the boys to Disney World for Christmas.CHECK

I didn't think we would be able to do it this year but I'm glad we did. It was even better that my sister,mom and my little niece Eva were able to share this Journey with us. My sister has never been I was surprised my baby sister had a great time!

She is a big kid herself she was really excited calling everyone telling them where she was at. She was a total spaz she was more excited then the kids were. It was a blast! A little cold during the morning hours it was a jacket pants kind of day. The shops were insane it reminded me of New York tons of stuff you can buy. Just an F.Y.I wait to buy your stuff at the end when you are leaving which leaves your arms free all day. That's what we did.

We had to stop by and see Buzz. It was funny how my little one just carried on a conversation with him like he knew him for years. We had to dance with Frozone  I believe was a women inside the suit.

Justin and I got down but Eva not so much danced the super hero dance.

 Tea cup ride we are holding on for dear life
as my hubby tries to make us all dizzy with the help of our other son. 

Boys with the little mermaid Christopher was being funny as you can see his eyes are closed. He just saw the movie the lady in this picture kept in character. I liked that everyone who was at Disney had very high energy. It was great!

We had to fight aliens!
Love the Castle! 

The castle was beautiful in with that saying it was over crowed. My hubby almost got into a fight because some old man about 50 or so thought it was a good ideal to push his way though the crowd to try to get past our son. The man started talking trash which lead my hubby to tell him to show him. I almost had a heart attack for as long as we have been married I have only seen him get mad once. Again at another old man who pushed our son in our house not a good thing to push our son then when he was two or now that he is ten. I made him count to ten and breath we all had to. My sister almost dropped my niece thanks from an adult who two handed push her and others to get through the crowd. Thank god the stroller saved her from the concert because that wouldn't have been good for the adult. There wasn't a place where you weren't elbow to elbow or butt cheek to butt cheek with someone waiting for the fireworks to start.

Still not a stroller place there were too many people pushing the stroller I felt bad for my niece who was in an umbrella stroller and my Popsicle who was in a jogging stroller. The adults there were the worst of all.You would think they would get the hint that it's a kids place. Christopher had to be saved by me at the end of the night from being trampled on by adults. Hubby had to save him once again by another adult from falling on him as we were leaving. It was insane at the end of the night. There where just way too many people other then that it was a lot of fun. Thinking about next year already. My advice pick any other day beside Christmas Eve to go to Disney World if not leave before the castle lights up with fireworks. It's a lesson learn I guess if I had to do it over we would have just picked a spot up by main street to sit and wait for the fireworks to start.  Over all My mom had a blast she loved it made her feel like a kid again. She was able to go on rides with her grandkids and be silly.
Super Dad to the rescue!!!! 

Things to know for next time
1. Bring a jacket in December it will get cold once the sun goes down.
2. Be aware of stupid people mainly the ADULTS who have NO common sense that it's a children's place.
3. Get a spot up by main street if you want to watch the fireworks and stay don't leave till the crowd leaves.
4. Buy your stuff at the end
5. Take a backpack to put all your goodies in
6. Take a camera
7. Have fun
8. Be a kid again

Thursday, January 31

The Gasparilla Invasion

Some random people we later seen at the bike show. I asked If I could take their picture. He was drunk his wife I'm guessing held him up.

Pirate Invasion in Tampa bay. Sounds like fun and kid friendly right? Wrong anything but kid friendly as my hubby and I found out after we paid ten dollars to park,thirteen dollars for chicken fingers and I guess what was chicken pita wraps that came to thirty dollars with drinks. It is a place to get wasted or drunk to your bones can't stand. I wouldn't want to forget the half naked women with signs that say" She wants to have her cherry pop because its her 21 st birthday." I just sugar coated it for you the words of the real sign made my hubby fall over. It was that bad. I'm so glad I can read fast enough to step in front of my nine year old before he had a chance to read it.
Let's add to this in the first half hour we were there. You have a bunch of church going people holding up signs talking though a speaker of God's words. I guess they thought a bunch of drunk half naked people would want to save their sins that day! I'm not sure how many people took them up on that offer. I do hope it turned out well for them.

The best part of walking back though the one million people starting to pour in the streets of bay shore was the deep fried snickers and oreo's we spent another thirty dollars on. This time it was well worth it. They are not very good for my get fit plan but hey It was my cheat day. Just look at these they will make your mouth water.

We were all very pleased with our treat. As we stuffed our face with all the goodness we came up to the ship of Gasparilla in the bay.

 He attack the bay now Tampa celebrate it by a get drunk all day festivities. If this is what you look forward to by all means have fun. I think next year we may move my mom down so we can take a walk on the wild side with the half naked drunk pirates. Overall this is a adult event so keep the kids at home. If you would like to know the whole story click on the link below. It's very interesting.

Bike Show

This weekend after our Gasparilla event we heard about a bike show. There were lots of awesome bikes. We seen the blues brothers with an awesome band beforehand that played some old rock. I haven't heard since I was little. I think that is one thing that I have kept going from my childhood is the love of music. Justin and I danced in the streets with the rest of the people that were there. My hubby and I rocked back and fourth signing.It was a lot of fun as you can tell from the video. If I can get it to post.
I  encourage  my hubby to buy a bike of his choice. Which he did I'm really happy he is happy! I guess you can call it an early wedding present from me. I'm awesome I know. My hubby is adrenaline junkie. It's so hot!! I can't wait to say I Do to him again later this year.
My Hubby's New Hayabusa Motorcycle
Our boys painted their hands on a bed sheet that is getting sent to our troops. Which I thought was a very thoughtful idea.
We picked up a jacket for my beloved hubby.
The night was completed with fireworks. We met a tattoo artist that will complete 14 hours of artwork on my hubby's back soon. I don't know if I will be present for that. I'm a worried that will shy me away from getting mind on my shoulder. We had a whole lot of fun. My hubby made me laugh so much my face hurt. We have never been happier!

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