Thursday, June 12

Giving Back

 Justin is at it again after three years of giving back now he has a new mission. He will even be on the S.P.C.A of North Brevard Facebook page.

8 bags of food and cat litter

I started giving back in High School even if I didn't have anything to give I would find a way. I have now pasted that gift of giving down to my children. They love making people or animals happy. If I left it up to them and my crazy hubby we would be the people with to many cats, dogs,chickens and whatever else they felt needed a home. I almost said yes to a homeless snake as much as I hated seeing that bottom lip of theirs out I can sleep at night knowing I won't be a snake's lunch. 

Going through the boys closets and toy boxes this weekend. They love giving back. It makes them happy when I say it's time to think of things to add to Justin's Steps. He comes up with most of them with a little help from the Internet possibilities are endless. 

If we want to help change the world we have to start with our children. It doesn't take much to put a smile on someones face. 
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