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Sunday, June 16

Project Needham

I seen this on Pinterest so I made it. This is mind.
Here is the link on Pinterest.
Yes I took the tag off
I had a lot of fun with my boys. I love to garden they love to get dirty. They are boys who doesn't?Watering it is a task to keep the dirt from running over the sides. The key is do it slowly very slowly. The plants cost $8.00 at Lowes altogether I think I spent $50.00 total. I wanted to make the bottom pot bigger but my porch isn't that big in front of our house. This seems to be just right by my window. I can't wait till it grows out fully. I will also get a thyme plant to set on the other side I heard it will help keep mosquitoes away. Something I will have to try and see. Look for my review on it at the end of summer.

Here is my front door I'm not sure if I like it yet. I still like my red door from back home let's face it I miss my house from back home. Most of all I miss my garden we had it was huge. We just put shelves up in Justin's room he still doesn't know what color he wants to paint it.
I'm in the middle of working on this for my back porch. I will post pictures later once it's all done along with my garage that my hubby is working on as we speak. God knows what kind of idea's he has! Sometimes I think he is worst then me when it comes to projects and our house. If you have any neat idea's please feel free to share.

Saturday, March 9

Moving Again

There are a few tips you should follow when moving. First always have the car packed well with toys,books,games,dvd player,movies,cds and stop for coffee.  Don't follow to to closely to the car in front be prepared to stop at anytime.
I admit I have fallen off the wagon the coffee wagon. This past week has been crazy Monday we looked at a dozen houses. Tuesday and we signed papers.My wonderful hubby stayed two nights to work on it to get it move in ready. Our new house is two hours from Tampa. I packed up the house running on NO sleep because I can't sleep when he is gone. Hubby shows up Wednesday morning with the Uhaul truck we pack up the house while my oldest was at school. We are pack by 2:30 pm just in time to get him from school. We head to our storage unit for the rest. Stop by the post office for change of address forms,the bank,711 we stop to eat and fill up the tank on the road by 8pm. I don't like to drive at night but it was okay. There weren't a lot of people on the road. A smooth hour drive Christopher is sleeping.Justin and I are jamming to some old school,Shinedown,Rihanna and Britney. The second hour I spent listening to talk radio and sob stories on the request  hour. I'm on my second cup of coffee from 711 and Doritos. It's 11:13 pm as we drive into our driveway.
It's the most beautiful site I have seen in awhile as I get Christopher out of the car. Stars are everywhere they are huge. The big dipper is right over our house. I haven't seen stars like this in almost two years. My father lives in the U.P where if you turn off the porch light  you are swallowed  up by the stars. It's kinda of freaky when you are surrounded  by woods on 40 acres of land. We put our boys in the master room so we can unload the truck. My hubby grab me by the waist kissed my forehead we stood there taking in the moment at hand. We stand there talking about the constellations. I love looking at the stars. My hubby goes to the other side of the truck to show me something. I follow only to hit my leg on the back of the truck. We haven't even begun to unload yet. I'm laughing to stop myself from crying it hurt so bad. My hubby is rubbing my back laughing asking me if I'm okay. I try to walk it off but my leg feels like its broke. I still have a 26 foot truck to unload. With every step I take I feel the pain. I dont know how but we had the truck unloaded by 1am. I bypass  hitting my head off the top of the  garage broke all my natural nails trip into the kitchen found a bug outside the size of my toddlers hand. That freak me out! I'm not a bug person. It's been a year since we moved to Florida I still can't get use to the bugs on steroids. The house is a mess the garage  is full and the truck is unpack its 1:30 am by the time we hit the bed to only have to wake up by 7:30 am to drive back to Tampa to return the Uhaul truck. It saved us $400.00 dollars doing it that way instead of returning it down the street from us.
Morning hits I have to drag myself out of bed pour a glass of water on my hubby to get him up. It wasn't a lot of water but enough. Trust me it was the only way to get him up. He wasn't as mad as I thought he would be. I'm really sweet only evil when I have to be. I guess its the Mexican that comes out. It's 7:49 am by the time we hit the road for our two hour drive back to Tampa. On this trip I have to avoid slamming into my hubby big white ass meaning the Uhaul truck from going 70mph to 20 mph because on the other side of the highway  a car is on fire. Of course we slow down because all the stupid  people are looking instead of driving being nosey. We sit in traffic for 20 minutes then we start rolling I'm coming off the on ramp when the car in front of me is at a dead stop. Thinking to myself this is great we are going to die! Traffic is heavy I put the pedal to the ground to beat the cars coming up on my side. I look in my rearview mirror to see if the car is still on the on ramp yes it let four cars go before they did. People need to learn how to drive. I'm exhausted  along side my hubby we make it to the Uhaul place drop the truck off. My hubby slams a five hour energy and buys a monster I have a full cappuccino  this time. I was looking for a place that sold Cuban  coffee. That will wake you up in a minute No doubt! It's like taking a shot of pure caffeine. I have to talk to my hubby the whole way back home to keep him awake for two hours. It wasn't that hard because out of the blue Christopher starts vomiting turns out to be a 24 hour bug. I change him twice by the time we get home he is naked.  We both are running on no sleep by now. I don't advise this with us its never let's plan to move it just let's move today kind of thing. It's always been that way on a tight schedule . I'm safe to say I won't be driving anytime soon and we are on our last move for at least five years or more until we find a house with property  for our farm. Be safe today my readers. Have a great day live it up to the fullest.

Saturday, August 25

Working on the house.

This took me forever to change all the kitchen cabinet handles from white to sliver. I did it myself with my own power tool thanks to my hubby. He is wonderful or he just didn't want me to keep taking his. I still think he is wonderful.

my very own power tool.

I'm all done what do you think? My kitchen is painted a deep purple color for a wine theme. I don't have all my accessories yet. I'm still looking for the right ones. If you have any in mind please let me know.

Tuesday, March 20


It's time to paint the house. Steve and I have decided that we are going to go with the color raspberry wine for a wine theme kitchen.
I can't believe it but I have a dinning room now which is great. I can now pick out a theme for that room. I now have to look at tables. I'm focus on the boys room right now then the rest of the house can fall into place. Justin has picked out a comic blue for his walls. I don't know what else is going in there but I'm glad I talked him out of a black bedroom. Trust me that one was  hard to do.I swear black has been Justin's favorite color since he was one.
 I have a fireplace in the living room which the wall it's on will be a canyon sun color. The other walls be a golden chime color for a Mexican theme.

Steve at first said no to my idea but later caved in.He loves me. He is painting this time. I hate painting all the lines you have to worry about not making is just too much to deal with. I'm excited about our house. There is so much to do. I love it! Steve and I have our own sinks plus we have a shower and a tub in our master bathroom. The kid's have there own bathroom which is Awesome. I love our new house!

Friday, February 11

Our New House

Steve and I are new house owners finally. Oh it feels so good to have something pay off that you have been working so hard for. It feels great to have a house of our own. God I love saying that!!! On top of that we are planning to get remarried in a year. I already have plans for the cake, hall and invites. I won't go try on my dress till a little more baby weight comes off. I have already lost 35 lbs my goal is what my weight was before Justin. So I have about ten more pounds to go.  This is so fun to plan this out because I was never the girl who had it planned when I was little girl like most.  There is just so much stuff you can have at a wedding like is it going to be outside or inside. I think we are going to do the church thing again because the first time we were married in a church as Justin sat with the wife of the pastor playing.  It was too cute he just turn two when we married but Steve and I knew each other  before.  This time we have to pick out food and Steve is being crazy he wants Mexican food all the way around. I’m not too sure about that because Mexican food is a little beyond messy. I love Mexican food it’s in my blood! Our flowers I think I have them picked out so far but there is a wedding expo this week  so they could change. Justin will be standing up in our wedding and he is so happy. He is going to be a mini Steve same everything. Christopher of course will be the ring bear but he will not carry the real rings. You know just in case something happens.   Babies, Babies everywhere my baby brother and soon to be sister in-law are having a little girl. My best friend is due in March and my other friend is due in July. This is so great I love kids. There is so much to do this year it’s kind of overwhelming to think about it. The house needs to have some work done to it and that’s okay. We can do most of it ourselves.   Justin’s room was already tore apart we just have to paint it now. We might be turning his room into a play room not sure yet. We are holding off on buying new furniture until we tear apart the living room. I swear there is so much to do and Steve wants to take on everything all at once. Overall this is just so great we are house owners! I guess I just had to tell someone about it.


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