Friday, December 30


This year is coming to an end. So much has happen this year with our family and for me. I couldn't ask for more. Christopher is growing up so fast. He is all over the house driving everyone insane. Justin has taken on all by himself to help out kids in need. He is so smart and caring. He is doing excellent in school. He makes us very proud of him. I completed my first book and waiting for approval from my team of experts. It's kind of scary putting myself out there for all to read. I have been working on my second book not sure of the title yet. I was going with "A Child" but that just doesn't seem to give it justice for the topic. My Hubby and I are going out tomorrow.Thanks to my sister in law for babysitting. I'm really excited to be able to bring in the New Year with the man I love. I love the way he looks at me. He melts my heart even after being married for six years. When I look into my hubby's eyes it's like nothing else matters. He shows me too that his actions speak just as loud as his words. I love a man who takes care of his family like he does. He told me this past weekend that I'm pea to his pod. Like two peas in a pod. lol He has a sense of humor you have to understand sometimes. This is what makes my hubby unique. I have never loved a man like I love him. He is wonderful to be around. You either hate him or love him either one is a privilege. Our boys are very much like their father to a T it's a little weird at times. Justin has his attitude as Christopher has his deep dark brown gorgeous eyes. I love my family very much. Steve and I get the chance to watch them grow up. It is a blessing to have that. My children are my world. I love watching the boys run up screaming daddy when he walks in the door. I love seeing the joy it brings Steve as he puts out his arms to catch them both. I knew from the first time I laid eyes on Steve he would be the man I would share my life with. I'm glad he was so persistence as he was even after pushing him away many times. I have to admit it changed both our lives for the better. We have never been happier. I realized that no matter what happens in life the love we share won't change.

I loved Christmas this year we were able to get our boys everything they wanted expect a trip to Spain. That is what Justin asked for first but we had to say NO to that one until Christopher is a little older. Steve and I were at ease this year we are anyways nothing really bothers us for the most part. I guess really knowing someone then reconnecting with that same person helps out. Steve and I have big plans for the New Year hoping all goes the way it supposes to. I don't doubt that it won't. I guess working on our relationships and kids have bought up many options for the future. I take pride in the way Steve and I have raise are kids so far. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. I know 2012 will bring much Joy to our lives as this year has. Congrats to two of my girlfriends who just had their babies. I wish you luck, joy and happiness for the New Year to come. Congrats to another good friend who just announce his engagement. This weekend I have some house projects going on I can't wait. Good things really do happen to great people. Happy New Year to all of my reader's I hope your year was as great as mind. Set new goals and go for it!

Wednesday, December 28


My Boy's

We had a very white Christmas. The snow started to fall as we awoke from our beds. Justin rubbing the sleepy out of his eyes as Christopher stumble though the kitchen to the living room. Under the tree was filled with presents for all.

Christmas at Grandpa's
Beyblade Extreme Top System IR Spin Control Galaxy Pegasus SetBeyblade Extreme Top System Electro Battlers X-55 Electro Serpent TopBeyblade Extreme Top System IR Spin Control Gravity DestroyerThis Christmas has been the best ever. It's so nice to get away from everything and take a trip. We went to see family for Christmas. The boys kind of had three Christmas's. We had our family get together at our house two weeks ago. Then Christmas day with my Dad and Step-Mom and Monday was ours. It was a blast to see the boys open up gifts. Justin is into the Bey Blades toys or tops is a huge hit. I'm not sure why it seems boring to me just watching a top spin and spin and spin around. Jay likes it that's all that counts. Steve and Jay were playing with them. It's cute to see his face light up when his top wins. Beyblade Extreme Top System Electro Battlers Electro L-Drago Set

Our white Christmas

     Monster Jam tickets were another gift from his awesome parents. He loves these trucks.  Christopher surprise us when he actually was tearing the paper off his gifts. Once he seen what was inside we had to take over. Evey toy Christopher has sings or plays music. I think I know my ABC's by heart now. There are so many toys around the house I have Steve working on a toy box. I'm grateful to the Lord for giving me a great family to celebrate with.  I really didn't take too many pictures this year because my wonderful hubby brought me a new camcorder. I have found many things to film. That is my new hobby.

our tree
You can't see them but back there are a lot more under the tree. Thank you Steve for everything you do.  You are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Thanks to my wonderful boy's who always make me smile. I have to say I will never forget this Christmas.

Christmas at The Needham's

This house we seen on our way to the movies Friday. This house is awesome! Justin and Steve seen it first then he drove me by it. I'm so wanting to do our house like this next year. Get to work hubby.
We took the boys to Santa's Magic Forest this weekend which was a blast. On the way there we stop by the farm to see some goats and a camel. It was funny to see Christopher wipe his hand off on his coat after he feed the goats. Justin was almost taken out by another goat who was being greedy with the food. 

 This picture says it all. What a Life to have.
This is my Beautiful family. We also had The Needham's Christmas party at our house with family and friends. It went pretty good. I cooked a huge ham with sweet potato's, stuffing, mash potato's, cookies,and homemade pumpkin pie. Everyone brought a dish
to pass. It was fantastic to see everyone. The laughter and smiles filled the room. The boys were able to open their gifts from the family. They have to wait till Sunday for Santa's. Christopher is mumbling just about everything you can imagine. It sounds like he is mad at you when he starts going off. It's adorable to listen to him. Justin had his Christmas concert on Friday. The music teacher did a wonderful job with 560 kids on stage at once. Justin dressed up for it. He is getting so old I couldn't help but cry when I heard him sing. Time flies by so fast.

Monday, December 19

Angels Crest

Image DetailThis is a very sad movie I just watched it today. Steve and I talk about this all the time when we see someone leave their kid in the car. We always call the police on them. All it takes it one second for something to happen. It is very sad when I hear parents forgetting their children in a hot car or any car for that matter. I can't believe people have no common sense when it comes to children. This is why something has to be done to regulate who can have kids and who can't. In the last six months there has been stories of parents killing their children. It makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how anyone can hurt anyone let alone a child. These people need to be wiped off the face of the earth. That is just how I feel. I won't tell you too much since it is not in theaters until next week. Sad but true story for many. I hope this makes people think twice before they leave a child in the car. I won't even leave my eight year old in a car by himself. In fact Justin is never out of my sight. There are way too many freaks out there who are crazy to even take a chance. I love the fact GOD made me a mother however he needs to stop making the ones who are unfit parents and give that chance to someone who deserve it. This is a must watch movie I give it four out of five stars.

Sunday, December 18

Date Night

I plan a date night with my wonderful hubby on Friday. He was very surprise I already had a sitter and dinner waiting for him. He is too funny it was the second time we have left the boys with someone since Popsicle has been born. He was teary eye. I love when he is like that. Me on the other hand I was ready to get the hell out the house. The boys were driving me crazy that day. I needed a well deserve break. Steve and I went to see IN TIME with Justin Timberlake. We really liked the movie it makes you think how would you live your life different if it was in time.
You know when you are a parent when even on a date at ten o'clock it's time for bed. We could hardly keep our eyes open at the end. It was very nice it gave us a chance to be adults for one night. Once we made it home when sat in the car taking about stuff not necessary the kids or what we had to do. We had a nice conversation about us. Sometimes Steve gets a little deep when he talks. One of the reasons I feel in love with him. I asked Steve what made him chose me over someone else.
"You seen me for who I am not who I was!"  He made me smile I love talking to him. With everything the boys have to do and work we really haven't had a chance lately to sit down and chat. I guess we needed this. Being married takes work for some for others it's like breathing. No work is needed unless I have to sit in a ice cold rink to watch Justin and Steve play hockey. That is hard to do sometimes.
Image Detail

Thursday, December 8

Let's Talk about this for a mintue.

Okay I seen this story on yahoo talking about the morning after pill being stop from being sold over the counter. Like I said I'm not for or against abortion. I think it should be looked at case by case and only if in a case where the woman is rape or incest happens. My opinion yes some may not like it. Then again it is just my opinion about this subject. It takes a special person to raise a child of rape or incest. Then again not all women can do this just like all women can not be a sergeant for another woman. There are many things one person can do that another just can't. To get back to this story it took my interest in why would an 11 year old would need to buy this pill. First of all if a 11 year old is having sex just for the hell of it the parents need to be slap and the child needs some help. I'm a mother of two boys and so far girls still have germs. I tell Justin he can't date till he is 30. (Laughing) I don't want to think about him having sex. I have talked to him about it. Steve and I have instill very high morals that contain to he should wait to have sex with his wife only. If he can't provide a home for the woman he sleeps with then he shouldn't be having sex.  He needs a J.O.B and her parents permission to even go out on a date with a girl.Steve and I don't want our kids to have drama before their time. Kid's and baby mamma's are not going to fly around our house. I have heard that the best thing in life is to find someone without baggage. It is less problems in the long run. I have many friends where in this case would be true. I'm glad it can not be sold over the counter next to condoms.

Did you know that having a child will lower your risk of having breast cancer by 46%? I didn't know that piece of information. I guess some studies have found that if you terminate your first pregnancy you will increase your risk for breast cancer. Now just one question to the world why is this information not  following the breast cancer awareness commercials? I think this needs to be heard for all women. I think it may change their minds before they hit the sack with the hottie that is on the football team.

Women please think about this just for a momonet. Click on these links I have provide it's information everyone should know.

Now that I have that off my chest there is something else alot of people don't know about me I was an egg donor for three years. The clinic I donated at has been on my mind lately. I know I will never know who received my eggs because it was anonymous. I almost died the first time I donated. I donated  four more times after that. The last time my hubby didn't want me to do it but agreed with me. Going though that with Steve was very hard. He never left my bedside.  In the state of Michigan a wife can not be a donor unless the husband agrees. This is with most clinics anyways. I'm really happy to report that the clinic has be very successfully with a pregnancy from a frozen embryo. Just out of  being curious since I was picked many times. I can't help but wonder if that could have been my egg. Not that I want to meet the child. I don't I just think that is very awesome. The last time I went though a cycle it was for research only. They called me recently to see if I wanted to donate again. I turned them down for that call I was still nursing Christopher at the time. I'm not sure what the long term affects are from being on fertility drugs or the retrieval of my eggs are. I know it counted each time they went inside to take them. It is a surgery that I have to confess up about when I see a doctor. I guess I'm scared a little from the last time I went in. Normally they put you under anesthesia for the procedure.
(A good egg retrieval may obtain between 10 and 20 eggs. An egg retrieval typically takes 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, the woman is taken to the recovery area while she “wakes up” from the medication. Usually, she can leave within an hour after completing the retrieval. The couple will be told how many eggs were retrieved before leaving the surgery center.

The day of the egg retrieval, the woman should plan on taking it easy. She will often be drowsy due to the residual effects of the anesthesia medication. Some nausea is possible but otherwise, she can eat whenever By the next day, she should be able to resume normal activities).

After the link the site states that you can resume to normal activities. I disagree with this I have not been the same since I donated my eggs. I didn't use this clinic. I  had Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome the first time when they took out 72 eggs. That clinic I'm still working on trying to stop others from being treated like a chicken. The second clinic I went to was very professional about it. They treated me like a patient not just like an object. Each time they took out nothing less then 40 eggs. Without donors some women would never get the chance to have a baby at all. I was asked the question "Why did I want to be a donor?" I wanted to help people to have kids. I was like the butter for their turkey. Yes I told the doctor's that. They laugh about it just like they were shock to see Steve my husband being involved in each step like he was. Sometimes he had more questions then I did about what needed to be done. Then again I'm already use to Steve being that way with me. When you truly love someone you can share everything with them. I'm very gratefully Steve was and wanted to be there with me. Steve was the one who gave the shots to me. That by the way I give credit to anyone who has to take shots daily. It is very hard to do. I have never had an abortion but the last time I had a retrieval I had to do it without medication. I think that is why my views on this subject are the way they are. The feeling of something being sucked out of you is a unsettling feeling to have. I thought Steve was going to have a heart attack when they couldn't give me anything. Being since he almost lost me a year and a half before that. Not alot of people talk about this who have done this. I'm working on a page or a post about being an egg donor. So check back thanks again for reading what I'm ramblimg on about.


Another great one. I love the guy he has great moves. lol

choo choo soul ABC GOSPEL

Christopher loves this song just like Jay when he was little. This is a great way to learn the ABC's.

Tuesday, November 29

16 Places Every Kid Should See

1.Ellis Island Museum, New York City: About 40 percent of Americans are descended from someone who immigrated through this station. Visiting is a powerful experience, thanks to the smartly curated exhibits—and you get a terrific view of the Statue of Liberty on the same ferry ride (, free guided tours, audio tours $8).
2.Ground Zero, New York City: The hole in lower Manhattan is sacred ground. The nearby Tribute-WTC Center exhibits crushed firefighter helmets and other recovered items (, $10, students $5, kids under 12 free).

3.Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.: This is a city of inspiring sights: the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Jefferson and Vietnam Veterans memorials. Still, the 19-foot marble statue of our 16th president is a can't-miss (, free).

4.Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Va.: Kids growing up with e-mail and iPods might not believe it, but there was life before electricity, and even before a United States. The 301-acre open-air museum features hundreds of restored, reconstructed, and historically furnished buildings, and costumed guides tell the stories of the men and women of the 18th-century city (, $35, kids 6-17 $18).

5.USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: Sunk by a surprise attack on December 7, 1941, the USS Arizona remains six feet below the water as a lasting monument to World War II veterans. A memorial that spans the sunken battleship was dedicated in 1962 (, free).

6.Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz.: Look at what wind, water, and erosion can do: At 5,000 feet deep and an average of 10 miles across, it's the most magnificent natural wonder in the country, and perhaps the world (, $12, vehicles $25, kids 15 and younger free).

7.National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis: The motel where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed is a museum chronicling the African-American struggle from slavery to Rosa Parks and beyond (, $12, $8.50 kids). Also highly worthwhile: Alabama's Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (, $11, kids $3) and Cincinnati's National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (, $9, kids $6, free for kids 6 and under).

8.Redwood National Park, Calif.: Everyone feels humbled, in a good way, when exploring in the shadows of 300-foot-tall trees—many of which are more than 1,000 years old (, free).

9.Monticello, Va.: Besides the Declaration of Independence, one of Thomas Jefferson's other masterpieces is the estate he designed and tinkered with over the course of five decades, located seven miles from the University of Virginia—which Jefferson also founded (, tours from $15, kids 6–11 $8, free for children 5 and under).

10.Gettysburg, Pa.: It's never too early to learn about the sacrifices of those who came before: In the bloodiest war in our nation's history, this Civil War battlefield was the bloodiest of all. Visitors can also see the spot where President Lincoln delivered his famed Civil War speech in 1863 (, free).

11.The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas: The stories of courage in the face of overwhelming forces will be remembered (, free).

12.Niagara Falls, N.Y.: The most powerful falls in North America, with as much as six million cubic feet of water plummeting over the gorge every minute, were awesome when your grandparents honeymooned there and remain awesome today. It's worth crossing into Canada to see them from the other side (, free).

13.Freedom Trail, Boston: Visit Bunker Hill, Paul Revere's house, and other spots pivotal to the American Revolution. Walk the trail on your own for free or book a tour with a guide in 18th-century garb (, $12, kids $6).

14.Independence Hall, Philadelphia: It's where George Washington was appointed commander of the Continental Army, the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the founding fathers truly laid the nation's foundation, in the form of the U.S. Constitution (, free but tickets for timed tours are required from March 1 to Dec. 31).

15.Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Fla.: For more than 35 years, this resort destination—it's more than just a theme park—has been bringing the magic to kids and their grown-ups. For tips on navigating its 47 square miles, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World With Kids (see our review) is a great place to start (, $63 for kids 3-9, $75 for 10 and older).

16. Yellowstone National Park to the list.

Justin has been asking us when will be the next big trip we take as a family. Since we told him no on Spain for Christmas until his brother is just a little older. He asked for a TV in his room. I think we can do that for him. Justin can cross out the first two on the list we did that this past July. Texas is next with Disney.
This a good list of places to travel with kids. I think Justin birthday falls on a great time to travel. I think the Statue of Liberty should be added to this list also. Justin loves history I know he will get a kick out of going to these places. The comments on the link about number one would be surprise how many kids where at Ellis Island however book online for the ferry it was cheaper $28 a ticket. The same goes for Statue of Liberty. It was a great trip I can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, November 23

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Wow, look at these posts numbers Thank you to all my readers. I love that you take the time out of your busy day to look at my blog. God Bless you. I would love to hear why you all like these ones. The Blast from the Past is a huge hit. Among the other's but that one is my favorite one of all.

Tuesday, November 22

VazquezSounds Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

Angie 10, vocals
Gustavo 13, drums
Abelardo 15, piano, guitar and bass

Kids,Potty Training and The Tree

Christopher & Potty Training are like oil and water they just don't mix. I have been potty training Christopher now for two weeks. I have been peed on unclogged his foot from the toilet many times now and chased him around the house naked as he pees all over the place. I do not recall it being this hard trying to potty train Justin.I was also 19 now I'm old. I had him sink the Cheerios and that was that. Justin walked at seven months so with Christopher walking at nine I thought no problem right. Nope now we have gotten into the biting part. Christopher likes to take off all the Christmas ornaments. I took one from him this morning gave it to Jay to put back on the tree. I hear Justin say "That hurts stop!" Christopher bit him on the hand and almost drew blood. I was in a state of shock trying to tell him we don't bit people when he Jay starts laughing telling him he is evil. I couldn't finish the punishment when Mommy is laughing. I came home from dropping Jay off at school when I had to go though "Don't touch the tree!" again as I'm putting the ornament back on the tree. Christopher grabs my leg and shakes it to bite me. I don't think so I put him in his playpen. I have a time out chair I hope it works for my Popsicle. It must be his daddy who was a little off his rocker when he was younger that is where Christopher gets this from. Christopher yells for Daddy when I'm telling him to stop whatever he is not suppose to do. He yells for Jay when we are telling him to do something else.When he cries he calls for me. The sippy cup and not the bottle who in the world thought that would be a piece of cake? Even at the end of the day cleaning up what he doesn't want for lunch that is now half way down the steps,on the wall and in my coat pocket seems to be the highlight of my day. I love to find cars in the washer. I love finding new things in Justin pockets when I wash his pants he seem to take on daddy's trait of not cleaning out your pants pockets. I had a gay hair dresser tell me "Honey you need some color!" Christopher you are too funny when you throw yourself down on the ground and push yourself backwards when you are mad. Steve I love the way you make us laugh. Justin please don't get out of the truck butt first and fall. My house always has toys on the floor. Sometimes there is an object flying past my head at any moment. It is a toy,clothes or a juice box I still step back to smile. To top it off I went to the doctor's to find out if another Needham is to appear in nine months. I love my family. I love my life.


Movie Trailers - Movies BlogI loved her in this movie and Dear John broke my heart but The Dilemma was awesome. The street fight was hilarious. Steve and I had a date night and watched it. It's a must to watch The vow when it comes out in February.
To get back to movies I seen The Black Swan It made me look at being crazy in a whole new light. I'm not crazy no matter what people say. (Laughing) However Natalie takes on this role very well. Steve and I are about to watch 127 hours with Franco. I'm not sure about this movie. I can't seem to stomach anything gross since I had Christopher. Franco is on my all time favorite soap general hospital where he plays a bizarre bad guy.
Image DetailSo we will see what happens if we watch it.
Love and Other Drugs is another movie my hubby and I made a date night on. I love the part where she beats the hell out of him in the parking lot then takes his picture. Steve thinks that is so me. I don't know on that maybe when I was a teen yes. Now I'm a sweet lady.

Sunday, November 20

Busy Busy

 Last week was entertaining with Boy Scouts going to visit the Border Patrol. It was neat to hear what they have to do. Justin was able to hold a gun.That made his day. I started to potty train my Popsicle. I have been peed on a dozen times. I love how I go to set him on the toilet and he begins to pee. Trying to turn him around as he pees to point him in the direction of the toilet pee goes all over the bathroom. I enjoy the part where I have to clean it up. He is catching on better then what I thought. He gets up in the morning and goes to the bathroom all by himself. It is really cute to see him walk in the bathroom. My boys had a doctor visit where they had to get shots. It broke my heart when Christopher started to cry. Jay freaked out but was better when he sat on my lap. He of course asked for his daddy. I hate going for shots myself which I had to get my flu shot. I have had the worst headache since then. Parent teacher conference went great. Jay is doing better then expected. He likes to talk with all his friends he makes. He is quite the social bug. That tends to get him into trouble sometimes. I love talking to his teachers about how great he is doing in school. It warms my heart to hear her tell me Justin is a pleasure to have in the classroom.
I took the boys to the parade this weekend. Where we froze our butts off.

Our tree went up last week. Christopher seems to think that it is a toy. He has broken all the bottom ornaments. This week I have to go buy some more before Turkey day. Hobby Lobby here I come. Hockey is going great. Saturday Jay kept taking out kids. It was like a domino effect. He is doing really good. Here is a short video of him skating with Steve in the background yelling. I can't wait for his first game in December. I'm going to be a nervous wreck as Steve will be also. He already told me he is waiting by the door just in case he has to run on the ice to get his boy.
We also had a blast at our friends baby girl first birthday party. Popsicle and Trinity are a month apart. I can't believe they are both one it just like we just found out we both were expecting. It's crazy how much time goes by. Love you Trinity.

Friday, November 11

We salute those who fight day after day for our freedom. Thank you

Big Thanks to my cousin Shawn, My Uncle Don,Grandpa(Papa),My Wonderful Husband Steve and Step-Father Tony, Rolando,Step-Brother Tony and everyone who has served. Love ya all

Thursday, November 10

Things from my childhood

I was looking at these dolls I collected from 9 to 16. I believe that was when I received the last doll. Porcelain dolls were something I collected from being a little girl. I think I have a total of 14 or 15.Thinking about all the hopes and dreams I had when I was younger brings a smile to my face. It may not have gone in order of how I imagine my life being. I had a list of things I wanted to do and how. Every little girl's fantasy is a big house with a white picnic fence lot's of kid's and a prince charming. Sometimes I can't believe this is my life I found all these things I wanted when I was little. I was going to keep them maybe I could pass them down if we had a little girl in the near future. Thinking about it I don't think I would want to however there is one doll I think I might keep just because.

Friday, November 4

Smile again

I love how the father is trying really hard not to mess up.

Something to Smile about today

I'm the second Nikki Minaj as Miss Sophia says. Too cute I love it.

I cried my eyes out when they kept showing her dad who was crying too.

Tuesday, November 1

Halloween I’m glad it’s over

This year has been the busiest Halloween ever for our family. Friday we went treat or treating at downtown Wyandotte with my momma, sister and niece Eva who is a doll. Justin had a blast with Christopher they only got a hand full of candy which was okay. Justin met up with some friends he seen. Christopher was being silly roaring like a Dino. It was too cute hearing him whisper.
Saturday Justin had hockey practice early that morning. Once the men came home they left to fish one last time before we winterize the boat. They caught two fish which was cute but they sunk when they came home.

Sunday morning we bake Halloween cookies, homemade pumpkin pie which is my hubby’s favorite. I had to kick him out of the kitchen sure enough he was right there when the pies came out of the oven.
Steve and I had a blast craving pumpkins with our boys. Christopher tried to eat it by the look on his face it wasn’t that appetizing. Steve and Justin went over board and craved five pumpkins. They are crazy pieces of the pumpkin where everywhere.                               
We decide to take our boys to Erie apple orchard. It has been awhile since we where last there. This was our first time as a whole family with Christopher. He tried to climb in with the goat which was something else. Pony rides for all that lead to my men asking me if it was okay if we buy a pony in the spring along with our chickens and goats. I know I said I wanted them but a pony really? I don’t know about that we have more than enough room for one. I will have to think about that. Christopher was done at this point.

Sunday we took our boys to Halloween at Greenfield Village. It was pretty neat seeing it all decorated. It was a family friendly place. A scarecrow got Jay. We walked up to the carousel that turned out to be just a little freaky. It made me jump. They lined the pathway with lite pumpkins to follow. That poor girl above was turning purple when he got to her. The park gave out apples and some candy not bad for 12 bucks a person. We however turned down the candy for Christopher. We are not going to eat it. I was able to get a picture of my men going though Sleepy Hollow. Jay was scared but of course he wanted to hold his daddy's hand.

Monday was Halloween finally. I had to go pick up my little man for lunch to go eat and change into his costume which he didn’t know what he wanted to be.  I then rush him back to school in 25 minutes what a mess. I was able to make it back home to pee. Once again back off to his school for his parade and party.
I was glad to see the rain held off for later that night. Christopher was more interested in the dogs then going house to house. Justin got a kick out of asking for candy for his little brother.  This street was all done up as you can see. It was great even better in the dark.

We all had a great time I hope you enjoyed the post. I'm sure glad it is all over. The decorations came down today. I think I might wait to put up Christmas ones as long as they are up with my tree before Thanksgiving. I'm still in all that today is the first of November.  Time travels by so fast when you are having fun. I loved every minute of it.

Saturday, October 29

A Whale of a Tale

This is something that makes my mouth drop.I love these whales they are gorgeous!

Friday, October 28

Life, Family and Everyday Stuff

Today I feel a sense of calmness that comes over me. I’m so far from home but at home.Choices we make today will shape who we are tomorrow

Tiny fingers grab my neck it’s my Popsicle giving me a hug. The sound of laughter is what I hear as you try to give me a kiss without biting me. I love the way you kick your feet every time I pick you up. You get so excited about what is going on. Even if it’s nothing at all. I love how we play tag already melts my heart when you get daddy. I can tell you are very strong willed, stubborn and determined. You are very young still with a great life ahead of you. You are growing more and more each day with every piece of food I clean off my wall. You are such a happy baby. Watching your eyes light up every time your brother appears is something I hope lasts forever. Your bond with your big brother means a lot to me. He loves you to death there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you. Even getting in trouble when he goes to your room to play with you so you stop crying.

I love the arms wrapped around my waste and a head under my armpit. It’s my Jay man my little man always in my book. I love to hear your voice even better I love your questions you have. No, you can’t jump off the deck with your bike! No, I have never seen an alien nor do I want to. Sure your father and I will help you catch one if we see it in our backyard. As far as doing skin test on your little green friend I want gloves first. I’m not sure if the bug on the window will transform into an alien who is like a transformer. Okay you can have an alien party with your friends. No, you can not go to the mother ship not even if you promise you will be back by dinner. No, you can’t carry your little brother in your hockey bag like a Chihuahua. My little man can hold up an argument with the best meaning his father. It kills me they are so much alike but hold so much love for one another. I hear mumbling coming from the playroom it’s the sound of an owl and someone saying Oh GOD and more laughter from my boys. The sound of the monkeys, cars, spit bubbles and a motorcycle fills the room. The endless laundry the pile of dishes the constant cleaning the house is something I don’t mind doing. I put up with my husband scaring me to death in the shower. His silly acts of affection that makes me so mad at him sometimes I want to kick him in the head. To the flowers he brings me out of nowhere to the phone call to just hear my voice is why I love him. It’s my husband, my boys, my family how could I forget this moment. This is my Peace this is my Serenity this is my life as a mother and a wife. This is who I am I will not change for anyone I will not be sorry because I am happy.

 My family is happy my boys know they are loved my marriage is great even if we fight about what croutons we will get in Wal-Mart for our salad. Even if I did brake the truck and made you work on football Sunday you still love me no matter what. Thanks to my daddy you were able to get us back on the road once again.  Honey you are the best and the worst of me as I am for you. You are my weakness and my strength. We are like bread and butter you can’t have one without the other. I guess this is what makes us great partners and parents. We understand each other our children our life. Money will never be the root of all evil for us. We are not just lucky we are blessed with a life we share with one another.

Tuesday, October 25

Northern Lights

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On our way home last night I was watching a movie on my phone when Steve starts freaking out.
"Honey look honey look out your window!"
"What are you freaking out about you crazy person!" me
We also had a family friend with us who thought it was foggy outside. The sky was all sorts of  vibrant colors the red was beautiful. Standing on the side of the road looking up I was for sure I was going to see a giant alien ship come out. I was wrong thank GOD. We were standing there watching the Northern Lights.This would be the first for us. We have tried to see them before but missed them. It was amazing to have the aurora right in front of us. I couldn't get any pictures my camera was dead and all that was on the video Steve took was us talking about what we were seeing. I'm for sure putting a line though this one on my bucket list
.Image DetailThis is what we seen last night. As fast as we pulled over to watch them they were gone in a blink of an eye. If you haven't seen these you should before you die.It was an amazing sight to see even better when you are with your soul mate. It gives you a whole new out look on life. Life is something you shouldn't take for granted  any day.

Thursday, October 20

Did your babies kick differently?

This is for all the women who have more then one baby. I have a one year old and eight year old. I find myself comparing my two boys. They are alike in many ways but very different too.  With my son Justin he only kicked when I wanted to sleep. I worked back to back shifts normally 14 hours a day sometimes longer. Justin would hardly ever move until I wanted to sit down and rest. His kicks were soft with a side of weirdness then again being a first time proud mommy at 19 too. I didn't really know what it should feel like. I remember the very first time Jay moved I was sitting watching the news waiting to leave for work when I felt a little flutter in the lower part of my stomach. I looked right at my cat and asked him if he felt that? (Laughing) I knew he didn't but I guess a normally reaction to what just happen. It felt like an alien inside me. With my second pregnancy Christopher was a mad man that felt like he was going to karate chop his way out of my belly. He would move for hours while Steve would talk and rub my belly. Steve would always put his head on my belly to only have Christopher kick him over and over again. Steve loved it he would just smile, laugh then look at me with those big brown eyes and say" That's our son." He would kiss my belly to his new son inside the womb. Steve couldn't wait to be a daddy again since he didn't get the chance to do it with Justin. I only saw Steve once while I was pregnant with Jay. The second time around was new to both of us. We were able to do everything together. Steve was awesome with me during my pregnancy a little too over protected at times well the whole time. It was sweet that we had that time to bond again as a couple to renew our love with each other. Christopher kicks were hard anytime he moved. Sometimes he would be so far up under my rib that he would make me sick. I could feel and see his foot sticking out of my belly. Now that is a sight to see Steve was astounded by what he saw. He still had a permanent smile on his face. There was my wonderful husband by my side holding my hair and rubbing my belly. He would tell Christopher to calm down so I could get some rest. Christopher would do just that. He would only move to his daddy and big brother voice not so much mind which was okay. I have to say its still the same when Steve or Justin walks into the room Christopher lights up as do they.The question Did your babies kick you different?

Monday, October 17

Happy Birthday Christopher

Thanks to everyone who showed up for my Popsicle 1st Birthday it was awesome. I think we all had a blast this past weekend. I went with a Halloween theme and everyone came in a costume. Christopher was a dragon while big brother was a cowboy. It was too cute he didn't know what to do with the cake since we don't let the kids eat sweets. Justin blew out his candle for him and helped opened his gifts.  I love these moments they only come once so I embraced them as often as I can. I let Jay invite his friends so I didn't get many pictures of him. He was too busy with them outside. My kids had fun and that is what counts the most. It was like pulling teeth to get Steve to dress up but it paid off in the end just like all the shopping I did. We look fantastic together all dressed up.Thanks to my Mom and Nana who help put icing on the cupcakes and cookies they were a hit. Halloween is by far my favorite Holiday to celebrate. It's amazing to watch you children grow up. Christopher is all over the place walking getting into things. He has a temper for a little person but a smile that will melt your heart. I love every second of everyday I get to spend with my boys. They grow up so very fast Justin is now in hockey. I am thankful that Steve and I can watch our children grow up together. There is so much to do to see when you have kids it's insane how times goes by. I have to admit Justin's first game I will be a mess or one of those crazy hockey moms not sure yet. I know I get a little crazy when my hubby plays it's a rough sport. Justin can take it beside I don't think they play dirty at his age yet. I'm crossing my fingers! Bring on the yelling and the lost voice. I'm happy he gets to play something new again. I try to keep Justin busy it's important to keep him active. Steve took him skating on Sunday which was an excuse for them two to spend time together. Then again I never have to beg Steve to spend time with his boys. He does it because he wants to. Have I mention that I think my hubby is a great father? I think I might of but he is. I'll say it again. I love him for that. I know these two coming months are going to be crazy with cub scouts, hockey and school. Sometimes I don't even have time to think I'm always on the go. I wouldn't change anything about my life I love it.  Until my next post have a good night readers.

Saturday, October 15

Happy Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day to all my readers. My sweet hubby came home with a dozen of these yesterday to tell me it was just because he loves me. I love when Steve is sweet like this it melts my heart. I heard that Sweetest Day was created in Ohio in 1930s it's a Michigan/Ohio thing. My hubby and I really don't celebrate this Holiday because we don't need a special day to announce our love to each other. We do this everyday with a kiss, hug even those famous words I love you is said more times then I can count in our house daily. If this is your one day you can be happy with your other half then Happy Sweetest Day to you. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, October 13

Public Breast Feeding OMG!!!

Love this well said there is so much more to talk about than breast feeding in public. Oh my GOD it's a nipple run! When I breastfeed my little one I made sure my oldest knew what I was doing. I want him to respect women and know what our bodies are for until he can decide what he wants to look at. Before it's pushed in his face at the store. You go girl!!!

I’m excited

Today at 7:30 am my water broke last year while I was sitting at the table reading with Jay man. Today is the day Steve and I became parents again and Justin became a big brother. Our little Popsicle was born 8pounds and 2 ounces. He was born on the same day Justin was born on the 13th different months and eight years apart I may add. This must be our lucky number because I used to live on 13th street when Steve and I meet again. This last year has been a big adjustment for all of us having a little one in the house again. I have to say having my hubby here this time around meant more to me then he will ever know. I know he wanted to be here for Justin but his call was over seas. Steve was at every doctor appointments he didn’t miss one at all. He was with me every step of the way. I can remember when we seen Christopher on the ultra sound for the first time our heart drop to the floor. Steve kissed me on the forehead with a smile on his face that could be seen a mile away. Excitement over took my thoughts that day. We had so much to do and so much to buy. Today at 4:47 pm our bundle of joy will be one years old. His birthday party is this weekend I can’t wait. However we are giving him his gifts today after my little man Justin comes home from school. Justin made me promise him I would wait for big brother to come home. Justin is a great big brother. He loves Christopher very much at times I will find him talking to Christopher telling him about the world or what he did in school that day. Christopher is walking already we started potty training him too. These last two weeks he has been a pain with four more teeth coming in. This will make eight all together. He is growing up so fast. I’m glad GOD choose us to be his parents. We have done a great job with Justin so far I can’t wait to see what this New Year will bring. With all the craziness in the house I wouldn’t change it for the world. Happy Birthday Popsicle Mommy, Daddy and Big brother loves you very much.

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