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Friday, August 5

I gave myself 5 years

Me today

Weight 130 lbs
       age 33

I'm at four years now to my six pack. I have learned so much about myself in these few years that makes me wonder why I didn't start my fitness journey sooner. It has been a challenge for me and I'm thankful my hubby has been my biggest support system. Three months ago I had a very difficult time just holding a glass in my hand.  My kids nor my hubby could touch me without me being in excruciating pain. I never really paid too much mind to my arthritis before until this last outbreak. Talking with my Doctor more of trail and error since I don't take pain meds at all. My hubby has to talk me into even taking an Advil for a headache. I had to change my healthy eating completely 
to fruits and veggies oh the biggest change being gluten free. It took about a week with my green shakes. Finding the right ones mixing them to see what works. Since I already ate healthy it was a no big thing until you have to do it and it's no longer a choice. I guess it's still a choice to be in pain or not be in pain. I never want to be in that much pain ever in my life. 

Green shakes I come to love. Lol #getfit #lovinglife in a spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro kind of way. Make sure you use cold water.

Hello, My name is Patrica and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It affects everything in my body. It is chronic inflammatory disorder that affects joints including those in hands and feet.  I was diagnosed at an early age then again after Justin was born. I came from abusive household growing up then was trap in an abusive young teenage relationship which to me. I thought I was always in pain from old injuries. 
Now, With the right doctors eating right and working out In one month I lost 14 lbs. I wasn't tying to but I did. I switch my H.I.T class ( High Intensity Workout) for more cardio no weight but my body. I took up spin class again more Zumba, Running and lots of Yoga. I have worked so hard to get where I am I wasn't giving in because I was in pain. I had to find out what works for me. I have always talked about your mind set in my BLOG. Having the right thoughts changing the way you think can do wonders for anything in your life especially working out. I had a lot of time to think from day to day about how I was going to give it my best shot not to give up. One month went by I had to tell myself daily it wasn't the end of the world it's only food. I love to eat my cheat days on Fridays don't happen like they used to since sugar is a trigger. Now, My cheat days are maybe an extra green shake or protein shake that is all natural gluten free. The taste is what got me some taste gritty and nasty. Sun Warrior is actual good. I guess learning about how to keep being fit for me is going to be different from someone else. I know that but listening to my own words is harder than I thought when I want to go that extra mile in the gym knowing that I shouldn't. I am strong I won't let this bump in the road stop me. I am two months in to my changed diet which has done wonders. I am 100% better then before. My will power is going to take some work. I love cake I really do the pain that follows makes it not worth it.  

                                      Most important part is that I am Happy and almost pain free!

Friday, July 18

Small RV

Working out is never easy especially when you spend your summer in a small RV the size of a can. It can be done I have proven that to myself.  Although doing the Superman for your back on the floor is a bit challenging. When your cat thinks that you are playing it also become confusing and complicated. I made it I did the workout from P90X chest and back with the 15 minute AB ripper X at the end. I have started my 90 days again.Wish me luck till I go home. I have tried really hard to stay on my healthy eating lifestyle. It consist of fruits, vegetables and salad. I try not to eat processed foods. I don't eat anything in cans or meat. I have once a week a cheat day which isn't bad. I'm not depriving myself of anything because it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change. I'm healthy, strong, fit that's all that matters and I'm happy. Which is the most important part about working out. You have to make yourself happy. Remember being happy is a choice that you have to make yourself.

Wednesday, January 15

Rope Fitness

I have blog about this before but I thought showing you a video of my oldest trying out the rope would be great. Mind you the rope is way to big for him in the first place. We only let him do it as long as the video then we played basketball for about 45 minutes. Let me tell you my arms were jello I never thought it would be so hard to left a basketball up after my workout. Mind you there isn't a pole to rap it around for my hubby to work it so I volunteer to sit in between it. From experience don't do it. I had to put my hands up in order not to get hit with it as my hubby slide me across the floor with it. I ended up with a hardwood floor burn on my butt.That sounds so funny as I type it. We workout for about two hours a day together as a family between lifting weights,playing basketball, running and classes such as kickboxing,step and zumba it's all our road to fitness. If you want it bad enough you will find a way to get in shape NO EXCUSES! 

Tuesday, January 7

Qualities of Pitta

The Pitta dosha controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The primary function of Pitta is transformation.
 Hot, light, intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, acidic. Those with a predominance of the Pitta principle have a fiery nature that manifests in both body and mind.
Physical Characteristics: 
Pittas are usually of medium size and weight.

 They sometimes have bright red hair, but baldness or thinning hair is also common in a Pitta. They have excellent digestion, which sometimes leads them to believe they can eat anything. They have a warm body temperature They sleep soundly for short periods of time and have a strong sex drive. When in balance, Pittas have a lustrous complexion, perfect digestion, abundant energy, and a strong appetite. When out of balance, Pittas may suffer from skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, heartburn, and indigestion.
Emotional Characteristics: Pittas have a powerful intellect and a strong ability to concentrate. When they’re in balance, they are good decision makers, teachers, and speakers. They are precise, sharp-witted, direct, and often outspoken. Out-of-balance Pittas can be short-tempered and argumentative.
When Pittas are overstressed, their typical response is “What did you do wrong?”
I seen this on Dr.Oz today I guess I have been going about Life all wrong. I'm a PITTA not even sure I know what that means. I copy the above to talk about it. Yes, I'm a medium body type and yes I will eat whatever I want. I don't see the point of telling yourself NO as long as it's in moderation.I have natural red highlights but not bald. I'm hot all the time doesn't matter when I always think I'm going through menopause. I think one reason my hubby and I get along personally because we are matched the same. When I'm out of balance I'm hot as well as short temper maybe bossy. Most of the above is true minus a few things. 
2007 old school pic 1 year into our marriage.
I give it up to my hubby he has always had a lot of patience when I get annoyed. Mainly annoying me more till I can't stand it then he holds me close tells me how beautiful I am cracks some funny joke to make me laugh then I'm fine. It's disturbing sometimes because I can't stay mad at him. It's not fair but I love him for who he is!                                             Now I can tell him I'm a Pitta!
There are a few things this website says I should do like:
-Take walks in nature
-Less brown rice
-Keep flowers and plants in my home
- Eat less spinach done I really never liked it. 
 I'm on a mission to try to find out more about being a Pitta I mean it can help my Journey to Fitness. Join me in this search to a better life.

Thursday, August 1

Done with my 30 day challenge

    30 Day Arm Challenge - Are You Up For It ?

I started this challenge on July 2 I just now seen that I put the wrong month on the picture on the bottom. Oh well it's July not June. I have been very consisted  with my workouts listed above along with lifting weights at the gym. This week I reached a level 18 in resistance in cycling. If you have ever taken a class 18 is hard as hard. I'm still working on reaching a 21 like the teacher it might take me a few weeks to break in 18 to get there.
July 2

I agree.Cycling is not for the weak. You start a class off by stretching your arms out. The teacher puts on a song and the class starts. Everyone is jamming on their bike like we are in a race with each other. Then she calls for a half circle which is where you only use your legs no upper body. This part is hard your top rpm should be at an 80 mine is like a 70. I rarely pay attention to any other numbers besides my heart rate that spike to 185-190 at this point I feel like I'm going to pass out. My breathing is heavy but I can control it pretty good to get it to come back to 170 where it is nice to be at. I can breath normal. Yesterday our fourth from our last song took forever I thought it would never end we had sprints, up and downs, jumps and circles I made it. I still went to the gym to lift weights it's getting harder. I can't complain I love the results I see everyday.
Lifting weights is my new favorite at the gym. Take a look tell me what you think. I haven't stop I'm just on my next challenge is keeping up with what I have already done.

I'm on day 8 of the 30 Day Arm Challenge.

Day 8

Day 20 of the 30 day arm challenge. Follow me on my blog for updates

Day 20

Today Day 30

Tuesday, July 2

30 Day Arm Challenge

30 Day Arm Challenge - Are You Up For It ?

I went to the gym today to try and Zumba out my cold I seem to have thanks to my kids. I think it made it worst. I don't care it was a whole lot of fun. It's like dancing to Marky Mark song good vibrations
because everyone in class thinks they have it all and a bag of chips. When really we all look like a fool trying to keep with the instructor. If there were mirrors we would be in trouble. I can't help but laugh my ass off in class with some of the stuff we do. It's all in good fun in getting fit. I start up cycling tomorrow after a month off due to fluid in my knee. We will see how it goes in the meantime I found a new challenge to take on. This past month has been a little insane with my hubby's work schedule going back to school working on my book which is at a halt due to everything. Our boys getting sick fluid in my knee and what the hell is up with all this rain in Florida. I feel like all it does is rain. Like now it's raining again for the second time today. Later the pre historic big ass bugs are going to come out to eat us. I guess this is our rainy season. Here is my before picture. In 30 days from today will be my updated picture. Come on take the challenge with me what do you have to lose? Nothing you will gain muscles! Muscles are sexy!! Make sure to stop on over and post your pictures on my fb page at

Thursday, May 30

What do you think about?

                         What runs through your mind as your feet hit  the treadmill?

I walk up to the treadmill with ten minutes in my mind. I put my headphones in find my play list on my phone that contains songs from Shinedown, Nikki Minaj, Disturbed, Korn and some old school mix. Just about anything with a good beat that will keep me running. I press the quick start button on the treadmill it starts to move. I put in my weight and age start my heart rate watch as I walk slowly to fast pace up to three minutes then I increase my incline from one to 4 my speed from 4.0 to 4.7. At 30 seconds I speed up to 5.4 I'm in run mode one two three breathe one to three breathe as my feet hit the ground. I count my steps to breathe over and over in my head as I continue to run. I'm at five minutes I look up and over the treadmill I see a stop sign. I try and run to reach it but I can't. I see it in the distance as I continue to run faster I hit the speed to 6.2 I increase the incline to a 5 as I take a drink of water. Running up hill sucks as the thought passes my mind I want to stop. I can feel the burn in my legs I run harder and faster I increase again my speed is at 6.5. I let my mind wander about how good I will feel after I complete this run. I just completed a mad leg workout lifting weights for my legs  now as I run they feel like they are going to fall off. One two three breath in the nose out the mouth, I have to remind myself to breath its almost over. I look down the clock says 6 point something minutes. For My Sake song by Shinedown plays in my ear. I run a little faster the thought of having a nice butt hits my mind I smile because I like my butt it has a little bounce I never had before and it's almost round from my extreme squats I make myself take on daily. My hubby likes my backside so I tell myself keep running a nice butt is on the way I Fedex it. Go Go Go run now or you won't get that "ASS!" by 3 o'clock. I make myself laugh at what I will tell myself just to keep me running. It's okay now I'm at 7 minutes I really want to stop now my legs are shaking like crazy okay let's go my old school mix of 69 boys comes on the radio with other songs from the 90's hit's my ear. I get my second wind of air and it's like the pain disappears. I'm running at 7.0 now I feel great! One two three breath my heart rate is at 167 I'm in my zone yes  I wipe my face off as the sweat just pours off my body. I tell myself just a little longer keep going it will pay off in the end. I will look great in my new purple two piece this weekend at the beach. Not that I'm not sexy but running will bring the Sexy Back. Yes, I have a ego when it comes to my looks. I have always had I mean if I don't tell myself I'm sexy whatever my hubby's says won't matter. I have to believe it myself.

Thinking to myself

I'm going to have a nice ass!
I'm going to be fit!
I'm going to look good naked for a workout session with my hubby!
I'm going to look good in clothes!
I think I'm going to die if I keep running!
You better move those legs woman.
Nice ass nice ass go go go!
Bathing suit Bathing suit here I come just walking on the beach!
Just breath, breath and breath some more.

These are just a few things I tell myself when I run. When I'm having one of those days when I think I might stop no telling what will appear in my mind as I run. The one thing I don't know how to do is give up. To me that doesn't exist. If you want something you have to fight for it even if that means fighting yourself to reach your goal. You are your own worst enemy.

I look at the clock I'm at 15 minutes not bad I start to slow down to let my heart rate drop slowly. I walk for the next five minutes and slowly get down to 3.0 to stop. I had a nice run I can be proud of. I push myself to the extreme at every workout. I run for me I run for my health I run to clear my mind sometimes my mind is blank for the next 10 or 20 minutes I run. I have a goal of fitness I want to be at I won't stop till I get there.
This is what I think about. It's your turn to run tell me what's on your mind.

Friday, May 17

How soon should you buy a Casket?

 Popular Caskets

Briar Rose
Sale Price: $995.00
Going Home
Our Price: $1,195.00
Natural Pine Casket
Sale Price: $995.00
Poplar - Solid Wood
Sale Price: $1,345.00
 This is just one site here in Florida I have looked at. Maybe they have a payment plan for a family of four. I want everything to be set up so my children and or hubby or who ever takes care of these details of my death to not have to do anything at all. Same goes for the rest of my family. I want to be prepared so no one has to worry.

Discount Caskets Online 

Talking to my father about life as it may be we somehow was able to get into a conversation about life insurance, caskets and how we want to be put to rest. This is insane! I have to buy a caskets to be put into to be cremated. Just throw my body in the burner sweep me up put me in a can and hand it to my hubby. (Laughing) That sounds bad but come on my hard earn money is going to be burn literally. Do you have a plan? My father and I agree we don't want worms going in our bodies. My step-mom thinks we are crazy because we will be dead.  He doesn't want to be burn. I just want to be cremated and thrown into the Pacific Ocean to swim with my humpback whales. I only want a one day showing in a hot orange casket with a rose on it.  I have wanted it to be this way for as long as I can remember. My hubby says he will keep some of me to keep at home if I die before him. He wants to be with me when he dies. I can call that true love can't you? We won't be apart not even in death. I love that man!  I don't want to be sitting on our fireplace mantel so everyone can see me in ashes. Well kind of I believe in life after death. I believe I will still be here to watch over my family just chilling with the Lord himself next to me Elvis and my Papa eating a cheeseburger. My question to you is it to soon to think about this kind of stuff? Have you talked about it yet? Do you know what your hubby or wife wants. Have you asked why or why not?

Wednesday, May 15

Pinterest part 2

If you have an account with Pinterest you already know this site is like a drug. I pin like crazy but I also look at this site as a learning tool for everything. DIY Crafts on here are awesome. I get a lot of idea's for my son on this site.
There are so many great idea's here for a wedding I pinned what I want to do I just don't know where to do it at. My hubby and I  have been talking about renewing our vows now all this almost planning has turned into a possible cruise. What a headache I know. I love it but there is always a butt somewhere.

 I just made these energy bits which is a must if you are a workout freak like me.

I'm putting together a garden with some idea's like this one for my front porch. I will post pictures this weekend when I complete it.
Do you have an account? What do you use it for? Post a link I'll follow for new idea's. Have a great day!

I also made a boards for my blog with great pictures I took like this one.

These are flowers my hubby brought me. He always comes home with flowers. Now that I think about it I don't think he has ever handed me flowers himself.  He always lets our oldest give them to me since he was little now nine years later he still does it. Wow, memories like this is what makes life great!

Friday, March 29

A year ago

                 My Story to Fitness

It will be a year exact on March 31,2013 that I moved to Florida. My hubby as you can tell in this picture is a little stressed out we haven't seen each other in a month before our move. He came down before us to get our house ready. Web chatting with him everyday was cute to see Christopher kiss the screen.

So much has changed in a year I don't know where to start. For one time away from your spouse can make you eat a lot more. My hubby gained 20 pounds in a month. I gained 10 pounds. I would post pictures of my hubby weight loss but he is a little shy when it comes to full body pictures besides he moves to much to get a good picture. I don't know why he is? He is  gorgeous naked. On the other hand I'm not shy at all I love my body even when I was pregnant with both kids. Even with as hairy as my belly was with Christopher I still loved the way I looked in the mirror. I don't think I have ever hated my body image to think about it. I sported a bikini outside almost everyday. I will have to find a picture Christopher is darker then everyone. The picture above I weigh 150 pounds.

I weigh 140 pounds in the last picture
                                                      My timeline for P90X
I'm not going to lie working out is hard work but it's all who you want to be in the first place. I found out the hard way when you don't workout like they show in P90X it's a good thing to take it easy. Nope, I went hardcore with this workout 7 days a weeks everyday by my first week I was in so much pain I thought I was going to die. I couldn't lift anything up let alone walk. It is better to go slow. I'm thankful my loving hubby help me get through that rough patch with encouragement and great back/shoulder massages. I wasn't as fit as I thought even if I did workout before this program and walked five miles daily. It did however get easier as the month went by. I made sure I had my share of water when working out and yes if you take on this program at times you will feel like you have to get sick. It's all normal I guess.  P90X takes you to a whole other level. I'm currently still working out with P90X on top of little programs here and there.Like hip hop abs and soulcycle.

I love this picture above I'm on the beach spending a lovely day with my family in September which is weird I'm still on Michigan time. I look amazing I really start to see a difference in my body that makes me want to work even harder on my health. I restarted juicing in September I did it back in high school only because my friend did it. Turned out I enjoyed it now that I started it up again it is not at all what I remember. It took some time to get used to it. I now love it again. I also get a kick out of having my boys and hubby try my new invention just to see their face. It's priceless to hear my little one say " Gross."

This picture was taken in December 2012 as you can see I'm growing an ego. By Christopher's second birthday I started working out with my hubby at the YMCA lifting weights. I now have muscles everywhere. I love it. My belly is taking a little longer to get my six pack but I have a pack of four. Just one complaint my abs some reason seem to bulge out with the muscles. I'm not sure if I like that. I want to be tone and flat but hey if those muscles get tighter I'm all for it. BRING IT!!
 I hate wearing jeans so I really need to find a good store that sells something else. They just don't fit me anymore no matter where I buy them from. I have to take my wedding ring in to get it sized because it keeps coming off. It's getting a little harder to workout because I'm sore all the time. I thought it would easier as I get stronger nope another myth. I love it I really do I have never felt more alive then I do now.

                                          My daily workout routine goes something like this. 

Wake up at 4:00 am workout with P90X which is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour long so I don't have to worry about the kids or hubby calling me for something. By 5 I start my squats 100 in a row each day I go up by 10, sit ups 339, push ups 25 I go up by 5 each day and I jump rope. By 5:30 am I'm doing yoga for 30 minutes then I take the time to just relax and stretch. In the evening I hit the gym and lift weights with my hubby. Somewhere in the afternoon I find the time to walk five a day with my boys. I stay as active as I can during the day with my boys and hubby. I always take Sunday off that is our Family Day.

I'm almost to my goal of 135 pounds that was my pre weight from my first son. As of yesterday I weigh 139 pounds. However with all the weight training I have been doing I think I may stay the same weight. If I do I still love my body. Why you may ask because I have taken much pride in the fitness of my body. It's my drug it's what keeps me going beside all the enjoyment I get out of being able to run around with my children. Is the best feeling in the world. Being able to just do anything without having to slow down is wonderful. I also love the fact it's not just about losing weight it's about getting fit with my family. I never say anything about weight in front of my boys. I don't want them to think skinny is a way a woman should be but healthy and fit is the way a person should be.

I'm a fitness freak I guess. I have taken out red meat, dairy and sugar out of my in take of food. I substitute with coconut milk and veggies are my best friend along with daily intake of 80 ounces of water a day.

                        Not bad  for a  30 year old mother of two. What's your fitness story?
                                                                Please share.

Thursday, October 4


I am really excited to mark today as 65 days completed with P90X. I had to push back a few weeks down to just stretching which is still working out I guess but not really to me.  I know it's a very important part of working out. I never really understood why before I started this program. It feels so good to stretch out in the morning.It was extremely hard for me not to workout. I crave it like I used to crave coffee. Now my body tells me I need protein shakes and water. I have a desire for fruits and veggies which I don't completely understand yet. I just know that they taste really yummy! I had to take in the consideration that if I didn't rest the tendon I pulled in my arm it would be a lot longer then two in a half weeks of resting. I pulled back took a deep breath and smile. I couldn't even lift my arm. Walking around a one arm Mexican was really hard. My lovely boys and hubby really made it easy for me. They took on my chores of the house along with cooking dinner. They are great! I have found that working out twice a day after taking two weeks off makes you really tired.

Yet, I have great news at 65 days.

Before P90X                                               65 Days In
push-ups 10                                                        35

walk two miles                                              now 5

Pull-ups 5                                                            10

sit ups  20                                                           300(Can complete the ab ripper without stopping)

I finally can see the start of my six pack. I have a biceps a mini muscle but I show it off in my tank tops. I have never really been over weight ever in my life. I have always been between 130 and 145.
I now weigh 142 it's unbelievable! I just added another band and yoga block to my workout. Gnc makes way to much money off my hubby and I. Like today another shake I had to get because I ran out. I can't stomach taking pills I don't care how big or little they are forget it. I have done every thing in the book. From downing them with my protein shake to plugging my nose and closing my eyes to wrapping it in cheese. I think at this point it's mental. I can't even take Advil it makes me want to vomit just the thought of it. My hubby laughs his butt off when I take my vitamins. The only reason I was able to take the horse pills they call prenatal vitamins was because my hubby stood right there telling how it was good for the baby. Then he would go into how I was the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world. I'm glad he continues to tell me those things  daily even not carrying his child.  I turned in my coffee for green tea. I took out sugar from my diet along with salt. I don't miss it at all. It's weird because before I would have not ever consider it. I love the way I feel everyday. It's amazing how I feel. Once I complete this program it's on to my next challenge. Insanity here I come!
IMAG1790.jpgInsanity Workout   What do you do as far as keeping fit?

Saturday, August 18

P90X Day 25

This morning I did not want to get up at all. The house was silent. The kids and my hubby all in bed still at 6 am. I just wanted to roll over throw my arm over my sleeping hubby and go back to sleep.  To improve my health, physique, and lifestyle. I have to bring it! That's when I got my butt up out of bed with a smile. Today makes day 25 I'm shocked at how fast the days went by. I do feel stronger, confident and sexy. I was able to put on a pair of shorts last week that were a size 6. A size 6 I can't believe it! I haven't wore a size 6 since Justin was five and he just turned 9.That's not the catcher I still weigh 147. I started this workout weighing 150. How in the world can I wear a size 6 and basically weigh the same? It's amazing I tell you! I still think Tony in the video is still trying to kill me.(Laughing) My fantastic hubby just order me the ten minute trainer that the P90X guy has out. I like it no I love it! It has different moves nothing is the same. It also came with this amazing shake stuff. It is chocolate I almost ate it with a spoon.
Shakeology is the best stuff I have ever tried in the shake world. It does what it says no joke. I made a shake yesterday about an hour later I felt like a new person. I had a clear mind set. My body felt smooth and energize. The shake itself was very fluffy. I get a kick out of a fluffy shake. It's like drinking air. I guess the thing about working out is that you have to want it. Size should not be a big deal as I'm finding out nor should my weight. I feel fit! I can really see and feel the change in my mind, body and attitude towards life.

Friday, July 27

Some things in Life you just don't see!

Meeting you was fate... becoming friends was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

Friday, July 6

Adding to our family

I have talked before about wanting to have another child. We were set to try which is a whole lot of fun. Then I had a dream a month ago that I was pregnant. Another dream a week ago and Steve tells me two weeks ago he had a dream I was nursing a little girl while he was holding a little girl Christopher was on the other side of him and Justin was sitting on the floor playing. Wow, I don't know what it all means. I looked it up looks like it can mean that one I'm going to have a baby(I knew that I didn't need Google to tell me) or a new journey is going to happen. Well they go hand in hand with each other. I just unpack all Christopher's stuff to sell it in a yard sell. I was upset for two days because I didn't want to sell it. Steve finally tells me on the way to the fireworks about his dream. Then he is rubbing my belly asking how the twins are? We talked and joked about the what if factor. I'm not sure if I'm ready to have another baby. I want one I really do. Just it would ruin my plans for the upcoming year!(laughing) My wedding dress fits perfect now at a size 10. I'm training to be a MMA fighter. It was more of a joke because I put it on my bucket list. I just want a six pack like I had before. What it came down to on our way home was stopping to pick up a test. I waited till Thursday morning to take it. You know first morning pee is the best but not needed. It came out negative. I well both of us were a little upset at the thought that I wasn't. Steve and I talked and it turns out that we want to share our love again with another baby Needham. Now that it is out in the open we just are going to try to plan what month he or she will be born. I just hope its one baby not twins or three if you count the dreams as a sign. Steve says either way he hopes for more. He makes me laugh so much at the thought of a bigger family. Guess we might need a bigger house. I think I may take up a evening with a warm bath and a radio. I can't forget a glass of wine shit the whole bottle. Well not really.A maybe but with a husband like Steve he is my drug. I adore him. Only if  the Needham household turns from four to six or seven.
We will see I guess.

Tuesday, May 29

 Steve is such a sweetheart he took the boys and I to Panama City Beach this weekend with our good friend Adam. I had no idea he had this plan. I hate to be surprised by anything. He told me to pack a bag for the day.
I knew he had something up his sleeve when we showed up to drop Levi off at the dog kennel which was the size of Justin's room with a TV. I mean why does a dog need a TV? Who knows but he did get to play with other dogs. Steve is always doing something that makes me smile. We rented Jet Ski's on Saturday. I have never been on one. I thought I was going to fly off and be eaten by a shark or something. Steve was wiping that thing around like a pro. I don't know why I agree to half the things I do with Steve. He is an adrenaline junkie I swear. When he took Justin out on the water I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack right there in the water. They were gone for what it seems like forever. When he told me he let Justin drive I just shook my head. Justin had a blast on the water. When Steve and Adam went out on the water they were racing each other. As I watched them almost crash a dozen times. I just thought well at least they are happy if they get eaten by a great white. As you can tell I have watched Jaws way too many times. They both came back smiling! 
Justin and Daddy

We spent half the day at the beach just swimming till our belly's told us it was lunch time. We ate and off we went to a water park. This place was huge. They had about nine different slides the men went on with Jay. I took the lazy river which was a challenge to get Christopher to sit down to relax with me for a change. We went around a few times stop to watch the men zip line into the water off a pirate ship. Christopher was intrigued by the elephant that was a water slide. We went over there and played until we all met up again. All of  us were exhausted I mean all the adults were. The boys were still on over drive. We left there straight to the dune buggies and zip line. Again my heart sank to the ground when Justin came pass my head.

It was hard to get a good picture of him because he is so small it gives no room to move his head.
After all that fun we headed back to our hotel room for a fire dance. The video above is not my best but the best for trying to hold Christopher until Steve took him. It was hilarious it only got better after what you see above with a man dance some drunk old people and Justin went on stage for his first hula lesson. We had drinks by the pool. Later Steve and Jay went swimming and a movie to end the fantastic night we had. (Note to self don't eat sea food after a long day in the sun) We all felt sick at the end. We made it to Sunday morning for my Jet Ski ride with my amazing hubby.
Being on the open ocean was breathtaking. I love the water. I could spend all day out on the sea. Steve and I had the best time ever. We came up on a mantaray that was the size of my truck. We seen some dolphins. I was a little nervous seeing them that close up. Steve jump right in took some pictures. I wanted to drive when he got back up. He put his arms around me and said.

 "I know I can't get down on one knee right now,but will you be my wife again and marry me?"

I didn't know what to say I just started brawling my eyes out. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out. He put my beautiful ring on my finger that sparkle in the sun. He kissed me with his soft salty lips. (lol) It was the best moment of my life. This past weekend was so much fun. I had a blast! Steve surprised me with the best gift ever. I love my ring but even better I love that he took the time to plan this all out the way he did. He is such a romantic at heart. I couldn't have asked for a better second proposal. I mean it was on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean. What else could a girl ask for?  He took my breath away once again.  I love you Steve! You are amazing man. I love you more and more with each passing  day. Yes, I will marry you again.
This is my ring

Monday, April 23

Working Out with kids

I have always been a very athletic person. I  made sure I workout during both my pregnancy with my children. I was unbelievably fit with Justin. With Christopher I didn't do as much because my right leg was the size of an elephant's leg which made me look funny. My body didn't match my leg at all. Steve was always on the go when I was pregnant with Christopher. We were always doing something walking the mall with the mall walkers. Something was always on our list of things to do daily.
I know what you are thinking you can't workout with kids. I'm here to tell you of course you can. My hubby used to laugh as he sat there watching Justin and I workout side by side. I wanted to make sure my son was fit in life. I made all his baby food myself. Steve and I insisted we didn't fill our son with all that junk they put in the stuff they sell at the stores. Justin did everything I did from boxing,yoga, running, walking, swimming,biking, hiking,martial arts everything. He still does. He is a very active little boy.
Here I am eight years later getting fit with my second son. He loves it. We have so much fun in the morning, afternoon and evening which ever works for us. I still have time to hit the gym for some alone time which is great. I love it when the whole family takes timeout to do it together. Steve and I never talk about losing weight in front of the boys we call it "Getting Fit for Life!" I don't want my children to have a negative outlook on their physical appearance.
All my hard work I guess is paying off since a lady at Walmart thought I was to young to buy a frozen pina colda mix. Her words were" Girl, you have some good genes honey!" That made me feel great since I'm older then Steve by a year technically speaking I'm the old lady.(Laughing) When I'm 80 I will look 40. I'm okay with that.
Steve and Jay have been keeping fit lately playing basketball. I love watching them pouring sweat laughing and joking on the court. Steve loves to run around after Christopher he prefers it actually. I don't mind it with our work schedules he can take the boys whenever he wants. I make sure I walk everyday no matter what. Little by little you can find many ways to stay fit. Take the kids to the park and use the monkey bars to do legs lifts and throw in some crunches while you are at it. The key to getting fit is staying consistent with whatever you are doing. Remember everyone is different it took me nine month to put my baby weight on it has taken me just that to get rid of it. I'm in the toning stage now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 4

Art Work

 The kids sat down and made pictures last night. Justin made sure we sent a picture to Daddy. Justin says"Home is where daddy is!"

This is Christopher's first art work. I know more will come. I love my boys they are the reason I am who I am. They made me a proud mother!

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