Tuesday, July 2

30 Day Arm Challenge

30 Day Arm Challenge - Are You Up For It ?

I went to the gym today to try and Zumba out my cold I seem to have thanks to my kids. I think it made it worst. I don't care it was a whole lot of fun. It's like dancing to Marky Mark song good vibrations
because everyone in class thinks they have it all and a bag of chips. When really we all look like a fool trying to keep with the instructor. If there were mirrors we would be in trouble. I can't help but laugh my ass off in class with some of the stuff we do. It's all in good fun in getting fit. I start up cycling tomorrow after a month off due to fluid in my knee. We will see how it goes in the meantime I found a new challenge to take on. This past month has been a little insane with my hubby's work schedule going back to school working on my book which is at a halt due to everything. Our boys getting sick fluid in my knee and what the hell is up with all this rain in Florida. I feel like all it does is rain. Like now it's raining again for the second time today. Later the pre historic big ass bugs are going to come out to eat us. I guess this is our rainy season. Here is my before picture. In 30 days from today will be my updated picture. Come on take the challenge with me what do you have to lose? Nothing you will gain muscles! Muscles are sexy!! Make sure to stop on over and post your pictures on my fb page at
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