Friday, November 30

Jump Training

It has been a challenge working out. On somedays I just don't feel like getting up. I made a promise to myself to stay fit no matter what. My hubby says I'm very dedicated when I set my mind to something. Today it was jump training full force. I hate it but love it at the sametime. I love when I feel like I can't go on but then Tony on TV says "Do your best and foget the rest" That's when I bring it! It's insane to think the oldest bodybuilder is a woman and 76 years old. If she can do it so can I. I mean the greatest challenge in life is you. You are the only person that can stop you from achieving the best in life. You have to be your own work of art in life to get anything done.

I took a week off almost.I took it down to three day a week instead of everyday twice a day. I already passed my 90 days but I will post a picture soon. I was thinking about starting the Insanity challenge before my birthday in February. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I feel awesome the plus is the extra energy I have to run around with my boys. To this day just like  when my oldest Justin was little. My hubby and I are still the only parents on the playground playing with our kids.We are not on the phone or sitting there just watching. Yup, I'm in the slides with Christopher. My hubby climbing the monkey bars with Jay. That's the best part of staying fit. I will be able to do this for a long time.  What are you doing to stay fit? I would like to hear the best and worst part of getting fit as you complete your challenge. If not here leave me a comment on my fb page

Wednesday, November 28

If you are a Parent.

Watch "THE PARENT RAP - Funny parenting song from Bluefish TV" on YouTube

This says it all. I had to share because if you have one or many this is you once in your life. I love it!!!

Santa Claus

How do you tell your kids about Santa? I have always told my oldest that just because you can't see it doesn't meant it's not there! Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. I hold true to my heart that telling kids the truth in this case even if he Justin is 9 there is no harm in letting him believe in Santa. I told him when he was in kindergarten that the giving tree at school were for the kids who parents did not believe. If you let your children watch TV during the holidays you will get hit with a question or two about Santa. If they are like my son he won't stop at two it's more like a hundred. His favorite movie is The Santa Claus with Time Allen.That is also one of my classic holidays movies that holds a special place in my heart it is a movie my father and I love as well. I want my children to be children for as long as they can be. A little magic in believing the unknown about the North Pole and Santa is more then fine with me. I don't see it as lying to my children its kind of on the list there with God. You either believe or you don't. Just because some do and others debate doesn't meant anyone is wrong.We are all special in different ways. That is what makes everyone unique. If you write a letter to Santa mail it at Macy's they donate money to children. Let your children be children for one more year.

I was an egg donor

This was a journey I took with my hubby. It was more of a joke when he came home and asked me what I thought about him donating his sperm. I laugh thinking he was just pulling my chain. We already had a son so why not sell his sperm for money.  It was the conversation at the gym that day. Okay, I thought well if he can make money and help others why not? It went over in my head a few dozen times. Questions about what if the child wants to meet the donor? If,and buts all came to mind. I took out my laptop and punched it into google. I didn't get far because on the side bar it said Be A Egg Donor.

Donor Qualifications

Eligibility requirements are as follows:
You must be a healthy female between 18 and 30 years of age.
You must not smoke or use drugs.
You must be no more than 20% over average weight for your height.
The medications you will take are given by small injections.
You must be available most morning for two weeks for blood tests and ultrasounds and undergo a minor procedure (under sedation - it doesn't hurt!) to collect the eggs.
Donors are compensated $5,000 for their time. Become an Egg Donor and Change a Life...
When you choose to donate eggs to an infertile couple, you begin an incredible journey. Imagine the joy you will bring into someone's life by helping to create a new family. As an egg donor, age, health and wellness standards ensure the best results for everyone involved.

This is what it said once I clicked on the link. Well I met all the Qualifications. We were only married about a year when as a couple we made the choice to help another woman. I filled out the application online. By our surprise we had the clinic call us the next day.  We were overwhelm by the amount of couples that wanted my eggs. The nurse said I was a perfect woman 5'3 slim130 pounds with brown eyes black hair with natural tan skin. Turns out couples want a mixed child with good genes. That is all they knew about me so far. She said Most couples want the child to look like them. My hubby and I had a meeting at the doctor's office two days later.

Stay turned for part 2 I would like to know if anyone else has gone though this?

Saturday, November 24

Wings of Cancer

Its unreal not being able to pick up the phone to call to see what you are doing. It has almost been three years since I lost you to lung cancer Papa. This December is going to be hard. I miss hearing your stories and debating on the man vs. food on how much food we could eat to try and beat one another. It's sad how your death tore the family apart. We have all gone our separate ways. You were the Legend that kept us together. No matter how bad it had become no matter how long someone was gone it was like it never happen once you spoke your peace. Justin wants to buy an Elvis stocking to put up to remember you. I wish you were here to see how much Justin has grown up. He is very smart.  I have tons of pictures of you guys together. It was hard for me to tell you on your death bed that I was pregnant again. My pain of losing my grandpa was too much to bear the thought of you not knowing your great grandchild. I lost him or her a few days after you pass to the next journey in life. I hear an Elvis song and it brings tears to my eyes because I can't hear you sing to the family with Uncle Ricky. It's funny that I thought you were famous but it was Elvis on the radio. Thanks mom it is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. I know my mom misses you like crazy. She needs you just like everyone else. I wish Santa could bring you for Christmas but I know he can't. It's a nice throught right? You sure had the belly first the red suit. Nana and I was talking about you the other day she told Lilly and Dallas that you were in the magic box that sits on her dresser. I meant for a fivee and four year old they still talk about you daily.I had to take the phone away from my ear for a second. Nana was slient she needs you the most out of everyone. We are all greatful you left earth on your final days not in pain. It was hard to see and be with you on your treatment days. The months Steve and I took you it was really hard to see you like that. You were always so strong you still pushed though the pain. I wish you never had bear that pain. If I could have taken your place I would have. You now have wings eating a burger with Elvis is what I know you are doing looking over our family. I want you to know that I still miss and love you Papa. Your family still talks about you like you are in the other room waiting for you to appear.You are very much alive though the eyes of my children. They will never forget you nor will I.

To be Thankful

My Turkey
I have spent most of this year in chaos. Picking up and moving to another state is not only fun but it takes a toll on life. My family has a lot to been thankful for. Being able to breath the fresh air the sun on our face most of all our health. We are alive and healthy. I couldn't ask for more other then being happy. I'm extremely happy with life in general that's something I don't have to ask for It just is. I have to give it to my husband its because of him our family smiles daily. Although he would say its me who holds our family together like glue.Each member our family has a very important part that's special.
Today my hubby and son took Christopher and I ice skating for the first time. It should be illegal to have that much fun. I have never been on skates before but a pro at roller skating. That's all I did in high school. 

It's more then weird to have Thanksgiving with just us in 70 degree weather. I love it but getting ready to set up our tree with no snow outside. We walk into any store to hear Christmas music playing. I know I have said it before but I will say it again Florida is nothing like Michigan. Funny how simple things like snow and grass can makes a person home sick. Deciding on fake or real I took this picture where I have to admit it looks funny. The worker is wearing shorts at the botton picture.
I do have to say Florida is very different for the holidays..

Colors of Tampa

I have to say the one thing that is very different from Michigan are the colors of the houses. I had a brick house with a red door back home but here a red door is common so I'm thinking a bright orange door. What do you think?  Here are a few pictures now I have seen green, purple and bright pink houses here which is a little out there but hey if that is what you want why not go for it.
Few things I have learned in Florida
1. Don't get a divorce in Florida you will be stuck in paying two households for life.( A friend I made here let me she what her hubby or ex has to still do even now they are divorce. Shows him. lol)
2. Bugs here are gross. They fly are. Are the size of my two years old hand.
3.Clean with bleach and vinegar to keep bugs out.
4.You must learn Spanish or you will be lost.
5. Carpet does not exsite here it's all tile.
6. The light switches are not where they are suppose to be.
7. The way you turn the water on the handles are backwards.
8. It's warm all the time.
9. People here seem mad all the time. I don't know why.

Friday, November 23

Movie Tall Man

For the first time in a long time I'm speechless. Yes, I like the movie that has twist and turns. If you are a mother just a parent alone the thought of your child being taken away from  you brings a ton of emotions bolting though your body.Jessica Biel doesn't say much in the flim but seals the deal with her acting. I don't want to give to much away it's a must see. This movie makes you think. It has some bloody screens not advise for anyone under 15. It is rated R for a good reason.  As you watch keep these questions in mind. How many are there? Is it better? Could you be one and not know it?  Let me know what you think after you view it.  My mind is still going wild with the questions above.

Wednesday, November 21

Detroit,Michigan On Thanksgiving

Did you know Detroit made it to the top 5 parades?Detroit, Michigan - America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit began back in 1924 and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. The parade is famous for its ever expanding collection of giant papier-mâché heads. Known as the Big Heads, they resemble walking bobbleheads in costumes. The parade route begins at Woodward Avenue and Mack and continues through downtown Detroit. America's Thanksgiving Parade kicks off after a pre-parade road race which includes a 1-mile Mashed Potato Mile, 5K Stuffing Strut and 10K Turkey Trot. Open to the public, it's a great way to get in a bit of exercise before sitting down for your Thanksgiving feast.
My hubby and I took our oldest son when he was three years old how times fly right by. It seems like a lifetime ago now looking at him. I think we will miss Michigan well at least this part. Maybe we will take a trip next year to Texas who has a parade similar to Detroit. Have a Happy and very safe Thanksgiving to all my readers.
Thanksgiving Parades facts:
The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has only been around for 80 years. In 1924, Macy's employees decided to treat Manhattan to a downtown parade. Due to the success, the event was established as a yearly tradition. Another famous Thanksgiving Day parade is held in
Detroit, Michigan which was established by Charles F. Wendel in 1924.
Parades are American!!!
No matter what myths surround the holidays, the common denominator is always generosity. This is the virtue we should all posses as we give thanks this holiday season.
Amen to that to whoever you are please be kind it maybe only a smile or a thank you sometimes that's all anyone really needs.

Arabian Nights in Orlando Florida

If you like horses this post is for you.My hubby and I took a night off  to take the boys to go see Arabian Nights. It's a horse show with 50 beautiful horses. I have been to horse racing but never a horse show where they do tricks on the back of these horses. The tickets were $70 for adults and $30 for children free under 3. As you walk in you pass through the store and then a huge section where there is belly dancing, salsa, chips and ton of people to talk to. It's set up just like a hockey stadium just with tables. Dinner was included in the price along with a drink special for those who chose to get a little alcohol in their system. Each section has their own server. The lady who was taking care of the people behind us kept hitting me with her butt.(laughing) Overall I have to say the show  was magical to see these horses in action. Justin had a blast I wish I could say that about Christopher. He was a mile a minute I wouldn't take small kids under five it was a little boring looking at it from their point of view.

We paid to go in the stables after the show since Justin has been asking to buy a horse for over a year now. We are looking to buy 20 acers buy next year if everything goes right with the bank since this will been the first time. We paid for our house back home in cash. It was nice not to have to go through a bank since the economy was or is bad. It  would be a huge step to take on not just that but horses. I wanted to see myself what it was like. More then I thought for sure it would been around the clock job.We walked back in the stables where the Native American  horse was getting a bath from his show they painted him. It  was one of my favorite parts of the show including the unicorn act as well.  I will post a video as soon as I get my computer. Sorry for the picture being sideways I'm blogging from my phone with the new updated version of blogger. I think I like the the other version better. Anyhow here is a link its worth going to if you are a horse lover. Check it out the next time you pass by Orlando Florida. It is more than worth your time and money.

Tuesday, November 20

Bob Marley

Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are. The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colours seem brighter and more brilliant. Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. A phone call or two during the day helps to get you through a long day’s work and always brings a smile to your face. In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but you find you’re quite content in just having them nearby. Things that never interested you before become fascinating because you know they are important to this person who is so special to you. You think of this person on every occasion and in everything you do. Simple things bring them to mind like a pale blue sky, gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible. You find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you. You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal to the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life. -Bob Marley

Thursday, November 15

Tampa, Florida

Has there ever been a time where you took a step back to look around you? I did that today I can't believe we moved to Tampa. Florida is very different from my home back in Michigan. I lived on one acer of land a neighbor at the very end of the road with noone in between us. I don't like the snow which was a big deal with my family moving to Tampa. A week away from Thanksgiving and we are wearing shorts. The stores are playing Christmas music. We now have neighbors which is new considering no neighbors for five years. It's a huge change. I don't think I like it. Everyone here speaks Spanish. I get the chance to use what is natural to me.  Justin's friend doesn't speaks English at all. Watching him play and talk is neat. I guess teaching my son another language paid off when he was younger. I have to get use to highway driving which I hate. People here are very rude and always look unhappy. I mean it's Florida what do they have to been mad at? I mean at anytime you feel that bad you might want to think about changing something. It's just a thought. We have done so much to just be by the ocean which is amazing by the way. My hubby and I are chasing our dreams. My business is going very well I couldn't ask for more. Plans for our wedding has changed to another beach. There is just alot going on right now. The whole packing and unpacking is good but bad. We have stuff I haven't seen in years.  If you have ever moved you know what I mean.  My boys have enough stuff for two more kids. Which we are still deciding if we will try again to get pregnant.Once everything slows down we will talk about it. Well I will try to talk about it.My hubby is already set in wanting more. He wants another boy and girl. He is hoping for twins this time around. I  love that about my hubby.He is a great father. This is just another page in our family journey to staying happy. I love how my life has turned out not the way I thought it would be but better.

Friday, November 9

Liebster Award # 3

I would like to thank you Rea Wright for the chance to win this award again for the 3rd time. It feels wonderful to have others admire your work in someway. This Liebster blog award is a way for new bloggers to expand their network of people.

So here are the Terms and some Conditions:

The nominees must post 11 random facts about themselves, then answer the 11 questions asked by the nominator. It doesn't stop there, you must then ask a further 11 questions for the 11 blogs which you then nominate to receive this award. This is only for up and coming blogs and nominees must have under 200 followers. It’s a fantastic way to get to know other fellow newbies and sample what the blogging world has to offer. You must also thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.

Here are 11 Random Facts about me

1. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 24 years old.
2.  I'm packing to move to Tampa,Florida it was set for this week but as I was writing this it turned into a 48 hour move.  
3. I was an egg donor for a few years. Thinking about doing it again.
4. I love working out but hate taking the vitamins. 
5. I have been scrap booking since my oldest son was born. 
6. I have lost three babies due to miscarrying them. I tend to think about them sometimes you know the what if questions. I no longer blame myself for my blood type that lead to miscarrying.
7. I'm very confident in everything I do.
8. I have cute feet.(My hubby says so)
9. I'm a smart ass that makes my hubby laugh all the time.
10. I don't worry that much about the kids stuff being all over the place until I almost die stepping on a toy car then I pick up the toys. The kids help out but I never yell at them for it. I mean they are toys who cares.
11. I'm a Democratic!

11 questions from Rea Wright(

1. What are you the most thankful for this year? My family happiness
2. Are you an optimistic or pessimistic person? I'm a very optimistic person. I never let anything bother me life is too short.
3. What is your style of home decor? Each room is different wine theme in kitchen, Mexican theme in living room, oldest sons room is sports, my youngest is ocean and dinner room a New York theme.
4. What is your favorite time of the year and why? Summer it's time to get into that bathing suit and go swimming I love the water.
5. What is your all time favorite movie and why? Dirty Dancing because I love the dancing.
6. Do you own a Nook or Kindle? neither
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Australia 
8. Do you participate in giveaways? Sometimes
9. Would you be willing to do a guest blog? sure why not
10. What is your favorite recipe? Pumpkin cookies
11. Are you a wine drinker and what kind do you prefer if so? Yes, My hubby makes homemade strawberry wine. It is awesome better then any out there. He made it for me because I hate the wine taste. 

11 questions for you all 
1. What career did you always want to have?
2. Do you watch horror films?
3. What is your favorite song of all time?
4. Do you prefer tennis shoes or heels?
5.  If you had to pick a road silent hill or raccoon city which would you walk down? Why? 
6. Who don't you talk to anymore? Why 
7.  What do you like to do in your spare time?
8  Would you be a zombie?
9. Did you vote?
10. How many people are in your family?
11.Do you like Pepsi or Coke?

  I nominate these 11 blogs below to receive this award.

Wednesday, November 7

New blogs to read

Since I love to read I have decided to list some great blogs you might like. I sure did  love all the different styles each writer has. They are all great writers in there own way in how they express what they are talking about. These blogs are fantastic! If you stop by please comment one here to let me know what you think. Have fun reading. If you have any great blogs you would like to add send them my way. You can also visit my facebook page where I will promote any blogs as well.
Check this website out there are some really neat ideas.
The pictures on here are too funny.
This blog is just what I needed to look at today. My son who is nine is so hard to shop for but will be happy with anything you get him. It's hard to even think about how many days are left till Christmas.
He hasn't posted anything yet but I love the title of his blog.Can't wait to see what his first post will be.

Tuesday, November 6

Made by Me

Here is a new website that has some really neat things called Made By Me. My good friend from high school just opened this website. If you get a chance please check it out. She makes everything herself.

Christmas wedding ornament take 2                            
 She has tons of pictures on Pinterest follow for updates.  Please bare with her it is something new she will add as she goes.
I will also keep you updated. Thanks again.


Monday, November 5

48 hours

This has been a crazy few days. My hubby drove all the way to Tampa, Florida to check on somes things for work. It's only a five hour drive from our house in Tallahassee. Turns out as he is driving back home he found a house for us. It's never let's plan to move like a week out or maybe a month no he calls to tell me to pack. Only my hubby and I can pull off a move in 48 hours. Yup, I think we are crazy.Only if you think people who follow their their dreams are.  This is a hug move for all of us. Okay, Here we go Saturday afternoon while I was trying to catch up on gh before Monday I had to pack our whole house.  We have beyond stuff to fill two houses. My hubby could open a hardware store with the amount of tools he has. I guess it's good I can always bring him lemonaid while he works around the house. He shows up that evening with a Uhaul truck. I made it work. I purchased totes to pack everything instead of boxes. I think it's better to pack away things in a plastic tote instead of a cardboard box now that our house won't be ready till sometime next week. To keep the moisture out.  My hubby and I loaded the truck until our arms were numb. I picked up a blanket that felt like a hundred pounds. We started to load up about 6pm and stopped at 2am which was really 1am due to daylight savings.This is awesome we really needed that extra hour on our side. On Sunday morning we packed our shed in an hour then it was on the road again at 10 am for a five hour drive to Tampa.  The boys were great for the drive they watched movies the whole way. Thank you to whoever you are that made a dvd player.  We made it to our storage unit a little after five unload and was done by 7:30. Still not done yet we still had an hour drive to wonderful Olando. Let's talk about being sore that morning. My back was on fire. I shocked myself by helping lift the heavy stuff in the house like the bed, tools, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Thank you P90X. You worked on my side. If that  wasn't enough we have to do it all again in a few days. It's almost makes me wants to hire movers almost.  I'm extremely proud of my family for the way we pulled together to makes this happen. Justin was beyond the best son ever. He kept his little brother Christopher busy the whole time while we moved everything. I love you Justin you are Awesome! For the next week we are spending it in this fantastic resort in Olando. If you need us we will be by the pool.  Have a blessed day.

Friday, November 2

I choose to be me!

Have you ever had people tell you rude and hateful things? Of course you have it's called life. The only thing that matters are your thoughts. Just be you only you can make life what you want it to be. Don't let someone control your thoughts and feelings. You are the only one who can make or break your life in terms of your happiness. Enjoy the air you breathe the sun shinning on your face the wind in your hair. The hugs, kisses and laughter you share. You never know when it will be your last.

Father and Sons

When I was a baby,
you would hold me in your arms.
I felt the love and tenderness,
keeping me safe from harm.
You are my father.
I would look up into your eyes,
and all the love I would see.
Your big heart really show who you are.
How did I get so lucky,
you were the dad chosen for me.
There is something special
about a father's love.
It's something you don't ask for it's something given without a thought.
Seems you were sent to me
from someplace up above.
I'm really happy you are here for me.
Our love is everlasting, just a father and son.
I want to be just like you dad.
I just wanted you to know.
That you’re my special hero
and I wanted to tell you so.

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