Saturday, July 25

Las Vegas

It has already been a long day taking a day trip to four corners into a long long trip. We hit the streets of Fremont Street about 1 am.

It was a little crazy with a lot of naked people. Some people really should not be naked. I'm not judging I'm just putting it out there. We had a blast just for one night and half a day. My father has never been to Vegas. He was over taken by the lights. We were here last year with my mom for her birthday. We didn't get to see the light show on Fremont this was an experience to see. Walking down all the lights shut off. I wasn't expecting it by far. I was like oh great we have a blackout. Then music starts to play and as you look up the screen changes. It's really neat as the people are on cables flying over your head to the end of the street.
Justin is really into magic tricks and card games. He wants to come back for a show next year. I don't know about that. We plan the trip last year this year it was by accident we came back.  I'm over Vegas unless hubby and I decide to come back without the kids. I would really like that. He loves Vegas. I'm like been there once I have seen it all. 
My dad didn't know what to expect when we stay at the Stratosphere for the night. He lost some money in the slot machines. Not a lot but he was still mad. The food was great. Most of all the family time we spent together means the most. The kids love spending time with grandpa. Jay kept playing card tricks with grandpa. Blowing him away because grandpa couldn't figure out how Jay was doing it. They have a special bond I think because they are both a little weird. 
Hubby still wouldn't go for renewing our vows in the house of Elvis. I tried talking him into it he could be Elvis I could be Priscilla. Walk down to I'm all shook up.Maybe next time. Summer still isn't over let's see what else we can do. 

Monday, July 20

Grand Canyon

Now. It's maybe noon once we left four corners monument. The Grand Canyon was four hours away. My dad was with us and he has never been to the Grand Canyon before he is not the type to come all this way by his self. My adorable hubby asked if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes I love road trips besides seizing the moment we tend to do that a lot. What's life if you can't do that? My dad didn't know what to say so the trip began. I love the mountain view they are gorgeous. It's breathtaking I could get lost just in the moment. However the curves in the road takes my breath away in a different light one wrong move you are toast. Be safe please now I have that out of the way take a look at these.
Grand Canyon 2015

It's very peaceful looking at the edge in amazement. That this sits in the middle of nowhere. I was a little on edge because as you ride to site to site there are just a few fences from the edge. With two small kids that is just crazy. One of the signs said a man used to take people by horse around the canyon that would take 12 hours one way. That is crazy to even think about. I mean it did take me thirty hours to get to Aztec from Florida. I couldn't do that on a horse.

They do charge per person not sure how much. This trip was well worth the hot weather and headache. Pack water since you are in the desert heat. This is a must see.

Now to complete our road trip off to Las Vegas. We still have four hours to go. Thank God we have three people who can drive. That makes it's a lot easier. 

Saturday, July 18

Four Corners

It was about 9am two days when we decided to skip storytime to take an hour drive to the four corners monument. From our hotel in Aztec give or take an hour or so. Sure we get there nothing to it. Not worth the $5.00 per person I think it should be $5.00 dollars a car maybe. Since the bathroom where out of order. Hubby stood in line for forty-five minutes to take our own pictures. I walked around the circle where there are a bunch of Navajo gift shops. Half are a little pricy at $95.00 dollars for a necklace that looks like you could have bought it at the dollar store. It's all in the experience I guess of being in four states at once. I wouldn't go back but for the fun of it I can now check it off my bucket list. Justin and I watched the four corners monument on discovery channel. I was hoping for some alien activity like they said. Maybe a spaceship or something instead just plain old nothing. If you are heading that way sure stop but don't go out your way for it. The view is breathtaking. Make sure to take water,sun block a hat. Have fun with it. Please for the love of God don't take your dog with you. They are not allowed on site. We seen too many in hot cars. If it's 100 outside just double that for how it feels on the inside. Just a FYI you can't take anyone's ashes there. I didn't know that was a problem apparently it is. Along with cows that cross the road with drinking and driving. Signs are everywhere on the road be safe.

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