Sunday, December 21

Sunday Workout


Round one
10 pushups
15 burpees
90 Russian twist
15 kettle ball squats
Round Two
25 squats
20 lunges per side
40 jumping jacks
60 seconds wall sit
Good luck let me know how you do. Push through the pain you will thank yourself in the end. The hardest part about getting fit is telling yourself you can do it. Positive thinking will change who you are. You have the control over what your life will be. You alone can change your body if you want. Take little steps if you want it you can have it. Remember this is only ten percent of the rest of your life the hard part is controlling what you put in your mouth.

Friday, December 19

Green Beans Coffee

                       It's that time of year to send our Troops some coffee. It's something small but makes the biggest splash for our men and women in uniform. I have slowly taken out coffee from my diet that doesn't stop me from buying it for family member's who drink more then they should.

$2 = 1 Cup of Joe

  • Click on the link above  make someone smile today. You might even get an email that is the best part for my oldest. This will make three years of us donating to Green Beans Coffee. He still acts like it was his first email ever.
     Merry Christmas to all who can't be with their families. Thank You for all that you have sacrifice for our country.


    Wednesday, December 17

    Cats,Kids, and Water

    My household is full of crazy insane kids who take baths with our kitten Godzilla. He sits in the tub to my surprise he swims around. He will also sit in my stand up shower at the end while I take a shower. He is weird for a cat. Now he has discover the toilet and toilet paper. Both bathrooms looks like a tornado went by daily. I'm working on that problem as we speak.The paper is all over. Christopher was going to the bathroom when Godzilla thought it would be a great ideal to jump in the toilet face first. I had to give him a bath which in return he acted like he hated the water. I would have never guessed. Along with that he will jump up on the table to steal the kids food or whatever is on their plate. I don't remember my other cat Mickey losing her mind when she was three months old. My hubby spoiled him rotten in order to get him to calm down you have to pick him up and rock him to sleep. What? He sits by the back door then proceeds to Meow as loud as he can. At what I'm not sure Justin has taken it upon himself to take him to the litter box thinking that he might have to go to the bathroom. That only worked for a minute then he goes back to following us around talking until we pick him up. My kids are running around or running away from the cats who by the way love to play hide and seek. I should just get a baby carrier then have the boys carry him. He is such a baby but takes great pictures!
                                     Look at that face he is cute. He definitely fits his name.

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