Sunday, March 1

Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is awesome one of my favorites growing up. I'm not a big bread person since I have taken on clean eating. I found another way.
-Boil the cauliflower till soft
-preheat oven 450 degrees
- put in food processor 
(I used my ninja blender)
- put it on a towel to dry off the water
- put in a mixing bowl add one egg then mix
-You will want to get a cookie sheet with parchment paper on it. 
-Scoop out your cauliflower mix onto yor cookie sheet. 
-Flatten it down to the size of sandwich you would want. Put it in the oven cook till it is slightly brown on top.
Mind was soft when I transferred it to a frying pan. Put one piece down add cheese in the middle. Then add your top piece cook till lightly toasted. 
I couldn't pick it up like a sandwich because it was soft. I added some mustard and ate it with a fork.  I thought it was fantastic! I do have to admit it's a lot of work for one sandwich.  It was worth it if you need to change it up a little. Fresh fruits and vegetables tend to get boring with kids. We are currently in experiment mode right now. Justin loved it not so much for Popsicle. Then again he is only four. He loves to cook just not big on eating it yet. 

Wednesday, February 18

Give a smile

Shopping the other day at Walgreen's we were approach by a women wanting us to help her buy a few things. Now, I have seen her all over the place walking sleeping in the park at one of the parks I take my boys to. She looked like she needed the help. I understand being homeless as I was there once in my life. I remember what it felt like what it felt like to be hopeless. It wasn't fun and not anything anyone should have to go though in life. You would think it wouldn't be an issues in today's world but it is. My son and I gave her $20 dollars I wish I had more on me at the time. There is also a man who waits on the corner with a sign and a dog. Sometimes he is by Burger King with a few other people. We collect and buy food for our local animal shelter this time we have put dog food in our car to give it to him next time we see him. If you have extra anything money, clothes, food please give when you can. We do all the time we try and help daily to put a smile on someone's face. Pay It Forward today and everyday. Be safe as always when dealing with people you don't know. Please keep that in mind. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, February 17

Flour Free Waffle

Protein Waffles
1/2 Cup Old Fashioned Oats
1/2 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
2 Eggs
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
1/2 Tsp Vanilla
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
Dash of salt
I also added 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice to add flavor.
Mix and add to your pan or waffle pan. Be careful not to over load the waffle maker or you will end up with a mess.
It's a mess trying to clean this up because you can't stop it from poring over the sides. Christopher always helps me cook. I have to say some of our funniest moments are in the kitchen. He thought it was going to explode. I love cooking with my kids. They are a riot I tell you. We hit the deck not once but twice. The last time it made noise we really did think it was going to explode. Thankfully it didn't and our breakfast came out just fine. We added some fruit and a little nectar. You haven't lived until you had nectar.

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