Sunday, October 16

Having a Birthday Party after a Hurricane

Last week we left on Wednesday to avoid the storm. We stayed in a little town named Ozark Alabama. The second town we stayed at was in Tory it's about two hours outside of Florida. It has the busiest traffic I have ever seen.  The good side I found a coffee shop I absolute love. I don't know what they put in the coffee but it's delicious!
When you order a drink they give you a chocolate covered expresso bean. It's because of them I have been drinking coffee all week. I haven't had coffee since May. I would move there just for coffee it's that good.  Once we were able to see our house had no damage it was clean up time. Clean up the branches from the yard plan Popsicle's 6th Birthday party which by the way isn't the best thing to do after a Hurricane. There was No School on Monday we handed out invites Tuesday then I dropped my phone so there was no way I could get calls or text.  I had so much anxiety about no one showing up. It turned out well we had twenty kids show up.
Christopher was having a blast!

It was a Mario Party at the last minute. I swear  he changes his mind like his underwear. I was so happy and excited when I saw the cupcakes the baker now thinks I love him. It might have something to do with the fact that I said it. Publix did an awesome job on short notice. 

 Thor wanted to go on the slide too so he had to stay in the kitchen. He looks sad! I gave him two bacon treats inside. It kept him busy for a minute.

        You never know when Life can change make it great every day you can. Sending lots of prayers for all that were affected by the storm.

Friday, October 7

Hurricane Matthew, Friends and Family

My heart hurts for all my friends and family who decided to stay and wait out the storm. Hubby had to convince me to leave. We talked on Monday about leaving. I wanted to leave then what I didn't want to do was wait till the last minute. He didn't seem to think it was a big thing until Mr. Weather Man said we were looking at a direct hit. We left last night drove all the way to Alabama. Taking turns on driving while our boys slept. With two kids two cats and a dog I think we did pretty good. I have always made a hurricane kit every year with our boys. I think because we planned ahead we weren't the last minute shoppers. It helped on our pocket book considering that we may not be back home for a few weeks. I have never seen the rest stops as packed as they where last night. Parking was a mess we slept in the car for an hour at the rest stop. Going on two days boarding up our house and helping our neighbor and getting ready to stay took a toll on us. My anxiety was hitting the roof. We are now safe  just wishing more people would have left as well. Please pray this storm isn't as bad as it seems to be. Tonight will be a long night.

Stay Safe my friends!!

Wednesday, September 21

Working on the Boat from inside

Hubby and Justin built a top for the boat this past weekend with all the rain we may or may not get from the storms popping up in the Atlanta Ocean we need it to cover the boat. We all had time to work on it since there was no school on Monday. It gave us a few extra hours instead of worrying about time for making sure everything was on track for school. I try my best to stay on the same routine for our boys it's important for them. It also makes it easier when they know what is going to happen next. It minizines the meltdowns from Popsicle.  The top picture is where the engines were. 
We have one engine running now for the best  messy part to we get to roll up our sleeves to get greasy. Taking it apart slowly.
The inside of the boat is a hot mess there is a shovel for what reason I don't know.

There is a ton of woodchips everywhere another question I don't have an answer to.

Hubby thinks to keep the mice away. We haven't looked inside the boat in three years since we purchased it. I hate mice I really hope I don't see that or a snake in the boat. I don't need that kind of stress in my life. Our luck will be a huge snake you see on the news. 

The inside is terrible. The picture above is before we took out all the cushions. 
   Here is after. This is going to take longer than I thought but on the bright side, I can envision the open water with my hubby and boys. Tearing out the carpet getting rid of the water was our part of our weekend. 

Until next time stay tuned for updates.

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