Wednesday, May 27

Hurricane Survival Guide

This past weekend we went through our survival tote just in case to make sure we are prepared for a hurricane. Since the newscasters keep talking about the ten year storm we might get. Makes my skin crawl. Thank God we have not been in a bad storm yet. I hope we never have one. There is way too much stuff you need to have. You have to have a at home kit which includes:
  1. flashlight
  2.  battery operated radio
  3. 6 extra sets of batteries( Which is well over a hundred dollars just in this)
  4.  Gel freezer packs to keep food cold
  5.  cooler
  6. matches and a lighter
  7. camping stove and grill with fuel tank/charcoal with a fire starter
  8. fire extinguisher (box of baking soda to extinguish a fire)
  9.  medicine if anybody's taking medicine
  10.  supply for at least two weeks of diapers formula bottles pacifier(if you have a baby)
  11.  medicine kit that has aspirin, stomach acid, anti diarrhea medicine, iodide, hydrogen peroxide, bacterial ointment, bandages and tape.
You also have to have an evacuation kit that includes
  1.  map/ compass
  2.  tire sealer in your trunk
  3.  sleeping bags or blankets for each member
  4.  air or foam mattress
  5.  identification for the whole family
  6.  important documents
  7.  extra clothes and shoes
  8.  books, games, playing cards
  9. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels and cash.
It is now hurricane season we have completed a first aid kit.

Don't mind my thumb it was a one second slicer accident that almost took part of my thumb off. A Mother's Day gift. Don't worry I didn't bleed in my cucumbers. I was able to save them.  Little by little our tote is almost complete. Our plan is to stay put to wait out the storm. I'm not looking to be stuck on the highway with two kids and two cats. Unless we have time to leave I guess we will need to buy another boat.

Tuesday, May 26

Beast Mode

Instagram photo by sean_sarantos - Just a heads up that the Memorial Day sale for all @beastsportsnutrition gear is still going on until 5/31.  20% off all the fitness gear ��. Just head over to www.BEASTSPORTS.come and check it out �� #beastblue #beast #beastsports

Sean promotes the Beast products on Instagram. I love his YouTube videos and great advice. He also has a dog name Clark who is adorable! My wonderful hubby decide to switch up my game with some new clothes and samples. He knows me too well. 
  Pre -workout today was insane I was totally wired before my workout.  I took half of my trail package yesterday just to see how I would do. I didn't feel anything so my thought today was take the orange flavor one but the whole serving. By the way any pre-workout I have taken always taste horrible. Drink it fast and plug your nose. Well I loved it! The only thing I disliked about the pre-workout was it did give me the jitters. The directions say to take 30 minutes before working out which I did. I felt it kick in as I was driving to the gym. Once I got there I had to run in place before my short circuit class. I was ready to go! The instructor and other women there asked me if I was okay. My response was " Let's get this party started. What are we waiting for?" We were waiting for Teresa to explain what the hell we had to do. Meanwhile
I'm doing jumping jacks at this point. I killed my workout today. Knowing my body I knew I had to slam my water in order to be able to take my yoga class.  I had to push my pre workout out of my body through the power of water.  Thankfully I was able to take yoga. Angela is a great instructor who is way to flexible.
This is totally her. I'm not there yet hopeful soon.  I needed to slow down after my pre workout. This class helped me relax 100%. If you are in the area try it out. She has a beginners class and advance. Either class is always at your own pace. Don't try to keep up with anyone that's how you can hurt yourself.
Pineapple BCCA's are absolutely delicious. The BCAA's have a rapid recovery. The electrolytes really make this an epic product!  Just like my Shredz BCAA's it does the something. I love BCAA's during my workouts, keep me focused, and delay time to fatigue! A nice switch from fruit punch. It also helps to curve your appetite in the evening which I tend to get a little sweet tooth from time to time. Drinking this at dinner  keeps me on the right track. My overall review is great but be careful when taking the pre workout. It did last during my whole workout class including fifteen minute's of abs. Which I love! In about a month I will try this product again to switch it up from Shredz. Not that I don't like it I'm still in the works finding out what works for me and if I want to take anything at all. My fitness goals are simple not to lose weight but to build muscle. The main reason just to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's not a diet it truly is a lifestyle which makes it easier for me at least. I'm two years in on my five year six pack goal. Wish me luck! Remember it takes hard work and dedication for anything. You will make time for it if you want it bad enough.

Monday, May 25

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

This is a hilarious book. It's written by a 12 year old Zombie if you follow the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid these books follow the same mindset just in Minecraft. It starts off as a diary on a Monday he doesn't understand why his mom makes him go scare the villagers. Zombies can't go out during the day he thinks it would be easier if he had human parents because they're probably nice. He has to go to scare School to learn how to scare the villagers. It's extremely cute if you or your children are obsessed with Minecraft this series is definitely for you. We started reading the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. It's a silly book that will make you laugh. Now, I have to order the whole set from Amazon. They run about $3.99 or so it varies. Learning how to play is hard but a lot of fun when my directions come from a four year old.  Happy Reading!  

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