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Wednesday, October 26

Halloween, Magic & Pumpkins

Sunday We went to the pumpkin patch a.k.a a church with pumpkins on pallets. That's what you get here in Florida. The Magic Dove shop held a pumpkin carving contest.

This pumpkin won was beautiful Kenji should be in a world craving contest or something. He did a horse picture on the back. Just insane I had no idea that kind of work could be done on a pumpkin. 

Ever since Christopher was little he has no interest in sticking his hand in a pumpkin. He hasn't changed. He thinks it's Gross! Justin and I love doing it we love Halloween. 

This past weekend was a busy one. Justin had a magic show Friday and Saturday. The Society of Young Magicians put on an amazing show. All the kids just were out of this world. 

If you are ever in Cocoa Village stop by. I would watch out for the ghost Marshmellow he tends to steal cards from your trick. These kids worked really hard all month long which paid off with a full house. I was shocked at how many people came to see the show. I have to give it up to Doctor Dan his shop keeps these kids busy and out of trouble. Learning Magic is a hit. 

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