Friday, March 25

The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada

just heard J-Lo new song “On the Floor” it took me back to this movie The Forbidden Dance Lambada.  This movie is one of my favorite’s I can remember my sister Nikki and I used to dance to this every time it came on. Another favorite artist of mind is Jon Secada “Too Late to soon” along with Bryan Adams, Whitney, Wilson Phillips, Ace of Base, Coolio, Shania Twain, Madonna, Maya, Usher, Britney Spears love the new album. There are so many to still list like En Vogue, Run DMC, Selena “Dreaming of You” I fall in love with this song every time I hear it. Nsync my son is named after of them Steve was against it but being the man he is he let it be.  TLC, Next, Cher, and let’s not forget Los Del Rio for the Macarena thank you.  Wow, it seems so long ago from the water balloons fight we had with the neighbors to bike riding to tot lot with friends. My most famous out of school parties I had in my backyard with the help of my BFF Cindy. Being in the 90’s and having 4th grade be one of the best times it was a blast. I can only say life has just gotten better with every step I take. I love it!

Tuesday, March 22

Centralia Pennsylvania

When we leave to go to New York this summer we have to go though Pennsylvania.  I want to stop at Primanti bros to eat their famous sandwich. I had seen the movie silent hill a few years back I was curious if there was a town that burn so I looked it up online. To my surprise there is a town that has been burring for the last forty years due to trash that was burning in a pit near a coal mind. It caught on fire and the city burn. Only a few people still live there. Signs are posted not to go into the town but people do.
Above is the 400 Block of S. Locust Avenue, west side in 1985.  The Speed Spot Bike Shop is pictured on the right.  Below is the same corner in 2001 with only the Speed Spot remaining.  The Speed Spot has since burned to the ground and no remaining structures exist on this block. The town is still burning today. I have to say it’s kind of freaky in away to see all these pictures. I find it interesting that people go to this town still.  I think I would want to go but having the kids with us and with the toxic gas and unstable ground it’s just not worth it. I added a link if you want to check it out.

Pinewood Derby

This past Saturday Justin took second place now he is going on to district. I’m so happy he was great all the cub scouts were. Christopher took second place in the sibling’s race.  Steve and Justin worked really hard on the cars at the last minute of course. I tell you that man is never on time but they did great.  Finals are in April last
year Justin took third and in the finals he took 8th out of three hundred kids. I think there were that many.  I'm not sure there were a lot from running back and forth from the bathroom with morning sickness I could be off a few. Pinewood Derby is where all the boys make cars out of a block of wood and race them within their den by age.  The winners out of each den race each other in the pack to see who goes to district. Then they race against other packs. The winners are pick for this year. Last year was great all the designs are out of this world but you can tell the cars apart from the kids to where the dads go overboard.

 Justin's car is the second one from the right the black one his favorite color.

Christopher's is the red one. The one next to it Jay made also but let his friend's brother use it to race and it won also.

My baby boy I love you so much!

I think cub scouts has been great for Justin. He loves it we are getting ready to help Jay get his horseback riding loop. He has so many loops we need to get him another belt.
Its nice Justin and his daddy get to spend a lot of time together even with Steve being the cub master. I love seeing them build things and talk about scouts. He has two more years before he is a boy scout although we have many more years ahead of us with Christopher. I have to take Jay to his den meeting tonight all the kids there are great. I would suggest if you have a boy to get him involved with scouts they make lots of friends and they get to do some awesome stuff. Justin honey Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you keep up the hard work.

Monday, March 14


I never thought working out would be this hard after having Christopher. I have lost all my baby weight due to nursing and some but trying to keep in shape now that I’m mobile again is really hard. I had an epidural in my back the first one they broke it hurt worst than having a freaking contraction. I didn’t want them to try it again. I ended up having a c-section so I had to have it. My back is killing me right now. Some days I look like a 90 year old walking in the house.  I have been working out all my life but don't belly dance after a c-section not wise. I feel like my guts are going to come out.  Steve has been bugging me to go to the gym with him and I keep saying no because it gets under his skin. It's so funny. I love how he is so determine. He just won't give up on anything. This week I’m going to get some x-rays done I think it’s a nerve problem because I have never had any health problems in my life. I love to workout I have fun.  Justin even gets into working out.  Today we were watching Denise Austin and Jay was like come on dad do some jumping jacks. I hope all is well with the x-rays. So wish me luck.

Thursday, March 10


I left Christopher with Steve this morning to take Justin to school to only see them sleeping right next to each other. It is so cute!  The other day coming home I walked in to see Steve singing to him. Christopher was all smiles. I stood there for a minute to see what else might happen. Steve started talking to him telling him how he loves being his and Justin’s daddy.  That he is so glad he is finally here. Steve was telling Christopher about our trip to New York soon. He is so happy being a dad it melts my heart. Steve was kissing him on his neck making him giggle. It went on for about I don’t know twenty minutes or so. I love my little family I have there is nothing that means more to me. I’m lucky to have two healthy children. My brother sorry to say wasn’t so lucky he lost his little girl yesterday.  I am in a state of shock I kind of know what they are going though with myself having three miscarriages.  His girlfriend was five months along. My hearts and prayers goes out to both of them. It makes you stop and think about how precious life really is. I hope down the line they are blessed with a child although it could never feel the void from his first born.  Steve and I were very young when we lost our first one I was almost three months. Then we were blessed with Justin six months later. I was at very high risk with Justin because of my blood type.  I lost another when Justin just turned two.  I guess God had a plan with those babies like he has one with my brother’s  little girl. They were meant for something more. My grandfather is now with them singing Elvis tunes.

The death of a baby is like a stone cast into the stillness of a quiet pool;the concentric ripples of despair sweep out in all directions, affecting many, many people."~ De Frain

Monday, March 7

Paczki Day 2011

Fat Tuesday is paczki day. I’m going to send my loving husband to Hamtramck tomorrow to get a dozen of that 260- 300 calorie baked fat donuts. I can remember ever since I was little eating a paczki with my grandpa talking about the news that day. I will miss this Tuesday talking to him he passed away last Christmas. We love the custard ones and blueberries. Its okay I may not be able to eat a full one but I will surely have to pull double time at the gym. Get ready Amanda to bust out some sweat this week. The paczki are traditional Polish deep fried pastries, usually filled with some sort of jelly filling. While Paczki Day is observed the day before Ash Wednesday .The making of paczki started hundreds of years ago and came from the need to get rid of all forbidden food items in the home before Lent began, which included sugar and eggs. The paczki is similar to a Bismarck or jelly doughnut and is usually filled with rich fruit or crème fillings. So with that Steve is going to give up red meat as Justin and I will give up sweets for lent. I think it should be the other way around considering Steve has a sweet tooth mainly me. Lol No really I guess it’s not  that bad until Easter comes. I have been sharing this day with my son upholding on to my polish heritage now I can share it with Christopher. He may be too young to eat one but he will hear us talk about the past history. Did you know that Polish immigrants provided labor for Detroit's early auto manufacturers, beginning in 1914, when Dodge opened its first plant in Hamtramck? The American Polish Century Club holds its festival every July in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The 2011 celebration marks the Festival's 30th anniversary. The 2010 festival featured children's events and activities, carnival rides and music by Polka bands such as The Kielbasa Kings and Duane Malinowski & the Polka Jamboree. There were also traditional Polish dance performances by the Zajaczek Dance Ensemble and a craft exhibition featuring more than 50 local artisans. Vendors served pierogies, kielbasa and paczki. My family will be there in July. Yes I’m polish and I will eat a Paczki on Tuesday!

Sunday, March 6

Justin's Room

This is what Justin wants to do with his room. He wants the walls to be black with stars and planets on it. So It took some thought and Steve and I are okay with it. My friend Heather just did her boys room in blue with black trim. It looks great but it's funny when I seen what she did it was the same thing jay wanted to do first. Heather and I think like we were sister's or something. Justin's favorite color is black it has been ever since he was little. Now all we have to do is find a light for his room.

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