Tuesday, March 22

Centralia Pennsylvania

When we leave to go to New York this summer we have to go though Pennsylvania.  I want to stop at Primanti bros to eat their famous sandwich. I had seen the movie silent hill a few years back I was curious if there was a town that burn so I looked it up online. To my surprise there is a town that has been burring for the last forty years due to trash that was burning in a pit near a coal mind. It caught on fire and the city burn. Only a few people still live there. Signs are posted not to go into the town but people do.
Above is the 400 Block of S. Locust Avenue, west side in 1985.  The Speed Spot Bike Shop is pictured on the right.  Below is the same corner in 2001 with only the Speed Spot remaining.  The Speed Spot has since burned to the ground and no remaining structures exist on this block. The town is still burning today. I have to say it’s kind of freaky in away to see all these pictures. I find it interesting that people go to this town still.  I think I would want to go but having the kids with us and with the toxic gas and unstable ground it’s just not worth it. I added a link if you want to check it out.
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