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Sunday, October 16

Having a Birthday Party after a Hurricane

Last week we left on Wednesday to avoid the storm. We stayed in a little town named Ozark Alabama. The second town we stayed at was in Tory it's about two hours outside of Florida. It has the busiest traffic I have ever seen.  The good side I found a coffee shop I absolute love. I don't know what they put in the coffee but it's delicious!
When you order a drink they give you a chocolate covered expresso bean. It's because of them I have been drinking coffee all week. I haven't had coffee since May. I would move there just for coffee it's that good.  Once we were able to see our house had no damage it was clean up time. Clean up the branches from the yard plan Popsicle's 6th Birthday party which by the way isn't the best thing to do after a Hurricane. There was No School on Monday we handed out invites Tuesday then I dropped my phone so there was no way I could get calls or text.  I had so much anxiety about no one showing up. It turned out well we had twenty kids show up.
Christopher was having a blast!

It was a Mario Party at the last minute. I swear  he changes his mind like his underwear. I was so happy and excited when I saw the cupcakes the baker now thinks I love him. It might have something to do with the fact that I said it. Publix did an awesome job on short notice. 

 Thor wanted to go on the slide too so he had to stay in the kitchen. He looks sad! I gave him two bacon treats inside. It kept him busy for a minute.

        You never know when Life can change make it great every day you can. Sending lots of prayers for all that were affected by the storm.

Monday, August 15

My baby is in Kindergarten

I forgot the date don't judge. It was a busy morning. 
Look at that smile! Omg, He is growing up too fast. I need him to slow down. He melted my heart this morning. He kissed my hand closed it told me when I miss him today just put my hand to my cheek and think of him. I did the same to him. We just read the book
"The Kissing Hand" which by the way is an adorable book of a baby raccoon going to school with all his worries and the mother raccoon kissing his hand to remember her while he is gone.
I want him to stop growing at the same time keep growing. Once he made it to his seat he gave all of us a hug told me not to worry he would be fine. I was thinking oh great he is acting all grown don't need mommy anymore like his brother not until high school. That still makes me laugh.

From this cute baby boy who just made our family complete in every way possible.  To a very independent little boy who melts hearts in his path. There is never a dull moment with him. He keeps me laughing all the time. Being a mom all I want are my kids to be happy.  He took his seat today in his next step in Life. I'm so excited for this coming year. I know it will be great. 

Tuesday, August 2

A taste of Kindergarten

Thursday my little man went to school for a Taste of Kindergarten that will start in a few weeks. Time is going by so fast. He will turn six in October his whole life is ahead of him. He has a bright future ahead. He didn't want to go to school he actually had a melt down after preschool talking about it. I'm a little worried that a whole day of school is going to be hard on my Popsicle. Daddy has this bright idea that getting a dog will help. I'm not so sure of it but the hope of maybe getting a dog has had a wonderful effect on Christopher. Now he loves the idea of school. I guess we will be getting a dog soon. I hope he is having a blast. I'm worried but I guess that is normal considering I was a total mess when Justin went to kindergarten. I cried I'm sure I will do the same. Don't blink for sure kids grow up way too fast. Since writing last this week hubby got a dog.

Meet Thor Christopher's dog. 

Wednesday, February 17


Christopher is five years old with an attitude just like me. He is extremely over the top on everything. He is always telling me I'm his beautiful momma. He loves me and will never let me go. He makes me smile everyday. Even with his horrible breath in the morning that makes me want to vomit. Like how can someone so small have bad breath. It's gross and is the first thing we do together in the morning is brush our teeth. There is no way anything else is happening before that.  He has an imagination about space, Minecraft, lifting weights and talking in different voices that makes me happy God made me his mother. Here are some silly pictures of him last night taking a bath. He hates school because it's boring to him. He says "He needs some action because he is over school! We have been talking about painting his room so far there is no organize theme. It's super hero's with a few Dino's a splash of Minecraft a little bit of space and family pictures. All his idea's. I'm not sure how it will all come together yet. I'm sure fine since I will let him take the rope on this one. Christopher is ball of energy that never stops. He brings out the best in our little family. He has so much life in him. An old soul in a little body. Everyone he comes in contact with says the same thing about him. He is amazing                                                                            little person. That or just being nice.

Five years of being a parent to another little person who is growing up so fast. He makes life worth living. I can't tell you how much he bugs his big brother yet will come back with a smart ass comment that will make his brother laugh. They are truly best friends. He is not afraid of being silly or looking silly. 
He loves mystery books. We are reading sleepy hollow right now. 

When I want a picture he has some weird face he makes every time. I have to act a fool behind the camera to even get a good picture of him. That's okay Justin is at the stage where he is starting to care then snaps back because we are acting a fool. If someone rings the door bell Christopher turns into this.

As of today he wants to be called Night Ninja. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold. 

Sunday, February 7

A different Valentines Day Card

Christopher has a Valentines party this Friday at school.  He wanted to do something with a  little super hero action. The last picture in my collage is from Pinterest the rest are from us. Christopher did his best to cut out the capes with my help. I found printables from this website

It's really easy the steps are listed for you. Basically you print, cut and glue. The last part I used a hole puncher to put the sucker in.  Christopher had glue all over his hands and then peeled it off. It reminded me of when I was in school that was the hot thing to do. Christopher seen it as zombie skin. I had to talk quick because he wanted to do his whole body. Needless to say the glue is not in his reach anymore just in case. 
Just a quick note I used felt but you can use paper either one will work.

Wednesday, January 20

Paint your child Green

Things you do when your child says I want to be Hulk Momma. Okay, I'm racking my brain how do I paint him without turning him green. Well it was last Thursday if by chance it didn't come off he would just be green. We had the weekend coming up no school on Monday. We had a few days to get it off.  Oh Well it's a good story not like I haven't walked into Lowe's when Justin was little dressed absolutely crazy for crazy day at school when I helped his Teacher out. I still have a hard time making Justin wear things that match now.  His theory is if a color no matter how small it is in his shirt he will wear that color shorts. Christopher dresses up all the time no matter how hot it is. I had to buy and replace his old Iron Man costumes with the help of Daddy. He had to keep him outside playing with Justin just so I could get it in the house. It's insane what you have to do when you have kids. Now it's Batman wearing at Target. Christopher was so excited to be green. 

Mix flour, water,
green washable paint and green food color.
Have fun get green. 

Tuesday, October 13

Turning 5

Happy Birthday my little one you are five today. You woke up this morning singing Happy Birthday to your self. You are amazing in every way. I love your smile. Today is a big day.

We celebrated Christopher birthday last Sunday. We had an awesome turn out with 20 kids who showed up from school,T-ball practice the YMCA and story-time. He is loved by many. I'm so glad it didn't rain for our bounce house. My house is small for that many kids. He wanted all of them to stay over for a sleep over. I don't know where I would even put them. Christopher had a blast his first birthday party since we left Michigan. Up until now we have taken the kids to Disney, water parks whatever they wanted. I think he really liked having a party so much that we forgot to bring out the pinata that is filled with six pounds of candy. We are taking it to T-Ball practice tonight. My baby is growing up so fast. I love your face. You are funny, creative and just adorable. Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 10

Busy Bees

Wow, It has been a two weeks. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of my boys. Justin just started wrestling last week. He is getting toss around like a rag doll. The funny part he loves it. Justin is a kind hearted person not aggressive at all. It's not in his nature. He  weighs 106. He is at the right weight to compete right now. Daddy is beyond excited to help his little boy. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this exciting experience we all get to have as a family. With our martial arts experience we can show our son something we grew up doing as a child ourselves. I forgot how bad a high school gym smells. It's horrible I mean body odor galore. It's  hot and sticky. It's straight down nasty a little scary when I hear one of the boys had ring worm. Yuck, I was sitting there listening to him tell the other kid he just wrestled it's okay he is fine now. I told Justin to scrub his body really good. Oh man that is gross. I looked it up online just to show Justin what ringworm looked like just so he knows what to look for.

Justin is getting the hang of falling down to where he doesn't hurt himself. Last night at practice was one of the best he was able to throw someone now. The best part he sleeps very well at night. I love it!  As a mother it's a little scary seeing your son get toss around. It's funny Justin tells me he is fine. With both boys busy everyday of the week we are busy bees now including Saturdays with games. T-ball and Wrestling is a lot of work.  I love my kids! I don't mind being busy. It's not anything new Justin has never really had downtime since he was four. As long as school comes first he can be as busy as he wants. He knows he can stop anytime. I won't force anything on him.  His only job is going to school getting good grades and being Happy. Nothing else matters to me but my kids mental and physical health. How do you keep you kids healthy? 

Friday, July 3

Zombie Games

I hear screaming coming from Justin's bedroom. Christopher comes hauling out of the room runs right into Justin.
"I saw something!" He says His eyes are big and wide.
"What? Jay ask
"It's under the bed." Christopher yells
They both bend down to take a look under the bed. I'm peeking around the corner I hear Christopher say "It's okay Jay It's a dryer sheet."
They both go back pretending to shoot each other and zombies. Children imagination are wonderful even with the age gap between my boys. It's breathtaking to see how close they are. Their brotherly bond is strong. They fight like hell sometimes but never hold a grudge. They do just about everything together. They are growing up just thinking in two weeks Justin will be twelve years old going into six grade in August. Christopher will start preschool as well. My boys will always be my babies. They are my heart and soul. I'm a very proud momma. Even if my nest is slowly emptying.

Friday, June 19

Mommy travel moments

I don't know how it can be sunny and raining with hail at the sametime.  I thought it was going to break my windshield. It's a beautiful scenic route driving through Louisiana,Texas and now we're in New Mexico still 5 hours to go. We're taking a family trip to four corners. Justin and I seen on TV that a lot of alien activity happens there so we decided to take a trip. I really hope we don't see any green aliens I can go for illegal aliens long as they mind their own business. Last year we just drove through Roswell. We are meeting up with my hubby and Father. They went ahead to bond and gamble a pre Father's Day gift. 
My mommy travel moment with Christopher. 
We stopped to get gas in Louisiana.
Christopher asked "Mommy why do those guy's look so rough? Did they just come back from Naked and Afraid? " 
I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't answer him till we got back in the car. 
"No, Christopher I don't think so." 
He looked confused and didn't say anything so I left it as that. By the way if you don't know Naked and Afraid is a TV show. There are two people who have to survive in the wilderness for 21 days.

Yes, There is a cat under there. The seat is on the sun is shining and Godzilla is in cat heaven.  He is warm and sleeping.  Until the storm rolled in he just had to look out the window.  This is his first trip with us. Everything is new to him. I do have to say he is a lot more active than Mickey the cat. She just hides.  Godzilla tried to steal my grapes incognito with the blanket over him. Like I wouldn't see him. 
We are still working on the whole meowing in the middle of the night as he trys to get the squirrel that's in the window.  Not to mention trying to escape from the hotel room. He is still learning. 

Wednesday, June 17

Traveling with my kids & cats

It's never a dull moment traveling in this family.  We seen a battleship coming through Alabama that the boys were absolutely amazed by. The cats were fine hiding in the back until the last two hours when they roamed the car. They had the boys laughing on top of meowing.  It was time to stop. Justin and I had a wonderful conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up.  I enjoyed our talk very much. He wants to join the military and become a scientist /astronaut. He would like to go to outer space.  He has a set of goals with a backup plan in sports or vice versa. We ended up stopping in Mississippi. I was having a hard time parking because the cars were not in the right spot I actually had a guy come out and fix his car. That was really nice there are still nice people in the world. We get inside our hotel room Christopher sets his backpack down throws his hands up in the air like he's going to lay back on the bed. Which is way too tall for him by the way. He falls flat on the ground at the same time
Justin turns around and says "What are you doing?"

Christopher's laying on the floor I'm waiting for a cry instead he answered Justin.
"I was trying to lay on the bed."

Justin says "It's too big!"

Christopher "Well it works at home!"

Justin helps him up off the floor. We all start laughing.  I love these mommy moment's. It's been a long day driving all I want to do is go to sleep.  Godzilla and Mickey think it's time to talk. I mean they were having a pretty heavy conversation until like 3 a.m. Thank God I brought my BCAAS from Shredz to give me that little extra boost today while driving I'm going to need it. I see many rest stops along the way to New Mexico.  First day down wish me luck on our trip. Summer has just started.

Tuesday, June 2

School year comes to an end

 I'm so proud of Justin. His music concert went very well. All three elementary schools sounded great. He made the Honor Roll received an award for respect and perfect attendance. He was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the whole year. He set a goal for next year. I love that about my son he is always setting goals to meet big or small. He kept his dedication to playing the violin all year. At first he thought he would be great then he was a little discourage that he wasn't.  For some reason he thought he would sound like the people on the radio. After we took time day after day to sit with him to read the music. Most important hubby and I gave our time to listen to him. In the beginning he gave us a fight. After a while he came to us to tell us he really enjoyed it. Justin sounds awesome. I hope he will take it up next year. He has music in his soul. He has taken a huge interest in classical music one of the things we all share in common as a family. That's now where his piano lessons come in at. He likes it so far and now understands to be better he has to keep at it.  With Justin once he sets his mind to something he will be great!
Soccer season is over. Justin absolutely loves this sport above anything else. His team Blue Thunder won a handful of games. Christopher liked his second season a little better now that he likes the sport. We went out everyday for the last eight weeks to play in the backyard. No matter how hot it was we where outside. Big brother started showing him how to pass the ball, stop it and run for it. Christopher thought he was being mean if he took the ball. Then he would get upset during the game because the other kids took the ball. They weren't sharing. However his last game he was off in his own little world with a teammate. I had to tell her mom "That's it we can't be friends anymore!" We both laugh but really this is where True love starts at four!
Now you see why. Oh no this is way too early for anything like this. The rule in our house is that both boys have to have a job before they can even start to think about dating. They have to be able to support her. Have both parents permission to date. Funny thing is I think I might have to worry about Christopher with the ladies more then my oldest. Looks like extra sports are needed to keep him occupied. Both boys will not have time for girls until after college. I did ask Christopher what they were talking about. He said" Mom we were just chit chatting about our day!" I know the picture is adorable. I give it that but no more.  Overall I can't wait to see what the next school year brings. My boys are my world. Growing up way to fast but I couldn't be more proud to see them grow.

Monday, May 25

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

This is a hilarious book. It's written by a 12 year old Zombie if you follow the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid these books follow the same mindset just in Minecraft. It starts off as a diary on a Monday he doesn't understand why his mom makes him go scare the villagers. Zombies can't go out during the day he thinks it would be easier if he had human parents because they're probably nice. He has to go to scare School to learn how to scare the villagers. It's extremely cute if you or your children are obsessed with Minecraft this series is definitely for you. We started reading the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. It's a silly book that will make you laugh. Now, I have to order the whole set from Amazon. They run about $3.99 or so it varies. Learning how to play is hard but a lot of fun when my directions come from a four year old.  Happy Reading!  

Sunday, May 17

On the hunt for Bones Leg!

Six in a half hours two cups of coffee forty ounces of water a turkey sandwich with ten totes of Legos. We were on the hunt for this lego toy named Bone.  Apparently he lost his leg. Christopher refused to let me take a picture of him because he was leg less. The leg is smaller than my pinky nail only the white part.  We found everything else like the Iron Man lego guys. Zombies from the zombie collection. We finally found Steve from Minecraft with the rest of his body.  Christopher realize today that Minecraft Steve shares the same name as his daddy. We also found our share of cat toys that some how made there way in the lego box. Justin's poker chips were in there as well with my hair ties and clips. Christopher inform me that he uses my clips as monster cranes to pick up things. He has one heck of imagination on him. As we went through his legos we built a city that Godzilla the evil cat destroyed! He took off with the Legos with Christopher running after him. It was too funny! Christopher tries to rebuild when  Mickey decided she was going to lay on top of the Legos. We never did find Bone's leg. After all that today I think I will just go buy another Lego set just to get another Bones guy. I think that may just be a little easier since my back was not to happy with me. Thank God for yoga! It was my best friend tonight.  Boys are both sleeping.  I never knew looking and playing with Legos could be so exhausting. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love being a Mom!

Monday, April 6

Stuff you do for your kid's

Today is a nice sunny day to get shot! To lay on the ground get dirty come out full of paint and pain. Today is the day to come out and have fun with the kids!
Justin wanted to go have fun and shoot paintball guns he's doing good so far and having a blast! Christopher can't play until he's seven. He's a little upset but we talked the ref into letting him shoot just a few by himself. I never seen my boys so excited to shoot Daddy. I have to admit now our boys are getting older they want daddy more. It makes me have mix feelings I both love it and sad at the same time. Nothing sexier than a father playing with his boys. I love him more and more with each new day. Children will melt your heart if you let them. We live to make them smile. Smiling is all they did Sunday now that's the new thing that has taken over our house. Checking EBay for paintball guns and equipment planning the next time. I love it! I love the relationship my hubby has with our boys. I can't believe that this summer Justin will be 12 years old. He is growing up so fast Christopher is in the fast lane as well. I'm very proud of the boys we are shaping into young men. It shows in how we live our lives. We don't live in the past we live for today! Being a parent takes time to mold a little person into who they are not what you want them to be. We live to make them Smile!
My Husband the Dad
He is a father that takes his time to love with his whole heart. NO matter what the day will bring or how long he had to work. He is there to listen to love. His gives advice shows his kids it's okay to make a mistake. No one is perfect it's a life of learning step by step. His time is all about the kids. Nothing takes away from that. They come first and foremost even before me. That's okay I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm amazed by how much he has grown into the Father he was meant to be. The kids did that with a little help from me. The most important part is that I didn't try to control how he became a father. I didn't tell him he was doing it wrong. To me there is no wrong way to be a parent as long as you give your children time nothing else matters. Time is the one thing you won't get back. My Husband the Dad is doing a great job!

Tuesday, March 17

Wear Green it should be blue

We are Irish this month. Keeping the month going with our project researching different cultures. We have picked to study a little of our own. My great great Grandmother was full blooded Irish that when she passed away died with a head full of red hair. According to my Grandparents.  Now I know where I get the red hair. Let's leave the rest to tell later after I see what might tell me.

We made crafts! We cooked but this year we will not be having roast beef and cabbage. Justin almost got sick when he saw it in the grocery store. He is funny but understandable since we don't eat red meat. His face was priceless. 


Saint Patrick himself would have to deal with pinching on his feast day. His color was “Saint Patrick’s blue,” a light shade. The color green only became associated with the big day after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.


Although he made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn’t Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century.


As you might expect, Saint Patrick’s Day is a huge deal in his old stomping grounds. It’s a national holiday in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.


New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the world’s largest parades. Since 1762, 250,000 marchers have traipsed up Fifth Avenue on foot – the parade still doesn’t allow floats, cars, or other modern trappings

Just a few facts above following our book collection. The book on the bottom is a fairytale about two giants by the end the other bites his thumb and the other giant  becomes very small. A strange story even the kids didn't know what to think.  Have a great safe Day.

Friday, March 13

Good news

One of Christopher's favorite books
I'm really excited to tell everyone that my Popsicle can read this book. He does skip over a word or two but for the most part he can recognize the words. I have to tell you I didn't have faith in that reading program when Justin was his age. You know My baby can read program on TV.
Justin had way to much energy to sit and read. I ended up walking around the house reading a book to him or listing to audio books.
I just thought why not buy books your child likes and read. That's what they want anyways is time spent with you. Justin was on the move all the time. One problem we seemed to have with his Teachers they didn't have time for that. Which made school hard but at the same time I made it easy for him to understand that it was okay. I think the biggest mistake parents can do is talk about problems in front of their kids when it comes to school. I always tell my boys if it didn't work the first time, it's okay that is just one way that didn't work. There are a hundred more ways to try. If it takes a hundred ways I will be there for all of them working with you until we find a way that works for you. Justin now is out shinning everyone in his class. It's awesome that he can show others his age it's okay to fail that doesn't make them stupid. It means you try now try again. That is one thing his Teacher's love  about about him. Christopher is strongly taking a liking to reading. I love it. It's our cuddle time at the end of the night as a family. We sit and read like clock work. We even act out the book to make it fun. I laugh at what he comes up with when it's his time to act out the page. Just a little milestone I wanted to brag about. It's never to late to read with your child. Start today you might enjoy it.

Thursday, February 5


This is how Christopher takes a shower to see.

Being a mom is great. Christopher is growing up. I'm amazed by how much of an impact a little person can make. I get people that stop me in the gym to ask if Christopher is my son. How they pick me out of the crowd I still don't know. I always respond by the dark hair loud mouth  overdramatic little boy. Which by the way is from me or his brother and Father.They laugh and say yes. He loves to encourage people no matter who they are. He greets them with Hello. He will hold a conversation with you. He may be little but he understands a lot. Justin didn't have a good game yesterday.  His team lost 22 to 6. Justin came off the field when Christopher ran up to him tap him on the arm. He said "It's okay brother.You will get them next time. Did you have fun?"
Justin response by saying yes.
"That's all that matters."Christopher says
It's funny how much he listens to me and repeats me. Christopher has my attitude. He is my sidekick. He is in the stage where is gets things now. Crossing the street as an example. We stop look both ways I ask him why do we do this. After going over it a million times since he was one. Now he gets it "Mommy we look because people don't pay attention and we could get killed." 
Now his biggest concern is that he will get stuck into the bathroom drain where he thinks rats hide. He also thinks he will be green. My child has one of imagination on him.  He is an old soul and is currently speaking in past tense as if he had a life before. It's a little weird.  When he will tell us he died but came back because God built him. He keeps me on my toes.  I wouldn't have it any other way. We are getting ready to try soccer again.  I hope it works this time.  He has no patience at all. My popsicle is one of a kind. 

Friday, January 9

A Day with Christopher

He is an old soul from what I hear from many people.  He doesn't act his age. He is the cutest kindest little boy ever. He makes me laugh.  Is he four? He is so smart for his age. These are just the few compliments I receive daily from people. I love the fact we are raising him right. I love the conversations he has with his older brother. Today was one of those days. Christopher took his truck to go pick up his big brother. Christopher got a warning not to park on the sidewalk from a teacher who couldn't stop laughing. 
"Hello Jay you can put Your things in here." He says

Justin had his backpack and violin. As we start walking home. Justin saves the cone Christopher almost backed into.  Along with the gate as well. Big brother to the rescue as his little brother was going off the side. I was in the process of picking up the front as his grabs the back.

Christopher says "Thanks guys you are the best."

Walking home was a blast. I'm talking to him taking pictures when Christopher says "Mom, I need to concentrate so I can drive safely!"

We start laughing and big brother to the rescue again stopping Christopher from running over a small tree.

Christopher Justin calls out to. "Look, I'm over here. Follow me try to get me."

Christopher drives the rest of the way with no problem. This is part of Christopher's Day. 

Thursday, December 12

Shopping with my 3 YEAR OLD

I have to laugh at Christopher he is a true nut. I walked into Aarons furniture store. I remember talking to Christopher and asking him to be on his best behavior until we leave. Laugh now I know it was not going to happen. I seen a table online so I wanted to go in and look at it so I could buy it. GOOD NEWS it gets delivered on Saturday. I'm so excited I haven't had a table in about a year because we were going to build it but it didn't turn out the way that we thought it would. Back home my hubby built the table in the wall which was pretty neat because it was half in the kitchen half in the living room best of both worlds right. First, Hubby calls me. Trying to off the phone with that man is like impossible he talks more than a woman. Sorry babe but you do. He was trying to tell me to get other things all I wanted was a table I don't like to shop. I know I'm weird! Trying to fill out paperwork was nearly impossible when Christopher spilled the water that the sales associate gave us all in our lap. Not bad I suppose it's just water. Christopher starts off saying hello to everybody then he takes off. I finally get him after making three rounds in the store running after him trying not to knock over anything as he's laughing and saying mom can't get me.  I pick him up then he licks me. He is in this licking stage I have no idea why. He wants to lick everything the couch his brother me the cat the Christmas tree the window my phone. It's totally gross! He finds  a kid in the store looks a little bit younger than him maybe 1. Mind you his parents are no where in sight. Christopher starts showing him around the store.Which in turn is fantastic for me turns out it was cheaper than I thought. I ended up just buying it right out. He was like a little  Aarons associate. He has my phone mind you and he is taking pictures of everything. Thank God the sales associate has kids two twins girls that are 3 as well. He understood even made a comment that's why he has a job and she stays home. I can't be mad at him. He did tell me he had a really good time even thanked me for taking him. Christopher is so sweet! It's all part of the job being a mom I love it!!!!

The table 
I bought.

The plant Christopher said he likes. He took a picture of it. 

He wanted to buy this! 

Random new friend.


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