Tuesday, October 13

Turning 5

Happy Birthday my little one you are five today. You woke up this morning singing Happy Birthday to your self. You are amazing in every way. I love your smile. Today is a big day.

We celebrated Christopher birthday last Sunday. We had an awesome turn out with 20 kids who showed up from school,T-ball practice the YMCA and story-time. He is loved by many. I'm so glad it didn't rain for our bounce house. My house is small for that many kids. He wanted all of them to stay over for a sleep over. I don't know where I would even put them. Christopher had a blast his first birthday party since we left Michigan. Up until now we have taken the kids to Disney, water parks whatever they wanted. I think he really liked having a party so much that we forgot to bring out the pinata that is filled with six pounds of candy. We are taking it to T-Ball practice tonight. My baby is growing up so fast. I love your face. You are funny, creative and just adorable. Happy Birthday!!!

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