Wednesday, July 27

Turtle Cove

I love taking the kids to a water park it’s awesome. My Popsicle fell asleep in my arms at the pool. It was really adorable. My little man was having fun going down the slide with friends and daddy. My kids love the water it’s the only way to past this heat wave we have been having. Then on Sunday we took a bike ride as a family. Christopher is still not sure what to make of it.

  I’m really proud of my self on how I have been working out losing all my baby weight without having to worry about a diet. Then again I have never been on a diet to think about it. I don’t think people should put themselves though that kind of pain. I mean its simple eat right don’t shove your face with cupcakes and workout.  Even if I did lose all of it the first month after Christopher because of breast feeding which is great? I walked it off after Justin. I have only been working out in a gym since late may early June. I’m skinner now then I was before I got pregnant. I’m in a bikini for god sake’s with no stretch marks I might add. I love it every time I walk in the room Steve’s tongue is hanging out of he’s mouth as he is pushing up on me. This is not only time he does this.  He can be such a dirty minded person sometimes. I guess that is one way you know you have found your soul mate. When they love you for who you are inside not just outside. He is too funny. I love that he makes me feel like his queen daily. Just as well because I’m great.  What can I say I’m the perfect woman? Sorry my readers I’m a little full of myself today. I’m just really happy things for my family are all falling into place. Our families as well as our friends are always telling me how good I look. It gives me a big ego. Talk about losing weight my sister just had my niece two weeks ago it doesn’t even look like she had a baby. It must be the good genes we get from my family. We are all sexy how many families can say that about every member. We can it’s the truth! You know I love all of you! Anytime my sisters and I are out with my mother people think we are all sisters. It’s great too when we still all get carded. We all still look very young and beautiful even with age. Age is just a number why worry about it. I can't wait to see what I look like when I'm 80. I have a feeling it will be the same as now just with white hair. HA HA a Mexican with white hair. Fantastic! I love my new body since child birth. I embrace my new look on how my thighs are just the right size with space between them. That’s where you stand up straight with your knees together to see if you have a space between them. If you don’t then you have leg fat. (My aunt and sister talked about this ages ago I guess it just stuck) I have more legs then a bucket of chicken. ( LOL)  My arms are tighter with a muscle mass that makes a sun dress look good. My whole frame is different but I love it. My belly is not the tightest like it once was. Considering that I had a c-section I’m doing very well. I love to go shopping for clothes since my weight changes all the time. Can you believe I lost five pounds last week? I love it! I have a million bras that will get put in a tote for another day. However wearing a good pair of heels is long over due. I love the way I feel in them not to mention my legs look amazing. I love my color I just hate the tans lines. I think it’s time to go tanning to get rid of them. You know in a stand up booth I feel like J-LO with the wind blowing in my hair. The wind also goes to places I rather it not be but you get use to it. I love being a mother, wife especially a woman. It’s the greatest thing to feel happy.

Wednesday, July 20

A child

All a child needs in their life is someone to show them love. A huge or a kiss on the cheek shows that child that they mean something to someone. Going to a soccer game means you changed your plans just for them. Making them feel special is an effortless job when they already adore you. As a baby they just want to feel the warmth of your skin next to theirs. They want to hear your voice. They want to be loved. As they grow up they want to please you. All you have to say is you did a great job and I’m proud of you. Money never shows a child love. Fighting just shows your anger and hate for the other parent. Don’t make them have to choose you over the other parent, step-parent even a grandparent. Today children have all types of families with lots of siblings.
Blood doesn’t make you a family love makes a family. Family is what you make it with people who love and support you no matter what happens in life. They don't try to brain wash you.
Making your child happy should mean the world to a parent. That gets overlooked most of the time. Children are seen as property to one parent. It’s sad when a custody case puts the child in the middle. Lies being told to a child will only destroy them in the end. Life will always find a way. Indeed some families who don’t share blood are closer than what you think in today’s world. A woman should never need a man to raise a child. A man should never need a woman to raise a child. Fighting over and over will just show your true colors to people. When some parents walk away it’s what is best for that child in the end. Instead of the child being grilled on what the other parent said and did. That is no life for a child to grow up in. Some just can’t co-exist together. The child will only know what lies not the truth one parent tells.They will never know both sides. A series of lies are of you own doing not anyone else. A real parent can never just walk away from a child who they care about in my opinion. Sometimes it is left for the step-parent (soon to be step-parent) to push for the child. Sometimes the only reason one fights is because another adult wants them to. When the other adult stop pushing for a child that is not theirs this is what you get no ones wins as many parents so whole heartily put. That’s great have fun explaining why you are the reason for your child’s pain of sins of the father/mother. Did you win when the parent doesn't come back? Did you get what you wanted? Did you get what you asked for? In the end I know it's not a piece of mind. Your guilt weighs heavy and people can see. I firmly believe that all a child needs is love. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. What matters is who is in your life at the end of the rope. My children have the best of world’s trips, money, time and most of all love from both of us. We are a loving family that makes time for family fun night filled with games and laughter. Family dinners are a must in my house hold. My husband and I don’t let other people’s drama control us. It seems to make a lot of people have anger towards us with the fact we stay out of it. This is what makes us happy. This is our medicine. I only wish some people would find out what makes them happy to live. Life is only what you make it. It's a shame people don't know that. Instead they chose to live life around others. What I mean by that is taking the time to check up on ex's, new wives, husbands and other people's children. For what do they gain out of being someone who loves to try and ruin another's life? GOD doesn’t like ugly people! In most cases what others say or do has little or no effect on some. Nothing I may say is what they get out of the sick obsession they seem to have. I guess I could see the hate after a year with scone women and men who have been hurt. Late at night when they are checking the Internet.

I guess I'm blessed to have a some what fairytale life. I have a house. A husband who loves and adores me with every breathe he takes. I have two beautiful children who love me. I have a career that allows me to stay at home to raise my children. I’m happy with who I am. I wish that others will find a way to be happy too!

Sunday, July 17

Happy Birthday Justin

What can I say for being eight years old I think we spent about four thousand dollars on him. On top of his big present to New York, presents a hotel pool party and a sleep over. He is getting older with his requests of things he wanted. He is into skating like skateboard and bikes. He got both a bike from us that he loves among three skateboards that he was switching on and off today. Justin is a simple kid anything makes him happy. Most of all he was grateful to everyone who came. My friend pointed that one out to me. That made me smile we raised a good kid. I think mommy and daddy set the bar pretty high for next year. I have no clue what we are going to do for his 9th birthday. He had a blast in the pool all day with about 16 kids who showed up. A sugar high was for sure to follow when jay had pop. Which he never drinks man oh man he was off the chain. He was going a mile a minute I loved it. The kids crashed hard at the end of the night with video games. The boys stayed up way past 1am. I fell asleep along side Christopher while Steve stayed up with them being the great Daddy he is. I love you babe. 7am came today we were back in the pool till 11am. I'm water lodge but a pool right now in this heat would be nice. I think we are going to go get our boat fix to go out on. I hope everyone had a great time thanks for coming.

Happy Birthday Eva Marie

My sister just had her baby girl. I have to thank her for letting me be in the room with her. It was really gross I know what you are thinking I had two. It is very different from being on the other side of things. The part that gross me out was when they gave her the episiotomy. That when they cut you so the baby won't tear you. I swear it looked like chicken which I will not eat anytime soon. I had to turned my head I almost blew chucks. My niece was 7lbs 6 oz and looks just like her momma all the way. My sister was the most calm person in labor I have ever seen. She was joking the whole time while falling asleep in between pushes. Childbirth is beautiful to see a little person that comes out of nine months. It is amazing that your whole life changes because of that little person. My sister is doing well back home with her new love.  Justin wants to know when he is getting a little sister. LOL This is what happens when you take your eight year old to the hospital with you. He wants his daddy and I to go talk to accomplish that. Where does  he comes up with these questions? I swear this is what I asked for by telling him the truth all the time. It also brought up the whole sex question which my son was happy to tell me that paperwork is done to get a baby among other things. Like what goes where and he even knew what it was called. I'm not really ready for my son to grow up yet. Steve and I just talked about Justin and girls. Trust me I will stop any (little lady in nice terms)before that happens. My boys will not get trap like most by some little lady if you know what I mean.  Congrats to my baby sister and baby Eva. We love you lots.

Wednesday, July 13


You share this special day with your older brother I guess the number 13 is my lucky number. You are nine months today. It seems just yesterday I sent a picture of a plus sign to your Daddy. I could hear the excitement in his voice when he called me. We are pregnant is what he said not Hello but We are pregnant I'm on my way home. Once he was at home all he kept saying was I love you as he touched my belly over and over. Daddy was just as happy about you as he was with Justin. Daddy and I want to have a big family and you are a part of it. I had the bloated feet, legs and happiness the whole time you grew inside my belly. I love how much you have grown so much since the first day we met you. You love the water. You would rather be in it than dry ground like your big brother Justin. Every time you see him you think he is the most funniest person in the world. I love the way you have been talking. I love the way you sit with Daddy and Big brother just playing. You are coming in your own with your own way of doing things. You have a attitude like me. Your Daddy would fall over if he heard me just say that. You are all over the house crawling like a mad man. You are trying to walk real bad just not there yet. We love you Christopher I can't wait to see what else is to come.

To my little man Justin

Today you are turning 8 years old. I remember when I told your your Daddy it wouldn't be long before those tiny toes kicked me. He pick me up with the biggest smile from ear to ear his life had meaning now just as mind did. Even if you did make me sick for the whole nine months I wouldn't take anything back. You make me smile and laugh with your jokes. You are so funny just like yesterday when you were helping me pick out clothes. Then asked for a little sister. I know that when you ask a question it's just not one there are at least ten. Out of those questions I have to find a way to explain it to you so there are not ten more.  Either way I will always love to answer anything you have. I love the night talks we have before I put you to bed. I remember taking you to the park when you were little watching you experience it like the first time every time we went.  I love to watch your face light up when Daddy walks in the room. It seems like yesterday when Daddy saw you for the first time after being gone. I have never seen two people as happy as you two now you both are inseparable. I swear hearing you two talk about roller coasters, cars and jumping out of plans I chuckle to see you are just like him.  My two dare devils without a fear in the world. I can still smell the baby fresh powder from your first bath I gave you the day I brought you home. My life was incomplete until I had you in my arms. I have had the chance to watch you grow from a baby to a young little man. I remember the first time you walk well ran in the kitchen at seven months. You were so tiny with a whole mouth of teeth. Baby you have music in your soul from the time you could roll over at four months. You would dance to any beat there was. Not to mention all the singing you did and still do. I loved how whatever your father and I told you. You always had a way to get around it like the gate we put up for you to stay out of the kitchen. You being as smart as you are took a chair to push up to the gate to unlock it.  I couldn't keep you in the playpen you would crawl out of it. The first time I seen you rocking it back and fourth until it fell over just amazed me how nothing could hold you back. Justin you are fearless,brave, sweet,kind,loyal,and lovable. You get these qualities from us with a special touch of your own style. You have been on a fast track ever since.  You are doing great in school It brings me joy to hear how much you are a pleasure to have in the classroom. Yes, I'm going to brag about you because you are the best thing that has ever happen to your Father and I.  Everyday I look at you I thank God for choosing me to be your mother.  I never knew I could love someone who had the most cutest  chubby checks, little hands and a smile that over took my heart. I loved you from the first day I met you. Nothing in the world matter more to your Father and I than your happiest. We will do everything in our power to make sure you stay happy like you are. I can always count on you to have a smile on your face everyday.

Watching you in mud day was a blast to see you take down daddy. Below was our first family reunion where we gladly added you to our BIG family.I love how you love  your little brother. You are great with him I know it can be stressful some days but in the end I couldn't ask for anyone better. Justin Christopher loves you so much you can tell when you say Hi to him or huge him. He is all smiles.
Justin we are very proud to be your parents we love you all the way to the moon and back. Happy Birthday Honey.

Monday, July 11


This is the fireworks show that my stud muffin put on with the help of Mr Brain on Saturday. It was great.

Friday, July 8

Tiger's Game and New York

Friday we went to a Tiger’s game with my daddy.We went and ate at El Zocalo downtown. The food was awesome I love real Mexican food.  It was really nice I don’t like baseball but it gives my Dad and Steve time to talk. They get along really well. Sitting there listening to them go back and forth is a site to see but Steve will go out of his way for my father. It was Christopher’s first game with us. They had fireworks at the end. I will try to post the video I took. Christopher slept though the fireworks until the end. He wasn’t scared at all he was so brave. He liked them.

Saturday morning we packed up to head to New York for Justin's Birthday. It took us four hours to get to Pennsylvania. We stop to eat at this restaurant Primanti Bros. To get there famous sandwich it wasn't that good but it was something new to try. We waited in line for about 25 minutes to get the sandwich not on a plate. lol

It then took us another 6 hours to get to New York. We stop so many times just to get out of the car and to go pee. Why may I ask is there always a line for the ladies bathroom? It doesn't make sense go pee and leave. Justin liked going though the tunnel.

Once we arrived in downtown New York it was a mob full of people. Our hotel was only three blocks away. It took us a good 45 minutes to get there. There were people everywhere! Take a look at this McDonald's you would think we were in LA or something. Yes, we took about a thousand pictures while we were there. When we finally were able to get checked in at our hotel which was a block away from the Empire State Building I was exhausted. We all took a shower to venture out in the big city. First off this is not a stroller friendly place. You have to fight the crowd to get anywhere. Even at 10 o'clock at night there where people out like it was noon. We decided to go to the Empire State Building to see it at night with all the lights on the building.

There was a line to get in the place to buy our tickets about 45 minutes. A line to get half way up another hour or so there. Once we went though the security scanners another 35 to 45 minutes to get to the elevators. That took us up to the 80th floor. Then we had to wait again by this time I lost track how long we waited. Once we were on the observation deck it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You could see the whole city from the top. It was gorgeous to be that high up and look over. At the same time a little nerve racking too. Well this is only part one so stay tune for more.

Friday, July 1

I just can't seem to be mad at this man.

I'm talking about my wonderful hubby Steve. I swear it's so hard to try or stay mad at him it's impossible. This morning we were talking about our trip and he pissed me off over something that needed to be printed out. I walked away from him and I can't look at him either. If I do he has this funny look on his face with those brown puppy dog eyes looking at me melts my heart. He is too goofy to try and have my I'm pissed at you look on. Never fails he always has the one question "Honey why you are mad at me?" Then I try not to laugh but can't help it. Then I forget why I was mad. Anytime I want to be mad another statement comes out of his mouth like" You look so sexy when you are mad." Heaven forbid I turn around "Dame you have a nice ass shake it!" I swear there is nothing I can be mad at him for. He always wants to try and give me a kiss as I push him away. He will make a heart with his fingers over his chest to tell me" This is my heart and it's breaking for you!"What where did that come from Really? He then slaps my butt and says “Baby this is nice!" Among others thing I would rather not say its a little Rated R. I still get butterflies in my stomach when he walks in the room. Steve can still make me laugh after all these years. It's something I cherish many people don't have this. I'm glad we work on us to keep it this way. I love how we don't fight or have a disagreement about anything. It's because no matter how serious it is it's not. Steve comes up with some whoppers I tell you. He is funny with some well all of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. I remember the first time we went to pick up his bike. I was nervous about following him in the car. I told him that I'm sorry ahead of time if I run him over. He looks at me in awed that I just said that. He says “Okay I hope you still love me after I yell at you for running me over. You better be nice to me." "I didn't mean it I swear!" That would have been a conversation for the medics to talk about. They would be saying wow! Still I love this man to death. Last night at this Thai food place he tries to get our son to believe he was eating cow tongue. He jokes with Jay all the time it's hilarious! I can't wait for our family vacation with the boys. It is going to be fun.

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