Tuesday, September 15


Rise above your pain you feel. Take in the moment you have right now. Life will only be what you allow it to be. To be Happy is a gift you already have. You have the power to control how you handle it. Things and Event's around you may not always seem to be on your side. How you let your mind,body and spirit handle it will fall into place. Don't give up on yourself. As a mother,wife, woman I have overcome many things that should have crushed me. I made a choice to succeed in life. To rise above all of what God has put in my place. Try to be true to yourself set an example for yourself. Life is  beautiful! Inhale it soak in it live in it. Hard times won't last forever. A positive mind will overcome anything if you let it. Strong is Beautiful! 

Thursday, September 10

Busy Bees

Wow, It has been a two weeks. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of my boys. Justin just started wrestling last week. He is getting toss around like a rag doll. The funny part he loves it. Justin is a kind hearted person not aggressive at all. It's not in his nature. He  weighs 106. He is at the right weight to compete right now. Daddy is beyond excited to help his little boy. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this exciting experience we all get to have as a family. With our martial arts experience we can show our son something we grew up doing as a child ourselves. I forgot how bad a high school gym smells. It's horrible I mean body odor galore. It's  hot and sticky. It's straight down nasty a little scary when I hear one of the boys had ring worm. Yuck, I was sitting there listening to him tell the other kid he just wrestled it's okay he is fine now. I told Justin to scrub his body really good. Oh man that is gross. I looked it up online just to show Justin what ringworm looked like just so he knows what to look for.

Justin is getting the hang of falling down to where he doesn't hurt himself. Last night at practice was one of the best he was able to throw someone now. The best part he sleeps very well at night. I love it!  As a mother it's a little scary seeing your son get toss around. It's funny Justin tells me he is fine. With both boys busy everyday of the week we are busy bees now including Saturdays with games. T-ball and Wrestling is a lot of work.  I love my kids! I don't mind being busy. It's not anything new Justin has never really had downtime since he was four. As long as school comes first he can be as busy as he wants. He knows he can stop anytime. I won't force anything on him.  His only job is going to school getting good grades and being Happy. Nothing else matters to me but my kids mental and physical health. How do you keep you kids healthy? 

Wednesday, September 9

We are going to Mars
We are going to space well our names are.
 The Needham family names are being sent to Mars. Justin thought he was really going. If he could he would. He is fascinated with space. 

Right now NASA has a way to get people there not home yet. It's a one way trip. Yesterday was the last day to send your name. Justin thought is was the coolest thing ever. Only after I explained that he his self was not actually going. 
We have our boarding pass. I'm going to print these off and frame them to put in the boys room. We are in the process of changing Justin's room around. He is twelve now which he informed me he needs a little older style. I'm not sure what that means but we will find out. Justin missed space camp last summer. We were out of town. I can't wait to sign him up next summer. He will put his space knowledge to work. 
I love how much my son is interested in the stars and planets. I think it's cool. Interstellar the movie is his favorite. He wants to be able to visit all the planets someday. In his time he just might get that chance. 

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