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Tuesday, August 2

A taste of Kindergarten

Thursday my little man went to school for a Taste of Kindergarten that will start in a few weeks. Time is going by so fast. He will turn six in October his whole life is ahead of him. He has a bright future ahead. He didn't want to go to school he actually had a melt down after preschool talking about it. I'm a little worried that a whole day of school is going to be hard on my Popsicle. Daddy has this bright idea that getting a dog will help. I'm not so sure of it but the hope of maybe getting a dog has had a wonderful effect on Christopher. Now he loves the idea of school. I guess we will be getting a dog soon. I hope he is having a blast. I'm worried but I guess that is normal considering I was a total mess when Justin went to kindergarten. I cried I'm sure I will do the same. Don't blink for sure kids grow up way too fast. Since writing last this week hubby got a dog.

Meet Thor Christopher's dog. 

Thursday, September 10

Busy Bees

Wow, It has been a two weeks. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of my boys. Justin just started wrestling last week. He is getting toss around like a rag doll. The funny part he loves it. Justin is a kind hearted person not aggressive at all. It's not in his nature. He  weighs 106. He is at the right weight to compete right now. Daddy is beyond excited to help his little boy. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this exciting experience we all get to have as a family. With our martial arts experience we can show our son something we grew up doing as a child ourselves. I forgot how bad a high school gym smells. It's horrible I mean body odor galore. It's  hot and sticky. It's straight down nasty a little scary when I hear one of the boys had ring worm. Yuck, I was sitting there listening to him tell the other kid he just wrestled it's okay he is fine now. I told Justin to scrub his body really good. Oh man that is gross. I looked it up online just to show Justin what ringworm looked like just so he knows what to look for.

Justin is getting the hang of falling down to where he doesn't hurt himself. Last night at practice was one of the best he was able to throw someone now. The best part he sleeps very well at night. I love it!  As a mother it's a little scary seeing your son get toss around. It's funny Justin tells me he is fine. With both boys busy everyday of the week we are busy bees now including Saturdays with games. T-ball and Wrestling is a lot of work.  I love my kids! I don't mind being busy. It's not anything new Justin has never really had downtime since he was four. As long as school comes first he can be as busy as he wants. He knows he can stop anytime. I won't force anything on him.  His only job is going to school getting good grades and being Happy. Nothing else matters to me but my kids mental and physical health. How do you keep you kids healthy? 

Tuesday, August 11

School is almost here

Well we are off to a great start so far. School shopping is done supplies for the kids complete. Teachers supplies dropped off today at open house all set and ready to go. Christopher did a fantastic job on helping pick up supplies for his Teacher. I can't believe he is starting preschool in a week. Justin is taller than me. Christopher  wants me to go find dinosaurs for him to train. I'm freaking out about three hours  popsicle will be gone but really I have that time to study without interruption. I can go grocery shopping by myself. I don't know what to do with myself. That's huge a shopping cart with no little hands grabbing everything. I might just have to go done an aisle and throw something down just to feel normal. Go to the gym I'm a gym rat totally. Well that's half of my studies anyway. The picture of school supplies are what we are donating to Jay's school we also picked up all this again plus four more packs of line paper and copy paper. School starts tomorrow I have so much anxiety about Jay going to school not so much with popsicle. I don't know why that is maybe first born. I don't know! Talking to my friend she is the same way with her son not daughter. It just seems like time is going by so fast. Next year Jay will be in high school and driving soon. I want to stop time. Today ten Teachers stop to say hi to him before we made it to his classroom. He is popular in his school for all the good reasons. I'm excited to see what this year will bring. A lot of memories smiles and laughs. I know this blog post is just me carrying on about a lot. Just smile today be thankful and laugh a lot. 

Tuesday, June 2

School year comes to an end

 I'm so proud of Justin. His music concert went very well. All three elementary schools sounded great. He made the Honor Roll received an award for respect and perfect attendance. He was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the whole year. He set a goal for next year. I love that about my son he is always setting goals to meet big or small. He kept his dedication to playing the violin all year. At first he thought he would be great then he was a little discourage that he wasn't.  For some reason he thought he would sound like the people on the radio. After we took time day after day to sit with him to read the music. Most important hubby and I gave our time to listen to him. In the beginning he gave us a fight. After a while he came to us to tell us he really enjoyed it. Justin sounds awesome. I hope he will take it up next year. He has music in his soul. He has taken a huge interest in classical music one of the things we all share in common as a family. That's now where his piano lessons come in at. He likes it so far and now understands to be better he has to keep at it.  With Justin once he sets his mind to something he will be great!
Soccer season is over. Justin absolutely loves this sport above anything else. His team Blue Thunder won a handful of games. Christopher liked his second season a little better now that he likes the sport. We went out everyday for the last eight weeks to play in the backyard. No matter how hot it was we where outside. Big brother started showing him how to pass the ball, stop it and run for it. Christopher thought he was being mean if he took the ball. Then he would get upset during the game because the other kids took the ball. They weren't sharing. However his last game he was off in his own little world with a teammate. I had to tell her mom "That's it we can't be friends anymore!" We both laugh but really this is where True love starts at four!
Now you see why. Oh no this is way too early for anything like this. The rule in our house is that both boys have to have a job before they can even start to think about dating. They have to be able to support her. Have both parents permission to date. Funny thing is I think I might have to worry about Christopher with the ladies more then my oldest. Looks like extra sports are needed to keep him occupied. Both boys will not have time for girls until after college. I did ask Christopher what they were talking about. He said" Mom we were just chit chatting about our day!" I know the picture is adorable. I give it that but no more.  Overall I can't wait to see what the next school year brings. My boys are my world. Growing up way to fast but I couldn't be more proud to see them grow.

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