Tuesday, August 2

A taste of Kindergarten

Thursday my little man went to school for a Taste of Kindergarten that will start in a few weeks. Time is going by so fast. He will turn six in October his whole life is ahead of him. He has a bright future ahead. He didn't want to go to school he actually had a melt down after preschool talking about it. I'm a little worried that a whole day of school is going to be hard on my Popsicle. Daddy has this bright idea that getting a dog will help. I'm not so sure of it but the hope of maybe getting a dog has had a wonderful effect on Christopher. Now he loves the idea of school. I guess we will be getting a dog soon. I hope he is having a blast. I'm worried but I guess that is normal considering I was a total mess when Justin went to kindergarten. I cried I'm sure I will do the same. Don't blink for sure kids grow up way too fast. Since writing last this week hubby got a dog.

Meet Thor Christopher's dog. 

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