Friday, December 30


This year is coming to an end. So much has happen this year with our family and for me. I couldn't ask for more. Christopher is growing up so fast. He is all over the house driving everyone insane. Justin has taken on all by himself to help out kids in need. He is so smart and caring. He is doing excellent in school. He makes us very proud of him. I completed my first book and waiting for approval from my team of experts. It's kind of scary putting myself out there for all to read. I have been working on my second book not sure of the title yet. I was going with "A Child" but that just doesn't seem to give it justice for the topic. My Hubby and I are going out tomorrow.Thanks to my sister in law for babysitting. I'm really excited to be able to bring in the New Year with the man I love. I love the way he looks at me. He melts my heart even after being married for six years. When I look into my hubby's eyes it's like nothing else matters. He shows me too that his actions speak just as loud as his words. I love a man who takes care of his family like he does. He told me this past weekend that I'm pea to his pod. Like two peas in a pod. lol He has a sense of humor you have to understand sometimes. This is what makes my hubby unique. I have never loved a man like I love him. He is wonderful to be around. You either hate him or love him either one is a privilege. Our boys are very much like their father to a T it's a little weird at times. Justin has his attitude as Christopher has his deep dark brown gorgeous eyes. I love my family very much. Steve and I get the chance to watch them grow up. It is a blessing to have that. My children are my world. I love watching the boys run up screaming daddy when he walks in the door. I love seeing the joy it brings Steve as he puts out his arms to catch them both. I knew from the first time I laid eyes on Steve he would be the man I would share my life with. I'm glad he was so persistence as he was even after pushing him away many times. I have to admit it changed both our lives for the better. We have never been happier. I realized that no matter what happens in life the love we share won't change.

I loved Christmas this year we were able to get our boys everything they wanted expect a trip to Spain. That is what Justin asked for first but we had to say NO to that one until Christopher is a little older. Steve and I were at ease this year we are anyways nothing really bothers us for the most part. I guess really knowing someone then reconnecting with that same person helps out. Steve and I have big plans for the New Year hoping all goes the way it supposes to. I don't doubt that it won't. I guess working on our relationships and kids have bought up many options for the future. I take pride in the way Steve and I have raise are kids so far. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. I know 2012 will bring much Joy to our lives as this year has. Congrats to two of my girlfriends who just had their babies. I wish you luck, joy and happiness for the New Year to come. Congrats to another good friend who just announce his engagement. This weekend I have some house projects going on I can't wait. Good things really do happen to great people. Happy New Year to all of my reader's I hope your year was as great as mind. Set new goals and go for it!

Wednesday, December 28


My Boy's

We had a very white Christmas. The snow started to fall as we awoke from our beds. Justin rubbing the sleepy out of his eyes as Christopher stumble though the kitchen to the living room. Under the tree was filled with presents for all.

Christmas at Grandpa's
Beyblade Extreme Top System IR Spin Control Galaxy Pegasus SetBeyblade Extreme Top System Electro Battlers X-55 Electro Serpent TopBeyblade Extreme Top System IR Spin Control Gravity DestroyerThis Christmas has been the best ever. It's so nice to get away from everything and take a trip. We went to see family for Christmas. The boys kind of had three Christmas's. We had our family get together at our house two weeks ago. Then Christmas day with my Dad and Step-Mom and Monday was ours. It was a blast to see the boys open up gifts. Justin is into the Bey Blades toys or tops is a huge hit. I'm not sure why it seems boring to me just watching a top spin and spin and spin around. Jay likes it that's all that counts. Steve and Jay were playing with them. It's cute to see his face light up when his top wins. Beyblade Extreme Top System Electro Battlers Electro L-Drago Set

Our white Christmas

     Monster Jam tickets were another gift from his awesome parents. He loves these trucks.  Christopher surprise us when he actually was tearing the paper off his gifts. Once he seen what was inside we had to take over. Evey toy Christopher has sings or plays music. I think I know my ABC's by heart now. There are so many toys around the house I have Steve working on a toy box. I'm grateful to the Lord for giving me a great family to celebrate with.  I really didn't take too many pictures this year because my wonderful hubby brought me a new camcorder. I have found many things to film. That is my new hobby.

our tree
You can't see them but back there are a lot more under the tree. Thank you Steve for everything you do.  You are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Thanks to my wonderful boy's who always make me smile. I have to say I will never forget this Christmas.

Christmas at The Needham's

This house we seen on our way to the movies Friday. This house is awesome! Justin and Steve seen it first then he drove me by it. I'm so wanting to do our house like this next year. Get to work hubby.
We took the boys to Santa's Magic Forest this weekend which was a blast. On the way there we stop by the farm to see some goats and a camel. It was funny to see Christopher wipe his hand off on his coat after he feed the goats. Justin was almost taken out by another goat who was being greedy with the food. 

 This picture says it all. What a Life to have.
This is my Beautiful family. We also had The Needham's Christmas party at our house with family and friends. It went pretty good. I cooked a huge ham with sweet potato's, stuffing, mash potato's, cookies,and homemade pumpkin pie. Everyone brought a dish
to pass. It was fantastic to see everyone. The laughter and smiles filled the room. The boys were able to open their gifts from the family. They have to wait till Sunday for Santa's. Christopher is mumbling just about everything you can imagine. It sounds like he is mad at you when he starts going off. It's adorable to listen to him. Justin had his Christmas concert on Friday. The music teacher did a wonderful job with 560 kids on stage at once. Justin dressed up for it. He is getting so old I couldn't help but cry when I heard him sing. Time flies by so fast.

Monday, December 19

Angels Crest

Image DetailThis is a very sad movie I just watched it today. Steve and I talk about this all the time when we see someone leave their kid in the car. We always call the police on them. All it takes it one second for something to happen. It is very sad when I hear parents forgetting their children in a hot car or any car for that matter. I can't believe people have no common sense when it comes to children. This is why something has to be done to regulate who can have kids and who can't. In the last six months there has been stories of parents killing their children. It makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know how anyone can hurt anyone let alone a child. These people need to be wiped off the face of the earth. That is just how I feel. I won't tell you too much since it is not in theaters until next week. Sad but true story for many. I hope this makes people think twice before they leave a child in the car. I won't even leave my eight year old in a car by himself. In fact Justin is never out of my sight. There are way too many freaks out there who are crazy to even take a chance. I love the fact GOD made me a mother however he needs to stop making the ones who are unfit parents and give that chance to someone who deserve it. This is a must watch movie I give it four out of five stars.

Sunday, December 18

Date Night

I plan a date night with my wonderful hubby on Friday. He was very surprise I already had a sitter and dinner waiting for him. He is too funny it was the second time we have left the boys with someone since Popsicle has been born. He was teary eye. I love when he is like that. Me on the other hand I was ready to get the hell out the house. The boys were driving me crazy that day. I needed a well deserve break. Steve and I went to see IN TIME with Justin Timberlake. We really liked the movie it makes you think how would you live your life different if it was in time.
You know when you are a parent when even on a date at ten o'clock it's time for bed. We could hardly keep our eyes open at the end. It was very nice it gave us a chance to be adults for one night. Once we made it home when sat in the car taking about stuff not necessary the kids or what we had to do. We had a nice conversation about us. Sometimes Steve gets a little deep when he talks. One of the reasons I feel in love with him. I asked Steve what made him chose me over someone else.
"You seen me for who I am not who I was!"  He made me smile I love talking to him. With everything the boys have to do and work we really haven't had a chance lately to sit down and chat. I guess we needed this. Being married takes work for some for others it's like breathing. No work is needed unless I have to sit in a ice cold rink to watch Justin and Steve play hockey. That is hard to do sometimes.
Image Detail

Thursday, December 8

Let's Talk about this for a mintue.

Okay I seen this story on yahoo talking about the morning after pill being stop from being sold over the counter. Like I said I'm not for or against abortion. I think it should be looked at case by case and only if in a case where the woman is rape or incest happens. My opinion yes some may not like it. Then again it is just my opinion about this subject. It takes a special person to raise a child of rape or incest. Then again not all women can do this just like all women can not be a sergeant for another woman. There are many things one person can do that another just can't. To get back to this story it took my interest in why would an 11 year old would need to buy this pill. First of all if a 11 year old is having sex just for the hell of it the parents need to be slap and the child needs some help. I'm a mother of two boys and so far girls still have germs. I tell Justin he can't date till he is 30. (Laughing) I don't want to think about him having sex. I have talked to him about it. Steve and I have instill very high morals that contain to he should wait to have sex with his wife only. If he can't provide a home for the woman he sleeps with then he shouldn't be having sex.  He needs a J.O.B and her parents permission to even go out on a date with a girl.Steve and I don't want our kids to have drama before their time. Kid's and baby mamma's are not going to fly around our house. I have heard that the best thing in life is to find someone without baggage. It is less problems in the long run. I have many friends where in this case would be true. I'm glad it can not be sold over the counter next to condoms.

Did you know that having a child will lower your risk of having breast cancer by 46%? I didn't know that piece of information. I guess some studies have found that if you terminate your first pregnancy you will increase your risk for breast cancer. Now just one question to the world why is this information not  following the breast cancer awareness commercials? I think this needs to be heard for all women. I think it may change their minds before they hit the sack with the hottie that is on the football team.

Women please think about this just for a momonet. Click on these links I have provide it's information everyone should know.

Now that I have that off my chest there is something else alot of people don't know about me I was an egg donor for three years. The clinic I donated at has been on my mind lately. I know I will never know who received my eggs because it was anonymous. I almost died the first time I donated. I donated  four more times after that. The last time my hubby didn't want me to do it but agreed with me. Going though that with Steve was very hard. He never left my bedside.  In the state of Michigan a wife can not be a donor unless the husband agrees. This is with most clinics anyways. I'm really happy to report that the clinic has be very successfully with a pregnancy from a frozen embryo. Just out of  being curious since I was picked many times. I can't help but wonder if that could have been my egg. Not that I want to meet the child. I don't I just think that is very awesome. The last time I went though a cycle it was for research only. They called me recently to see if I wanted to donate again. I turned them down for that call I was still nursing Christopher at the time. I'm not sure what the long term affects are from being on fertility drugs or the retrieval of my eggs are. I know it counted each time they went inside to take them. It is a surgery that I have to confess up about when I see a doctor. I guess I'm scared a little from the last time I went in. Normally they put you under anesthesia for the procedure.
(A good egg retrieval may obtain between 10 and 20 eggs. An egg retrieval typically takes 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, the woman is taken to the recovery area while she “wakes up” from the medication. Usually, she can leave within an hour after completing the retrieval. The couple will be told how many eggs were retrieved before leaving the surgery center.

The day of the egg retrieval, the woman should plan on taking it easy. She will often be drowsy due to the residual effects of the anesthesia medication. Some nausea is possible but otherwise, she can eat whenever By the next day, she should be able to resume normal activities).

After the link the site states that you can resume to normal activities. I disagree with this I have not been the same since I donated my eggs. I didn't use this clinic. I  had Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome the first time when they took out 72 eggs. That clinic I'm still working on trying to stop others from being treated like a chicken. The second clinic I went to was very professional about it. They treated me like a patient not just like an object. Each time they took out nothing less then 40 eggs. Without donors some women would never get the chance to have a baby at all. I was asked the question "Why did I want to be a donor?" I wanted to help people to have kids. I was like the butter for their turkey. Yes I told the doctor's that. They laugh about it just like they were shock to see Steve my husband being involved in each step like he was. Sometimes he had more questions then I did about what needed to be done. Then again I'm already use to Steve being that way with me. When you truly love someone you can share everything with them. I'm very gratefully Steve was and wanted to be there with me. Steve was the one who gave the shots to me. That by the way I give credit to anyone who has to take shots daily. It is very hard to do. I have never had an abortion but the last time I had a retrieval I had to do it without medication. I think that is why my views on this subject are the way they are. The feeling of something being sucked out of you is a unsettling feeling to have. I thought Steve was going to have a heart attack when they couldn't give me anything. Being since he almost lost me a year and a half before that. Not alot of people talk about this who have done this. I'm working on a page or a post about being an egg donor. So check back thanks again for reading what I'm ramblimg on about.


Another great one. I love the guy he has great moves. lol

choo choo soul ABC GOSPEL

Christopher loves this song just like Jay when he was little. This is a great way to learn the ABC's.

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