Thursday, January 29

Jump Rope for Heart

Justin is at it again raising money for Jump Rope for heart he is up $70.00 dollars so far.  We are going out again on Saturday to see if he can reach his goal of $100.00 dollars. I have always let him decide if he wants to do any of the fundraising his school comes out with. This one he really enjoys doing. Justin keeps it all local in his community asking for donations which works out well for him. There are a lot of people who will help out a local school with any event. Five dollars seems to be the target everyone was willing to give. If you would like to help just visit
Wish Justin luck this weekend whatever he doesn't raise Mommy and Daddy always seems to pick up the rest. It's okay it's for a good cause.

Saturday, January 24

Losing that baby weight

Motivational Quotes for weight lossI have ran into a few women who have had a baby in the last few months. Same question keeps coming up wanting to lose the weight but they all have an excuse. There are no magic pills no magic diets you can go on. It take time to lose the weight. It took nine months to put it on give yourself at least that to take it off in a healthy way. The biggest problem I see that is keeping women not just mother's from losing weight is the way they think and see themselves. Each woman is unique in their own way. You have to change the way you see yourself.

You have to love the body you are in before you can change the body you have. You have to put in hard work and dedication to achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself. I'm not talking about saying I just want to lose my belly weight. That statement is going to set you up to fail in a big way.  It's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE you are going to make. It stays for life not just a few months. People are forgetting that the road to getting fit all starts with your way of thinking. Think positive thoughts tell yourself positive things when working out and enjoy what you are doing. If you view it as a job it won't work. The next step is eating clean it's not that expensive once you find the time to put together meals. Do your research on what you put into your mouth. Your body is your temple treat it as one. Do it slowly if you don't eat clean now. If you drink pop take that out for a month. Try different foods see what works for you.
  I workout five to seven days a week depending on what I want to do that week. It works for me that doesn't mean it will work for you. Try three days a week 20 to 30 minutes of cardio to see where you are to start with. Take some classes talk to a fitness coach find a program that works for you. There are a ton of at home workouts you can do. It takes NO equipment but your body.
Abs Workout I love doing abs now!
                             The question is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

Monday, January 19

A Child who laughs hysterically!

Kids are crazy!  It doesn't matter what happens my son laughs when he gets hurt. 
He was running away from his brother hit his leg on here then dropped to the floor. I go running up to him thinking the worst his leg is broke he is bleeding something horrible.  Nope he is laughing out of control. 

Here he is laughing. I will never know if he is truly hurt unless he is dragging a leg over his shoulder.  I'm sure he will be laughing saying " Look what I did!"
He isn't a serious kid at all. 

Thursday, January 15

Teaching is fun!

I have an ideal for the next eleven months since I am a Jehovah witness for the month. These two little old ladies Carol and Mary with Bibles have been stalking me since October. Hubby told me in order to get them to leave me alone I should tell them I'm Christian. They are Christian well that made them happy. Now I feel guilty for telling a lie. I told them the truth.  I have never been the type to listen and would send them on their way. Something made me listen the first time they stopped by. Maybe it was the man himself I'm not sure but I have a feeling I need to listen. To what that is what this post is about. A year ago some people came to our door while Christopher and I were playing Nerf battle he proceed to tell them to leave or he would shot them. As I closed the door I'm shaking my head for sure I'm going to Hell now. Carol and Mary are very nice filled with lots of information. I believe there is a higher power I just don't believe in the bible. It's a man mad religion to people who need something in writing to have faith in besides them. I was raised as a Catholic in a sense. On one hand I went to church while my Grandmother taught of prayers. My mother was raised on church every Sunday Bible school the whole nine yards somewhere she lost her way. I'm not sure when but I would have liked to of had some kind of stable background in church. When I was younger I started to follow the more in the teaching of the Bible. That is also when I found out I came from a very strong Mexican background on my Biological father's side. I didn't live with him and my brothers so it came and went life goes on. It fell in the back of my mind. I have ran into a lot of people who are social church goers. Who will preach to you but choose themselves not to follow. A bunch of Hypocrites in my opinion all of this is just my opinion. Now, I'm on a Journey with my family to see what fits us as a family and myself. Hubby isn't the church kind of person he was more or less damaged by an insane church lady. Now he is a little more open minded after years of talking about it going to several different churches. I always thought I had to not believe because he didn't. He didn't want to talk about it so we didn't. I find too that when God is brought up with anyone they are uncomfortable with the issue.  I have almost seen a few dozen people almost have a heart attack when I would say I believe I have faith but not so much in the written word of The Bible. I might as well be the devil that's how they look at me. I know I may not be making any sense in this post so here is the good part. The boys and I will learn about a different culture and religion each month. That's our goal and by December I will see if my mind way of thinking have changed or not. I will post updates come February we will be studying Black History Month in our household. Let's see if I can get hubby to be Dr. King and recite his speech fingers crossed. If you have an ideal please leave a comment here or on Facebook. I have eleven months to fill. I need a little help. I think since none of the history I was taught in school is taught today in light of everything that has happen. This would be a good way to teach my boys about the world and all the people who live here.

Friday, January 9

A Day with Christopher

He is an old soul from what I hear from many people.  He doesn't act his age. He is the cutest kindest little boy ever. He makes me laugh.  Is he four? He is so smart for his age. These are just the few compliments I receive daily from people. I love the fact we are raising him right. I love the conversations he has with his older brother. Today was one of those days. Christopher took his truck to go pick up his big brother. Christopher got a warning not to park on the sidewalk from a teacher who couldn't stop laughing. 
"Hello Jay you can put Your things in here." He says

Justin had his backpack and violin. As we start walking home. Justin saves the cone Christopher almost backed into.  Along with the gate as well. Big brother to the rescue as his little brother was going off the side. I was in the process of picking up the front as his grabs the back.

Christopher says "Thanks guys you are the best."

Walking home was a blast. I'm talking to him taking pictures when Christopher says "Mom, I need to concentrate so I can drive safely!"

We start laughing and big brother to the rescue again stopping Christopher from running over a small tree.

Christopher Justin calls out to. "Look, I'm over here. Follow me try to get me."

Christopher drives the rest of the way with no problem. This is part of Christopher's Day. 

Sunday, January 4

We can do it all mother and son

Wow, Looking at this picture my son is as tall as I am. This is insane he is growing up so fast. We have finished  ten weeks of training with a few bumps in the road. Muscle conditioning is no joke. Justin has a little six pack.  I lost six pounds in a month not that I was trying.  I more or less owe that one to being sick for a month.  I'm excited as Mother and Son we were able to stick it out. We would encourage each other in class to keep going.  Justin just started football season.  I can't wait to see what the season will hold. Justin is ecstatic. Right before my eyes he is growing up.  It made me drag out the few baby pictures I have of him. Seems like another life time. He has accomplished so much in eleven years. Justin is amazing person.  He is always eager to learn. I'm so proud to be his mom.  He has changed mind and hubby's life. He has shown us how to live again.  

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