Friday, January 9

A Day with Christopher

He is an old soul from what I hear from many people.  He doesn't act his age. He is the cutest kindest little boy ever. He makes me laugh.  Is he four? He is so smart for his age. These are just the few compliments I receive daily from people. I love the fact we are raising him right. I love the conversations he has with his older brother. Today was one of those days. Christopher took his truck to go pick up his big brother. Christopher got a warning not to park on the sidewalk from a teacher who couldn't stop laughing. 
"Hello Jay you can put Your things in here." He says

Justin had his backpack and violin. As we start walking home. Justin saves the cone Christopher almost backed into.  Along with the gate as well. Big brother to the rescue as his little brother was going off the side. I was in the process of picking up the front as his grabs the back.

Christopher says "Thanks guys you are the best."

Walking home was a blast. I'm talking to him taking pictures when Christopher says "Mom, I need to concentrate so I can drive safely!"

We start laughing and big brother to the rescue again stopping Christopher from running over a small tree.

Christopher Justin calls out to. "Look, I'm over here. Follow me try to get me."

Christopher drives the rest of the way with no problem. This is part of Christopher's Day. 

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