Wednesday, February 17


Christopher is five years old with an attitude just like me. He is extremely over the top on everything. He is always telling me I'm his beautiful momma. He loves me and will never let me go. He makes me smile everyday. Even with his horrible breath in the morning that makes me want to vomit. Like how can someone so small have bad breath. It's gross and is the first thing we do together in the morning is brush our teeth. There is no way anything else is happening before that.  He has an imagination about space, Minecraft, lifting weights and talking in different voices that makes me happy God made me his mother. Here are some silly pictures of him last night taking a bath. He hates school because it's boring to him. He says "He needs some action because he is over school! We have been talking about painting his room so far there is no organize theme. It's super hero's with a few Dino's a splash of Minecraft a little bit of space and family pictures. All his idea's. I'm not sure how it will all come together yet. I'm sure fine since I will let him take the rope on this one. Christopher is ball of energy that never stops. He brings out the best in our little family. He has so much life in him. An old soul in a little body. Everyone he comes in contact with says the same thing about him. He is amazing                                                                            little person. That or just being nice.

Five years of being a parent to another little person who is growing up so fast. He makes life worth living. I can't tell you how much he bugs his big brother yet will come back with a smart ass comment that will make his brother laugh. They are truly best friends. He is not afraid of being silly or looking silly. 
He loves mystery books. We are reading sleepy hollow right now. 

When I want a picture he has some weird face he makes every time. I have to act a fool behind the camera to even get a good picture of him. That's okay Justin is at the stage where he is starting to care then snaps back because we are acting a fool. If someone rings the door bell Christopher turns into this.

As of today he wants to be called Night Ninja. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold. 

Sunday, February 7

A different Valentines Day Card

Christopher has a Valentines party this Friday at school.  He wanted to do something with a  little super hero action. The last picture in my collage is from Pinterest the rest are from us. Christopher did his best to cut out the capes with my help. I found printables from this website

It's really easy the steps are listed for you. Basically you print, cut and glue. The last part I used a hole puncher to put the sucker in.  Christopher had glue all over his hands and then peeled it off. It reminded me of when I was in school that was the hot thing to do. Christopher seen it as zombie skin. I had to talk quick because he wanted to do his whole body. Needless to say the glue is not in his reach anymore just in case. 
Just a quick note I used felt but you can use paper either one will work.

Saturday, February 6

The reason I live

 My kids are the reason I live. They are the reason I get up every morning. I know they watch everything I do. They have discipline to go forward with their goals they set.   We are a fit family. These pictures where taken before school on Friday. They kill me getting ready to leave they drop and complete ten push-ups for the morning. 

Justin is taking weight lifting a little more serious since next year he will be in high school. I can't  it's too soon for my baby to be growing up. 

He already has a six pack cut in. Oh no is all I have to say about that. Daddy mention girls uh NO big fat No.  I want him to be focus on school not girls. He is not allowed to date until he can support her.  He has been busy since he could walk with sports and he will continue to be too busy for girls come next year. Girls already call him wanting to video chat uh No again. Where are their parents? 

Christopher cracks me up as of right now he wants to grow up and be a body builder. Which is fine with me. We will see how he changes as he gets older. We won't be making the super hero race today. Allergies have had a hold of  three of us for over two weeks. It makes it hard to run with a five year old who only wants to cuddle and sleep. We will have a chance for another 5k in March. Until next time my readers stay fit be happy. 

Friday, February 5

Engagement Pictures

Here are some engagement pictures I have been working on for the last two weeks that I took for a lovely couple. It was kind of on the spur of the moment. I love working with Ms. Shannon and Phillip they where still willing to take photos on a cloudy day. They just got engage a few months back and are in the planning stage still. I love these pictures. 
I'm happy to say they where very pleased with the photos. I think the one below is one of my favorites. 

Maybe the one above too. Here are a few more. 

It was cute that they would smile on Q at the same-time without me saying anything. Shannon is absolute sweetheart. I wish them my best wishes in their new journey together. Congratulations to you both. Remember a marriage will only be what you make it to be. 

A little humor from the soon to be groom with the old ball and chain. 
I love my job!

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