Wednesday, February 29

Life Quotes

                                          Make it a point to take at least one small leap
                                                     into the unknown today and
                                    challenge yourself to learn a bit more about yourself.

What a View

What a view of the ocean Steve just sent me last night. I love it! I can't wait to meet him there. The boys and I miss him dearly. I know it's only been a week or so but we have never been apart for not even a day since we met. Well it was for only a day when he had to fly to DC. He left that morning and was home for dinner. He is very home sick right now. I talk to him on the phone like crazy. I think I finally have the web chat down it's been a very long time since we have talked on video. Christopher at first didn't understand why Daddy was in the box. Now, he kisses the screen it's too cute. Justin is learning how to cope with not having Daddy around to talk to. He calls him first thing in the morning and first thing after school. He wants me to fly him to Daddy he even started saving his money. If it was up to him he would web chat all day with Daddy.  Justin and Steve do everything together.

On the up side Christopher likes to have screaming contest with Justin all day. Pretty soon I will not be able to hear. I have a pro pitcher on my hands now that Christopher throws his food across the room. He hit me with a banana piece yesterday in the head. The boys thought it was hilarious the way they couldn't stop laughing. I have to admit it was funny he even had sound effects to go with it. Then talking to my hubby Christopher was writing on the walls with a pen. Then my face and he licked his brother. He also decided he didn't want clothes on as he ran though the house naked. Let me tell you there is never a dull moment in the Needham House.

Tuesday, February 28


I have been looking at this site Pinterest for a few weeks now. It is kind of like Facebook just with more picture and less talk. It's nice for a change.  Anyhow I have been looking at some wedding idea's that Steve and I might use to renew our vows. Since we will live about two hours or so from a beach. I'm thinking of a beach wedding. I would love that site. Then I came across another picture that may work for a Michigan wedding better with our family. That's it I fell in love with this picture below. This is what we will have.

.This is gorgeous I can't wait to show Steve. Steve is very much involved in the planning of renewing our vows. He has already seen my dress just not sure if we are going to go with red as planned or blue. If I can get my bridesmaids and mother free before I leave in a week or so we will be visiting David's Bridal. I'm excited I can't believe we are going to do it this time. It seemed like every time we planned on this something came up like the military or a baby.

My mother the cake maker will make this cake for us. I'm still floating around a cupcake cake idea.

I also came across a neat invitation to send out. This is an original thought. We even have a buddy of our that can do these. I hear a discount coming on. (Hint Hint)

 I'm really excited to put all this together. I still have to look for a photographer and a DJ. Wish me luck. Take a look at the link below for some dresses. I just read that and forgot about the ring we are going to give Jay. Wow, how some things change so fast. From last October to now has been a few  crazy months for us by far the most amazing ones yet.

Friday, February 24

Give Blood

Attention Riverview Area Blood Donors!
Save a Life Sunday is back and needs your help to be a success! Sign up today to donate blood on Sunday, March 11, 2012, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Riverview Donor Center ( 14031 Pennsylvania Road )!
As a thank you, the American Red Cross is offering a fantastic gift to all who sign up online and come to donate on 3/11/12 at the Riverview Donor Center only ---- a free $25 gift certificate for Target (non-transferrable, for personal use only).
Give others something to be thankful for this winter---donate blood!
Please click on the link below to sign up for an appointment time today, and please forward this email along to any interested family or friends!

Thursday, February 23

Savannah Hardin

This undated photo released by the Etowah County Sheriff's Dept. Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 shows 9-year-old Savannah Hardin. Authorities say they've charged a grandmother and stepmother of the girl, wh

Authorities say 9-year-old Savannah Hardin died after being forced to run for three hours as punishment for having lied to her grandmother about eating candy bars. Severely dehydrated, the girl had a seizure and died days later. Now, her grandmother and stepmother who police say meted out the punishment were taken to jail Wednesday and face murder charges.

This breaks my heart to hear that Savannah's own step-mother would allow this kind of punishment. First of all running for three hours is not any kind of punishment a child should have. I would be crying if I was in her shoes being forced to run without water. She was in thrid grade. My son is in thried grade. How could anyone do this to a human being. My heart and prayes goes out to the father and mother of this little girl who won't be able to enjoy life. I hope the stepmother and grandmother gets life. I can't even began to imangine what the parenst are going though. I think they should subject the stepmother and grandmother to the same punishment they gave Savannah.

Tuesday, February 21

Polish Foods

Polish food has a reputation for being heavy. Polish immigrants brought their cuisine to America and other parts of Europe, which has influenced regional cuisine. Food staples in Poland include potatoes, cabbage and pork, which appear in many Polish dishes. Polish food does not differ from many other Eastern European cuisines, which are heavy on potatoes, sausage and sauerkraut.

Read more: List of Polish Foods |

I remember the first time I cooked Pierogi's for Steve. My family loaded him down with the potatoes dumpling. Up to this point Steve never had a Pierogi. Who doesn't eat a Pierogi? Steve now loves them along with kielbasa and Sauerkraut which we have for Christmas ever year.  Stuff cabbage has been a childhood favorite of mind. If you never had it before you should.  It is a little bit of ground beef, pork, rice and spices to help along with the cold winter months. You can have it really anytime you feel the need to cook. Enjoy as I will today when I make these dishes to share with my family.

Re-Blog Fat Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday is paczki day. I’m going to send my loving husband to Hamtramck tomorrow to get a dozen of that 260- 300 calorie baked fat donuts. I can remember ever since I was little eating a paczki with my grandpa talking about the news that day. I will miss this Tuesday talking to him he passed away last Christmas. We love the custard ones and blueberries. Its okay I may not be able to eat a full one but I will surely have to pull double time at the gym. Get ready Amanda to bust out some sweat this week. The paczki are traditional Polish deep fried pastries, usually filled with some sort of jelly filling. While Paczki Day is observed the day before Ash Wednesday .The making of paczki started hundreds of years ago and came from the need to get rid of all forbidden food items in the home before Lent began, which included sugar and eggs. The paczki is similar to a Bismarck or jelly doughnut and is usually filled with rich fruit or crème fillings. So with that Steve is going to give up red meat as Justin and I will give up sweets for lent. I think it should be the other way around considering Steve has a sweet tooth mainly me. Lol No really I guess it’s not that bad until Easter comes. I have been sharing this day with my son upholding on to my polish heritage now I can share it with Christopher. He may be too young to eat one but he will hear us talk about the past history. Did you know that Polish immigrants provided labor for Detroit's early auto manufacturers, beginning in 1914, when Dodge opened its first plant in Hamtramck? The American Polish Century Club holds its festival every July in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The 2011 celebration marks the Festival's 30th anniversary. The 2010 festival featured children's events and activities, carnival rides and music by Polka bands such as The Kielbasa Kings and Duane Malinowski & the Polka Jamboree. There were also traditional Polish dance performances by the Zajaczek Dance Ensemble and a craft exhibition featuring more than 50 local artisans. Vendors served pierogies, kielbasa and paczki. My family will be there in July. Yes I’m polish and I will eat a Paczki on Tuesday!

2012 Paczki Day

Today is Fat Tuesday. I had to read what we did on this day last year. It seems so far away. I guess that is why they call it the past. We missed the festival last July we were in New York. Steve didn't make it to Hamtramck he is setting up our new house today. I'm going to make today about our family history. We will sing songs, dance and of course eat a Paczki. Christopher will sink his new teeth in one this year. Today is also a very special day it's my amazing hubby's birthday. We love you more then you know Steve. We are very proud of what you have accomplished in life. I love that you fill up my coffee pot with water. You make sure I have my French vanilla k-cups stock and ready. You always make sure I have gas in my truck. I love it when you brush my hair or run your fingers though it. I love you not because you treat me as the Mexican Queen that I am. You are not just my husband but my friend. You are someone I can count on. I gave you my heart and soul to you on our wedding day. Even standing in that church you still had your way of annoying me. I think about it you were very cute. I can come to you and talk about anything. I love that even when I'm wrong you never really tell me I'm wrong. I can tell by the little smirk you give me that I may consider another path. I fall in love with you more and more each day we have together. I love that you laugh at my jokes.  Who would have thought at 21 and 22 we would still love each other as much as we do?  That we would be able after seven years together we can still talk for hours without stopping everyday I find out something new about you that makes me love you even more.  I catch you off in the distance looking at me with a smile that could light up the world. You love me most of all. You show me daily how much you love me by the little things you do. Taking my hand to dance out of nowhere in the living room just melts my heart. Hearing you last night talk about the ducks and squirrels that we will have in our pond was cute. I love that you work hard at everything you do. That is where our boys get their drive from seeing Daddy do his best. You inspire me daily to be the best I can. I'm a better person, mother and wife because of you. I haven't seen anything you can't do. The word (can't) does not exist in your vocabulary. You are a great outstanding father! I never have to worry about you not spending time with the boys.  If you only have ten minutes you call to check up on them. Every waking minute you have is with our children. Sometimes I have to admit I'm a little jealous when you come home from work and kiss the boys first. I think that is why I love you the most. Your kids mean everything to you. I love watching them run up to you with their little arms wide open for you to catch them. You play, read, and pretend with them as much as you can. Most of all you spend time with our boy's. You let them down. They know you love them no matter what. That is what they will remember the most about you. When you have to be the one who lays down the law they still know they can wrap you around their finger. Happy Birthday! Today is a very special day because you were born.  We love you!

Monday, February 20

Sweet Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes Nutrition Information 
These little tomatoes pack a big punch. I grew these in my garden for my nephew Landen. He loves these things. I have also found out that Christopher and I do as well. These are a great snack food on the go. Steve thought I was pregnant again. I would just wander down to the garden pick some tomatoes and go about my day. Vitamins and Minerals are loaded in these little red balls of deliciousness. These are very good to eat if you are an athlete or pregnant. Cherry tomato has less 1g of protein and 4 g of carbohydrates per serving. That's great to hear. This is another all time favorite in the veggie world. Check them out. They also go well on a salad.

New Foods

Christopher and I have had a thing for green peppers lately. I'm not sure why but we love them. If you cut a green pepper up like an apple dip it in some Cesar dressing it's a very good snack. I have never been the one to eat anything green but a salad every once in awhile. I guess I have my wonderful hubby to thank for this. You see he was very picky about what I ate when I was pregnant with Popsicle. He would drive me crazy! The one thing I would argue about with him was having a cup of coffee. I never drank coffee until Justin. One day at work I turned into a demon when I smelled it. "The girls were like you can't have coffee blah blah blah." Someone was going to give a cup of coffee or else. Don the backroom coordinator gave me a half of cup of creamer and just a little bit of coffee. It was the best thing I ever tasted until Justin made me puke it up five seconds later. Once he was born Steve had me a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's in his hand. He is the best! To this day that has been our only argument in our marriage.

Why Is Bell Pepper Good for You?Green Peppers are a good source of Vitamin C which I didn't know. It helps with rough skin which I have. I never go a day without lotionize. It helps with eye sight with a little bit of Vitamin A by your side. It's good that I can eat these. It has helped in the losing the baby weight game. Which I'm still working on I'm happy to report I have lost four more pounds last week. It brings me to 138. I can't wait to get to 135. I still can't get Jay and Steve to eat them but I'm working on it. If you have any other foods that you like please tell me about them.

Saturday, February 11

Hockey has come to an end

This is my little boy. He is growing up so fast. Steve and I are proud to be his parents. Justin has really grown this past year with the birth of his little brother. He adores Christopher to death. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for him. Justin is very helpful around the house. He has to make sure he blows me a kiss before he walks into school. Everyone loves Justin energy and kindness he has. You should see Christopher after we pick up Jay from school. He is all over Jay kissing him bringing his toys to him to play with. The first thing Jay does before his homework is play with his little brother. They are too cute. 
Hockey has come to an end because we are moving. Sadly but we will enroll Jay in hockey again once we find out what team he will be playing for. Steve is very proud of son. He skates like a pro or like his daddy. Jay is really good at it. The only reason he wanted to play was because his daddy plays. Justin wants to do everything his daddy does. I love the fact that Justin looks up to him. His daddy is his Hero. There is nothing Steve can do wrong in Jay's eyes. He has his daddy's back to the end. 
I shot this video of them on the ice. I love it! It's father and son bonding time. It melts my heart to watch both of them on the ice until they are completely exhausted from all the hard work they put into the sport. There is nothing these two can't do. Justin is currently trying to talk us into taking him to Niagara falls for his birthday. I don't think that will happen since we are planning on taking the boys to Disney Land. That might be a trip for next summer to think about. Justin brought home his reports card with all A's and B's. He is doing great in school. I love how Justin no matter what pushes though anything in his way. He had a big report due two weeks ago on the Massachusetts Basketball Hall of Fame. He came back with an A in everything. He was really nervous about getting up in front of the class. The teacher wrote a little note on how Justin was one of two students who did very well on that part. I think that is wonderful I hated getting up in front of the class myself. I think Justin is a natural in that area. He definitely has no problem talking about any subject. I think he gets that from Steve. I swear Steve was born in a three piece suit. Justin takes right after him. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you Jay. We love you with all our heart. Keep up the good work little man.

Friday, February 10


This has been a interesting challenge. We are moving out of Michigan. I love that we are going to trade in our winter coats for shorts. I can't wait to buy our new home in the land of no snow. Knock on wood. The boys are ecstatic about it! It was just going to be a family trip to Disney Land it has turned out to be much more. I love my hubby. He always surprises me when I least expect it. Since Christmas it has been up in the air. I love our house. I'm getting it to be just the way I want it. I guess I'm a little sad that we are moving. I will have to wait on my farm with chickens and ducks. I'm looking forward to walking on the beach hand in hand with my hubby. The boys already love the water they are like fish. There is so much to do still. I don't mind it. It's kind of fun packing with Steve. The boys have a lot of stuff.  I didn't realize how much. Just last month alone Steve and I have new jobs.We are starting a new adventure together with our boys. I can't wait for it to start. I'm not looking forward to the long drive with the kids. It will be my first time driving on the freeway. This is going to be a blast.

New Test Could Prevent Miscarriages

Forty-year-old Deborah Fischer is finally pregnant after years of trying, and she said it's because of a new type of genetic test called Array Competitive Genomic Hybridization, or Array CGH.

"I don't think that we would be pregnant without it," said Fischer.

"One of the biggest frustrations as a fertility specialist is our inability to determine which embryos that we have that are capable of becoming healthy babies," said Dr. Michael Alper, medical director at Boston IVF, a New England infertility treatment center.

Studies show that 10 to 25 percent of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage. But by using Array CGH, doctors can now see beyond the microscope to figure out why.

I think if they could narrow it down to which embryos were good it could save many couples money when they visit a infertility clinic. I know when Steve and I went to a clinic to help others that was a big concern of the couple who were receiving my eggs. They had to be a certain cementer before the doctor could retrieve them. I was a very good candidate for the donor program because I'm very fertility. I was called many times due to my profile. When a couple is looking for an egg donor they can almost play God in a sense. They look at pictures of women to choose what their son or daughter most likely will look like mix with their husband genes. I can't wrap my head around that their are children out their that have features like mind but are not mind. I'm glad I spent three years of my life to help others be able to have a child. I know that the couples who choose me did get pregnant. However that is all I know. Since it is soley up to them to let me know anything.

Sunday, February 5

John 15:13

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13

Thursday, February 2

Hate in your heart

Throughout life people will make you mad,

disrespect you and treat you bad.

Let God deal with the things they do,

cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

- Will Smith

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