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Sunday, February 7

A different Valentines Day Card

Christopher has a Valentines party this Friday at school.  He wanted to do something with a  little super hero action. The last picture in my collage is from Pinterest the rest are from us. Christopher did his best to cut out the capes with my help. I found printables from this website

It's really easy the steps are listed for you. Basically you print, cut and glue. The last part I used a hole puncher to put the sucker in.  Christopher had glue all over his hands and then peeled it off. It reminded me of when I was in school that was the hot thing to do. Christopher seen it as zombie skin. I had to talk quick because he wanted to do his whole body. Needless to say the glue is not in his reach anymore just in case. 
Just a quick note I used felt but you can use paper either one will work.

Wednesday, January 20

Paint your child Green

Things you do when your child says I want to be Hulk Momma. Okay, I'm racking my brain how do I paint him without turning him green. Well it was last Thursday if by chance it didn't come off he would just be green. We had the weekend coming up no school on Monday. We had a few days to get it off.  Oh Well it's a good story not like I haven't walked into Lowe's when Justin was little dressed absolutely crazy for crazy day at school when I helped his Teacher out. I still have a hard time making Justin wear things that match now.  His theory is if a color no matter how small it is in his shirt he will wear that color shorts. Christopher dresses up all the time no matter how hot it is. I had to buy and replace his old Iron Man costumes with the help of Daddy. He had to keep him outside playing with Justin just so I could get it in the house. It's insane what you have to do when you have kids. Now it's Batman wearing at Target. Christopher was so excited to be green. 

Mix flour, water,
green washable paint and green food color.
Have fun get green. 

Thursday, December 31

My friend Bob Pachycephalosaurus made cookies

The Joy of cooking with a five year old. This is our craft for today dino cookies. We made some on our own just plain ones. Christopher, Justin and his friends ate them went outside to jump on the trampoline when Bob went to work making cookies.  

As you can see Bob is a very talented dino. Even my hubby thought they were cool. Christopher's face was priceless when he asked if I made them. I gave Bob the credit. He says " I didn't know Bob could cook!"

Displaying 20151229_124230.jpg

Displaying 20151229_124230.jpg
I love these mommy moments when you can surprise your children with small things like a dino making cookies. I guess it's what keeps me going. It makes me smile that I made them smile. Tonight brings an end to another wonderful year. I can only hope for another one just like it if not better. Life is all about living in the moment not the past maybe for the future. As humans we are all moving in a different light daily. Some may be the same some in a complete opposite either way the year will still end the same. Take a second look back enjoy it don't look to hard learn from mistakes and smile for 2016. 
Be safe out there and enjoy what is left of 2015 not sure if I will make it to the ball dropping. I will try just Remember Life is only what you decide to make it. Mind as well make it nice and something to be proud of. 

Monday, November 17


Here are a few pin's I tried from our favorite site of course.
My window decoration. 
Our Snowman on the refrigerator.

  We did it as a family  I call it a win. What do you think? 
Our tree on the wall with a robot next to it. Not what I thought it would look like as you can tell we ran out of tape. It was a lot of fun I love looking at the masterpieces we make. Like our tree at the bottom the ornaments are all bunch up. I love it every time I look at it I just smile. The fun of being a parent is that you get to be a kid again.

Tuesday, October 7

Pins, Likes and Crafts

I love this little craft it has been a huge help learning colors with Popsicle. With 491 repins a lot of others like it as well.  Popsicle likes to hide them all over the house then we have to find them like hide and seek. I let him tell me the color as if I don't know it. He laughs at me like Mom you can do it. I have faith in you. I always encourage him in everything when he uses my same words it melts my heart. Another game we like to play is the same above just with Legos. He loves Legos! This game takes up an hour if not more. We lose track of time because we are having fun. I love this age when he learns something his face just lights up. With him being the baby I'm taking it all in. I won't get these moments back. Play with your kids live it up. There are plenty more on my Pinterest page check it out.

Sunday, April 6


Displaying 20140405_201756.jpg

This pin has been pinned as of today 208 times. I thought I would share what it is. 

Take your toddler's hand and draw an outline on some paper or felt. Cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut out handprints in different colored felt. Now, Put the handprints all over the floor,couch,table and ask your toddler to find the "green" handprint and give it a hi-five! This can be an activity for a group of toddlers as well!

My Popsicle loves this game. It keeps him laughing all day long. I will let you know beforehand if your toddler is anything like mind you will have to make many handprints. The color felt is about 29 cents at Michael's Craft StoreHe tends to rip the hands by trying to high five it in the air and that’s when my cat Mickey takes off with it.  It’s an all-around tug a war with them two my cat is in the wrong body. It’s been a year since I pinned the picture above I don’t know where I found it online but it works. He knows his colors like the back of his hand. I thought he was color blind for a few months he would get the colors absolutely wrong. Turns out he knew all along he was just being silly. Daddy says “He is full of  jokes already!” My Popsicle has so much energy it at times can be a little overwhelming.  This is a great before nap activity for him. Have fun mommy's or daddy's they are only little once. 

Saturday, January 11

Trial and Error

 I have a story for you of use the right tray when you are cooking crayons for a project. To the left my boys and I thought it would be a good ideal to start on Valentine's Day stuff. Well we peeled crayons put them in the tray to the left mind you it was an ice tray not a cooking tray. To make a big heart crayon. Nice creative ideal right? Wrong I spelled rubber two minutes into cooking the crayons to melt them. Then the kitchen filled with smoke. Oh yeah we are cooking now. I fling open the oven turn it off I'm yelling to Justin to open the windows and doors on the other side of the house while I get my side. We made it just in time before the smoke alarm went off. 

This is what we ended up with after I set it outside to cool for a half an hour. I think I should pay attention to what tray I pick up next time. Thanks Pinterest for the great ideal. 

Saturday, October 12

Pinterest & House projects

If you like Pinterest like I do I'm forever picking something out to try like painting my son's wall with black chalkboard paint. I figure it's one wall and not his whole room. Which he did try and talk his Daddy and & I into painting his whole room black. We listen to his views but NO that just freaks me out for some reason just like getting a Rottweiler as a pet. It's not going to happen not in this lifetime. Here are some pictures It came out better then I thought it would.
However the can of paint calls for two coats I did three it started to chip. I also painted my son's mirror even with three coats it didn't work. Once I wrote on it it peeled away.

Let's talk about a book shelf for my Popsicle room. I tried the standard book shelf but like his big brother he enjoys climbing on things that are not suppose to be used as a rock wall. This also came from Pinterest. A shelf made out of rain gutter's.

First you have to know where you want them measure them mind are about 3 feet long.
Second add brackets to them.
We added the end stops because the edge was sharp for safety plus it gives it a finished look to it.
 We screwed the brackets to the wall just the way we wanted them. We had Christopher stand against the wall to only put it as high as him. I try to make everything easy to reach for my toddler. It's part of learning how to do things by his self. Besides I love every night at story time his face lights up with a smile when he gets to pick out a book.
I don't know if we will paint the wall or the shelves. Christopher has gone with a dinosaur theme/ super hero's in his room. I know it doesn't go together but what does anymore. He wanted it so he got it. I guess it will come in time. 

Tuesday, October 1

Laundry Detergent

Mom's Homemade Super Laundry Sauce

One Single tablespoon does a whole load of wash!

Here is an amazingly simple Do It Yourself detergent that doesn't leave any residue on clothing, gets nearly every stain known to man out the first time around and smells clean and fresh- oh and did I mention that it costs about $1.76 for 128 loads of laundry?
Since our teen son started working at a fast food restaurant, this has become our most-loved detergent recipe. His clothing was so saturated with heavy french fry and onion ring grease scent that even washing them in TIDE didn't take out the horrendous smell. I whipped up a half gallon of this detergent and washed his clothes while he was at school- he thought I'd gotten a new shirt from his boss at work! First time EVER that ALL of the smell finally came out of his clothes, without further à deux - here is my Super Laundry Sauce recipe!

Safe for HE machines.

~ This makes 1/2 Gallon of concentrate ~
~ Btw, that's a full 128 loads of laundry!! ~

1 bar Fels Naphtha (Yes, the ENTIRE Bar!)
1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA!!)
4 cups of hot water

                                    Another Pinterest Craft to see if I can do it.
I think I might try this I have no purpose to I just like to try new things since I have been using the Tide pods for two years now.  I never switch from liquid detergent my hubby brought them on sale enough for six months worth. I couldn't believe he brought so many at once but not uncommon when he goes to the store. I remember Justin's face he comes in the front door and says" Dad did it again he went crazy shopping." I just laugh because he had to do a load of laundry jut to see how it worked.  I will keep you updated on if it works out.

Friday, August 2

Crafts & Hobbies

 Here is a craft you can do that is fun. The boys and I collected money for over a month. You know spare change from around the house, outside and just plain old fashion saving. We counted out $15.00 dollars in gold dollar coins. It took us three days to count, roll and separate all the change. We ended up with $150.00 that's not bad for saving over a month for it. Justin had a great ideal to save it and use it for none other than Christmas money. We are off to a great start so far. It's not all about materialistic things you can buy for your children it's what you teach them that will stay with them forever. My hubby and I have seen that with just saving for a month and a half. It brings us much joy to see that with my oldest it's not about what he gets or can buy it's about helping others putting a smile on another person's face.  His little brother birthday is in October he will be 3 Justin has already bought him stuff that he hide in a tote with his own birthday money he got. My ten year old is turning out to be a great thoughtful little man Thanks to us. 

We took all the coins that my hubby and I have been saving you know the half dollars, gold dollars even the state quarters with the flat pennies my son has collected from where ever we visit. We took them and hot glued them on a piece of cardboard to display in our living room in a 8X10 picture frame that we tried to get it to look like the state Florida. I just thought I would share this with all the coin collectors out there like myself this is a great ideal to display some of your coins. 
Have Fun!!!

Sunday, June 16

Project Needham

I seen this on Pinterest so I made it. This is mind.
Here is the link on Pinterest.
Yes I took the tag off
I had a lot of fun with my boys. I love to garden they love to get dirty. They are boys who doesn't?Watering it is a task to keep the dirt from running over the sides. The key is do it slowly very slowly. The plants cost $8.00 at Lowes altogether I think I spent $50.00 total. I wanted to make the bottom pot bigger but my porch isn't that big in front of our house. This seems to be just right by my window. I can't wait till it grows out fully. I will also get a thyme plant to set on the other side I heard it will help keep mosquitoes away. Something I will have to try and see. Look for my review on it at the end of summer.

Here is my front door I'm not sure if I like it yet. I still like my red door from back home let's face it I miss my house from back home. Most of all I miss my garden we had it was huge. We just put shelves up in Justin's room he still doesn't know what color he wants to paint it.
I'm in the middle of working on this for my back porch. I will post pictures later once it's all done along with my garage that my hubby is working on as we speak. God knows what kind of idea's he has! Sometimes I think he is worst then me when it comes to projects and our house. If you have any neat idea's please feel free to share.

Saturday, June 8


 Making slime I have done this before with my boys it's real easy. We went to the dollar store to get bottle white glue you buy for school supplies and small bowels. Make sure you get a few dozens bottles you may need them we used three. One bottle for one bowl and starch you can buy from Walmart it's in the laundry aisle. Just pour a little in the bottle with the glue and mix if it is to sticky add more starch to wet add more glue to get a mixture that is workable with your hands. It's a lot of fun to do. You can save it if you want by putting it in a plastic bag. It will hold three days. If you do just an F.Y.I you will need to add more starch to the mix. Have fun it is washable if you get it on your clothes just wash them separate from your other clothes. 

I seen this on Pinterest what I did was while we were at the store I ran across these neat ice cubes trays that I put coffee in. I made coffee and froze it. I then filled my awesome Detroit Lions glass with almond milk. It was delicious! I think it was better then my ice decaf coffee I make is. 
On another review about the baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner it wasn't for me. I used it for almost two weeks I couldn't handle it my hair was really greasy along with smelling like vinegar wasn't all what I thought going natural was going to be. Besides having sweat and vinegar in your eyes at the gym can really make a person mad. My hubby is all about helping me with the strange stuff that will help our family in the long run like home cold flu remedies, juicing, working out, body building, making things and nude beaches. He told me flat out to wash my dame hair. (laughing) I gave in because I couldn't handle it. I told him I was already on it. 
Here is the blog post that shows you how to make it. 
I have yet to make the hair gel because I can't find the flax seed she uses. I keep missing the Health food store their hours are weird. 

Wednesday, May 15

Pinterest part 2

If you have an account with Pinterest you already know this site is like a drug. I pin like crazy but I also look at this site as a learning tool for everything. DIY Crafts on here are awesome. I get a lot of idea's for my son on this site.
There are so many great idea's here for a wedding I pinned what I want to do I just don't know where to do it at. My hubby and I  have been talking about renewing our vows now all this almost planning has turned into a possible cruise. What a headache I know. I love it but there is always a butt somewhere.

 I just made these energy bits which is a must if you are a workout freak like me.

I'm putting together a garden with some idea's like this one for my front porch. I will post pictures this weekend when I complete it.
Do you have an account? What do you use it for? Post a link I'll follow for new idea's. Have a great day!

I also made a boards for my blog with great pictures I took like this one.

These are flowers my hubby brought me. He always comes home with flowers. Now that I think about it I don't think he has ever handed me flowers himself.  He always lets our oldest give them to me since he was little now nine years later he still does it. Wow, memories like this is what makes life great!

Tuesday, February 28


I have been looking at this site Pinterest for a few weeks now. It is kind of like Facebook just with more picture and less talk. It's nice for a change.  Anyhow I have been looking at some wedding idea's that Steve and I might use to renew our vows. Since we will live about two hours or so from a beach. I'm thinking of a beach wedding. I would love that site. Then I came across another picture that may work for a Michigan wedding better with our family. That's it I fell in love with this picture below. This is what we will have.

.This is gorgeous I can't wait to show Steve. Steve is very much involved in the planning of renewing our vows. He has already seen my dress just not sure if we are going to go with red as planned or blue. If I can get my bridesmaids and mother free before I leave in a week or so we will be visiting David's Bridal. I'm excited I can't believe we are going to do it this time. It seemed like every time we planned on this something came up like the military or a baby.

My mother the cake maker will make this cake for us. I'm still floating around a cupcake cake idea.

I also came across a neat invitation to send out. This is an original thought. We even have a buddy of our that can do these. I hear a discount coming on. (Hint Hint)

 I'm really excited to put all this together. I still have to look for a photographer and a DJ. Wish me luck. Take a look at the link below for some dresses. I just read that and forgot about the ring we are going to give Jay. Wow, how some things change so fast. From last October to now has been a few  crazy months for us by far the most amazing ones yet.

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