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Wednesday, April 20


Fishing Trip April 9,2016
We started the day out at the library with our boys with reading to a therapy dog.

It was a lot of fun the dogs where very mellow. The kids sat with a dog to read being a good big brother Justin read while Christopher showed some love to the dog. It was cute especially when he read the wheels on the bus. Christopher loves that book.

 Once we made it back home we spent the rest of the day fishing.  Hubby caught a fish in the net.  It was a lot of waiting which for a five year old is hard a hundred and one questions.

 I’m watching Grease Live with Vanessa Hudgens right now as I’m writing this. I like it different but still very much the same as the original. I like Frenchie in this one. Blanch is Hilarious! I LOVE this musical.

We went to the pier to finish off our day ran into another family with kids who’s little boy was also named Christopher.  All Popsicle wanted to do was throw the line in and out. Not a care in the world to if he caught a fish or not.
 I enjoy the family time we get to spend together more as our boys are getting older. I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that Justin will be 13 in July starting High School next year Christopher starting kindergarten too. Time is just going by so fast I cherish it more and more each day. I think too it has a lot to getting older. It sounds funny when I say it but Life is just falling into place the last few years. Things mean something totally different then what they did five years ago. I have started a lot of projects now that I’m looking at them again. I’m taking a lot out to complete some I might just let them sit in the vault a little longer.  Fishing looks to be something we may do more often now that our boys are at the age 
when it matters the most. Every day is something new and exciting one step at a time no rush just us living life. 

Thursday, April 14

Cutting down our tree

We have this big tiny branch tree in our backyard that makes it impossible to cut the grass without running over a thousand tree branches.

 It’s half dead since we will be here for another year we decided to take it down.  We are also putting flowers in the front yard not sure what to do with my cactus tree that has grown too big for the pot last year. To think it came from nothing in size. The boys and hubby got it the first year we moved to Cocoa from Lowe's for Mother’s Day.


I don’t know why we decide to do everything at once in or out of the house. It just seems to happen that way.

                                       We took care of the first half yesterday the rest today.

Our house is a mess in the process of painting every room and having a yard sale. This is fun talking about yard sales. Did you know last Saturday was National Yard Sale Day? Hubby took the boys shopping on the other side of town while I went grocery shopping. On my way there I seen dozen of signs I made it in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes then spent the rest of the morning driving around to yard sales.  I found movies not that we need them but for fifty cents why not? I took a ton of stuff to Christopher’s teacher who sent home a list of things they needed for the home area. Christopher was excited to give it to her. He is such a big helper.  After four years in Port St John I still have a huge area I have never been to. I did get lost but found ten more sales going on. It’s the small things that can make a person happy. My friend says I’m a simple woman. It’s true I thought I was in heaven the whole morning without kids. Life being a mom and wife sometimes it's just that simple. One step at a time will make Life simple. 

Wednesday, March 9

Life, Running, Kids, No Internet

Since November I have had a cough that comes and goes whenever it wants. My doctor just says oh don't worry you are fine. Okay, So what am I paying you for? So my cough is back the weather changed again here in Florida so what is the best time to cough again. It's now because I'm preparing for a run with my kids. I hope I don't die like yesterday running with the family just one mile. I was so happy to see my house and driveway. I gave it my all the last block literally fell on the ground. I was so out of breath. My hubby thought I was playing around until he helped me up. It has to be the pollen that turns my black car to yellow. I'm fine in the gym which is bizarre to me as long as I don't run.  Looking for a new doctor hopeful this goes away. I still kill it now I have a butt. Yeah me on my way squatting 90 lbs one leg. Talking to a few people about fitness goals I'm finding that if you want to lose weight or build muscles you have to change the way you think. I'm a positive person always have been. It's hard to always see the bright side of life. Even when I was pregnant I loved the way I looked. I embrace who I am and my body. I think it has a lot to do with my family. The women of my family have always had a negative outlook on themselves. Which in turn did the opposite for me. I loved myself at an early age. Fitness is a huge part of my life. It is what keeps me sane. It is who I am as a Mother, Wife, Friend and me. I laugh about it now since I'm shrinking. I told my hubby I was shrinking a few years ago he didn't believe me until I bought new shoes the other day. Either I have been wearing the wrong shoe size since I was 14 years old from a nine in a half to a size eight or I'm shrinking. I'm going to go with shrinking everything else on me is. The ladies in power mode class on Monday says it could be when you start getting old. It was a good laugh I turn 33 last month and shrink at the same-time. What else in in store for me this year.

I see YouTube channels for both my boys. Christopher is making a video everyday to put on his YouTube channel he wants. I think I will make one Daddy says No. I think I can change his mind if I put one up.

Justin is a Minecraft freak who wants to record what he does on his game. First we have to see how his room set up goes. The boys might be switching rooms. Christopher has the bigger room. Redoing the whole house is a lot of fun. Between school, work, magic club and whatever my boys are doing trying not to die is a huge task. I need a break I see a trip to the ocean real soon. We cut the cable and Internet off. It's been about a month to see if our boys could do without. I have to say it has been better this last week. I wasn't the favorite person in the household when I cut it off. I didn't realize how much we really do need the web. Sitting in Starbucks is getting old on Wednesdays. I have to hang in there to prove a point now. We all have a bet to who caves first. My money is on the man of the house. Hubby can't hang in too much longer without the politics news. We will see who wins! Never give up on yourself. Change will come in time. 

Wednesday, January 20

Paint your child Green

Things you do when your child says I want to be Hulk Momma. Okay, I'm racking my brain how do I paint him without turning him green. Well it was last Thursday if by chance it didn't come off he would just be green. We had the weekend coming up no school on Monday. We had a few days to get it off.  Oh Well it's a good story not like I haven't walked into Lowe's when Justin was little dressed absolutely crazy for crazy day at school when I helped his Teacher out. I still have a hard time making Justin wear things that match now.  His theory is if a color no matter how small it is in his shirt he will wear that color shorts. Christopher dresses up all the time no matter how hot it is. I had to buy and replace his old Iron Man costumes with the help of Daddy. He had to keep him outside playing with Justin just so I could get it in the house. It's insane what you have to do when you have kids. Now it's Batman wearing at Target. Christopher was so excited to be green. 

Mix flour, water,
green washable paint and green food color.
Have fun get green. 

Friday, June 19

Mommy travel moments

I don't know how it can be sunny and raining with hail at the sametime.  I thought it was going to break my windshield. It's a beautiful scenic route driving through Louisiana,Texas and now we're in New Mexico still 5 hours to go. We're taking a family trip to four corners. Justin and I seen on TV that a lot of alien activity happens there so we decided to take a trip. I really hope we don't see any green aliens I can go for illegal aliens long as they mind their own business. Last year we just drove through Roswell. We are meeting up with my hubby and Father. They went ahead to bond and gamble a pre Father's Day gift. 
My mommy travel moment with Christopher. 
We stopped to get gas in Louisiana.
Christopher asked "Mommy why do those guy's look so rough? Did they just come back from Naked and Afraid? " 
I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't answer him till we got back in the car. 
"No, Christopher I don't think so." 
He looked confused and didn't say anything so I left it as that. By the way if you don't know Naked and Afraid is a TV show. There are two people who have to survive in the wilderness for 21 days.

Yes, There is a cat under there. The seat is on the sun is shining and Godzilla is in cat heaven.  He is warm and sleeping.  Until the storm rolled in he just had to look out the window.  This is his first trip with us. Everything is new to him. I do have to say he is a lot more active than Mickey the cat. She just hides.  Godzilla tried to steal my grapes incognito with the blanket over him. Like I wouldn't see him. 
We are still working on the whole meowing in the middle of the night as he trys to get the squirrel that's in the window.  Not to mention trying to escape from the hotel room. He is still learning. 

Wednesday, May 13

The little Joys in life

I have been taking pictures for some time now . I find the little things give me the most joy out of what I do. The faces the kid's make are absolutely priceless. My son for one I have no idea what he is thinking here. It made me laugh out loud.
I have to make Justin laugh otherwise he gives me this weird look. He always tries to tell me he doesn't have time for pictures. Like he has a hot date or something. I'll say that. That's when the real smile comes out. I'm acting funny behind the camera in order to get a smile out of him. He is a busy body! I'm forever posting pictures of my boys. They are very happy children with tons of jokes. I can't tell you how many times they can just look at each other and just laugh about nothing. It will make you laugh.
See those faces? I love it!
Jay was trying to give me a hug as I was trying not to fall as he lunged towards me.
Christopher on the other hand is a ham and a half. He is forever telling us some kind of story of some past life he thinks he had. Some stories are a little creepy when he says stuff like I seen the plane go down as I was looking up.
He is robot walking on the field.
A lost shoe says it all!!
Planes are always flying over the soccer field.  Taking time with learning the software for editing is a lot of fun. Things I never knew you could do. My website is coming along a little better. Hopefully in the near future it will be up and pictures will be for sell. PatriciaPictures I have had it since last year putting it together with my web designer is a pain. It's all worth it to see the kids run towards me as I try not to get slaughter by the ball.
Let me know what you think of these pictures.


Saturday, January 24

Losing that baby weight

Motivational Quotes for weight lossI have ran into a few women who have had a baby in the last few months. Same question keeps coming up wanting to lose the weight but they all have an excuse. There are no magic pills no magic diets you can go on. It take time to lose the weight. It took nine months to put it on give yourself at least that to take it off in a healthy way. The biggest problem I see that is keeping women not just mother's from losing weight is the way they think and see themselves. Each woman is unique in their own way. You have to change the way you see yourself.

You have to love the body you are in before you can change the body you have. You have to put in hard work and dedication to achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself. I'm not talking about saying I just want to lose my belly weight. That statement is going to set you up to fail in a big way.  It's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE you are going to make. It stays for life not just a few months. People are forgetting that the road to getting fit all starts with your way of thinking. Think positive thoughts tell yourself positive things when working out and enjoy what you are doing. If you view it as a job it won't work. The next step is eating clean it's not that expensive once you find the time to put together meals. Do your research on what you put into your mouth. Your body is your temple treat it as one. Do it slowly if you don't eat clean now. If you drink pop take that out for a month. Try different foods see what works for you.
  I workout five to seven days a week depending on what I want to do that week. It works for me that doesn't mean it will work for you. Try three days a week 20 to 30 minutes of cardio to see where you are to start with. Take some classes talk to a fitness coach find a program that works for you. There are a ton of at home workouts you can do. It takes NO equipment but your body.
Abs Workout I love doing abs now!
                             The question is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

Monday, January 19

A Child who laughs hysterically!

Kids are crazy!  It doesn't matter what happens my son laughs when he gets hurt. 
He was running away from his brother hit his leg on here then dropped to the floor. I go running up to him thinking the worst his leg is broke he is bleeding something horrible.  Nope he is laughing out of control. 

Here he is laughing. I will never know if he is truly hurt unless he is dragging a leg over his shoulder.  I'm sure he will be laughing saying " Look what I did!"
He isn't a serious kid at all. 

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas

I have learned a few thas this year. Never put tinsel on your Christmas tree.  It's a loss cause with kids and cats. Buy batteries before the big day. Putting together a trampoline is harder than it looks. I need to workout some more apparently the trampoline springs clearly won. Don't try and do any kind of flips with a bad back. It hurts a lot.

Kids will always make you laugh.Popsicle has a new take on Santa and the Elves. The story goes the elves make the toys drops them off at Target and Santa picks them up when they are ready for each kid. I guess that works I'll stick with that theory. If you buy a toy car make sure you have 18 hours for the first charge.
A glow in the dark race track must be charged in order to glow. Thanks mom Christopher loves his track and so do the cats. 
When buying a game chair and TV for your oldest child check the TV to make sure it has the right ports for the game chair. Justin is in heaven now that he can play his games without his little brother in his face trying to get his attention.  One more thing but not the last check books before you buy more. Just in case you and hubby buys the same one's. Minecraft is still a huge hit after a year.Justin goes through more books in a week then his daddy and I ever have. Not complaining but his books are over taking his room. A new book shelf is now in order to build. 
Merry Christmas I know a lot of people want their children to grow up.  Let them be kid's and enjoy Christmas let them believe in Santa. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. 
Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing!  Don't take their childhood away to soon.

Tuesday, October 7

Pins, Likes and Crafts

I love this little craft it has been a huge help learning colors with Popsicle. With 491 repins a lot of others like it as well.  Popsicle likes to hide them all over the house then we have to find them like hide and seek. I let him tell me the color as if I don't know it. He laughs at me like Mom you can do it. I have faith in you. I always encourage him in everything when he uses my same words it melts my heart. Another game we like to play is the same above just with Legos. He loves Legos! This game takes up an hour if not more. We lose track of time because we are having fun. I love this age when he learns something his face just lights up. With him being the baby I'm taking it all in. I won't get these moments back. Play with your kids live it up. There are plenty more on my Pinterest page check it out.

Monday, December 30

My New Camera

A wonderful gift from my thoughtful hubby. Just some random pictures taken with my new Nikon D5200.

Hubby had a hand in this one!

I just seen his pocket is hanging out. I love his eyes in this picture. 
I have been busy with the family just opened it last night. I have a thousand pieces that go to this camera I'm used to just point and click. I'm a simple person now I have to read to just point and click turn a setting to something it may take
me a little while to learn all of the features to find out how to use it completely. I love how clear the pictures are. I have been taking pictures for a little over a year going to school as a hobby. Now, I think I may try to profit with my pictures now that I have a great camera to take the pictures. I love when my hubby reads my mind this is by far the best Christmas gift ever.

My Christmas Flowers from my amazing hubby.

I love this picture of my Popsicle his eyes are so intense. I'm not sure who he looks more like but I think I'm going to say my hubby 100%. 
This is her new cat tower Santa left for her.

Tell me what you think of my photos? What kind of camera do you have?

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