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Monday, September 5

One year in the making

Here is the biggest project we as a family have taken on so far.  We bought it a few years ago on the whim that would be a hubby whim. Which he tends to do often. No, I don't get mad at him because anything he does it seems to work out. Besides it has potential now we have time to actually work on it.  When he took me to the boat yard to show me I didn't know what to say but "Nice".  It needs a lot of work we have to gut it which now comes the fun part. We are hoping it will take us a year maybe less. I would love to spend 4th of July on the boat in Cocoa Village on the water. It was just way too many people there this past year.

It's a 1987 Thompson Cruiser   
 Hubby thinks we should take the trip called the Loop.

Map used with permission Raven Cove Publishing.

 With no hiccups it would take about a year to complete the trip. Christopher is all about the trip and homeschooling. Justin on the other hand wants to do it when he is older. I get it he is older now friends, school, sports and everything in between. We have twelve years to think about when both of my babies are out of school. Hubby and I love to travel with our boys. I guess this way we can plan out every detail hopefully with no surprises. I think we will try a three day weekend going to the Bahamas first just to see if we can handle being on a boat for a extended period of time.  We are all ready partly there with our passports up to date. One thing we don't have to rush and get.

 Our work so far.

Step 1: Wash Boat

Step 2: Work on Engine 1

We have engine one working and running. It needs to be clean, painted ect but it's working. With the help of a friend we are on the right track. I see this journey is going to be a long one. I say that laughing knowing my hubby it will be a night and day project until it is finish completely.  Boat talk all day long. I can't wait!! I will try and share all the updates as we do it. 
Boat Names any suggestions? 

Saturday, July 25

Las Vegas

It has already been a long day taking a day trip to four corners into a long long trip. We hit the streets of Fremont Street about 1 am.

It was a little crazy with a lot of naked people. Some people really should not be naked. I'm not judging I'm just putting it out there. We had a blast just for one night and half a day. My father has never been to Vegas. He was over taken by the lights. We were here last year with my mom for her birthday. We didn't get to see the light show on Fremont this was an experience to see. Walking down all the lights shut off. I wasn't expecting it by far. I was like oh great we have a blackout. Then music starts to play and as you look up the screen changes. It's really neat as the people are on cables flying over your head to the end of the street.
Justin is really into magic tricks and card games. He wants to come back for a show next year. I don't know about that. We plan the trip last year this year it was by accident we came back.  I'm over Vegas unless hubby and I decide to come back without the kids. I would really like that. He loves Vegas. I'm like been there once I have seen it all. 
My dad didn't know what to expect when we stay at the Stratosphere for the night. He lost some money in the slot machines. Not a lot but he was still mad. The food was great. Most of all the family time we spent together means the most. The kids love spending time with grandpa. Jay kept playing card tricks with grandpa. Blowing him away because grandpa couldn't figure out how Jay was doing it. They have a special bond I think because they are both a little weird. 
Hubby still wouldn't go for renewing our vows in the house of Elvis. I tried talking him into it he could be Elvis I could be Priscilla. Walk down to I'm all shook up.Maybe next time. Summer still isn't over let's see what else we can do. 

Monday, July 20

Grand Canyon

Now. It's maybe noon once we left four corners monument. The Grand Canyon was four hours away. My dad was with us and he has never been to the Grand Canyon before he is not the type to come all this way by his self. My adorable hubby asked if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes I love road trips besides seizing the moment we tend to do that a lot. What's life if you can't do that? My dad didn't know what to say so the trip began. I love the mountain view they are gorgeous. It's breathtaking I could get lost just in the moment. However the curves in the road takes my breath away in a different light one wrong move you are toast. Be safe please now I have that out of the way take a look at these.
Grand Canyon 2015

It's very peaceful looking at the edge in amazement. That this sits in the middle of nowhere. I was a little on edge because as you ride to site to site there are just a few fences from the edge. With two small kids that is just crazy. One of the signs said a man used to take people by horse around the canyon that would take 12 hours one way. That is crazy to even think about. I mean it did take me thirty hours to get to Aztec from Florida. I couldn't do that on a horse.

They do charge per person not sure how much. This trip was well worth the hot weather and headache. Pack water since you are in the desert heat. This is a must see.

Now to complete our road trip off to Las Vegas. We still have four hours to go. Thank God we have three people who can drive. That makes it's a lot easier. 

Saturday, July 18

Four Corners

It was about 9am two days when we decided to skip storytime to take an hour drive to the four corners monument. From our hotel in Aztec give or take an hour or so. Sure we get there nothing to it. Not worth the $5.00 per person I think it should be $5.00 dollars a car maybe. Since the bathroom where out of order. Hubby stood in line for forty-five minutes to take our own pictures. I walked around the circle where there are a bunch of Navajo gift shops. Half are a little pricy at $95.00 dollars for a necklace that looks like you could have bought it at the dollar store. It's all in the experience I guess of being in four states at once. I wouldn't go back but for the fun of it I can now check it off my bucket list. Justin and I watched the four corners monument on discovery channel. I was hoping for some alien activity like they said. Maybe a spaceship or something instead just plain old nothing. If you are heading that way sure stop but don't go out your way for it. The view is breathtaking. Make sure to take water,sun block a hat. Have fun with it. Please for the love of God don't take your dog with you. They are not allowed on site. We seen too many in hot cars. If it's 100 outside just double that for how it feels on the inside. Just a FYI you can't take anyone's ashes there. I didn't know that was a problem apparently it is. Along with cows that cross the road with drinking and driving. Signs are everywhere on the road be safe.

Monday, July 13

Lovely night

The night before my son turns twelve. Twelve years ago I held him in my arms at 8:17 pm so many things have changed. He made me a mother over time. I didn't know that holding a tiny little baby would change my whole reason to exist. Life was extremely complicated back then. Looking back he saved me as a person. Jay is a handful at times always on the go. Even now he is older that part hasn't changed. He is excellent at anything he does. If he has a difficult time he stays at it until he gets it. He amazes me with how quickly he catches on to things. My little boy is twelve where did the time go? I'm proud to say I'm his mom. He is a future astronaut who wants to join the military. He says "He wants to have a challenge in his life!" I think he will be. No matter what he does I will support him. In a few short years he will be driving and graduate from High School . I'm not really ready for that yet. He is my baby boy my first born my heart and soul. So many things from his first word that was mommy. To his first steps or run into the kitchen when he was seven months old. I didn't know that was possible at such a young age. He did it then the baby gates and rearranging the furniture came into play. It didn't matter if it was blocking his way he found a way over it under it anyway he could. I admire his heart to want to help and change the way people see the world. He is so full of life. I hope he never changes. These summer vacations we have went on since he was eight has kept that close family bond we all have. I love talking to him because I get to see the world through his eyes. Something rare to do with children. We joke around we share some of the same interests like going on nature hikes playing card games and the interest in learning anything we can. I guess being a parent is like being a kid again. Happy Birthday my darling boy. I hope you have a great day. 

Saturday, July 11

Aztec Ruins

Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico, was established in 1923 and covers 320 acres. Early Euro-American settlers erroneously assumed the people who built these villages were Aztecs, hence the name of the ruins and of the modern town of Aztec.
Later archeological study confirmed that the builders were ancestors of the Puebloan peoples. Archeologists adopted and popularized the Navajo word Anasazi to refer to the people who built and lived here.
The boys had fun going through the ruins asking questions about how people lived. It's astonishing how people built their homes with no modern technology. Just hard work and will was needed. You can walk into most of the ruins.
Justin thinks that the aliens took the people that's why we can't find them. I can't say that is true but could be a possibly. I'm not going to discount something I have no idea if it happen or not. He loves history. We could have spent all day there but it was hot. It was 100 without the heat index added. If you are traveling to New Mexico this is a must stop. It's five dollars for adults kids are free. If you have Native American blood you are free in our case we have Cherokee on both our sides and apache on my side. We still donated money to the center to help keep up the ruins. The boys became junior rangers.
They had to raise their hand and promise to help take care of the environment among other things. It was a cute little ceremony complete with a sticker and a badge.
Once inside there are artifacts to look at with a short video about how Aztec Ruins was discover. The kids get their own little book to with questions to answer in order to become Junior Rangers. Next on our list is the Salmon Ruins.

Monday, July 6

Push Yourself

Workout for today was a killer routine.
Frog thrust
Side alternating plank
Mountain climbers
Squat jumps
I did 25 reps of each since I was using my phone to listen to music. It makes it hard to time yourself. I did three rounds and added a few more abs routine. I personally like the one where you lay down on the ground. You hold a weight in your hand and get up then lay back down. I'm not sure what that one is called it sure will push you. I get bored working out on my own with the pictures I get off line. Five rounds seems a bit much to me. Then again I have no idea who is coming up with workouts. I always let my body tell me where I'm at. I always find myself adding knees up plank walk downs, push ups, knee smash. Another favorite of mind is where you are in a push up and jump in and out with your legs. Killer for lower abs. I also work a little on arms with my bands. Traveling light is great. My bands fit right in my bag. I try use my bands as much as I can. It just takes a second to remember all the great workouts you can actually do with them. It took about an hour my boys sat in the workout room with me at the hotel. They watched TV even helped me on a few circuits. Christopher likes to mock me. It's cute when he will flex his muscles. Getting fit will always be hard no matter where you are in life. Don't let no gym or I'm traveling be an excuse. If you want it you will complete your goals. Nothing will stop you from getting it but YOU! Have faith in yourself you are worth your own time.

Friday, July 3

Zombie Games

I hear screaming coming from Justin's bedroom. Christopher comes hauling out of the room runs right into Justin.
"I saw something!" He says His eyes are big and wide.
"What? Jay ask
"It's under the bed." Christopher yells
They both bend down to take a look under the bed. I'm peeking around the corner I hear Christopher say "It's okay Jay It's a dryer sheet."
They both go back pretending to shoot each other and zombies. Children imagination are wonderful even with the age gap between my boys. It's breathtaking to see how close they are. Their brotherly bond is strong. They fight like hell sometimes but never hold a grudge. They do just about everything together. They are growing up just thinking in two weeks Justin will be twelve years old going into six grade in August. Christopher will start preschool as well. My boys will always be my babies. They are my heart and soul. I'm a very proud momma. Even if my nest is slowly emptying.

Tuesday, June 30


Last night was about the most scariest thing we have been in since last summer when my hubby had to pull off the road in North Dakota with a bunch of people at a gas station to avoid the tornado that hit.

It was crazy receiving texts from him that read.
If you wake up and see the news. I love you. 
The next one reads
I'm  okay I was able to get off the road.
Then he sent a picture 
and the last text reads 
I love you and the boys. This above picture was from a guy he worked with that sent it to him. There is no place to go the houses are all mobile homes. We stayed in an RV for the summer. The land is flat where it looks like the sky could swallow you whole. Traveling is by far the most exciting thing to do. Our drive there to North  Dakota was storms all the way. As we left one state or town a tornado hit. This year driving to New Mexico was the same. We hit a storm in Louisiana. Thank God we were driving  away from it. Last night I made my decision not to make our home in Carlsbad permanent. It will stay a summer home to visit our family. 

The road was flooded on both sides. I was for sure we we're going to get stuck in the water. The hail was so big and thick look like snow on the streets. The city has no draining system at all. I took a video mind you it's a two lane road with no where else to go. maintenance 
The kids thought it was really neat. Us not so much as hubby drove and I took pictures to keep my mind clear. Tree branches were down everywhere. I think I will stick to the Florida weather instead. Bright side we were in the same car with hail dents from last year storm. A few more doesn't matter. 

Saturday, June 27

Project Playground

The one thing I love about traveling is seeing all the different parks we come across. This  park Project Playground is absolutely amazing minus all the trash that covers it. We have  been at our home in Carlsbad New Mexico for about a week. At the beginning of the week we ran into a bunch of ten year old and younger slinging around profanity like you would not believe.  You can tell by the way they were acting they clearly learn that from home. Children see and hear what their parents do. If you are one who thinks cussing around  your kids is okay. I can ensure you that it's not pretty on the playground. I can tell you my hubby and I will ask your child to watch their  mouth. (They where also in the process of destroying the playground.) This case we did twice then told them if it continues we would call the cops to ask your child to leave. It's not cute in anyway. I don't  agree but that's the way you parent that's your right. They are future criminals in the making. In return they left which made the playground a pleasant place to have our children play. The other parents were happy too. 

Something  else that bothers me is all the trash kids leave behind that's including the adults who say nothing to their kids about putting trash where it belongs. This is a nice park keep it clean. Kids need a place to play not a landfill to slide in. Parents need to teach their kids to respect their surroundings. I counted 20 not 5 but 20 trash cans by the park. Not one adult nor child picked up after themselves. So we did this bag was just one of many we filled up in order for our boys to run around. 
If children don't have a great place to play they start to get in trouble. It's very unsettling how people treat one another as young as my four year old. Justin even ask a kid to watch his mouth because of his brother. The kid started to threaten Justin then stop when he seen us come around the corner. I'm happy to see another parent who as well spoke up. She had three small children with her. I teach my children to respect the earth and everyone in it.
Kids today need to have some kind of direction in life. Parents need to be more involved to show that this behavior just gets worse as they get older. 
Please respect others!
Please leave nothing behind but your footprints! It will matter in the end.

Friday, June 19

Mommy travel moments

I don't know how it can be sunny and raining with hail at the sametime.  I thought it was going to break my windshield. It's a beautiful scenic route driving through Louisiana,Texas and now we're in New Mexico still 5 hours to go. We're taking a family trip to four corners. Justin and I seen on TV that a lot of alien activity happens there so we decided to take a trip. I really hope we don't see any green aliens I can go for illegal aliens long as they mind their own business. Last year we just drove through Roswell. We are meeting up with my hubby and Father. They went ahead to bond and gamble a pre Father's Day gift. 
My mommy travel moment with Christopher. 
We stopped to get gas in Louisiana.
Christopher asked "Mommy why do those guy's look so rough? Did they just come back from Naked and Afraid? " 
I couldn't help but laugh as I didn't answer him till we got back in the car. 
"No, Christopher I don't think so." 
He looked confused and didn't say anything so I left it as that. By the way if you don't know Naked and Afraid is a TV show. There are two people who have to survive in the wilderness for 21 days.

Yes, There is a cat under there. The seat is on the sun is shining and Godzilla is in cat heaven.  He is warm and sleeping.  Until the storm rolled in he just had to look out the window.  This is his first trip with us. Everything is new to him. I do have to say he is a lot more active than Mickey the cat. She just hides.  Godzilla tried to steal my grapes incognito with the blanket over him. Like I wouldn't see him. 
We are still working on the whole meowing in the middle of the night as he trys to get the squirrel that's in the window.  Not to mention trying to escape from the hotel room. He is still learning. 

Sunday, August 31

Numbers, Running & Men in a Rock

# 92 Bucket list done

It's extremely amazing that this monument was constructed with dynamite. A little history lesson on our travels. A must see if you are going through South Dakota. I think I will make the picture above a postcard.

The Hoover Dam wasn't on my bucket list which we seen on our way home. A last minute stop to waste sometime before we hit or hotel. We decide to drive through it instead of paying to park and walk around. After Vegas I had absolutely no energy to walk nor did the rest of the family. However, To get a picture I jumped out of the car to take one thinking I could just jump back in. Nope I had to run two blocks until I came to a break in the fence line before I could get to the car. My hubby was driving and laughing the whole time as my son is yelling out the window " You can do it keep up!"  My advice stay in the car.
. It's a beautiful site to see! Another pit stop I would recommend to go to if you are in the area.

Monday, August 18

A pit stop

The best part of traveling is all the places you don't know about. 

A park alongside the road we found on the way to Las Vegas.  We stopped to play. 
Justin decided to hang like a shirt. This thing spins around. I pushed him around it. He had a blast. We stopped at the mall of course we took our cat into Macys to walk around we couldn't leave here in a hot car. People were nice about that. One plus for me she was coming in anyways.  It was 95 degrees that day.

Here is Justin swinging around. 
My men being crazy with their silly hat's. I wish I could say that about the food.
Oversized portions It was okay nothing Fantastic about it. This restaurant doesn't bring people in for the food just the site's on inside and out. F.Y.I we were a little overwhelmed by all the food on the menu.  In my opinion it was way to much to look at and hard to understand. 

We still had fun on a pit stop to stretch our legs.
Make sure to take pictures of the dinosaurs across the parking lot. 

Sunday, August 17

Frankie Moreno

I feel bad I bought tickets to a show had no clue who this man was. He was on Dancing With the Stars.
 I took a picture with Frankie!!! 
I have a new crush lol I know the picture is a little blurry but it will work. His show was amazing! He reminds me of Elvis. Between songs he talks to the crowd and jokes around. He has such amazing talents as a singer along with many instruments he can play. The best part of his show was how much he enjoyed having this 17 year old kid on stage with him playing the guitar. He is helping him with his music career. Frankie also helps the music program to keep it in schools. That won me over so I had to buy two of his CD'S. 

Here is my Mother and I with Frankie we will definitely have to go again. It is crazy that I didn't know who he was. I don't watch TV I had no clue. It shocked me that my Nana knew who he was. Now I know what to get her when he comes to Michigan for a concert. 
If you are in Las Vegas stop by the Stratosphere where you can catch Frankie and his band playing Five nights a week. 

Thursday, August 7

Walking the Strip

Walking the strip is awesome! # 67 bucket list check. Let's be real it's not New York but I loved it anyways.  I'm not One for the slots. The sites are more of my thing. 

Part of the whole experience is seeing amazing people with talents that don't seem real. Like this man who made a picture of New York with spray paint.  
I seen this before it's very different just with a putty knife.  A steady hand with amazing imagination. His artwork shows that anything is possible. 
I didn't get his name once I walk back through I will have to. 
Now complete this picture will look great in my living room. 
It's Beautiful! 
Another piece 
Stunning artwork


Sunday, August 3

Rocky Mountains

Just a few pictures of the Rocky Mountains.  Bucketlist check

Just breath taking! 
It's a little scary going around the curves.  I felt like a race car driver. Warning ears will pop.
The mountains are in front of us but we can't see them due to the weather.  A little freaky! 
These are the moment's that will last a life time.

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