Thursday, February 28

I love my followers

I have seen a huge increase from my statcounter report. I just want to say hello to all of you and thank you. Crazy lady Nicole hasn't been back but once this month but I have a new follower from Tennessee and thanks always to Phil from New York. I hope everyone from Illinois,United Kingdom,California and Arizona enjoy

This nap is NOT happening

This is how this toddler deals with taking a nap. It is too cute better than my two year old who forces the cat to take a nap with him. My nine year when he was younger had no problems taking a nap. I took one with him back then. Being my first child I kept in mind when baby sleeps you sleep. Everyone told me that.I had to brake it that summer he started school it was hard for both of us. What about you does your little one take a nap still?

Wednesday, February 27

Capri Sun & Mold

                              Warning Parents!!!!!!!

If you purchased Capri sun's please don't anymore. I came across a post on Facebook from a mother who took these pictures of black mold and slim inside.

This is very disturbing to me when my son was three I used to buy these. I didn't think anything of it when he opened one and toss it in the trash. He told me it was gross. The next time I went to buy them he took them out of my hand and put them back. He hasn't had one since. Of course my mind wonders if the above picture is why he didn't like it. I will never know but for sure will never buy these again. I guess if you want preservative free you have to be willing to run into this problem. Just Google it there are many more pictures then this one I found on Facebook. The company has had many complaints but are not changing anything. I'm not to sure I like where this is going. To me a company who is not willing to change is just being lazy until someone dies from this. I found another link which is at the bottom. If you buy this maybe you should rethink it and buy some fresh fruit and juice it instead. These are just my thoughts today on this raining day in Tampa.

Tuesday, February 26

A New Lift!

This is the best piece of workout equipment That I own. It shows you a ton of stretching routines you can do. Like the first where you lie on your back and roll the roller up your upper back for 30 seconds. I love this one especially after a upper back workout. It's the best the day after to loosen up your muscles. I don't like all of the stretching it shows some of it really hurts. But it's worth it for my back.

Monday, February 25

House Hunting

House hunting is a pain. My hubby and I have been house hunting for awhile. This weekend was beyond stressful. Here are some pictures. Tell me what you think? We are looking for a three bedroom 2 bath with a yard maybe a pool. We had a few beach houses in mind but I want a yard with grass. I know I'm a pain but my hubby just laughs that I don't really care what house we pick a long as it has a backyard and grass. I miss grass from Michigan. It's weird I know simply things like that I miss.
We have called about this one several times but no call back. From the look of it I bet it's huge. My mother can move in with us if they ever call us back. It is an idea house with a giant yard. I'm sold! If you are wondering why a yard is important let me just say I have a great set of patio furniture my father built that is amazing. We are an outside family all year round. We love to be outside. Our boys would live in water if we let them.
I love this house above. It's gorgeous! It's a little more then I want to spend. All hardwood floors  and a huge kitchen with a backyard which we would have to put a fence up. The bottom picture house isn't for sell but my 9 year thinks Daddy and I can go talk them into selling. He is a trip sometimes! I don't know about me but for sure my hubby can. He can sell Ice to a family of Eskimo's. (laughing) I think it looks like a doll house my step father brought me when I was 10. I like it but the yard is a little small.
This house is a castle but no yard and power lines that touch the house on the side. I love it but I need a yard.
 The bottom picture is a cute house but the color sets me back just a little. It's still not the one. Just like the house I looked at on line it was painted pink on the outside and pink on the inside even the carpet was two different shades of pink. No thank you that's a little to much pink for me. I know I could paint.I just want it to be move in ready. My house back home was a fixer upper I just don't know if I want to do it again. I know that is my job and what I do daily but who wants to do that at work then come home and do it. That's why it took so long back home. I do however get a kick out of tearing down the walls. My hubby and I won't sleep until it's complete.Which we run into problems with work then we are running on no sleep for days. Nope I'm good I like to get my eight hours in. Besides it's not fair to our boys when we are like that. Especially Justin who stays busy for a nine year old. He is now in tumbling which he loves.  Wish us luck we are still looking.

Ronda Rousey

That's right she won again! I don't know if you know who Ronda Rousey is so let me tell you.
Ronda Jean Rousey born February 1, 1987 is an American mixed martial artist and judoka. She is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion as well as the former Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion.
Saturday was the first women fight in the UFC. Ronda Rousey won of course but I have to say I was on the edge of my seat in the first round when Liz Carmouche got on Rousey back. I thought that was it. All Carmouche had to do was tighten her grip up and push her elbow down to get under her neck. Don't tell anyone but I wanted both of them to win. Rousey submits Liz Carmouche in an arm bar who would of thought? If you watched it,it  looked like her arm broke. I would like to see a re-match soon. This was awesome! I think I'm going to be a MMA fighter and my hubby will be my ring man. (laughing)What did you think of the fight?
She totally looks evil here. She is awesome! 

Friday, February 22

30 on 30 part 2

I read a post last year on how parents don't spend enough time with their children. I know I'm a stay at home mom so that isn't a problem but I do work from home. I have taken the boys to go clean a fish tank which they love but bad for business. It worked when Christopher was little not now that he is a rambunctious two year old. I simply don't see that it is fair to have my 9 year old take care of him while mommy is working. I know lots of parents stick their kid in front of a television or drop them off even when they do have time for their kids they choose not to spend it with them. My hubby and I are not like that. I think if you can spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days doing something with your children it will change your point of view of how important it is to spend time with them.

Here is the Challenge February is almost over so let's start March 1st of day 1 of 30 on 30 challenge.
It can be playing games,talking to them doing something they want to do as long as you spend 30 minutes a day with them. Please leave comments and tell me what you did that day. My son and I as we walk to school have a habit of breaking out in a random dance. It's cute makes him laugh that's all I want is to see him smile. Christopher loves to play hide and seek with us no matter what time of day it is he always wants to hide before one of us including the Mickey the cat finds him.Just hearing him laugh and smile is a blessing in itself. Check out 30 on 30 here are some of my favorite ones



Get your minds working on idea's come visit my Pinterest page at www.pinterest/aquariummomma
for some cute stuff maybe look around there are a bunch of great people who pin items and idea's.

Thursday, February 21

Exercise Ball Workout

This workout is a beast for your lower abs. First you get down as if you are going to do a push-up with your feet on the ball. (as seen in the picture) Then you lift your leg one by one as you balance yourself so you don't fall over. Be sure to keep your belly tight to protect your lower back. Make sure you use good form to feel the results. I did 20 reps at 3 sets. Have fun and be safe.

 Lie on your back with the exercise ball between your legs.(As the pictures shows to your left) Squeeze the ball with your feet lower the ball down and bring it back up. Touch the ball and start counting or you can take it (as the second picture shows) I also did 3 sets at 20 reps.  If you want these can be two separate exercises.You don't have to go crazy with how many you can do. If you get to 20 - 25 that is more then enough you should start feeling it by now. Switch it up the only way to a six pack is variety of your workouts you do for your stomach.

 This workout is the same as above you are just on your side. Now you will be working  on squeezing your legs and butt together to get your obliques the best workout yet. I did again the same reps and sets as the other two exercise 3 sets at 20-25 reps. Only lift as high as you can don't over do it as you can cause strain on your lower back. Make sure you squeeze your legs together to get your oblique engage. It will also work your inner thighs.

 This is all about Balance here as you can see from the picture. It is just a regular crunch just on the exercise ball. Go down and come back up I stayed with 3 sets at 45 reps. My abs were on fire this morning at 5am.

Photo My road to a six  pack by October 2013 is hard. I'm not going to lie it is much easier to do nothing. I love looking at myself in the mirror everyday to see the changes in my body. I can now start to see a difference in my  arms and belly. It just motivates me more to keep going not to mention the great support I get from my hubby who has been my personal trainer. We lean on each other but at times I hate him because he pushes me to the point of no return when working out. I love it!


On another not Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby who turns 29 today. You are one in a million.

It takes a lot to be a Dad. He's got to be fantastic and funny, smart and cool, amazing and understanding .....super sensational and dependable not to mention generous and extra special guess what it's you.

Monday, February 18


I was online looking up motorcycles when this site popped up on the side bar. It caught my eye with the title.

How To Pick The Right Wife

Curiosity made me hit the link. I read it to my hubby we had time to wait since we were getting an oil change. This article made my mouth drop! I laugh as I disputed some of it how could someone write this stuff? It was hilarious! His name is Victor so blame him. I guess I can agree with some but sure not all of it but I will say more men need to follow some guideline in picking the right wife. Same goes for women you can't sleep with everyone and expect people to respect you. You can't sleep with a married person and expect them to marry you. If your lady or man is still caught up on their past love it's time to move on.  If they don't respect you that should be the card you are looking for to stay or go.This man Victor is just saying it as he sees it. What are your thoughts after you read what I took from his site? (Below) If you are interested in the rest I will leave a link to his blog. Click on it if you dare!

Notes from Victor

You have two options: You will get married or you won’t get married. If you will get married then this article is for you. We will not review whether or not you should get married but we will review how to pick the right wife.

Picking the right wife is of utmost importance. Marriage is a life-long commitment and requires a great deal of forethought. Getting married without a plan and without any forethought is a terrible decision.

Getting married is a business decision. Marriage is a contract between two entities. You’ve got to enter into it with the ruthless mind of a determined businessman for it to work.

You’ve got to pick the right wife like a businessman picks a company to invest in. It shouldn’t be left to chance (“love”) – you’ve got to be pro-active, know what you want and then go after it.

Marriage isn’t about love or connecting with your soul-mate. Those are inventions of TV and movies. Marriage is an exchange of resources. Your wife shall provide A and you will provide B. If you’re wife doesn’t, or won’t, provide her share then she should not have the privilege of marriage with you.

Marriage is a contract and you’ve got to try your hardest to make sure that contract is re-inforced. You cannot make the best decision when you’re emotionally love-sick like a 16 year old school girl. No businessman who wants to stay in business will sign a contract in an emotional state of mind and no man who wants to stay married will sign all of his power away just because he loves her. It takes rational, clear-headed planning and thinking to pick the right wife material.

There are only two reasons a man should ever get married:

1) He wants to start a family.

2) His career or political ambitions demand he has a wife (he is interested in going into politics). We will not talk about this except to say that a political wife is for show and show only. For this article we will assume the reader falls into the first category.

There is absolutely no other reason to ever get married. Love is not a reason to get married. When you get married you sign all your power over to your wife – it must be of some benefit for you to do so. That benefit is to grow old with your family.

Again this article may make you mad. I disagree with Victor about not getting married for love. For that matter I disagree with Victor on most of what he wrote. That is the only reason I married my hubby.The fact he can make me laugh and smile daily is one of his best traits.He cares about people. He loves to help out.He works hard at everything he does in Life. I accepted him for who he is not who he was. He has never lied to me about anything. No matter how hard it may hurt the truth will always be better in the end. We both respect we each other to be up front. Everything was put on the table in the beginning everything! My hubby provides, support, and loves us with his whole heart not half most of all he will stop at nothing to make our children and I happy. I picked a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. I thank him all the time for what he does as he will thank me for the same. He makes me cry when he tells me he loves me for standing by and supporting him through everything. I have never turned my back on him no matter what life has made pass by. I strongly believe a marriage is 50/50 you have to give your all to make it work. You have to be willing to fight for what you love. Divorce is not an option for us not now or ever. If we have a problem we are going to sit down and work it out. My hubby and I have been through unreal drama, death, cancer in the family, moving, meeting new family,job change for both of us and loss of not one but two children by miscarriage. We never blame or bring up the past as for it means the past. There is nothing you can do about it. We live in the moment at hand. Nothing has ever had a hold on us it only makes us STRONGER as a couple! We cherish what life and the lord has given us TIME with each other and our children. We have so much to be grateful for like our health and happiness. I never in a billion years thought my life would be this much fun. I never knew I could be this happy with life in general. It's great! Why you may ask? Because I make it that way. That's how I came up with the title of my blog LIFE IS ONLY WHAT YOU MAKE IT! Life can only be as good as you make it to be no matter what situation you are in. As for Victor is concern he has a few points where you think he may be a little over the top but he put it out there.I agree with one parent staying home to raise the children. Raising our children is the most important job a parent will ever have. My hubby is a little old fashion when it comes to that.Which is fine with me I love staying home with our boys. I love the fact that my hubby gives me the option to. I still work from home our business is well. I just don't see why both parents need to work. One job is paying for daycare alone now if you are a single parent then I understand.The children of today need that other parent home to help guide them in the right direction.

 It's up to you what you do in life! Do you have any guidelines before you get married?
                                                            Happy Reading!


Homeless man is Honest

“It was really worth some money,” Harris said. “Worth enough that he was ready to give me four grand right there on the spot.” Harris thought of taking the money, but said that his grandfather raised him to be honest. He knew in his heart he couldn’t take the money.
“I am not trying to say that I am no saint, but I am no devil either,” he said

I read this story today that touched my heart. It goes to show you just because you are down on your luck doesn't mean you can't do the right thing. Harris could have taken that money for the ring and put it towards an apartment filled with food. Being HONEST meant more to him. I hope great things happen to him now. What would you do?

Thursday, February 14

Do you like candles?
Think about how many you have purchased  in the last year?
What if you could save money and have a candle that burns for 60 hours?
If you are anything like me I love to light candles of any kind to relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. I will light them for a nice candle light dinner with my hubby. I love to light candles while I'm working out. They never seem to keep the smell.  I have a solution for that. 100% all natural soy candle.  They are a family owned business that blends  an all natural soy wax, free of dyes, with natural coated cotton wicks.

Spiced Rum + Coconut – The Gasparilla

The Gasparilla spiced rum and coconut candle that smells out of this world. My hubby purchase this one for me at the Florida state fair. It really has kept it's smell. I love it! This company will be at the Strawberry Festival- February 28th through March 10th. I will have to stop by since my son Justin doesn't have school on this Strawberry day. I'm thinking I may purchase a few for the ladies that will be at my wedding.

Here are a few scents they carry like

Havana mango + mint
Espresso + Dark Chocolate
 I may get this one to curb my cravings for both coffee and chocolate.

I can't forget what today is Happy Valentines to all my readers out there. Don't forget to show your love everyday not just on this holiday. Make sure your loved ones know you love them each and everyday.

Approximately 150 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine's Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.

A little history for you during the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds' mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of Valentine's Day should be a day for romance.


Wednesday, February 13

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie


Okay,I had to read this book due to everyone on facebook talking about it. The news on this book was out of this world every TV channel or radio station I had on said something about this book.  I love and hated the first book 50 Shades of Grey. After reading this book I thought it was horrible. The last few chapters gets dark.It made me laugh because it made me think of a special someone who does the very same thing as Mr. Christian Grey. He is young, handsome, intelligent, business-savvy, charming, very persistent, dark and very romantic.This story was beyond anything I have ever read before. I couldn't put the book down. It took me two weeks to complete it. I also read book two and didn't really care for it.It took me a little longer to get into 50 shades darker. I guess I was expecting something else and to me it didn't keep my interested. Anastasia on the other I think wined to much about Mr. Grey spending money on her but at the same time I understand. Her willing to obey her lover in a way that is off the chain(laughing) which is a passionate way to show love towards another. This book is not about being sexually abuse but about the length a person will go to show love. I love the fact that Ana stood by her man no matter what.Without giving it away book three was the best took me a week to read. I love the ending of 50 shades freed it explains why Mr. Grey is the way he is. I love how it is explained.

Lindsey Morgan, as Ana

Lindsey Morgan plays Kristian Davis on the TV soap General Hospital. She can't cry so if she did play this role she would have to work on that. Ana is shown to be stubborn yet a shy and kind-hearted person. I think Lindsey would be great for this role. She would need contacts for sure..

I really liked the book as did my hubby who I could talk to about the crazy stuff in the book. Make sure you have someone to talk to because trust me you won't be able to hold it all in!

 Garrett John Hedlund as Mr. Grey

I don't know to much about this actor but loved him in movie TRON. I think he would play a great Christian who is very engimatic and shown to be tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, having dark copper colored hair, and gray eyes. Garrett John Hedlund also has a low husky voice which I find in a man to be very sexy. I don't know about you but I would love to see him as Christian quoted as being "fifty shades of fucked up." (Hence the title of the first book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy.) Hint Hint Hollywood.
If you have read this book what do you think?

Tuesday, February 12

Fat Tuesday & Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras day is on Tuesday, February 12th in 2013. The date for Mardi Gras, also called Fat Tuesday, changes every year; it is always 46 days before Easter.

My hubby and I are always looking for new ways to celebrate things with our kids we want them to be dip in culture. I spent a day looking for crafts for us to do on the web, Pinterest and Facebook. There are 3 colors associated with Mardi Gras: Purple (symbolizes justice), Green (symbolizes faith), and Gold (symbolizes power).
  • Make a mask out of a paper plate and paint it.Some fake tattoos maybe.
  •  Put up green Christmas tree lights around the house.
  • Make fancy purple, green, and gold candles and candle holders to set up around the room.
  • Hang up green, purple, or gold streamers or curling ribbon. You can also make paper chains.
  • Play dress up with bright colorful clothes.
  •  Have fun with making food like Gumbo,King Cake(bake a plastic baby in the cake first person to find it is the king or queen of Mardi Gras)
  • Make sure you have awesome music to play to enjoy your day. the music is the most important part of the day.
  • Maastricht, Netherlands (© Horizons WWP/Alamy)

    Tampa  Today  will be 81°F. I have celebrated Paczki Day since I was a little girl. I'm Polish and love Fat Tuesday. I miss my Papa who past away three years ago due to lung cancer. I miss him everyday more on days like today. When we we sit around and talk about how fatten these donuts were for us.
    Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, a Catholic holy day. It precedes the 40 days of Lent. Lent is a time for reflection leading up to Easter Sunday. Pączki are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or bits of dried orange zest. Otherwise known as a jelly donuts! Be safe today with these wonderful treat. I'm claiming today as my cheat day. Have fun with with whatever one you celebrate just remember to be safe and have lots of fun for you never know what tomorrow will bring.

    Read more: How to Celebrate Fat Tuesday |

    Monday, February 11

     This is me check out this site for great talks,information new reviews and meetting new people. Have fun.

    I haven't been on here in awhile until today. changed a lot of things like the layout of the website. It's new and will take me a minute to get used to it. I found a lot more interesting blogs to follow. I love to read! I seen this picture below which makes me giggle what he may be thinking as he jumps. I left a link below if you want to check it out. If you have a fb page I will like it and share it to help any new blogger out there just leave me your link below. I came to a question What makes you happy? Not just in life but you as a whole person altogether. Believe it or not my son Justin didn't have school like the kids back home due to snow. No he didn't have school because of the Florida State Fair. It was student's day which all schools in Tampa received a free admission ticket to get in. I had to take him then I was left up to no choice not to. (laughing) It was a packed house. Walking around just taking in the moment of being free to walk around made me really think about my family. I have wonderful hubby who just adores his family. There is nothing he wouldn't do for us. He works very hard day in and day out to make sure we are taken care of. He is the love of my life. My soul mate to the end. My boys are healthy and happy. We are a family of four that takes life one step at a time. Nothing is really ever taken seriously like picking up toys. It comes and goes with being a mom. I love taking care of my family. It's who I am a mother,wife and friend. My son Justin talked me into going on the rides like the twister which almost made me lose the my lunch. I'm not the thrill seeker in the family. My hubby is and he had a blast watching me scream. This is what makes me a happy person! Moments that will last forever because we are truly happy with whatever life gives us. We make the most out of life.

    Photo: Stop doing these 10 things to have a happy life. 

Are you missing out on happiness in your life? 

Read on.

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    You may never fly again after watching this movie!

    My hubby and I go on these movies kicks for a month or so Flight was one of them. Very good character development, great directing, great story. I can't urge enough that this is not a children's movie at all with the movie starting off with full frontal nudity as a woman walks around getting dress.There is a great story line of a person who not only has a problem but knows he drinks because he wants to. He doesn't blame anyone but his self for drinking which I think is the first step to getting help.  I know alcoholic's very well and I can empathize with Whip Whithaker struggles.He has lows and his highs - the euphoria of the Cocaine high - thinking he is invincible.This is how people destroy themselves with every one around them. However, people can change. I have seen it first hand. It's a daily stuggle not to drink or take drugs. It is a personal decision and it can be done. If you want something done you have to be the one who stops yourself no one else can take the bottle from you. If you know an alcoholic you know what I mean. I love the ending of the story. I also love the fact that now the airlines drug test. You will to after watching this incredible movie. Another must see.I laugh and cried on the edge of my seat watching you will to!If you are dealing with some of these same problems just remember there is HOPE!

    Friday, February 8

    Here Comes the Boom Trailer Official (HD)

    Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss is a 42-year-old apathetic biology teacher in a failing high school. When cutbacks threaten to cancel the music program and lay off its teacher, Scott begins to raise money by moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Everyone thinks Scott is crazy - most of all the school nurse, Bella - but in his quest, Scott gains something he never expected as he becomes a sensation that rallies the entire school

    This movie is a Action/Adventure, Comedy runs about 1 hour 45 minutes. This movie really gives you the inside story of the school systems and how it works. It takes a special person to be a teacher in any grade level. I found this movie to be extremely funny and inspiring. Without giving too much away it's a must see for sure. It's a family movie I watched with my nine year old yes it has some MMA fighting in it but the meaning is much more. I wish more teachers were in this flied for the kids. You may have gone through school to teach but please note not all kids learn the same way. Be willing to try something outside the book to keep your students involve. My son had a horrible kindergarten teacher who didn't have kids yet thought all kids were the same she didn't make it pass that year as a teacher. All it takes is a second of your time to watch and you will see a future in children. It takes time. To all the teachers who take the time I thank you very much. Keep up the great job.

    Thursday, February 7

    Mommy ABC's

    This is something ever mom/dad should follow. It should show you life is just life one A at a time.
    Take your time to listen to your child. Get lost in the moment they  aren't little for long. Live it up now tomorrow may not come!

    Saturday, February 2


    I have a few questions to all of my reader's who has heard or tried this product called ViSalus?

              My hubby and I have been thinking about this 90 day challenge on ViSalus.

    You can pick your kit like this one which is the


    There are many more to chose from. I like that you can custom it to your body. I'm 100% happy with the way I look now compare to what I looked like a year ago with all the extra baby weight still on. 
     We have been working out eating right and juicing for a few years now. We are also very active as individuals and as a family. I have just found out why I'm not losing any more weight due to my sugar intake. It seems to put my body on hold by keeping the weight on. At first I thought there may be another baby Needham on the way. Sorry to disappoint my hubby I was not. Not that I wouldn't want another baby I just don't want to get fit to be fat again like I did with my second son. In fact we just talked about that this past weekend that we want another child but we would rather adopt a little boy or girl around our oldest son age which is 9. A big step to give a child a loving home. A plus at least I don't have to get fat to have another child. There is a lot that goes into that. Another post for now I would like to talk about this new shake. It makes more sense to spend money on ViSalus than $170.00 dollars at GNC every three weeks which in fact has a high sugar amount in the protein shakes I buy. What I am interested in is anyone who can give me some insight about this new product. Have you taken it? Do you like it? Have you lost any weight on it? My hubby and I will be selling this new improve shake very soon. It's more or less just another business adventure we are willing to try. We are willing to try new things especially when it can benefit us in a healthy way. Your body is your temple you have to take care of it. If you think you may want to try this please email me at you can also visit my facebook page with your thoughts or comments about VISALUS at

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