Monday, December 30

My New Camera

A wonderful gift from my thoughtful hubby. Just some random pictures taken with my new Nikon D5200.

Hubby had a hand in this one!

I just seen his pocket is hanging out. I love his eyes in this picture. 
I have been busy with the family just opened it last night. I have a thousand pieces that go to this camera I'm used to just point and click. I'm a simple person now I have to read to just point and click turn a setting to something it may take
me a little while to learn all of the features to find out how to use it completely. I love how clear the pictures are. I have been taking pictures for a little over a year going to school as a hobby. Now, I think I may try to profit with my pictures now that I have a great camera to take the pictures. I love when my hubby reads my mind this is by far the best Christmas gift ever.

My Christmas Flowers from my amazing hubby.

I love this picture of my Popsicle his eyes are so intense. I'm not sure who he looks more like but I think I'm going to say my hubby 100%. 
This is her new cat tower Santa left for her.

Tell me what you think of my photos? What kind of camera do you have?

Saturday, December 28

Mickey's Christmas

Do you have a cat? What about dressing them up like a kid? I have been dressing my cat up since Halloween. I know it sounds silly but it's funny and cute. No, I'm not doing it to be mean I will take it off if she starts to go crazy.
Christmas 2013

Let me share some pictures from Instagram

Who else dresses up their cat or am I alone in this? I almost purchase a Buzz lightyear outfit while we were at Disney world but I passed I thought it was a little much.
Halloween 2013

 Today it was on sale.

Mickey's Christmas was great she has already fallen off her cat tower twice good news she landed on her feet. I guess that saying a cat will land on their feet is true after all. Hubby is in the process of putting down the rubber mats to put under her tower so she doesn't get a concussion! It may have been part my fault I did put catnip on the top. She was eating it big chucks of it. Hubby had to rub it in. She was high as a kite. I guess if we don't talk to our cat about catnip who will?

Sunday, December 22

#59 Gone

My Bucket List is still getting things crossed off. Like Number 59 Show my mother the ocean.

We had a blast the water was a little cold but we were swimming in it. I think we have adapted to Florida to much 85 out at the beach being cold. My momma and sister came out for the Holidays with my little niece Eva who is a doll. I love her she is too cute!

Don't mind the hair I have beach hair mixed with wind not a good day for hair not to mention the salt water that sticks to me like glue. Great for the skin bad for my hair. I haven't seen her in a year I miss a lot her seen her being born which was a little weird my sister laughed and talked the whole time giving birth. She is now two years old I'm missing so much living here in Florida but good news my sister is thinking about moving here yeah. I'm showing her places while they are here.

We are having so much fun feeling a little home sick. First Christmas with my family since Christopher was born can't wait to spend it outside this year. It's still a weird getting use to it here with no snow. 

Tuesday, December 17

Potato slicer

Okay, I just bought a potato slicer that supposed to make perfect fries because my hubby insisted. Since I ruined Christmas for him. I won't give him a baby or let him have a dog. I know I'm a horrible person. My hubby is weird sometimes he has been on this kick for perfect fries. I guess the way  I cut the potato by hand is not good enough! I swear the arguments we have make me laugh. He wanted me to go to Merritt Island to get this damn potato slicer which I didn't want to do. It's like four lines of traffic at anytime you go over the bridge. It's insane unless I'm going to the beach I have no need to go to the Island. I sound like that movie where they clone you. I have been chosen to pick up a potato slicer! lol

I paid eight dollars for it. Well not worth the eight dollars it broke after one potato was done. I will go back and buy the $30 dollar one in search of the perfect fry. Not sure it will work but I'll let you know. I will fight the traffic and try to contain myself when people are acting dumb when they are driving. All in the name of love because he is worth it. 

I guess it does have that perfect fry after all but don't tell my hubby I said so. I was against the potato slicer from the start. I mean using it or cutting it is the something! 

Saturday, December 14

Work Bitch!!!

This is my new favorite song to workout to. I like to run on the treadmill which becomes a little hard ony knees that's why  I love the elliptical. It's great motivational music. Lol not really since I hate the word Bitch.Let me tell you why too many women think it's cool to refer themselves as one but get mad when someone calls them one. Women are so much more it's sad most don't value themselves. I love the beat of the music especially when I'm working the rope. That is an awesome core and upper body workout.  It's the last thing I do before I leave the gym. My heart rate skyrocket. It's that last burn I need.I give everything I have left my arms are literally jello afterwards. Christopher even tries to work it. I like that we are a family of fitness. My boys don't see it as a punishment. They love to run around or do pushups.  Justin has been like that ever since birth.  Kids in his gym class were mad at him in kindergarten for wanting to do jumping jacks. They still are just 
recently his gym teacher told me that Justin is very active in class. He is always asking to do more while the others are saying No! I'm sore today the rope has just been added to my workouts this week on arm days. Try it out let me know how you like it. Have a great day!  

Thursday, December 12

Shopping with my 3 YEAR OLD

I have to laugh at Christopher he is a true nut. I walked into Aarons furniture store. I remember talking to Christopher and asking him to be on his best behavior until we leave. Laugh now I know it was not going to happen. I seen a table online so I wanted to go in and look at it so I could buy it. GOOD NEWS it gets delivered on Saturday. I'm so excited I haven't had a table in about a year because we were going to build it but it didn't turn out the way that we thought it would. Back home my hubby built the table in the wall which was pretty neat because it was half in the kitchen half in the living room best of both worlds right. First, Hubby calls me. Trying to off the phone with that man is like impossible he talks more than a woman. Sorry babe but you do. He was trying to tell me to get other things all I wanted was a table I don't like to shop. I know I'm weird! Trying to fill out paperwork was nearly impossible when Christopher spilled the water that the sales associate gave us all in our lap. Not bad I suppose it's just water. Christopher starts off saying hello to everybody then he takes off. I finally get him after making three rounds in the store running after him trying not to knock over anything as he's laughing and saying mom can't get me.  I pick him up then he licks me. He is in this licking stage I have no idea why. He wants to lick everything the couch his brother me the cat the Christmas tree the window my phone. It's totally gross! He finds  a kid in the store looks a little bit younger than him maybe 1. Mind you his parents are no where in sight. Christopher starts showing him around the store.Which in turn is fantastic for me turns out it was cheaper than I thought. I ended up just buying it right out. He was like a little  Aarons associate. He has my phone mind you and he is taking pictures of everything. Thank God the sales associate has kids two twins girls that are 3 as well. He understood even made a comment that's why he has a job and she stays home. I can't be mad at him. He did tell me he had a really good time even thanked me for taking him. Christopher is so sweet! It's all part of the job being a mom I love it!!!!

The table 
I bought.

The plant Christopher said he likes. He took a picture of it. 

He wanted to buy this! 

Random new friend.

Monday, December 9


A Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without giving. The boys and I donated about six coats to the Salvation Army with a duffle bag of my hubby's clothes that he no longer wears of course. Sending in a Christmas gift today for a little boy who is the same age as my little one. Who may not get anything but what we bought him. Justin was so cute explaining to his brother what we were doing.  Christopher kept asking why doesn't Santa just get him toys. Justin finally just told him he will. While looking at me and said  "I hope he does." It's hard not being able to explain fully without destroying Christmas for my son. I have always told him that some people don't believe in Christmas that's why Santa doesn't come. I don't know what else to say. We give a lot around this time of year. I help out everywhere I can. Now, That my son is getting older he understands more of the meaning of Christmas not what he will get. He sent a gift in for someone in his school and one for a child overseas.  We were on the way to his tap class when he asked if we could stop to give a homeless person his last ten dollars.  I pulled off in the parking lot where the man was. Justin ran up to him as I was getting out of the car.

Justin "Maybe you can get something to eat. Merry Christmas try to be safe." 

Yes, I'm a proud momma. A qick note please be careful if you take part in giving to a homeless person.  

The gift contains
Thomas the Train, Captain America and in the stocking is filled with cars.

I hope we helped out just a little for this little boy. 

Tuesday, December 3

Cup of Joe

Here is a site that helps our Troops have a piece of home away from home.  Order a cup or a bag for our Troops who are away. My son Justin has been doing this for a little over a year. He loves buying coffee because of the emails he gets back from our troops. He cuts the grass along with chores around the house for coffee money.  Then with my help he orders coffee.  He also has a love for coffee.  I will take him to Starbucks for a decaf coffee or smoothie for our coffee Friday's. Its every Friday like clockwork we are at Starbucks after school. He is such a talented and caring giving kid that I've ever seen. I'm so proud to be his mother. Please help Justin show our appreciation for our troops and everything they do daily to ensure our safety  and Freedom.

Monday, December 2

Holiday mail for Heroes

I know this time of year brings a lot to one's plate to get ready for Christmas. I try to do something daily to help someone out. I'm forever donating clothes household items to charities. My son buys coffee for our troops through My hubby is a handman who helps others with their house if you need it fix he is the guy to call. He is Amazing! He is very talented when it comes to just about anything.  This year we have sent mail to Holiday Mail for our Troops. It's hard to be away this time of year why not drop a card off to someone who could use a pick me up filled with hope, kindness mix with a Thank You for your Service.  I mean it's the least we can do. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE sacrifice heartache and pain is attached to our troops and their families.
Deadline is December 6 so get your card out today.


There have been so many reports this past week about drivers that lost control of their car like the one that Paul Walker was in. Even though he was famous its sad that his death came at an early age. There's also an accident on I4 here in Florida  a white SUV was going the wrong way on the road and collided with four other cars. No other information was given but on my way to the gym every morning there is a big giant cross with a name Samantha on it. There was an accident 3 months ago I drive by it everyday my heart goes out to the family that suffer daily knowing they have to live day to day without Samantha in their life. No I don't know what happened to her. I remember the day were I had to take a detour the freeway was closed down a sense of sadness overwhelms me people today don't value life. No one ever drives the speed limit. Yes, I Drive the speed limit it took me a very very long time to  learn how to drive. I was in a car accident when I was 16. I was trapped in the car. I won't ever forget that day.  How the impact felt what I saw the little girl screaming in the other car even though it wasn't my mother's fault it was the other driver. He was drinking and driving at the time. It doesn't really matter he should have never been driving. I was 24 when I learned how to drive. The only reason I learned how to drive thanks to my wonderful husband. Who took the time and effort to show me. He had to literally pick me up and set me in the driver seat. I almost had a panic attack I wanted absolutely nothing to do driving I was perfectly fine walking everywhere. Walking not so bad it gives me time to think. My husband doesn't see it that way he tends to worry when I'm out walking. He's a big giant worry wart I think he's getting old. I don't text and drive I don't even use my phone when I drive. Driving is important task that you have to take on its not something you have to do it's a privilege not a need. I believe cars shouldn't go over the speed limit people should not be able to speed. There is no need to rush go through a red light honk at the person in front you. There's no reason to ride somebody's tail to try to make them go faster. If you're late then you should get up a few minutes earlier or leave a few minutes earlier to get to your destination on time. It drives me absolutely insane when I get behind a person I see a child that should be in a car seat or a seatbelt long behold they are not they have free range of the backseat while parent's up front texting. I also love with somebody is trying to merge on the freeway goes from 30 to 50 then just stops right in front of you like they forgot how to drive. When I go to pick my son up from school I really cannot understand why people speed with the school right there. While there are hundreds of kids walking on the sidewalk and riding their bikes. I hate driving I don't think I will ever like it but I'm a good driver. I pay attention follow the rules I just wish more people would do the same. Life is a precious thing more people need to wake up and realize that before they get behind the wheel. God Bless you today please be safe.

Sunday, November 24

A Story that needs to be told

I just read a story of a father who was arrested for walking up to his childrens school to pick them up instead of in a car. I don't know about you but sitting in a line of cars 30 minutes after your child gets out of school to pick them up in the car loop is insane! When we used to live in Michigan I had to pick my son up when he was in 1st grade after I had my second son. I had a c-section and it was extremely hard on my back to pick up the car seat to go pick up him up.That's the only time I use the car loop. After two weeks I couldn't take it my wonderful hubby took over to get him from school. I'm hearing more and more about how situations are stopping good parents from being a parent. 

To make things worse click on the link below that tells about a mother who lost custody of her 15-year-old daughter after she took her into the hospital. The mother refused to give her daughter some medicine  that the hospital wanted her to give consent to. When she refused then they kick the mother out. I know there are always two sides to every story.

Reading the comments after the story I was already sick to my stomach and confused about the whole story. I thought in America you have the right to choose or not choose medical treatment. Which includes taking medicine or not taking it. I came across a comment that will break your heart. So I posted here to share it along with my question. Do your children belong to you or the state?  In this sense I mention above. Children are not property as many scorn men and women use them in a custody case.  As the two stories I'm referring to.  What do you think?

Grieving Mom • 2 days ago−

THANK YOU Glen Beck for reporting this story and please keep reporting these. Exactly the same thing happened to me and my 14 year old daughter at one the the "best hospitals in the world." My daughter did have cancer, a very rare cancer and had an unannounced visit to her hospital room right after chemo and in serious pain and ill, a visit from a STUDENT in the psychiatry program who we had never met before and had no history with my daughter. This person decided my daughter needed to be on a couple anti depressants and demanded that I sign the consent forms to start her immediately on these other drugs (on top of her many cancer drugs). I told this person she just saw her regular psychologist and medical team and they said she is ready to go home and no one else has said anything about clinical depression. She just had chemo and was feeling sick and had other side effects and was on morphine for the pain. I demanded a second opinion and to meet with her medical team and regular psychologist before signing and putting her on some other drugs and of this type. I was first lied to by this student that said she had called them all and we were to meet the next morning. The next morning she admitted she had not actually called any of them and refused me that right.My daughter did not have a clinical depression requiring these drugs. She had cancer and was handling it all quite well with all her support of her psychologist, friends and teachers and medical team and mom. She was responding to treatment "phenomenally well" as put by her medical team and top researcher on her case. This student person got her way though by calling child protective services and hospital security and the city police. She insisted my daughter be put on the LOCKED psychiatric ward. My daughter was terrified. She and I both knew it would be her demise.I was escorted out and told not to return or to try and communicate with my daughter. My daughter was taken from her hospital and medical team and her stem cell transplant she was to have just 2 weeks from the time they locked her up. They took her entire support system from her - her friends, mom, her dog, her home, teachers and school, her life. She died of complications, not the cancer, 2 1/2 months later. It doesnt matter what you take your child in for, it can happen to ANY parent ANY child in ANY situation when you take them to a hospital, clinic, school. I would love to get my story out there and want desperately to start a huge movement bringing parents together to fight against this. It IS happening and more than people realize. Thank you thank you thank you Glen Beck for telling about this.

Please post your comments here or on my fb page to have a general dialogue about these issues.  Thank you for reading have a wonderful Sunday. 

Friday, November 22

My Cat

Okay, I truly think my cat is worse then my boys.
She freaks me out like peeking  her head out of the bathroom when I walk by. In her mind we are playing tag or something. 

I walk into the kitchen she is meowing like she has never ate anything in her life.

She bugs me when I workout at home. 

She walks on me when I'm trying to work on my abs.

 She likes to roll on my hair eat it.
 I have no ideal why.

I hate when she jumps as tall as me all puffed out to where she has no eyes. 

 She is beyond weird for a cat. 

I had to use her to carry a lizard out of the house. She kept dropping it.

Our cat loves french fries thanks to Christopher.

I still don't  understand her attacking Justin out of nowhere.

 She will sit and wait for him. It's funny but so disturbing.

She tries to climb up my windows.
She loves to climb under the covers with the boys to sleep. 

She is scared of our turtles.  Maybe because Christopher tried to feed her to them.

She dislikes me making my bed.  She will pull the blankets off like a dog would. 

She is insane meet Mickey the cat.

Sunday, November 17

Write a letter to Santa

Macy's - the magic of givingBeginning in November, kids of all ages can drop their stamped letters, addressed to Santa At The North Pole, in the Santa Mail letterbox at their local Macy’s. For each letter received through Dec. 24, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to $1 million. Visit Macy’s Believe website at for more  information.

How many of you still believe in the magic of Christmas? I love this season it's one of my second favorites following Halloween. The issues of believing in the big man in the red suit came up at one of my parents meetings. I was surprise how many parents have told their children that he is not the one that comes on Christmas Eve. I have a ten year old who very much believes in Santa Claus. We are sending our letter out sometime this week and dropping them off at Macy's to help the make a wish foundation. I have made writing a letter to Santa a part of our Christmas traditions since my son Justin was four. I have always told him with the many religions people have  America has a large variety of people who don't believe.  That's okay that is the reason Santa can visit everyone who believes in him in one night. His Uncle Adam is a Jehovah Witness who doesn't believe. My good friend Sandy is a Muslim who also doesn't believe.  They understand he is a child they don't tell him it's wrong that he thinks Santa is coming in a few weeks. These are just a few examples of people  who don't celebrate the the holiday. I have always made sure my son understands that people are different and it's okay that is what makes them BEAUTIFUL. He is to embrace everyone as the same.  It's a person Character that makes them who they are. I have made sure he knows now that he is getting older he will get only a few items from Santa. The rest will be from his father and I. I want him to be a child for as long as he can be. There is no rush on growing up. Of course telling him the Santa at the mall along with Santa at the tree lighting as well as why is that Santa white and the other is black questions I have taken care of when he was in first grade. They are all helpers who have been given a job by Santa himself to help out during the BIG Christmas season. Santa and Mrs. Clause have a lot of work to do at the North Pole before Christmas Eve. They have to help keep everyone on task to get the toys ready packed and to be shipped off. The addresses need to be updated with the reindeer gps. I think I have covered all the basics with my son. If he does ask the famous question "Is Santa Claus Real?" 

My reponse will be " No your father and I help him out to keep the spirit alive. Seeing is not Believing, Believing is seeing.  People have to believe in something it's a little piece of hope that there may be a Big guy in a red suit who spreads Christmas cheer. Parents take part in helping their children believe in something a little more around the holidays. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends." 

There is also a cute website where you can write a letter online. Have fun make a wish come true today.

Monday, November 11

Veterans Day

I would like to thank all the men and women past present and the future who fight for our freedom. They teach you how to put the uniform on but they don't show you how to take it off and come home. Hang in there we will always be grateful for the LIFE we have. God Bless you all!

Sunday, November 10

My Toddler

Having to take care of a three year old is a task especially when I think my son just went crazy this past week.

"Don't lick your brother."

 "Why Mom?"

 "People don't lick people you can't act like the cat."

 While he is licking his arm like the cat and running it over his head. Then he comes to lick me.

 "You can't lick me if I can't lick you back!"

 Now, I'm running after him pretending to want to lick him as he runs and hide behind his big brother. He is screaming and laughing.

"No mom don't lick me that's gross. Jay stop her!"

If that was bad enough he jumps off the bed I catch him in mid air.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm Iron Man mom I just got my flight power back!"

"Well you just scared me to death don't jump off the bed."

"Why Mom?"

Okay we are now in the "WHY" stage where now I have to come up with a reason why people can't fly.

"People can't fly in the house."

"Okay, Mom sorry Jay mom said we can't fly in the house let's go outside."

I seen that one coming!

"Put the turtles down they can't fight like the Ninja turtles."

He walks away only to find him talking to the turtles asking them what swords and guns they want to use to fight.

"No, Christopher Mickey doesn't want to play with the turtles!"

As he trying to put the cat in the pool with the turtles.
He has been non stop all day everyday for the past week. No naps it's like his batteries won't die out. Yup, He is crazy I don't know what else to call it when he is outside running around jumping off the lawn furniture tackling his brother and putting him in a head lock. I guess mommy and daddy can't watch MMA fighting anymore. He dressed up the cat in his Iron Man costume.  That didn't go over very well with Mickey the cat she was just a little mad. Tonight he was just running back and forth in the house for no apparent reason but to do it. He has discover his penis like a boy he walked outside with it hanging out.

"Put your penis away Christopher!"

"Why Mom?"

There is that WHY again.

"You can't be outside with your body parts hanging out."

"It's mind mom."

"Yes, I know just go get in the pool."

Okay, I think that was it nope he is now skinny dippin in the pool. I get him dressed to feed my boys dinner now he is sitting on the floor sharing his tacos with the cat. I don't know what is wrong with him. All I can do is laugh because this is not even half of my week. I still love being a mom. He makes me laugh for sure. There is not a dull day in The Needham Household.

Tuesday, October 29

Starting Over

Starting over is a mystery  you never know where you're going to be or where you're going to end up. For many survivors of Domestic Violence that is a decision that will change a life. I have been posting blogs all month about Domestic Violence know the facts  know how to get out. Most of all how do you get out? How do you make that step to another life? You have to re adjust yourself not to jump when there's a loud noise not to be frightened by somebody who gets loud not to look the other way when a police officer shows up not to fear them. Walking down the street having to look over your shoulder is something that I don't think will ever leave you. Making sure your windows and doors are locked adding locks making sure your children understand that protecting them will come first. Living a life after you have been abused for so many years is a challenge as a challenge you live with day to day night by night step by step you have to learn to live all over again. This movie is something that many survivors should watch it's a chance to give you a new perspective on how you can change your life.  It can happen you can go on you can be happy. Don't look back and don't apologize once you're happy you deserve it don't let anyone take that away from you. There is a life after somebody has hurt you man or woman Domestic Violence is wrong. Love doesn't hurt not in a physical way not by the hand not by a kick that's not love.  Please respect yourself please love yourself once you find that love you can find a way to get out. As always be safe!

Sunday, October 27

Real Men Don't Hit

Real men Don't hit! Domestic Violence can touch the life of many people.  Children who see violence will follow violence.  Many people worried about video games and outside violence. When we should really be looking inside every ones home. Don't let your children see their love ones hurt you put you down and beat you. You are worth way more then you know. Please know the signs. Please take a stand no matter who they are or what they say. Love doesn't hurt.
Signs That You’re In An Abusive
Your Inner Thoughts and Feelings.
Do you feel afraid of your partner much of the time?
-Avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your partner?
-Feel that you can’t do anything right for your partner?
-Believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated?
-Wonder if you’re the one who is crazy?
-Feel emotionally numb or helpless?
Your Partner’s Belittling Behavior
Does your partner:
-Humiliate or yell at you?
-Criticize you and put you down?
-Treat you so badly that you’re embarrassed for your friends or family to see?
-Ignore or put down your opinions or accomplishments?
-Blame you for their own abusive behavior?
-See you as property or a sex object, rather than as a person?
Your Partner’s Violent Behavior or Threats.
Does your partner:
-Have a bad and unpredictable temper?
-Hurt you, or threaten to hurt or kill you?
-Threaten to take your children away or harm them?
-Threaten to commit suicide if you leave?
-Force you to have sex?
-Destroy your belongings?
Your Partner’s Controlling Behavior
Does your partner:
-Act excessively jealous and possessive?
-Control where you go or what you do?
-Keep you from seeing your friends or family?
-Limit your access to money, the phone, or the car?
-Limit your access to money, the phone, or the car?
-Constantly check up on you?
If you have answered YES or some to most of these it's time to get out. REMEMBER it's Not your Fault.  You can't control what someone else does.  You can't change them no matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself you are the one who will get though to him or her. It won't change they won't change.  There is help Please call the National Domestic Violence hot line.
Trained advocates are available to take your calls through our toll free, 24/7 hot line at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
Please it's not to late to start over.

Friday, October 25

Ways to help

List of ways to help for domestic violence awareness month.

1. Host a clothing-swap fund-raiser, where you pass a hat to raise funds for domestic violence shelters. Identify a needy shelter in your area and register your swap (or find one near you) at San Francisco pals Brianna Cayo Cotter, 29, and Orli Cotel, 31, (pictured) launched Swap for Good in April with no money (friends helped design the site). Within months, the nonprofit had raised $2,800. Now the swaps are catching on nationwide.

2. Search using Type in "National Domestic Violence Hotline," then surf the Internet as you normally would. The site's browser is powered by Yahoo; every time you search, GoodSearch will donate about a cent to NDVH. With millions of us clicking, that's big money!

3.Shop on October 17 at Macy's or on If you buy a "Shop for a Cause" ticket, your $5 will go to the Family Violence Prevention Fund RESPECT! campaign, and you'll save 10 to 20 percent on most purchases, plus 25 percent on one in-store item.

4.  Join Liz Claiborne Inc.'s Love Is Not Abuse Coalition at, to help end teen dating abuse. As a member, you'll learn how to work with educators and legislators to get a dating-abuse education curriculum into schools.

5. Recycle old cell phones, laptops, and other electronics by sending them to Recycle for Domestic Violence (, and they'll donate to the domestic violence charity of your choice.

6. Text HOTLINE to 85944 to instantly donate $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which connects those in crisis to local shelters and resources.

7. Donate your clunker car by visiting and all proceeds will benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which supports programs such as safe houses, educational initiatives, and policy development.

8. Accessorize with "Empowerment" tees and jewelry at The proceeds will go to the Avon Foundation to end violence against women.

9. Tune in to talk radio on December 8, when hosts nationwide will talk to celebs, advocates, and survivors about how to end the cycle of abuse . It's all part of the seventh annual It's Time to Talk Day.

10. Reach out to a friend who you suspect might be in an abusive relationship. "Gently express your concern and ask questions about her situation, and listen without judgment," suggests Jane Randel, the director of the Love Is Not Abuse campaign. "If she shares evidence of abuse, emphasize that whenever she wants help, you'll be there." Encourage her to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE.

A little help can go a long way. Don't forget to turn Facebook purple for the rest of October.

Sunday, October 20

Domestic Violence Laws

It's very important to keep a paper trail, pictures and any voice mail of the abuse. It is easier to help prove if you go to court.  In any case you should seek protection from the police.  A lot of officers both men and women may not believe you.  Please don't give up that is why a paper trail is very important to have. I have a lot of people who follow my blog from Michigan.  Here is what you can do. Please don't stay silent. 

Remember to keep the information somewhere where your abusers won't find it. 
Maybe at a trusted friends house who will help you leave for good. Be safe!! 

Domestic Violence Laws in Michigan Viewing 3 of 9 Spouses or romantic partners committing violence on each other or on any children in the home is a serious crime that can involve jail time. Every state has its own laws regarding domestic violence. Michigan has specific laws designed to curtail and punish acts of domestic violence in the state. Definitions Michigan law defines a domestic relationship as one in which two people are either spouses or former spouses, in a dating relationship or former dating relationship, have children in common, or are current or former residents of the same household. If such a relationship exists, the laws concerning domestic violence apply to a violent incident. Violence can take the form of physical, sexual or emotional/verbal abuse. If a man threatens to kill his girlfriend, for example, domestic abuse laws would apply even if he made no physical contact with the woman. Child Custody Michigan law allows Michigan social services to take immediate control of any children in the home during a domestic violence investigation they have been abandoned or the agency considers them in danger. Michigan courts can also decline to take jurisdiction over a child regarding a domestic violence dispute if the state is deemed "an inconvenient forum" for the hearing. If a visiting family from Illinois had a domestic violence dispute while driving through Michigan, for example, the state would request Illinois to take jurisdiction. The state also can take legal custody of children in a domestic case if it has concern that one of the involved parties will leave the state with them. Restraining Orders Michigan refers to restraining orders as "domestic relationship personal protection orders." The domestic relationship PPO allows a judge to order the abuser to stay away from the victim and to stop all harassing or threatening activities. It also can give the victim temporary, sole custody of any children until a court can examine the case in greater detail. Authorities frequently issue a temporary stay-away order against an alleged abuser immediately following a domestic abuse incident to allow a "cooling-off" period for both parties. An attorney or a police officer can help direct you in filing for a more permanent restraining order or you can request assistance from an advocacy group such as the Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Additional Statutes Michigan has a five-year statute of limitations on domestic violence charges on both a criminal and a civil level. A woman abused by her significant other has five years to file a criminal complaint or a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages. Local police departments must report domestic violence statistics in their districts to the state police department so the state can keep accurate records of domestic violence incidents.

Monday, October 14

Domestic Violence Awareness month

The mission of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) is to create a violence free world by empowering women and children through the elimination of personal and institutional violence and oppression against all people. FCADV provides leadership, advocacy, education, training, technical assistance, public policy and development, and support to domestic violence center programs.
Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence logoHISTORY
In 1977, a small group of 14 shelters in Florida formed a network of battered women’s advocates known as the Refuge Information Network. Several years later, this initial organization was incorporated as the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  The Coalition, like the Network, was founded on principles of cooperation and unity among shelters. FCADV serves as the professional association for the state’s 42 certified domestic violence centers, and is the primary representative of battered women and their children in the public policy arena.  Members share the goal of ending domestic violence through community education, public policy development and services for victims.

Florida Domestic Violence Hotline at 
You are not alone please call today. Make today the day you live another day.It may not be a perfect at first it may make you cry but at least you can take a breath without the noise. A shelter is near take a step today. 

Sunday, October 13


No matter what he says you are Beautiful.

No matter how many times he hit you, you can still get up.

It's the life you are in now but you don't have to stay.

No matter what he says You can find someone to love you the RIGHT way!

Your heart hurts in a way you never thought it could.

He will never stop until you are dead.

It is a chance you will have to take I know it may seem unfair.

It's only one step towards the door don't walk RUN!

Don't ever look back that life is not for you.

Your heart beats as you run.

Your mind is racing in a million directions.

The things you left behind are just that THINGS.

You have your LIFE now move forward.

Don't look back that Life was not meant for you!

Stop the Cycle End Domestic Violence today! 

Plan to get out?

If you consider leaving your abuser, think about...
1.  Four places you could go if you leave your home.
2.  People who might help you if you left. Think about people who will keep a bag for you. Think about people who might lend you money. Make plans for your pets.
3.  Keeping change for phone calls or getting a cell phone.
4.  Opening a bank account or getting a credit card in your name.
5.  How you might leave. Try doing things that get you out of the house - taking out the trash, walking the family pet, or going to the store. Practice how you would leave.
6.  How you could take your children with you safely. There are times when taking your children with you may put all of your lives in danger. You need to protect yourself to be able to protect your children.
7.  Putting together a bag of things you use everyday. Hide it where it is easy for you to get.

 Children (if it is safe)
 Keys to car, house, work
 Extra clothes
 Important papers for you and your children
 Birth certificates
 Social security cards
 School and medical records
 Bankbooks, credit cards
 Driver's license
 Car registration
 Welfare identification
 Passports, green cards, work permits
 Lease/rental agreement
 Mortgage payment book, unpaid bills
 Insurance papers
 PPO, divorce papers, custody orders
 Address book
 Pictures, jewelry, things that mean a lot to you
 Items for your children (toys, blankets, etc.)
      Think about reviewing your safety plan often. Above all Be SAFE!!!

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