Sunday, January 29

Family Trip

This is going to be awesome. I just told the boys they will be swimming in the ocean in a month. I just paid for a family trip that is going to top New York. It will be their first time ever. I can't wait to see Christopher's face. Justin is really excited he wants to learn how to surf but not get eaten by sharks. Laughing I told him I think he will be okay. I won't let that happen. Dame jaws movie. It ruins people! We just ordered new business cards they look great. Steve made the designs he is really good at that stuff. I paid him in kisses. He can't claim that on taxes. On another note Steve took me to my first cage fight on Friday. It was a blast. I have never been but I watch it on TV with him. Seeing it for real right there in your face was a new experience for my sister in law and I. There was a girl fight between a chick name Nicole the Beast (Laughing) and Julie. There was a point in the fight when Julie was pounding away on the beast big fat thick thigh. She had some weight on her. She was punching like no tomorrow. It was great I had to root for the Baddest Chick Nicole. She can beat any one's ass RIGHT? She did win when they called it. Steve and I made a bet on the ladies he lost. I told him you never go wrong with women who look like men and besides she came out looking crazy eye. I won a beer! Donny another fighter came out looking Hot! He had a Mohawk that was yellow, pink and green with shorts to match. He kicked ass! To bad Ray didn't win but he did get his nose broken and arm took out of socket. Ray is a great fighter. Steve used to train with him last year until he hurt his back and dislocated a rib. Steve stop because his son asked him to so he didn't have to worry about his Daddy. Justin has a heart of gold. He put on his sad face on and all. I think the fighters should get rid of the shorts that have eyes on their butts. That was a little weird. I felt like they were looking at me. Justin had his Pinewood Derby Race yesterday my baby boy won. He will be going to District's in April. I'm so proud of him. He worked on his car this year with no help from Daddy. Although Daddy was there to supervise when Justin melted the metal in the car. Thank god! Today my hubby and I are going to go get a Tattoo with each other names. I'm freaking out! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 17

What about you? Are you one of the healthiest women in the world?

After reading this article I guess I'm a healthy person. I cook all my meals for my family. We hardly ever eat out even when it would be easier to do on Justin's sport days and boy scouts days. I will cook with olive oil and make veggies. I try to incorporate all the food groups. I hate veggies just like Steve. Cooking meat has been a huge task for me lately. Every time I see any kind of meat it makes me want to yak. I don't know why. The boys are picky eaters. I think any child is at a point in time is. I know my nephew is the only kid who will eat tomatoes instead of a candy bar. I have been really working on losing the rest of my baby fat from Popsicle which is turning out to be very hard with my busy schedule. Word of advice don't try to do jumping jack holding a 15 month old. Your arms will ache the next day. I swear I'm getting too old for all this high demand to be fit. It was very easy after I had Justin. I think I have to give up driving break out the stroller to get the rest of the weight off. Steve laughs at me for the walks I still take to clear my head. Even if it is on the treadmill in the basement. I won't walk down my street people are crazy.  I think the whole idea of being healthy is to watch what you eat. Give yourself a cheat day and don't obsess about it. Steve and I workout together we make it fun. Sometimes it's a family event like running in the yard, ice skating, riding bikes, yoga. I even have Christopher doing baby yoga. It's adorable to see him do downward facing dog. I had to teach him how to do it so he would stop climbing on me. Tell me what you all think how do you stay fit?

Monday, January 16

Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" Speech

This was a man who set out to make his dreams come true no matter what the cost. He fought for equal rights for all people. His words are strong and bold. Let today be the day you honor his words. Let today be the start of a new day. Be kind to others.

Sunday, January 15

Monster Jam

Steve and I bought tickets for Justin back in December for one of his Christmas gifts. He loves these trucks. Grave digger is his favorite of all time. Steve was able to get grave digger to sign a shirt for Jay so he can wear it. We also stood in line for two hours to get the other drivers to sign another shirt. Grave digger (truck).jpg I had a blast hearing Steve and Jay yelling and betting on which truck would win the race. It was great! I think there where sixteen drivers total. Steve wants to get tickets for March if we are still in town. Some man sat next to Steve just talking away like he knew him for years. He makes friends everywhere we go. The man was real nice. I met another woman in the bathroom who did the same thing. I find it funny how someone doesn't know you but starts talking about anything and everything to you. Justin was hoping to see some turn over and wrecks which we did. One driver lost her horns. She gave them to someone in the crowd. We seen the person in line waiting to get it signed. Traffic was all clear by the time we left which was great. I hate sitting in the car after New York last year. We did past this pastry shop on the way to the car. I love this place. Steve and I are going to have to find a reason to go to Greek Town now besides the Casino. I ate the most delicious red velvet cupcake in the world. I don't know what it is since Christopher has been born. I have had this thing for cupcakes. Justin ate some peanut butter mud pie while Steve had a brownie. There is no way I could ever own a bakery shop. I would be a 600 pound Mexican. I can't have that! Thank God it's in Detroit. I don't like to drive down there. As we were leaving I saw a Chocolate Cannoli calling my name. I ran out of the shop. I couldn’t handle it anymore! I have a weakness for fabulous goodies like Baklava and Cheesecake which we are debating on if that will be our cake when we re-new our vows. I'm so excited to start planning it. I could go on forever just talking about it since I always have a lot to say. I 'll give a little now and a little later to keep you coming back. Have a good night.
Astoria Pastry Shop

Saturday, January 14

You know who you are

I think I like how your body feel next to me.

Aw baby when you kissing me, aw baby when you loving me.

I can't describe what I want to do to you tonight.

Aw baby when you come to me, I'll make it so you'll never leave

Can you rock with me (aw baby)

Non-stop with me (stop with me)

Can you take it to the top with me

I just wanna love you babe (love ya babe)

Always thinking of you babe (wanna love you babe)

Can you roll with me (ooh baby)

All over me (over me)

Can you take control of me

I just wanna love you baby (love you)

Finding Nemo Trailer

Omg! Finding Nemo will be in theater's in 3D in September 2012. This is the first movie we watched as a family with Justin. He used to love this movie. He still does. I remember when Steve came over with a giant orange Nemo. Justin slept with that thing every night. We are going to see it when it comes out. It's really funny that this movie started it all with us. It even turned into a great Business which I own. Any how I love that Disney is bringing back all the great movies from their vault to theater's. I can't wait to see what else comes out. Dory is my favorite!

Tuesday, January 10

Happy Anniversary

A successful married life requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.

Today will mark six years that Steve and I have been married. Thinking about today six years ago when we walked into that church with our son Justin by our side was the best day of my life. I was about to sign up for a lifetime of happiness with the same person forever. Steve was wonderful that day all he could talk about was getting married. I was a little nervous that day. Steve and I have know each other for awhile before we said I do. We were young and even though we had a baby together I wanted to make sure we were getting married for all the right reasons. We loved each other that's all that matter to us.Now six years later we are stronger together with another child that came from our love. I'm very happy that we have made it this far. We have a long road ahead of us with new journey's along the way. I can't wait to move forward from today. I'll see you later sweetheart. Happy Anniversary Stud Muffin.

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly with time. Time is all we need.

Sunday, January 1

2011-2012 New Years Eve Times Square Ball Drop. Lady Gaga & Mayor Bloomberg

Bring in 2012 it's here. Steve and I had a wonderful time at the Greek Casino last night then we were off to eat at Nikki's and back to the Casino. I had a blast we lost too bad. We had a lot of fun downtown. Detroit City was crazy! Happy New Year everyone!

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