Wednesday, April 20


Fishing Trip April 9,2016
We started the day out at the library with our boys with reading to a therapy dog.

It was a lot of fun the dogs where very mellow. The kids sat with a dog to read being a good big brother Justin read while Christopher showed some love to the dog. It was cute especially when he read the wheels on the bus. Christopher loves that book.

 Once we made it back home we spent the rest of the day fishing.  Hubby caught a fish in the net.  It was a lot of waiting which for a five year old is hard a hundred and one questions.

 I’m watching Grease Live with Vanessa Hudgens right now as I’m writing this. I like it different but still very much the same as the original. I like Frenchie in this one. Blanch is Hilarious! I LOVE this musical.

We went to the pier to finish off our day ran into another family with kids who’s little boy was also named Christopher.  All Popsicle wanted to do was throw the line in and out. Not a care in the world to if he caught a fish or not.
 I enjoy the family time we get to spend together more as our boys are getting older. I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that Justin will be 13 in July starting High School next year Christopher starting kindergarten too. Time is just going by so fast I cherish it more and more each day. I think too it has a lot to getting older. It sounds funny when I say it but Life is just falling into place the last few years. Things mean something totally different then what they did five years ago. I have started a lot of projects now that I’m looking at them again. I’m taking a lot out to complete some I might just let them sit in the vault a little longer.  Fishing looks to be something we may do more often now that our boys are at the age 
when it matters the most. Every day is something new and exciting one step at a time no rush just us living life. 

Friday, April 15

Mother and Son

 We went to the gym to workout
We did some hanging legs raises played some basketball. Now my son can run a mile in seven minutes. It's all in keeping in mind what you want in life. He is taking one day at a time with his fitness. I'm so very proud of him with staying with it. He never gives up it keeps me going when I see him no matter how hard it gets he stays with it.   Now, That my little man isn't so little anymore. Growing into a teen. 

Getting ready for another race next Saturday. I can't wait I get to run it with him. I just hope I can keep up with my son. 

He is taller than me it's so weird having to look up to him to talk to. These are my mommy moments. What are yours? 

Thursday, April 14

Cutting down our tree

We have this big tiny branch tree in our backyard that makes it impossible to cut the grass without running over a thousand tree branches.

 It’s half dead since we will be here for another year we decided to take it down.  We are also putting flowers in the front yard not sure what to do with my cactus tree that has grown too big for the pot last year. To think it came from nothing in size. The boys and hubby got it the first year we moved to Cocoa from Lowe's for Mother’s Day.


I don’t know why we decide to do everything at once in or out of the house. It just seems to happen that way.

                                       We took care of the first half yesterday the rest today.

Our house is a mess in the process of painting every room and having a yard sale. This is fun talking about yard sales. Did you know last Saturday was National Yard Sale Day? Hubby took the boys shopping on the other side of town while I went grocery shopping. On my way there I seen dozen of signs I made it in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes then spent the rest of the morning driving around to yard sales.  I found movies not that we need them but for fifty cents why not? I took a ton of stuff to Christopher’s teacher who sent home a list of things they needed for the home area. Christopher was excited to give it to her. He is such a big helper.  After four years in Port St John I still have a huge area I have never been to. I did get lost but found ten more sales going on. It’s the small things that can make a person happy. My friend says I’m a simple woman. It’s true I thought I was in heaven the whole morning without kids. Life being a mom and wife sometimes it's just that simple. One step at a time will make Life simple. 

Wednesday, April 13


Fun filled day on Easter which seems to Be everyday since Christmas. Here are just a few pictures from our day. 
 A day at the beach
My whole reason for living. I know this post is a little late. 

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