Friday, August 31

Making Clay

Today Justin  made clay in Art Class.
You will Need:
*3/4 cup of white Elmer's glue
*1 cup cornstarch
*2 tablespoons of baby oil
*1 tablespoons of lemon juice
*non-stick pan
*wooden spoon

*Add cornstarch to glue in a non-stick pan pot. It will be a little hard to clean afterwards so let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Mix together and then add baby oil and lemon juice. Blend well on low heat until you get a mixture that resembles mashed potatoes.


almost there
* Remove from heat once it's all mix together.
Squirt some baby oil on your clay be careful when you touch it. It will be very hot.
Make whatever you want like a bowl.
Or a face from Shrek.
A plane even have fun let it set for 2-3 days to let it dry then paint.

Thursday, August 30

craft day

What we started with.
Today I thought it would be fun to make a flag. The boys and I took some fabric that we bought from Micheal's craft store. We painted our hands and feet to imprint on the fabric. Once it drys I will sew then add a flag pole. I'm thinking about it becoming our family Olympics flag.

This part was the most fun while I was running away as the paint was being toss around the craft room. Thank god it is washable paint. I think my hubby would have killed me since he just painted it two months ago. His reaction would have been"Really Patty?" Those are his favorite words when he has to fix something we broke. He fixes it with a smile.
Our finished product.


Cup of Joe

Another great email this morning. I love waking up knowing I made someone smile. Thank you Richard for making me smile today.

A Service Member wants to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe!Cup of Joe #1

Your message and gift of a CUP OF JOE was delivered to a Service Member serving at Camp Arifjan Zone 2 in Kuwait. They wanted to say thanks and make sure you knew your gift was received. Please see below for their note to you:

Mrs. Needham, Thank you for your consideration and remembering us that serve. It actions like yours that truly makes us all smile and remember why we signed up and continue to serve. Please tell your husband I said Semper Fidelis and that he's a lucky man for having an awesome wife such as yourself. Kind regards, Richard

Tuesday, August 28

Last days of 30 on 30

Day 25: Making snow balls in August.

This is really fun to do with the kids. Justin did this first in boy scouts.You take that white thing which I have no idea what it is called but you wrap your  yarn around it one way then other way cut and tie. Make sure you tie it in the middle so it doesn't come undone. You can play with them in the house without the worry of having to clean up the mess of snow. We also used them in the houses I clean for decor.

My boys and I are done with 30 days of play for 30 minutes. The last seven days have been a wonderful experience for us. I guess the one thing they can take away from this is that I will always be there for them. Steve and I take pride in being parents. We do whatever it takes to stay involved with our children no matter what.
Day 26: We played board games
Day 27: The PlayStation was never turned off thanks to black ops.
Day 28: We made moon sand again.
Day 29: Justin and I made an egg project for school.

 Both eggs were soaked in vinegar. One egg has red food coloring in it. We let them sit for five days.
 We tried to rinse them off but one broke. The project was the naked egg. It didn't turn out the way we thought. The shell was supposed to disappear and the egg bounce. Well it bounced once and broke. We will have to try this again to see what went wrong. It was still really neat to see the change of the egg.

Day 30: We spent the whole day at the beach right before the tropical storm came in. We can check that one off our bucket list of things to do before a Hurricane comes.
Just because the challenge has ended doesn't mean this is the last of having fun. We will make sure that everyday for at least 30 minutes as a family we will spend together doing something. Most of the time it's more. I too have those days when work is tough,school is out of control and being exhausted is always in everyday. I will for sure put my children's needs first.I hope you do to. Thanks for visiting hope to see you soon.
Check out our last 30 days go over to the labels and click on 30 on 30. You can find out how to dig for Dino's. How to make moon sand and many more cute idea's to do with kids. I hope you like. You can also get more idea's if you visit me on

Sunday, August 26

Best Email Ever

Have you ever done something for someone else just because? I'm proud to announce that my family does all the time. We support local charities by donating household items like clothes,toys,shoes pots and pans. We visit our local pantry to donate food and reusable bags monthly. April of this year we have supported WWF also known as World Wildlife Fund every month. My son Justin purchased a turtle nest with his own money. We are currently working on Acts of Kindness right now. I regularly donate blood to Red Cross. If you like to drink coffee then this one is for you. I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning like million other's but instead of going to the grocery store. I buy my coffee from Three Avocados that provide funding for clean water projects. 100% of the net proceeds from Three Avocados coffee provide clean water in Uganda, Africa. Take a visit to Today I received one of the most amazing emails. It was from Green Beans Coffee they give coffee to our troops over seas. It warmed my heart to know a solider was able to drink the coffee I paid for. It's the least I can do to give him a taste of home away from home. Writing all of this is making me tear up. I love making people smile. I hope you can find it in your heart too.

Green Beans Coffee

Cup of Joe #1

Your message and gift of a CUP OF JOE was delivered to a Service Member serving at Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. They wanted to say thanks and make sure you knew your gift was received. Please see below for their note to you:

Thanks for the coffee Patricia, it is definitely a nice boost to the day! I'm on my way home now after a year in Afghanistan, so thanks for treating me to my last Green Beans coffee for awhile! Thanks and God bless. Jon

21 Questions to ask your kids


Justin's answers
1. I love you
2. Do what I'm told.
3. If I get hurt
4. I act silly.
5. funny
6.27(lol 29)
7. 6 foot 2( Really 5'3)
8. To be with us
9. Be bored
10. Your Book
11. Writing
12. Drawing
13. Take care of us
14. Turkey
15. Do your best
16. Superman/super girl
17. Play games,go to the park
18. Same attitude
19. You write and I draw
20.  Appreciate what I do and you tell me I love you
21. Ocean

Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker!

I love this video. I'm glad I already do this for great coffee.Give it a try.

Saturday, August 25

Working on the house.

This took me forever to change all the kitchen cabinet handles from white to sliver. I did it myself with my own power tool thanks to my hubby. He is wonderful or he just didn't want me to keep taking his. I still think he is wonderful.

my very own power tool.

I'm all done what do you think? My kitchen is painted a deep purple color for a wine theme. I don't have all my accessories yet. I'm still looking for the right ones. If you have any in mind please let me know.


Okay, I have to say that the last 30 days have been rough at times. Doing this workout especially Plyometrics it make me want to vomit. I guess it's normal to feel that way but never in my life have I felt this way. I hate it,but I love it! I love the way I feel afterwards. Today I have hit 30 days. I'm very proud of myself for sticking to it. No matter what was going on I stayed on track with eating right pushing myself to do my best. I weigh 145 pounds. It was a huge help to have my hubby by my side. He is one of my supporters not just in losing weight but in life. When I didn't think I could do some push-ups he got down with me pushing me to the end. Yes, push-ups are a little hard for me. I injury my wrist in January doing yoga and again while the kids and I had a crab race in the kitchen. It's going to take sometime to build it back up. I can already tell that my clothes are fitting a little better everyday. My hubby is loving my new look. I love to wake up hearing him tell me that I'm beautiful. He really makes me feel like his queen. I love that about him. My journey isn't done yet I still have 60 days to go until my insanity challenge. I will be posting updates soon. I don't know about posting pictures yet. I might wait till the end and show them all. Wish me luck as I will need it. Thanks again to all my readers who follow.

Friday, August 24

Tropical Storm: Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac may be upgraded to hurricane status by the time it rolls into Florida. Residents need to heed warning.

 I have learned since moving to Florida that there is not a warning system for storms besides your gut instinct as one neighbor told Steve and I. We did buy a weather radio which is the loudest radio I have ever heard. It could wake a dead person. I think I'm missing Michigan we may have all seasons in one day but still get by. Here in Florida I guess you can grab your ankles and kiss your butt goodbye. However, I think my family is still in the clear even though the storm is heading right for us. I packed a suitcase that is sitting by the front door for all of us. A just in case we have to leave or go hop in the boat before our house floats away bag. We all have a change of clothes, flashlights, batteries and some snacks. The boys packed a bag with Justin's Ds game,DVD player and toys. They are so cute. While we were packing Christopher thought we were going to the beach. He kept saying"Beach momma." Since we live in the Panhandle right were the storm will be in a few days I'm hoping all we see is rain like the last one "Debbie."  I guess I have to open up my playbook for inside games and activities for raining days. We may be homebound for awhile. 

Tuesday, August 21

Lazer Obstacle Course

Day 24: Today Justin and I took a much needed break from school to complete a laser obstacle course in the hallway. It was really easy.I just took some yarn we had in our craft tote and started taping it to the wall. It kept the boys busy for a whole hour. Take a chance be a kid you never know how much fun you can really have. I think spending time with your children is the best gift you can ever give them. Beside loving them I don't think anything else matters to much. 

Saturday, August 18

P90X Day 25

This morning I did not want to get up at all. The house was silent. The kids and my hubby all in bed still at 6 am. I just wanted to roll over throw my arm over my sleeping hubby and go back to sleep.  To improve my health, physique, and lifestyle. I have to bring it! That's when I got my butt up out of bed with a smile. Today makes day 25 I'm shocked at how fast the days went by. I do feel stronger, confident and sexy. I was able to put on a pair of shorts last week that were a size 6. A size 6 I can't believe it! I haven't wore a size 6 since Justin was five and he just turned 9.That's not the catcher I still weigh 147. I started this workout weighing 150. How in the world can I wear a size 6 and basically weigh the same? It's amazing I tell you! I still think Tony in the video is still trying to kill me.(Laughing) My fantastic hubby just order me the ten minute trainer that the P90X guy has out. I like it no I love it! It has different moves nothing is the same. It also came with this amazing shake stuff. It is chocolate I almost ate it with a spoon.
Shakeology is the best stuff I have ever tried in the shake world. It does what it says no joke. I made a shake yesterday about an hour later I felt like a new person. I had a clear mind set. My body felt smooth and energize. The shake itself was very fluffy. I get a kick out of a fluffy shake. It's like drinking air. I guess the thing about working out is that you have to want it. Size should not be a big deal as I'm finding out nor should my weight. I feel fit! I can really see and feel the change in my mind, body and attitude towards life.

Thursday, August 16

Sidewalk Chalk

Day 23: This was fun until it started to rain not to mention almost getting ate alive by the bugs. We made it! We made sidewalk chalk. It is really easy to do just get a few bowls to separate the colors. Add
2 Tablespoons of corn starch in each bowl. About 5 drops of food coloring and water maybe 3 tablespoons. Mix and take the kids outside to paint. Paint brushes or fingers which ever you want. It washes off so don't worry just have fun. We made three colors. The green was the best.

Wednesday, August 15

Spending time with my boys

"No one will ever know the strength of my Love for you.After all,you're the only one who knows what my Heart sounds like from the inside." 
Day 22:
I don't know where I found this quote online but I love it. I had to share it with you all. This week  my boys and I have done nothing but hang out together. It is so much fun being a stay at home mommy. We made the sign together below in the picture. It has been a busy week Justin started school. Christopher put on big boy underwear. He was walking around the house saying"I'm a big boy!" He is just too cute and adorable. This morning Justin slept in when he woke as he was walking through the house Christopher says" Morning baby." He then gives Justin the biggest hug ever  a kiss on the cheek. My boys have my heart forever! I'm putting this moment in their baby books.

Monday, August 13

Day 21 Bashing Cotton Balls

This past weekend was great for once I guess we relax. Steve and Justin rip apart the boat so we can take it out. Christopher and I made bashing cotton balls.
You will need:
Flour and water mix it equal almost like a thick pancake mix. Add some food coloring. We did three colors. Since I'm blogging on my phone the pics will be at the bottom.
Mix and dip
  You will need a cookie sheet cover it with wax paper. Set the covered cotton balls on the cookie sheet bake for 45 minutes at 150.
The boys had a lot of fun. Justin came in just in time for the bashing with toy hammer's.

Thursday, August 9

Day 20 Shaving Cream Fight

This afternoon was a bit intense after Justin and I finished up his morning studies. Part of my 30 minutes of fun for 30 days Justin and I made everyone have a shaving cream fight outside in the front yard in the rain. It was a little bit confusing for Christopher. He had no idea what was going on. He was looking at all of us like we were crazy. I  haven't had a shaving cream fight since fourth grade. It was really fun we spelled like old guys. It left a tingle on us. It got in my mouth thanks to Jay and Steve. It doesn't taste good at all. It was a excellent lunch break. I think it's a must try for anyone.

Tuesday, August 7

Making silly putty Day 18 I think

This morning we decided to go ahead and try to make silly putty. You need 2 ounces of glow in the dark paint which you can buy from any craft store. A cup of elmer's glue and liquid starch. Which is found in the laundry aisle in Walmart. Mix it all in a bowl. Instead of using a measuring cup I just added a bottle of glue in a bowl with a little bit of starch. If it's to sticky add starch. If it's to stringy add glue to get the right consisteny you want. All you do is mix and have fun. It kept my boys busy till lunch. It was a lot of fun as you can tell from the pictures. You can also store it in a ziploc bag up to 2-4 weeks if you wanted to.

Monday, August 6

Smoothie' s and Brain Freeze

Since I have been working out. I make smoothie's a big part of the day. The whole family loves them. Everyone helps out it's in fact a secret family recipe from my dad. I will share it with you but only this time.
You will need 2 cups or
1 1/2 frozen strawberries
1 frozen Banana
1/2 cup of 1% or lower milk
1/2 cup vanilla  lowfat yogurt
Honey to taste
The secret is that the fruit is frozen so you don't have to use ice. I find that when you use ice it makes it a little too watery. Just mix it in your blender or ninja which is awesome. I love my ninja! Enjoy

A painful past

Over the weekend I have had a few comments about my page on Domestic Violence which brought me back to a painful past I once had. I don't talk about it a lot because it still has a huge affect on me. My high school boyfriend beat and rape me more times then I can count. This is the first time I have wrote about it. Once I separate my emotions from it then I have no problem talking about what happen. My hubby told me once that it was like I'm a totally different person when I do that. I would have to agree with him on that. My hubby is a huge part of why I left my high school boyfriend. When I met him it was in the middle of a huge fight my boyfriend and I were having. At that time he didn't hit me he walked away from me. My soon to be hubby Steve seen me in his words couldn't resist the urge to walk over to me. I remember his words like it was yesterday."It's not your fault he is an ass, you are a wonderful person inside and out." Then he walked away not knowing him he found me again. I seen Steve a number of times after that but it wasn't until I graduated from high school that a real friendship emerge with this wonderful man that I knew nothing about. Yes, that is how my oldest son became a start of what is now my life. It's funny to think about it now because I didn't even know his name until a month before our first date which is this Friday it will be seven years with Steve. Steve is a very easy person to talk to without being judge on what I did in my past. However as we became friends I began to understand who he was. It seem that we were not as different as I once thought.
I have accomplish a lot in my life. Letting go of my past being one. My past doesn't make me who I am it is who I once was. With God by my side he sent Steve to me in that place in time to save me. Steve understood what I went though coming from a similar past as mind. He knew what it was like not to be able to turn to someone for help. I guess putting two lost souls together made a life worth living. I said I do six month later to Steve after our son turned two. He came back from over seas only to ask me to be his wife. It was hard to get to know the man in uniform again. So much time had past we were again at the beginning which made everything new for our Journey. I am very grateful I have a chance to help others with my story. I owe my happiness to my hubby. He is my superman my rock that makes me strong. I love you Steve!
Without you I could not stand. We have made us work because we wanted to.

Saturday, August 4

I love all the new blogs I have read today they are awesome! It surprised me how many people responded to my post "Looking for new blogs to read." I love all the new insights I have for blogging not to mention a few blogs that had me rolling on the floor laughing. Check out my favorite blog list I think you will find them very useful as I did. I just seen on the side of my profile you can see who views it on It's great I have a lot of the same people that come back daily. I love my Followers. I really enjoys reading so leave me a comment with a link to your blog.

Thursday, August 2

Life is short.Smile while you still have teeth.

Day 14: Walking on stilt's not something a beginner should do. It was a lot of fun. It should probably be done in the grass. I lost count how many times we fell. We never gave up. It was 95 outside but that didn't even stop us. I really miss my home town sometimes. At least then you had a break in the weather every other day. Here in Florida there is no break at all ever and I have been here since April. It's going to take awhile to get use to the weather.

Day 15: Writing letters to family members then having a food fight was awesome. We got yelled at by daddy. Hey who cares our house will smell of applesauce. I hope Grandpa loves this. It took us four different times to get it just right.
Day 16: Playing hide and seek is always one of my favorites.
Day 17:  Having a sword fight in the middle of Toys R Us was a wild ride. Please don't run that store has a lot of stuff.
Day 18: Making slime was not what I thought it to be. 1 1/2 cup of Elmer's glue and 1 1/2 of corn syrup mix together with some food coloring Bam slime. It should be done outside. It is very messy! Overall whatever the kids and I do is a family affair.

Coffee for our Troops

This is a great idea. Justin will love this he loves to help out in any way shape or form. Come help us out we need to support our troops. Justin just spent $16.00 that will give coffee to eight of our troops. He gets a kick out of it now he will have a pen pal. Justin wrote to some troops back in April but no letter. He is always looking to help someone especially our troops. He's daddy is a Marine who he adores. He wants to be just like daddy. He definitely has his daddy's drive.

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