Monday, August 15

My baby is in Kindergarten

I forgot the date don't judge. It was a busy morning. 
Look at that smile! Omg, He is growing up too fast. I need him to slow down. He melted my heart this morning. He kissed my hand closed it told me when I miss him today just put my hand to my cheek and think of him. I did the same to him. We just read the book
"The Kissing Hand" which by the way is an adorable book of a baby raccoon going to school with all his worries and the mother raccoon kissing his hand to remember her while he is gone.
I want him to stop growing at the same time keep growing. Once he made it to his seat he gave all of us a hug told me not to worry he would be fine. I was thinking oh great he is acting all grown don't need mommy anymore like his brother not until high school. That still makes me laugh.

From this cute baby boy who just made our family complete in every way possible.  To a very independent little boy who melts hearts in his path. There is never a dull moment with him. He keeps me laughing all the time. Being a mom all I want are my kids to be happy.  He took his seat today in his next step in Life. I'm so excited for this coming year. I know it will be great. 

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