Tuesday, September 4

St. George Island

What a great day to celebrate Labor Day then going to the beach all day. I mean all day to from 10am -5pm. We all look like a lobster. We ate lunch went shopping and back to swimming. We had a blast. There is no way to describe what kind of day we had.

The BEACH is intoxicating . The smell of the ocean.The wind in your hair. The laughter of children will bring a smile to any ones face. The ocean is a place I feel at home. Steve and I are consume by the effect it has on us. It's like the ocean calls for us. So much that we are looking for a beach house to call home.

The boys love the water. I think they were meant to be fish. Christopher was learning how to swim. Justin was jumping off Daddy and Uncle Adam's shoulder's. We played football till our arms were jello. It was a clam day until the waves picked up but nothing like what they were the day of Issac.

                                                      The sand between my toes.
                                                         The sun hitting my face.
                                                        Hunting for seashells.
                                                            Getting a tan.
                                                         Wearing my shades.
                                                          Losing my shades.
                                                          Making sand castles.
                                                     Laughing and smiling all day long.
                                                           Makes a day at the Beach.

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