Tuesday, September 25

Cup of Joe

Thank you for your purchase of a  Cup of Joe for a Joe!

A Service Member wants to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe!Cup of Joe #1

Your message and gift of a CUP OF JOE was delivered to a Service Member serving at Shindand Air Base in Afghanistan. They wanted to say thanks and make sure you knew your gift was received. Please see below for their note to you:

Thank you very much for the coffee! More importantly, thank you for your support. Make sure your son knows how much it means (to me) that he thought of giving his support. That is truly remarkable!

Please don't forget about our men and women they still need us just as much as we need them. My son is nine if he can understand this so can you. He used his hard earn money to do this. What can you give.?

Cup of Joe
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