Friday, September 14

The pain of working out

Aquarius Horoscope Daily Overview

You are all about sudden changes, and today brings at least one big one your way. It may not be to your liking at first, but you will certainly learn to live with it, and maybe even love it.
I couldn't sleep so here I am on line browsing the Internet since 4:30am wishing I didn't read the news. It makes me ill that so many are hurt daily in this world. I read about a mother leaving her five month old on the top of her car.
People like this are just dumb they  should not breed. How in the world do you forget your child? I wish I knew the answers to that. I'm also working on my next book which is really a lot of fun. I pulled a tendon in my arm which is going to stop me from working out for a few days. I'm really upset it's like food to me or the air I breathe. I crave my morning workouts. My hubby thinks it's the best I back down until next week to give my arm the time to heal. I hate to say it but I think he may be right. I can't lift it at all. I woke up because I can't sleep on it. Called my doctor who said the same thing my very smart hubby said. I set a goal to workout everyday. I have lost 5 pounds. I'm lean and mean ready to take on our next journey wherever that may be. I never knew being one handed could be such a pain. It's a good thing I'm my own boss for work or I could be out of a job. I thought just being sore was a pain nope this arm pain is much worst. Well looking on the bright side I can watch more of GH and yell at the TV. It means more cuddle time with my boys that I can't ever turn down. I'm very grateful for my life. I appreciate my hubby more then I can say. I'm just loving my  life. Sorry for some random thoughts today I guess that's what happens when you can't sleep.
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