Tuesday, September 18

God Makes You AppreciateLife

God makes you appreciate life in a funny way. Last night about 10 pm or so we were sitting down watching the football game when we heard this loud thunder that scared me to death. Our house lite up like the 4th of July. We heard loud crackling thunder. My hubby thought it was a tornado as he grab us and shoved us in the hallway to lay over top of us. We then heard talking outside. It turned out to be our neighbor. His house was on fire. My heart sank to the bottom of my chest. There were fire trucks everywhere that seem to come out of nowhere. They were standing out on the pouring rain watching their house burn. Helpless to do anything about it. Our neighbor works for us. I can't believe what was happening. Talking to him finding out he doesn't have any insurance at all makes me think. That could have been us. That could be my family in the rain. That could have been our house. What would we do? We don't have family here expect my cousin in Miami and Steve' s brother in Alabama. It's sad what happen to our Neighbor. His wife and son all got out with their life nothing more then the clothes on their back. I guess you can say they should be thankful they all are alive. That it doesn't matter its just things. Yes,you would right. I couldn't imagine having to start completely over. My family will do everything we can to help them out. My heart goes out to them. I'm glad they had family to go to last night if not they would have been sleeping on our floor or couch. Life is unexpected. You never know what each day will bring. Live you life full of joy and happiness. Life is also very short. Never leave your house mad at someone. Always kiss your loved ones before you rest your head at night. Please help out where ever you may be needed. I may not have a lot but what I have I would give away to help someone out. I appreciate Life even more now then before. I will always cherish every waking moment I have with my family. I will never complain about being late somewhere. I will be happy I'm late with my hubby. Live Life to your fullest potential. Don't waste it!
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