Wednesday, September 5

Animals Prints

I love making crafts with my children. It's a time to spend and share whatever it may be that day. My boys are a handful sometimes so that leaves me up to keep them busy. Today we made animals prints. It's really easy to do just find some Dino's which if you have boys you have plenty of them. Dip them in paint then let your kids go at it. All you need is a space you don't have to worry about paint getting every where. My boys like to throw it around you know on the walls at each other. I decide that we will make aprons for Art class. We use paint a lot in our household. It's always fun to just let them discover their hidden talent. Justin loves to draw and paint. I signed him up for an Art class at Micheal's Craft Store. He also has his artwork on line. Steve and I buy stuff all the time that has his artwork on it. You can do T-shirts, mouse pads,aprons,cards even a hand purse. It's really neat. We love to support Justin in anything he sets his mind to. We never tell him he can't do it. We always tell him to do his best. Which is a waste of our breathe since he always does his best.  He makes us so proud to be his parents. We make sure we enforce our support and love. I step back today to just watch them paint. It took my breath away on how much they have grown in this past year. Next month my Popsicle will be two years old. I will have this moment in life forever.
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