Saturday, August 20

My Boys

Let me start off by saying Justin won first place in Cubannapolis today!All the cub scouts did great. Poor Zack fell but he still did great. Hang in there Zack you always have next year babe. The Cubannapolis is where all the boys make a car out of a box. They decorate it however they want. Once it starts they have to go around the track three times. They have to make a pit stop where it involves changing the tires(shoes) turning the socks inside out and putting the shoes back on. They have to fuel up with bug juice( cool-aid). They have to clean off the windshield(glasses). Then off they go. You can do it all at once or split it up in three. We always do it on the first run. Justin you were great out there Mommy and daddy are really proud of you. You have done exceptional in Cub Scouts. Let the new year bring just as much fun.

Christopher is a hand full for us. He is trying his little hardest to walk. He stands there for a minute takes a step then falls. He is already climbing on everything like his crib,high chair and his bike.

He is a wiggle worm anytime someone holds him. He likes to climb up on you. I love that he lights up when his big brother walks in the room. He is already at Justin's feet getting into his stuff. He knows how to play mommy and daddy with his fake cry. It's really adorable we can't help but pick him up. We are really glad he now sleeps in his crib like a big boy. That leaves mommy and daddy some needed alone time to cuddle. I love that part. I have to say I do miss him sleeping in bed with us cuddle up to me then his daddy. Steve and I are planning on having his 1st Birthday/ Halloween party in October. Not sure of the date yet but it will be posted on FB for you guys. They may drive me crazy. They may act stubborn like their Dad. My house never stays clean for too long. Food may be all over the walls thanks to my Popsicle. Dinner time has never been entertaining like it has been lately. Finding time to work and go to the gym is a challenge. I'm a proud mommy of two. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my boys they are the air I breathe.

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