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Friday, August 10

Happy Anniversary

Today seven years ago Steve and I had our first date at Olive Garden. It was an amazing night I couldn't stop smiling I was so happy. Steve is a tall dark handsome one of a kind man. He has a heart of gold eyes of an angle and a smile that will melt your heart. He is my hubby always and forever. It seems like a lifetime ago when we stood in that little church in Taylor. It has been a wonderful journey and I can't wait to grow old with him. We will be the only 85 year old's dancing on our front porch. Steve makes me laugh even when I want to be mad at him. He still gets his way sealed with a kiss. I love everything thing about him inside and out. The good,bad and whatever else follows. This year has been a little bit of a challenge with the move and all. Last night we completed our wedding guest list. I'm so excited I can hardly breathe. I can check that off next to my dress as done 99 more things to do. I don't have to worry because Steve will be right next to my side with his input. He is bugging me about another baby. I told him a month before the wedding we can try. I don't think he can hold off that long. I will try my hardest to keep him on schedule. Wish me luck. I will need it Steve can  persuade me with just about anything. I'm looking forward to many more happy years with my soul mate.

Saturday, October 1


My mother came over yesterday with a David's Bridal book. I already have my dress picked out but after seeing these I'm not sure. I have a big dilemma now. Steve and I have already talked about having our wedding in Hawaii with close family and friends then the reception here.It's looking good I can't wait we pushed it back a year to do that.  I'm really excited Christopher will be the ring bear and walk down the aisle with the flower girl. Justin is going to be his daddy best man. How cute is that going to be? They are going to match. Steve and I have a gift for Jay a ring that matches Steve's. I can't wait just thinking about it gives me chills. Evey thing is in order from the invitations,flowers which are roes to centerpieces and colors that are red and white. I'm thinking since I have this dilemma about my dress I'm going to wear thinking about going in November to try these on. There goes those chills again it's going to be fantastic. I'm almost at my weight goal with all this intense training coming up with my personal trainer. Bye-Bye coffee I will miss you much. What do my readers think? Leave me a comment I would love to hear what you have to say.


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