Thursday, July 18

Trayvon Martin

I have mix feelings when it comes to this case. I'm a mother of two boys  just like Trayvon parents. I love my child just like his parents do. Love doesn't have a color. I would have went to prison for killings Zimmerman if it was my son he killed in cold blood. A piece of my heart would be lost forever if my son was taken away from me. That's not what happen. Trayvon Martin was in the wrong for attacking a man. NO MATTER the color of his skin. He was in the wrong. I can not stand here with the evidence and say if that was my child that I could be mad at someone for protecting himself from getting beat up.  I don't know where to began I have lived in Florida for over a year I moved here from Michigan. I spent some time in Tallahassee if you know anything about race here is an everyday event. I took care of properties. If someone was late on their rent we sent a letter along with the chance to work with whoever they may be White, Black , Mexican whatever. If I told a Black woman she had to pay up to meet her back bill the first thing that came out of her mouth was  mind you she is screaming at the top of her lungs at me. "It's because I'm BLACK that's why you are picking on me!" My response would always be "NO, I could care less what color you are as you stand in front of me I know now you are black. Thank you for pointing it out to me.The reason you we sent a letter is because you don't pay your bills. It's that plain and simple I don't know who you are or what color your skin is by looking at a computer screen that tells me you are late on your rent." 

This is what is sad about our world we live in that the color of her skin would matter more then the problem at hand. Which is she did not pay her bill. Trust me white people got the same letter. Not once did I hear the same from a white person. 

I would always be nice and pleasant as you should be when working with the public. If you can't be nice then there is no need to work with the general public.
I think it's common sense to be nice to someone no matter what color their skin is. 

First mistake:
 Trayvon parents made was giving the media and the world a picture of their son at 12 when in fact he was 17.


The parents deleted their son's fb and twitter page a few days after their son died.
I think if the parents didn't automatically think it was race intended the case would have been different. The first time I heard about this case I couldn't understand if Zimmerman was attacked why would he shot Trayvon in the back as the media first reported. I too said hang the bastard. As the facts keep hitting the surface like this one Zimmerman WHITE HISPANIC.  My views started to change about the case where do you get off calling someone a white Hispanic none other then to make a race war. Being Hispanic is a culture not a race. I'm Mexican but not from Mexico I'm an American as Trayvon and Zimmerman is also. Race should have never been an issue it was cut and dry someone attacked someone and paid the ultimate price with his life. 

Second Mistake:
Having the first Black President come out and back what Trayvon did his words"This could have been your son my son." Okay Mr. President jumps the gun before knowing all the facts. Why didn't he come out and speak of these crimes a black teenager shots white baby in the face.

Why didn't this story turn into a race war? Why didn't the President speak of this child?
What about this story a mother(Black if you need to know)shots her abusive boyfriend and gets 20 years. The President didn't speak of this case. Why Mr. President? Why did he wait for Trayvon case to speak about him but not the others? What about all the children that are done wrong in the USA White, Black,Asian, Mexican most of all Americans? 
                  What about these cases? 

Third mistake: 
Trayvon's parents had one of the best lawyers in the world why weren't their any BLACK JURY'S on the panel? If it was a case of black and white why not have Black Jury's on your side. Again common sense people if I was Trayvon's parents that would have been something I bought to my Lawyers attention. The trail could have been very different. 

Fourth Mistake:
The police didn't preserve the crime scene the way they should have. Many others mistakes I'm sure there were others made these are the ones that I had a problem with.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this case what I do know I have taught my children to protect themselves at all cost no matter what. My exact words to my oldest son when he was being bullied at school in the 1st grade were 

" If they hit you tell them the first time I'm not your punching bag keeps your hands off of me or I will knock you out. Never hit first only after you tell them this first and they hit you again knock them out. You won't get in trouble for protecting yourself." 

My children will not be afraid to stand up for themselves or loved ones. I'm a gun owner and will protect my family at any means necessary  I would rather explain to the police why a bullet is in someone chest then them explaining to my family that I was beat,rape and killed or worst my children were at the hands of a Monster who did that to them. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you go looking for trouble you may not return. Americans no matter the color of your skin should always look out for one another. I'm thankful I have neighbors who look out for my family as I do the same for them. It is your business if you see a crime or think someone is making a bad decisions  Zimmerman should have never followed Trayvon as Trayvon should had never went back to comfort him. I hope this case teaches people not to hate or profile  people. The only reason people are profiled is because of the way you act. It's sad but true. IGNORANCE KILLS!!!!!! My heart goes out to the family of both Trayvon and Zimmerman just because Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY just puts him to death anyways someone will seek revenge not because someone has died but because a black man was killed by a white man. Until we as a nation can get pass the race war this will never change. He is a dead man walking! I will leave you with a message from the Facebook page REAL MEN DO REAL THINGS. If we want to stop racism you have to start with yourself. (These are my opinions and thoughts)

MESSAGE...........From My son and I we at RMDRT will be talking a moment of silence(no posting, no pictures, no inbox advice) due to the judgement and verdict last night..We ask that if and when you see a post and or thread in rage due to the Verdict last night that you stop and pray for the strength of the Martin family any discussion that leads to anger and bad feelings we ask that you stop and pray for the thousands of family that lost sons and family to senseless violence as my 13 year old son told me this morning Dad the pain and anguish I feel is minimum compared to what many go through daily ...Race did not kill Trayvon and many others..Profiling did not kill Trayvon and many others..IGNORANCE killed Trayvon and many others...I ask that God reign down His patience and His unconditional love on us all because as a society of people we have seem to replace that love with ignorance of self....To all my Fathers white black or otherwise who share the same bond I share with my so who Tracy Martin shared with his son...I say I LOVE YOU AND BE STRONG....WE ARE TRACY AND TRAYVON MARTIN..
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