Tuesday, July 9


I seen this on the 4th of July episode of Good Morning America. It's a shame that many women have to go through this daily. I was just like her in high school sad but true. The part in the video where he tries to wake her up she didn't move with my ex he would have kicked me out of bed. He then would have beat me till I was unconscious. I can speak from experience it's takes WILL Power to leave and stay gone. It makes me sad anytime I hear violence against women. Most people think just leave him or her. I wish it could be that simple in LIFE. I'm afraid to tell you it's not the abuser will threaten your life.The life of your children their's or not family and friends. You are brainwashed with no self-esteem what so ever. In the event a woman does try to leave just this weekend was proof of how a situation can almost end in death. I will leave her nameless because I don't want her to get upset. I will call her Sara. Sara and her friend went out Saturday night as they went to leave Sara's ex-boyfriend who happens to be her daughter's father jumped into the back seat. He was yelling and hitting her as her friend tried to stop him. He calmed down but wouldn't get out of the car. As they pulled up to his house he grab Sara by the hair pulled her into the house kicking and screaming. Sara's friend called the cops who did nothing. She also went and got Sara's dad who wanted to kick the door down but didn't. He can't help his daughter or granddaughter if he is in prison for murder.  Sara has a one week old who she had by c-section. You can't tell that a beautiful woman is underneath all the bruise on her face the cut that has stitches on her forehead or the deep hand print left around her neck. My family and I have prayed for her giving Sara and her friend strength to get through this horrible ordeal that should have never happen to her.

It breaks my heart Sara had to go through this. She is okay but not okay he hit her before. Please get help if someone you love is hurting you. He/she will do it again people who hit don't change. It's a power trip for them. You are worth so much more you owe it to yourself to be happy. Sara if you are reading this you are still beautiful inside and out. Please press charges against him before he comes back to kill you. Please protect yourself and your baby girl. There are people you can talk to please call.,4643,7-123-1589_1711_4577---,00.html
 National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233.
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