Wednesday, February 27

Capri Sun & Mold

                              Warning Parents!!!!!!!

If you purchased Capri sun's please don't anymore. I came across a post on Facebook from a mother who took these pictures of black mold and slim inside.

This is very disturbing to me when my son was three I used to buy these. I didn't think anything of it when he opened one and toss it in the trash. He told me it was gross. The next time I went to buy them he took them out of my hand and put them back. He hasn't had one since. Of course my mind wonders if the above picture is why he didn't like it. I will never know but for sure will never buy these again. I guess if you want preservative free you have to be willing to run into this problem. Just Google it there are many more pictures then this one I found on Facebook. The company has had many complaints but are not changing anything. I'm not to sure I like where this is going. To me a company who is not willing to change is just being lazy until someone dies from this. I found another link which is at the bottom. If you buy this maybe you should rethink it and buy some fresh fruit and juice it instead. These are just my thoughts today on this raining day in Tampa.
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